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  1. Fanglor RP idea [Rating Pending]

    Hey guys, I've kinda come back and browsed a bit over the last month and I think I'm ready to start RPing again! So I'm looking for some fine people to write an RP based on my D&D world Fanglor. My aim here is to write something I could both use as part of my backstory for Fanglor as well as provide a nice setting for anybody interested in running it with me. I don't have an actual setting in mind just yet, which is why I am making this post the way I am and would like to discuss the details with people who might want to join in. I would be ok with running this RP with Students or Graduates. I have no preference and think it'd be great to help give anybody new a chance to jump in on the RP. I already have a bit of backstory designed for the world, but nothing too in depth. At the bottom I am including a link to a google document with what information about the world I do have. From there we can decide when, and where the RP will take place and what the plot of the RP will be. The theme is going to be Fantasy, and I want it to include some action, but not revolve around action. Again, the goal here is to help flesh out my world in a way that gets more people involved and creates a more dynamic history. Here is the link to the google document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1F0o0RfgS1rp_HZKqlq3Oh-mImsrIUBzRnVoL7qy7shY/edit?usp=sharing If you are interested, leave a post in this thread, I will be checking it daily!
  2. Anyone here?

    I'm sorta back... just lying dormant until somebody decides to pitch me an idea for an RP... In the mean time, I would like to play you some smooth jazz, but apparently have difficulty connecting to your local radio station. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, we will have proper stress alleviation as soon as our staff has had the proper time to repose. Estimated wait time: postponed. EDIT: I actually wonder if I know who this is...
  3. 3rd time's the charm?

    Warning: I'm a very strange stranger...
  4. 3rd time's the charm?

    So I guess I'm kinda around and about again? I don't know. Had a bit of a falling out when I last left and wasn't sure what I was going to be doing for a while, but I am playing Starcraft again, I have a girl friend again, and everything feels like High School again so why not go the whole nine yards? Where did that saying come from anyways? The whole nine yards? I mean, nine yards isn't much of a whole is it? Anyways, I'm sort of back, and hopefully for a bit longer and more active this time around. I blame Ack! for my coming back because of her insistence that more people come back for a month or so. I might also try to get more people involved and see where all this goes. Maybe next month it will die again, maybe next month it will flourish. I don't know what my fate is on Surreality, but for now, we should Roleplay!
  5. 3rd time's the charm?

    Yes, it's taken care of. Thanks!
  6. 3rd time's the charm?

    I'm trying to get my friend to join but the captcha doesn't seem to be working. Can we get somebody to look at that?
  7. fine i can answer questions too

    Do you have espn?
  8. Your Forum Style?

    I love the fact that we could change the style. It helps in case we get bored and decide we want a different style. I wonder if we could get more style options in the future? EDIT: Oh yeah... Slate, Sky, Blank
  9. Ask Bleck Things

    Cure cancer or end world hunger?
  10. 12:00 PM 9/7/2013: After a bit of work today, I decided to enjoy some time by the fire. I don't know what's going on, my head hurts and I feel dizzy. I think worst part of the whole thing are the voices. Maybe I'm just tired from all that work. I think I'm going to lay down.

  11. DISCLAIMER: My profile feed is not to be taken seriously! I am about to get creative with this, so let's have some fun.

  12. League of Legends

    I play League and DotA 2 if any of you want to play with me some time. I'm HKRob on both League and Steam. I play just about any role.
  13. Video Games General

    Amnesia 2: Machine for Pigs. That is all.
  14. Saints Row 4 (Your Badassary ReQuired)

    I have finished 2 and 3, never got to play the first one though. I am working on the 4th game and I have to say that these games are ridiculous, hilarious, and just down right fun. Each game has a plenty of ridiculous weapons. You haven't lived until you've killed a bunch of people with dubstep or beat somebody to death with a giant purple "toy". Can I even say it? I don't know how many kiddies we got around here.
  15. Drinks are on me

    So the drinks are on you? Well that was a waste of perfectly good drinks... anyways, congrats.
  16. None of you know me, not even the ones who think you know me. I am not me, I am me. Uhm, I like the things I like and my favorite color is [color here]. My favorite food is edible and I am going to school to study in a major. Also, I am typing this on a keyboard connected to a computer. So yeah... hi. Oh wouldn't it be easy if I could just stop there. Some of you might remember me, it has been a while and I don't know who all is still around, but for those who don't I am Rob. Well actually I'm not Rob, but I go by Rob... sometimes. Rob, Josiah, Hell-Knight-Rob, HK, H-K-Rob, Hakrob (This one is meant for Para and her crew over there), but you could just about call me anything close to these names. For the most part, I'm a huge gamer, musician, and tech freak. I play mostly competitive games such as Starcraft II and League of Legends (Yes, I play DotA as well). As for music, I play guitar, bass guitar, piano, mouth harp (didn't even know this one existed until I started to pick it up), harmonica, drums, and I have taken a year or so of vocal lessons. I love music in many forms, and really wish I had somebody to play with. I also enjoy techy stuff. I'm going to school to major in Computer Science, have been around and worked on computers my entire life. I love my computer enough to run out with it if my house caught fire (lol), and I can't wait until our robot overlords raise to power. Other than that stuff, my favorite colors are blue and yellow. I am the founder of an e-sports team called IvD Gaming (ivdgaming.com for details) which has, somewhat recently, acquired Quantic's Apoc as a contracted Starcraft 2 player. My favorite food is sushi and my favorite car is the Mazda RX-7. I will not accept an RX-8, those are poser cars. My favorite aircraft is the F-14e Tomcat (Never forget, September 2001 - The last F-14e dismembered). Now, on to the stuff that is more relevant to this site. I have been Role Playing for quite a few years now. I started Role Playing during the days of Starcraft:Brood War, in the old Battle.net (1.0?) chat systems. Had some interesting things happen that I could tell stories about, but for the most part it was my gateway to the larger spectrum of RP. I moved to Surreal*Twilight (back when it was called Surreal*Twilight) when I was referred by a friend. Since then, I've been off an on so there are probably a lot of you that may have met me and don't remember. My favorite genres are tragedy, comedy, and sci-fi in that order. What I mean by "in that order" isn't really a ranking so much as a way to sum up my feelings on stories as a whole. A story of any genre can be good, fascinating, and entertaining if it is written right; A Role Play is no exception to the rules it's literature counterpart carries. I guess what I'm saying is, I'm fine with an RP not being sci-fi, comedy, or tragedy, but if it's a tragedy then I care more about that detail than if it were fantasy or modern. So that's me in a nutshell. Quite a bit, I know, but there is a lot about me and I would expect the same from anybody else. Hope to have some fun and meet new people, as well as catch up with some familiar faces!
  17. Profile Feed? interesting, I think it will be worth playing around with.