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  1. I'm anxiously awaiting this and Captain America 3. The Civil War angle ahhhhhhmahhhhgawwwwwdddd.
  2. Sweet Jesus. This looks amazing.
  3. A Simple "Hello".

    I don't like eggs either.Welcome to the forums!
  4. yo

    Work. And back on teh WoW.
  5. Herro! I'm new. :)

    Ayyo! Welcome to S*T!
  6. ...and it made me frown

    I'm hoping for the best Amanda. Stay strong!
  7. The Birthday Thread!

    Happy Birthday Bleck! You don't seem to be around much anymore, but regardless--I hope your day was swell.
  8. ...and it made me frown

    Experiencing the same thing as Wst and HH, though I attribute it to a new job I've started, which has kept me ridiculously busy.
  9. Harry Potter Studio Tour

    So dope! Thanks for sharing Pain!
  10. Which rp idea sounds best?

    I suppose option two sounds best--much more interesting than the first option.
  11. Life gets hard sometimes. People put on masks and facades everyday to hide their pain and anguish--you never can truly know what someone is going through unless they explicitly tell you. What I do know, however, is that one simple word, or gesture, or smile could be the difference in saving someone's life (or just a bad day). With that being said, give the person above a heartfelt compliment or words of encouragement, and we all will in turn pay it forward. I'll start by complimenting Surreality as such: You are very beautiful.
  12. Celebration Thread

  13. Celebration Thread

    Hell yeah!
  14. ...and it made me frown

    Damn. That sucks. I'm sorry to hear that.
  15. dumb shit noia made

    *Sets up a picnic at an art exhibit taking place in a park in Noia's thread* You have our full attention Miss Noia. All eyes are on YOU.
  16. dumb shit noia made

    Actually, I use Gimp, but I'm far from a genius. .__.
  17. Celebration Thread

    Aww. ._.
  18. Celebration Thread

    I have Skype now, for all of those of you who were prodding and pleading and threatening to eat me if I didn't acquire it. It's mfmystic, so get at me.
  19. dumb shit noia made

    Beautiful landscapes. Also, HI NOIA. ONE OF MY MOST FAVORITE PEOPLE EVER!
  20. Mystic's Lack of Creative Talent

    As often as you change your underwear.
  21. Yup. Title of this totally speaks the truth too. Anywho. Here are my very first attempts at signature making. I know, they're disgustingly bad.
  22. Celebration Thread

    Celebrating Sean's straightness. Good for you bro.
  23. Celebration Thread her assessment accurate, or..?