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  1. How do you like your steak?

    I like it chicken-fried. I may or may not be from somewhere in the southern United States.
  2. I have returned!

    Thanks for the warm welcome, all! Valentine - Glad to be of service to you. :P I was indeed a graduate, though I don't mind going through the process again since it's been so long.
  3. A New Kind Of Human

    [[OOC: I couldn't find a discussion thread for this, so I guess I'll just go ahead and jump in?]] Click. Clack. Click. Splash. Click. "Motherfu..." She exclaimed with a sharp whisper. Who knows what's in this dirty ghetto puddle water! Bending over slightly to brush a rogue particle of puddle dirt from the left leg of her pantsuit, she cursed again at the splatter of muddy water which marred the delicate pinstripe fabric. I do not get compensated enough for this. After indulging in her frustration for a few moments, she took a deep breath, regained her composure and returned to carefully meandering down the dimly lit sidewalk. Her movement was shaped by an air of haughty professionalism and wily perspicacity. Normally a high class woman who not be seen anywhere near these parts, whether from fear of attack or from embarrassment at even having any reason to be there. Unphased by social assumptions, she created a force field of confidence around herself that dared anyone to approach her. In her right hand she carried a stylishly slim black briefcase, smooth and shiny with a single clasp underneath the expertly crafted handle. Her grey suit, dark grey heels, and steel grey eyes were completed by the most mundane shade of medium-length blonde hair imaginable. She had it slicked back and tied into a tight bun. In every aspect of looks, she was fairly average and unremarkable, though notably fierce. Perhaps her smile would light up her angular face and paint her as pretty, but she rarely had a reason to do such a thing. In the event that anyone did accost this woman, she was fully prepared. Not only did she have sharpened blade hidden in her suit, but she had a far more dangerous weapon at her disposal: herself. Part of her confidence came from the fact that her body housed the ability to control any metallic materials located within her vicinity. That hidden blade could turn from a clumsy self-defense object into a high-speed metal spear with a mere thought. It had taken her years to master the particular mutation imposed upon her, and she took great effort to keep it a secret from the world, as well as her employer: the Government. But she wasn't here on Government business. The Government, however overbearing and powerful it was, had holes in its advanced surveillance networks - this scraggly patch of urban decay was one of those holes. Away from the cameras, heat sensors, and guards that monitored a majority of the state, she was on a mission to explore the "dark" areas on the map. What the Government didn't know was that when she was off the clock, she was working for a very different organization, and this dark area was the place that she needed to be in order to find what she was looking for. As she walked, she observe a sudden decrease in light as a lamp on the opposite side of the intersection went out. Squinting, she noticed that a slim figure was perched against the lamp post. Goosebumps prickled up her arms. She muted her steps, quickened her pace, and approached the lamp post with silent calmness. Walking up from behind the stranger, she saw that it was what appeared to be young girl. The darkness obscured any details, but given her experience she was betting that this person was exactly what she suspected. She then maneuvered quietly and came around the front of the girl to face her. "Good evening," her voice was smooth, professional, and well-practiced like a public radio host. She pulled a small, flat object out of her pocket and pressed a small button on it, which immediately illuminated the area with dim, soft light so that the girl could see her face. "I am Dr. Amelia Sadie. You may call me Dr. Sadie. Do you have a moment to discuss something that may be of interest to you?"
  4. Dreams

    I have a lot of weird one-off dreams that are just my brain's discombobulated account of the day's events, but occasionally I have dreams that take place in a certain recurring set of locations. The dreams themselves are not recurring; they have different plots and characters, etc.... but they take place in this precise dream world. Sometimes it'll be a different location within that dream world, but it's the same world... at least according to my dream-self's perceptions. It seems like whenever I have dreams that take place there, they hold much more impact than my usual random scrapbook-type dreams do. They're more vibrant, and stick with me in my mind much more strongly throughout the day after I wake up. It's almost like my mind has created this little matrix world inside of my sub-conscious that I go to while dreaming, and I momentarily live in a different reality that my brain has constructed. It's kind of cool but also kind of weird. My favorite dreams, though, are ones that are basically an entire epic story line, complete with action scenes, characters, plot, and intrigue. I've escaped a crowd of zombies during a zombie apocalypse by riding a broken roller coaster over a lake into a guarded mansion, investigated an international mystery with a detective partner and love interest, and hiked across the US to solve a problem in Mexico (can't remember the details on that one). There have been plenty of mornings where I wake up and go, "holy shit that would be a fantastic movie!" ... now that I think about it, I should probably write more of those down for story ideas. Dream interpretation is fun, too. Even though it's mostly just folklore and correlation without causation, it's comforting to think that maybe that weird sex dream you had about your cousin (not me.. just an example) is actually about stress or something, and you aren't secretly a crazy pervert.
  5. I have returned!

    Unfortunately I don't remember precisely when I was last active here... it must have been about 4-5 years ago. I also don't remember any members, and only vaguely remember the roleplays I participated in. I think my username might have been something that involved the word spoon, which is what I have historically used for a lot of places. Or I could have been silly and picked some random off-the-wall name. Who knows. I like the new layout of the website... it's all fancy and web design-y. Being able to change the background color is a total power trip. Today, Triangles, tomorrow... the world.
  6. I have returned!

    I'm baaaaaaack! Actually, no one remembers me or knows who I am... so don't feel bad if your first reaction was "who the hell is this?" I don't even remember my old username, so I'm as good as new! So, hi. I'm Liz. I'm a 23 year old office drone/college student-on-hiatus and I want to dust off my old creative writing skills and make up some fun stories with you guys. I am looking forward to jumping back in after a few years. Greetings everyone! Hope your holiday season is going well. B) seeya later.