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  1. I happen to be new.

    I am all about manly butt touching. Especially with added testosterone fueled anger. We should definitely have this happen sometime.
  2. I happen to be new.

    Thank you for the warm welcomes, HerculeHastings and ack!. I will take that in a not creepy at all way than. Really, you guys are super nice. It's great.
  3. I happen to be new.

    Thank you so much, TriOctium, Raine Bell, and Valentine. I never expected to find such a warm and kindly forum on my first try.
  4. I happen to be new.

    Hi Pain. I do love a bit of scandel in my romance, that is for sure. Thank you for the welcome. I'm certain I'm going to love it here.
  5. I happen to be new.

    Ero, if you'd like I could always shoot you a plot or two and see if you're interested in the sort of things I tend to do? That sounds wonderful, Darkwater. I am looking forward to your PM. Hi Kyo. I actually found you all through the magic majesticness of Google. My Googlefu is strong. Heyla Demonic Gate. It's a pleasure to meet you. By all means if you want to try, you're more than welcome to. I'm an equal oppurtunity roleplayer after all. Thank you for the warm welcome.
  6. I happen to be new.

    Of course, Darkwater. I'm still a Student but if you're willing to plot with me over... Does this place have PMs? I'm going to assume so and hope it doesn't come back to bite me in the buttocks. So yes, if you are interested in playing with me, please PM so we can plot. You all are a lovely group of people, so friendly!
  7. I happen to be new.

    I like Ero. It reminds me of some of my favorite things. It's true that fantasy romance can be overdone but why mess with a classic? Things become cliches for a reason, after all. I do bisexual or pansexual males mostly, who like girls, boys, and everything and anything inbetween and out of the spectrum too for that matter. So I take it that this is a shiny new version of an older roleplaying forum?
  8. I happen to be new.

    Heyla ErogenousEnigma. Goodness, that is a mouthful of a name. I play heterosexual and gay male roles. Romance, though is the keyword in all that is 'Glace'. Without my romantic subplots I'll wither up and die. Or at least lay on the couch and sulk for a while. I got off topic, it's a pleasure to meet you and I hope to see you around.
  9. I happen to be new.

    Thank you, Seanzilla. I hope I will too.
  10. I happen to be new.

    Hello Surreality Community; I'm Glace, I've been roleplaying online for about fourteen years now and I am fast approaching thirty for my age. I strive for correct spelling and while sometimes my grammer can be a little off, I do try. I started out in a chat based community and then wandered the great webs going from forum to forum until I landed here. I tend towards the Alpha male type in my roleplay. Soldiers, Princes, Generals, Mercenary Captains, and so on and so forth. I like fantasy and magic too and I have very little interest in straight up Historical roleplay. You could say that I am a romantic and I am perfectly okay with that. I hope to see you on the boards. Thank you for reading.