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  1. League of Legends

    I was thinking about organizing a night of Dota 2 among the community here if anyone was interested. I know Dota 2 is similar to LoL but hey just throwing that out there.
  2. News & Talk

    Apparently with new Intel SSD's you'll be able to overclock them. A preview here. That being said if you were to ask me if messing with your storage like that was a good idea I'd probably say you're out of your flipping mind.
  3. Video Games General

    Yeah I heard about that. A welcome change. Speaking of Zelda games I've been meaning to try out the Hyrule: Total War mod for Medieval II.
  4. Video Games General

    Yeah Zelda II was so easy.
  5. Video Games General

    I guess if Capcom isn't going to make a Megaman game, we'll have to settle for the next best thing. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mightyno9/mighty-no-9 As for the Zelda games I find the recent entries are too easy. Everything since the Wind Waker has been a cakewalk. Yeah they're still a lot of fun but they aren't nearly challenging enough. Go back and play A Link to the Past and that game will kick your ass. I'm not asking for it to be impossible to play, but more of a skill curve would be nice. I also think that it's time for the common enemies to start getting smarter and move on past the single gimmick they're known for.
  6. Video Games General

    Mainly playing Guild Wars 2. I have a guild that I run and that's been keeping me busy. Rome II: Total War comes out on Tuesday and that's a game I've really been looking forward to. The Star Citizen hangar alpha came out this week. Been checking that out. All you can do is look at your ship and interact with it a little bit. I took some screenshots of my Constellation and 300i. Feel free to check them out: http://poisontaco.imgur.com/all/
  7. Well this is nostalgic

    Mostly been playing Guild Wars 2. I'm going to be getting into Star Citizen big time. I might also look into doing some gaming related events for the community here. Maybe use that to bring in some fresh blood and keep people together. We'll see. Very busy running a guild and with irl. Would absolutely LOVE to do some RP in Star Citizen when that actually comes out.
  8. Well this is nostalgic

    Didn't think I'd see this place again. Thought it was dead. I guess it was, but good job reviving it. It sure has been a while, how's everyone doing?