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  1. Ba dum tssh.

    Aaaack! I have missed you! You should come visit again if you're ever in the area!! I miss seeing you! Come meet the kitten, she's cute and kitten-y (i.e. a little terror who is excited about everything). HH: Yeah, I was one of the first original members of S*T, back before even Ack was a member. That was far too long ago for me to want to think about. >_> I feel too old. Anyway, I'll make myself a bubble nest tomorrow after I get home from work, and settle in. It's nice to meet everyone! :D Thank you for the warm welcome. (Psst. The auto save feature makes me super happy, because my laptop turns off if I even slightly nudge the power cord. It saved this post.)
  2. Ba dum tssh.

    Hallo there! M'name's Aylee, although I also respond to the nickname Fish. Yeah, I... drink copious amounts of water, wouldn't eat fish for like... ten years, because I thought they were too cute (now I eat some varieties of fish, the less fishy tasting ones so mostly freshwater), and most parts of my life were punctuated by owning a fish tank. Gods, I miss having a fish tank. Blub. Anyway, I went to high school with Ack and Antwaine, was around when Surreal*Twilight was in its infancy, and only just rediscovered this pure awesomeness which Ack (and everyone else too!) has done an excellent job with. I'm asexual, gender neutral, and obviously a bit on the weird side of things. I hope we all have an awesome time together! Woo hoo! (Only not in the Sims sense! There will be NONE OF THAT. Asexual. Yeah. Gonna wander away now. Goin' to the store. Ahem. >_>)