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  1. Mystic's Lack of Creative Talent

    We can't forget DOOM, can we?
  2. Mystic's Lack of Creative Talent

    Alrighty, here you are Ero:
  3. Mystic's Lack of Creative Talent

    Yeah, you're definitely right Val, I've sort of come to realize what does and doesn't look good by now. I'm still trying to learn how to switch up my style and offer something new, so it's a work in progress. But thank you for the advice!And you should definitely give it a go--your sigs are easily the best. Alrighty. I will give it a whirl!
  4. Fairy Tales For Sophie

    Obscenely and salaciously devouring the woman, Silas' slippery, silver, salient tongue stroked and sucked upon the buffet before him; the most his strong muscle could do in the way of appreciating such a delicious entity was spasm near uncontrollably, and that it did, with each flick of the tongue causing Ava's knuckles to wrap tighter around the sheet she held hostage. It was a messy affair, what with the lewd manner in which her body eagerly self-lubricated; he would surface for air every once in a while due to the immense buildup of fluids, and with Ava's legs wrapped around his head, there wasn't much room to operate. But she was enjoying every second of such treatment, such bodily worship; her lustful moans, full of appreciative vigor, bounced off the walls of the small room. Her excitement was white hot, her core dangerously combustible to the touch, skin superheated and sporting a shimmering sheen of sweat. He could have been fooled into believing that tonight was an unbearably hot Summer night, had his face not been entombed nearly inside of her. He knew exactly what he was doing to this 'poor' woman, 'victimizing' her with his 'devilish' ways; part of his pleasure, his enjoyment, came simply from doing to her what he knew no other man could replicate. Maybe he lacked in one area when in another he excelled, but he was extremely confident that overall, this would be an experience she would fondly recall years down the line from now. Retreating to draw air once again, he panted lightly and looked up at Ava, watching with hardly weary eyes as she gasped for air; she looked spent already and they hadn't even started, blonde hair matted to the sides of her face. There would be plenty of time to rest once they were truly finished, and with that thought, Silas straightened up, Ava's legs regaining their perch upon the table. For what was to follow, there was truly no easy way to go about; he wasn't afraid of hurting the woman, because that was inevitable, but damaging her body was certainly possible. As he worked to free himself of his trousers, his eyes were upon her's, observing the rapid eye movement and the lust that they held; she wanted more of him, anything that he could give, and he would soon oblige her as he kicked aside his trousers. Resisting the temptation to dive into her willing body and damage her permanently was much harder than he had anticipated; his erection was free from constraints, pulsating with seemingly unquenchable thirst as it anticipated what was to soon come. Silas inched as close to the table as he could before placing his hands on Ava's slender hips; he pulled the woman closer to him, adjusting her position, until she came to a state of rest where the head of his penis fit snugly in between her legs, soaking up her torrential downpour of arousal. His expression was blank but his eyes betrayed his stoic exterior, revealing his hunger for her, a primal gleam featured within his orbs. They remained conjoined like that for a precious few seconds as their relationship hung in the balance; he was visualizing in his head how he wanted things to play out when he penetrated her, and how he was going to go about breaking her in before building her up. It was a responsibility on his part to keep her from as much harm as possible, and obviously to bestow an enjoyable experience. A cool breeze blew in through the open window and chilled the beads of boiling sweat upon their bodies, causing Silas to close his eyes; his fingers gripped tighter upon her sides, his moist digits losing a bit of dexterity. And then he moved within her. It was the slowest possible movement he could muster, his thighs locked and rigid, guiding him with precision; her impossibly tight hole was unbelievably lubricated and prepared, but that did little in softening the blow she was sure to receive. He met strict initial resistance and could feel her body stubbornly splitting around him; he mercifully paused his pilgrimage to the hub of her womanhood and wiped sweat from his brow with a forearm. Opening his eyes, he easily made out the pain on her face through the intense darkness of the shack. There was no shortcuts past this--there would be agonizing pain until she was properly initiated, and then she would know true bliss. His eyes had softened considerably, empathizing with the beautiful blonde as she groaned out her discomfort and pain; as much as she might have wanted him to stop, it would only get better the more he pressed on. And pressed on he did--he inched further and further into her tight canal, her warm insides a delight to relish which he did, groaning a low curse in exclamation of how amazing she felt. The process of starting, stopping, waiting and stopping again took quite a while; Silas took extreme caution in spelunking her uncharted territory, doing his best to alleviate as many unnecessary aches and pains as possible. Many minutes later, he was fully enveloped within Ava, their pelvis bones meeting at long last; his hips faced her's from up close, as did his face as he leaned over her. He slowly grabbed the woman's legs and wrapped them around himself, spreading his own feet just a tad to adjust. Once he finished doing so, he planted both of his hands upon the table, situated on either sides of her head. With a deliberately slow pace, he began to thrust within the blonde, retreating his engorged muscle almost entirely before refilling her chasm with it, the tip of which came within striking distance of her cervix. Leaning even lower than before, Silas repeated the simple motion over and over, his face sidling into the small space in between her neck and shoulder; with low groans of pleasure issuing directly into Ava's ear, he bit at and nibbled upon her lobe as his pace increased with an exaggerated increment.
  5. YouTube Megathread

    So as most of us are aware by now, Robin Williams has passed away. A YouTuber I'm subscribed to by the name of Jeremy Jahns reviews movies for his YouTube channel and he has released a move review of Aladdin, which obviously Robin Williams lent his voice to. All proceeds earned from the video will be donated by him to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), so please check it out and support the cause.
  6. Meep :3!

    I'm your friendly neighborhood welcoming party.
  7. Meep :3!

    Hi Fluffeh, and welcome to Surreality! I hope you enjoy your stay here.
  8. erm... hai?

    They're Frozen references. You aren't mad. Yet
  9. HH's "Time of the Month" Thread

    What an interesting thread. HH, I come to you bearing ice cream and the original Mighty Morphing Power Rangers movie, guaranteed to quell your uneasiness or your cramps and hormonal imbalance money back!
  10. Starry Sean Protest

    +1 Childhood
  11. The Birthday Thread!

    It's finally the 13th. Sean, you'll be happy to know that I just replayed Super Mario 64 and got you a whole bunch of stars--now you'll have more than anybody else. Happy Birthday!
  12. Mystic's Lack of Creative Talent

    Lol. Yeah, I think I'm susceptible to one, if not all of those underhanded tactics.What would you like?
  13. erm... hai?

    It pertains to the birds and the bees.
  14. The Birthday Thread!

    It might be, but he'll get no birthday wishes from me until he stops living in the future. Or my time catches up. Whichever comes first.
  15. The Birthday Thread!

    Not until the 13th it isn't. Skype is a lying whore.
  16. Fairy Tales For Sophie

    From enacting what he considered 'light foreplay', Silas was receiving quite the response from his wanton companion; his mere presence captivated and enticed her, but as he directed and influenced her body, he drove her wild. Ava didn't know what to do with herself by his estimation--it was clearly the first time she had experienced something like what he was giving to her, as if her confession to having her first kiss earlier wasn't a conclusive enough indication. She moaned as his lips traveled her luscious skin, edged closer to bring herself closer to the adept hands that were eager in discovering her body's secrets. Her legs wrapped around his, and as they did so, he realized that there was no turning back: she wanted him just as badly as he wanted her. "Ava," he responded in an unusually low baritone, finding her fluttering, glossy eyes as he did so. He needn't say more. Silas wasn't a man of many words, as she was well aware of by this point; besides, the way he saw it, his actions were speaking volumes compared to the occasional thought or two he shared with her. Transitioning away from her eyes and back to her body, Silas picked up from where he had left off, his lips trailing kisses down her front. He leaned forward a tad, putting a slight arch in Ava's back so he could access her chest without squatting or pulling up a chair; having done so, he wasted no time in fondling her left breast with his right palm, causing misdirection as his tongue and lips pinpointed the erect nipple upon her right breast. His systematic approach to breaking down her inhibitions was well versed, a skill he took pride in owning; how she shuddered underneath his touch and moaned her appreciation for him was the ultimate delight, his groin stirring at the prospect of claiming her as his own. He sucked upon the helpless, indented nub heedlessly, caring not if he produced lewd sounds or noises--he doubted she cared either as her legs tightened around him even more. Following a few moments of the treatment, he alternated, shifting breasts quickly as the fingers upon his left hand now lightly pinched and twisted upon a knob slick with his saliva. He was fond of Ava's modest bust: her supple, delicate flesh, especially when viewed underneath the orange glow that encased her, seemed all too perfect; her chest wasn't exactly large, but it was far from underwhelming, and he seemed hypnotized by the fleshy mounds for he couldn't detach himself from them. He spent a fair amount of time teasing the woman, milking her nerves, her senses, for everything that he was worth, knowing very well that the longer he avoided proceeding lower down her body, the larger the frenzy he would send her into. The lust was beginning to get to him: he was salivating like he never had before, his tongue hungrily attacking her beautiful breasts over and over again. At long last, after spending a few minutes upon the woman's chest, he gazed down at her spread legs; from where he was standing, he could watch the fluid slowly seep from her body, the liquid arousal glowing upon her thighs due to the sunlight hitting it. He would be forced to bypass her stomach because of the cloth wrapped around her body, but he was fine with that; he could finally cut to the chase. Silas hooked his hands underneath Ava's legs and lifted them upward, stepping forward to push the woman completely onto the table. With her heels upon the edge of the table, Silas' hands found purchase upon the outside of her thighs; his face very slowly disappeared from view as he invaded Ava's most private and personal space, the very essence that defined and embodied her femininity. Ava's virgin flower secreted such a sweet, musky smelling aroma that he was momentarily paralyzed, absorbing her pheremones; he eyed it with supreme adoration, his hands sliding upwards, fingers already outstretched. Fingertips gingerly spreading apart her moist lips, Silas paused as he felt her suck in a breath, her body going rigid, no doubt a little apprehensive about what was happening to her. The moment of reprieve was unfortunately short lived, because in the very next instant, Silas' eager tongue was running up and down the blonde's exposed petals, lapping up the copious amount of thick, heady dew. Had he of simply smelled the woman before taking her, he would have been pleased, but never would he have forgiven himself for missing out on her decadent taste. His greedy mouth was agape, warm breath coaxing the liquid arousal from the small opening before him; his tongue was a controlled phenomenon, flicking to and fro hastily and without favoritism: every fold of skin in and out of sight was receiving a complimentary dose of saliva. He pressed on further and further, until his face was an honorary extension of her body, his nose instantly soaked as it too delved into her abyss. But, if she had thought for just one second that this was as good as it would get, and that no sensation would be able to top what she was experiencing now, Silas was there to deliver the good news. His tongue extended upwards only slightly and found an engorged button, the small fleshy object nothing more than a bundled mass of nerves. He, however, knew exactly the response he would receive were he to interact with the foreign object, and interact he did; Silas prodded the small obtrusion with the tip of his tongue, the rigid-yet-squishy organ falling victim to his devices. He began to abuse the button, washing it with his tongue, circling it, even sucking the small nub into his mouth every now and again. His tactics were as such that Ava would never know what was to come next, and therefore she was constantly guessing.
  17. Mystic's Lack of Creative Talent

    Upload the picture to tinypic, copy the URL for forums--it'll have an code around it. Paste that into your signature field underneath your settings and ta-da.
  18. Mystic's Lack of Creative Talent

    Here you are Ice:
  19. August Album Release!

    Lmao. Yeah dude! She was so adamant about it being hip-hop and we were losing our heads over it. Edit: I love Jhene Aiko.
  20. Mystic's Lack of Creative Talent

    I don't, actually.
  21. Mystic's Lack of Creative Talent

    I'll give it a shot. No harm in trying, eh?
  22. August Album Release!

    I must say, this album is much smoother listening (so far) than the last one I participated in. I vividly remember someone submitting a Star Wars theme. Completely jarring with T.R.O.Y also on the same album.
  23. Mystic's Lack of Creative Talent

    Lol. It's all good, I'll figure something out.
  24. Mystic's Lack of Creative Talent

    Awesome. And do you have a particular quote in mind?
  25. Mystic's Lack of Creative Talent

    Ooh, ok. Well I've no idea who the lady in your avatar is, lol. Enlighten me?