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  1. Here is to introducing myself….

    Greetings from the Asian!
  2. The Keller Stone (Private)

    Ruby raised an eyebrow, despite the fact she knew her face was hidden. She answered in the same tone she had first addressed the woman with. "I'm a skilled assassin, though I'm currently looking for someone who can hire me." Ruby watched silently as the woman pondered her answer. Although she didn't care to know about the affairs of royal courts and politics, she knew from past experience that even the so called 'noble courts' were not without their own corruption, and she often been asked on numerous occassions to arrange an 'unfortunate accident' for many up-and-coming nobleman who meddled a bit too much in other's plans. She wondered if she would be asked to perform a task like that, or possibly something completely different. It didn't really matter to the flame-haired girl, as her skill set was wide, ranging from being able to slit a man's throat before he could utter a word or waiting on tables in a trashy bar. She had done both, and, in all honesty, did not prefer the latter. She shifted her weight from one foot to another, and crossed her arms over chest, but kept them under her cloak. I'm practically burning alive in this damn thing. Ruby sent a silent curse to the tailor who had convinced her to buy the cloak. At the time it had seemed like a good idea, for it would hide her face and skin perfectly, but now she was so hot she felt her skin practically melting off her bones.
  3. The Keller Stone (Private)

    The figure quickly pulled her hood up, cursing under her breath. "Well Ruby, looks like you screwed up again..." She remained crouched on the ground as the soldiers dispersed, along with a small crowd that had gathered around them. People passed by her, mumruing in low voices. "So pale," one whispered. "Look at her cloak, its the beginning of summer, no one wears a cloak that thick in this hot weather," another whispered back. Ruby made an obscene hand gesture in their direction, muttering to herself. "Like you know why I wear this damn thing..." Once the area was relatively clear, Ruby stood up, brushing dirt off of her cloak as her eyes followed the noble woman who had come to her aid. Not that I needed it, she added silently. Sighing, she drew her cloak tightly around her again and pulled the hood further down, her eyes seeking out the fair-haired woman in the crowd. Not finding her, Ruby sighed again and pushed her way through the army of bodies, a wide array of curse words running through her brain. "This is why I don't like associating with people, then I have to go repay them and actually interact, and everything becomes a damn mess," she growled, her fists clenching in frustration as she pushed past a man who had an enourmous cart behind him. Nevertheless, she found the woman, who seemed deep in thought. “Hey,†Ruby called out softly, her eyes zeroing in on the woman. “I want to talk to you about what happened back there." She put a gloved hand on the woman's shoulder, forcing the woman to face her despite the fact her own face was shadowed. "Don't think I'm here to grovel on my knees expressing my gratitude cause that's not what's happening. I'm here to say that because you did a favor for me back there, now I owe you one. If you would be so kind as to ell me what that is I could do it and get out of here as quick as possible. If not, then I leave town with a bad taste in my mouth." Ruby spoke in a low voice, not threatening but not feeble. "So do we have a deal, my lady?" She added on the last part with a cool tone, as if showing the woman she didn't care about her class.
  4. *friendly wave* Hello, Surreality.

    Oh yay a new friend for me to play with And possibly drag down to the black void that is my domain haha But seriously, welcome to S*T, I am still fairly new myself but I'm sure you'll get along great with us :P (Lil side note: You can call me Setsuna, or Scarlett, whichever you prefer friend, but do not call me Scar. I do not want to be the moody evil brother from the Lion King even though I love that movie )
  5. The Birthday Thread!

  6. Compliment The Person Above You

    Kyo, your sig is a man with blue hair in a bow. How did you know my weakness? I mean yeah that's awesome I love you :3
  7. Hello

    Hello fellow human! And welcome to our world of weirdness
  8. How were your holidays?

    Not bad, I got a shit ton of new art supplies so that made me happy. I actually went on a roadtrip down to Florida, which was fun! :3
  9. The Keller Stone (Private)

    The village plaza bustled with activity, merchants called out their goods in loud voices, and paperboys called out the day’s news in even louder voices. Women bustled around between stalls, while men stood nearby and talked about the day’s news. Hunters and soldiers stood along the edges of the crowd, leaning against walls and speaking casually to one another. The Hunters’ crossbows were loaded and leaned against walls at their sides. Hunters were unruly, not caring whom their prey was as long as they shot them. Men, women, even children, had fallen victim to their silver arrows, all because they had been accused of being a werewolf or some other being of darkness. Soldiers, despite their reputation as drunkards, were somewhat kinder than Hunters. The soldiers existed to maintain order in the kingdom, for everyone knew they hadn’t been a war for years. So the soldiers merely acted as guards. All of this was observed by the figure standing in the shadows of a dark alley. Wrapped in a large, black, travelling cloak that covered most of their body, and a large hood that hid their face in shadow. The figure pulled the hood up more tightly as two Hunters walked by, laughing at each other. The figure darted out of the alleyway as soon as they passed, thankful to get away from the stench. The figure continued through the busy marketplace, weaving in between people with ease. The late spring sun beat down on the plaza, yet the figure kept their hood up, the cloak wrapped tightly around them. “Hey! Kid!†A gruff voice called out, causing the figure to freeze. The figure remained completely still as two soldiers passed by her accompanied by a Hunter. They approached a small boy. The boy was trembling, his hands fumbling with something behind his back. The soldier who had called out looked down at the kid with a cruel smile. “Watcha got there?†“N-nothing…†The boy muttered, his face pale and beads of sweat forming on his brow. “Really?†This time it was the Hunter who spoke up. The Hunter was as tall as the soldiers, and almost as buff. “Cause I thought I saw you steal somethin’ from that stall over there. Or was it my imagination?†“I don’t have anything!†The kid screamed up at them, his face going from white to red with anger. The trio laughed, still smiling down at the kid cruelly. “Didn’t your mum ever teach you it ain’t right to lie?†The first soldier raised a fist, swinging down at the small boy. In a flash, the figure was in front of the soldier, holding his wrist in a vice-like grip. The figure spoke in a low voice. “Didn’t your mum ever tell you it isn’t right to hit little boys who can’t defend themselves?†The Hunter frowned and reached for his crossbow. “Just who the hell do you think you are?†With a laugh, the head soldier raised his free hand to stop the Hunter. “Relax, relax, the guy’s right. We shouldn’t pick on little boys…†The solider turned to the figure with a smile. “So why don’t we pick on someone bigger?†The soldier’s smile turned into a smirk as he swung his free arm, his fist colliding with his captor’s jaw. The figure was thrown back, caught off guard by the punch. They slammed into a nearby fruit stall, their hood coming off as they did so. Long red hair spilled out, free from the hood and stormy grey eyes glared up at them from a feminine face. The trio stared in bewilderment. “It’s a girl?!â€
  10. Compliment The Person Above You

    Your icon looks kinda like someone from Jojo's Bizzare Adventure which is awesome (I've never seen the anime myself however my friend has and rants to me about it nonstop XD)
  11. Compliment The Person Above You

    Seeing as I'm still fairly new, I haven't talked to many people, including you Pain. But you seem cool, and I love your icon <3

    Awww, you get a flower.

    Preach it Raine

    Y'all are making me blush 0///0

    Oh, well cool and thank you...? 0////0