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  1. Mystic's Lack of Creative Talent

    Sounds like an excellent starting point! Anything video game related, or anime?
  2. Mystic's Lack of Creative Talent

    Lol. Mmk. Any ideas on what you would like?
  3. August Album Release!

    Albeit a little sappy here and there, but that's to be expected.
  4. Fairy Tales For Sophie

    Ava's words were not lost amongst Silas, as he was diligent in listening to each and every one of them; however, he simply was no longer interested in engaging in conversation after having his first taste of the blonde. He patiently waited for Ava to stutter and trip over her words, her cheeks aglow with a reddish hue. He couldn't help but grin as he pushed himself to his feet, stretching his cramped back instinctively; after doing so, he bent over and scooped the woman up easily enough, his arms well acquainted with her body by now. Turning away from their spot upon the riverbank, Silas carried her slowly toward the shack that sat a few meters away; by now, the setting sun was leaving the sky aflame, the orange tint bathing them in warm, comfortable rays. It would soon be dark so it would have behooved them to retreat inside for the night regardless. They passed the horse once more, the large animal watching them with unblinking eyes; leaving the steed behind upon its patch of grass, Silas' right foot met the familiar wooden floor of the shack that they now inhabited. Heavy shadows casted about severely limited his eyesight, but he worried not about his vision--he simply carried Ava over to the table he had treated her on earlier and gently sat her down upon it. To his left and her right, a small open window allowed in enough of the orange light from the sunset for them to be able to clearly see one another. He didn't step away from Ava as he would have done earlier, in an attempt to give the woman her space; instead, he remained close to her, standing directly in front of her, his eyes both calm and intense all at once. The excitement that radiated from him was palpable, propagated by the eerie silence he enacted and the look he was giving her. With his large hands, he parted Ava's legs by her knees, gently easing the extremities away to allow him to take another step forward. Slowly, and without removing his gaze from the blonde, his hands gripped the sheet that she clung to her body and he simply pulled it away, tossing it to the side. In one fluid motion, his right thumb and index finger found purchase underneath her chin, and after slightly tilting her head upward, he leaned forward and embraced Ava with another kiss. His thick lips were much more active this time around, a bit hasty as he yearned for her taste and for her tongue. His own tongue eagerly found her's and he instantly took to prodding and massaging the slick muscle, even going so far as to suck it into his own mouth. While his mouth was preoccupied with Ava's, his hands were busying themselves elsewhere; his thick, leather-complexioned digits wrapped tightly around her bare, milky-white thighs, giving the tender flesh a slight squeeze every now and again. His body leaned into her's as he groaned into her mouth, and his arousal became very evident as it pressed into her taut stomach through his trousers. Body brimming with heat and newfound energy, Silas tore himself away from Ava's exquisitely soft lips and inhaled deeply, relishing internally the heavy scent of her arousal. Her heady aroma filled the immediate proximity, and he was eager in drinking it in, getting his fill before his lips poised themselves again. His mouth planted itself upon her neck, his teeth, tongue and lips all joining the fray in assaulting her sensitive flesh. He nibbled her, licked her, sucked and kissed her as guttural, almost primitive growls slipped through his lips. He progressed further down her neck, although excruciatingly slow with his pace; he left no area of her flesh untouched, his thorough method drawing and stretching out what was quite the dastardly tease. His hands inched upwards, palms dragging along her smooth thighs, his thumbs hooking inside the crease where her abdomen met her pelvis; his fingertips recognized not only the gooseflesh upon her pubis, but the raw, humid heat emitting from within her body. No thoughts other than the task at hand invaded his mind during this time, not even as his mouth landed upon her collarbone; as was obvious, he was completely focused upon pleasing Ava and her body, although he was cognizant of her numerous injuries and avoided those areas.
  5. erm... hai?

    Yeah, I know what you mean--I started roleplaying years ago in Yahoo! chat rooms, and you're right, it's a much faster pace. But I find forum roleplaying to be top notch, I never looked back once I switched over. But anywho, you'll fit right in, we have our fair share of stalkers here.
  6. erm... hai?

    That's good to hear, especially if you're a big fan of roleplaying like the members here are! If you have any questions about the forum at all, you can PM me or one of our Scholars, HerculeHastings or TriOctium. Otherwise, feel free to explore the forum and either join a roleplay or create your own over in the Student's section.
  7. erm... hai?

    Hey there Zephyr, and welcome to Surreality!
  8. Fairy Tales For Sophie

    "Good. You should be feeling better in no time." It was overwhelmingly obvious to Silas how nervous Ava was whenever he was close to her, and this instance was no different than the last; he could hear it in her voice as her words trembled upon her lips, and he could visibly see it and feel it in her body, the slight shake or shiver of her skin whenever he touched her, almost as if she were bristling. All the warning signs were there and he was conflicted about how to feel about the situation at hand; he was in no way trying to dissuade himself from developing feelings for the woman, but they were basically strangers to one another--there was still so much to learn from and about the other before something substantial was feasible. Perhaps he was thinking too much, or reading too deeply into the not-so-subtle nuances she gave off; as she turned to address him, his gaze was focused solely upon her eyes, an intense stare that was only powerful in scope due to his internal grapple match with conflicting thoughts. Her blushing didn't go unnoticed, the reddish tint failing to mesh well upon her creamy complexion; as if that hadn't solidified what he was pondering inside of his head, next came the physical contact, which wasn't new to him, as she had touched him previously. But something about this moment was different than the others; it was the way she lightly grazed her slender fingertips upon his shoulder, paying close attention to his bruises and scars, or how she splayed her hand upon his collarbone, fully embracing him with her soft, warm extremity. The silence that filled the very small amount of space between the two of them was deafening, the hardly audible whisper slipping through her lips barely doing anything in the way of dissolving the tension that was rapidly building. There had been a bit of sexual tension earlier as Ava had taken to his lap wearing nothing but a smile--at least, there had been for him, and it took every fiber of his being not to portray his lust. However, it seemed that this moment held more substance to it; the way she was looking at him, and no doubt that it was the same fir her, was so peculiar and intriguing that it would be pointless for him to continue analyzing the chemistry brewing between them, as it was apparent that there was a base of a relationship being formed. Whether birthing a bond through shared tragedy or something as far fetched as fate playing a role, there was no denying the dynamic that now existed. Acting upon instincts alone, Silas reached up and found her hand that was placed upon his body, and he clutched it gently, splaying her slender fingers amongst his rough, calloused ones. He could feel his heartbeat ramping up, could feel his tough, stoic exterior melting away, as if he were revealing his true form for the first time in spite of the act he had presented thus far. He rested their intertwined hands within his lap as his eyes roamed her face in search of something, anything, to say. Without finding an answer amongst her delicate features, his free hand soon made its way to her cheek, his palm flat alongside her face. Her warmth was pleasing, as was her softness, and he slowly moved forward towards the woman, locating her gaze as their faces were separated by only a few inches. Leaning towards Ava, he brushed his thick lips gently against her's, hesitating only slightly as he felt her body tense and then slacken. Pressing on, he fully enveloped Ava's mouth with his own, slowly closing his eyes as he could not only taste but feel the heat radiating from their conjoined lips. He embraced Ava for a few brief seconds before pulling away from her mouth, resting his forehead against her's as he silently panted in an attempt to catch his breath. His thumb swiped back and forth against her soft cheek, before Silas sat up, althougg he remained in very close proximity to his companion. "I feel a lot better now," he admitted softly.
  9. August Album Release!

    Good man.Edit: I'm not sure if the presentation has the information or not because I'm not at a computer, but if anybody is wondering, the crossed arrows on the album art is the Native American symbol for friendship, and shik'is means 'my friend(s)' in Navajo.
  10. August Album Release!

    Congratulations. You beat Dr. Dre! Also, yay!
  11. Fairy Tales For Sophie

    It was somewhat of a relief to Silas that Ava wanted him nearby; by what she had said and by what she didn't say, he figured that it had just as much to do with being free and getting away from the manor in which she worked as much as it had to do with him having a knack for rescuing her from precarious situations. Being not only wanted, but accepted, brought a small smile to his face, and though he certainly did have words to add to the conversation, he held his tongue for the time being. Silas busied himself with a sip of water from the canteen, his eyes skyward as he relished the clean taste of the cool liquid. When he had finished, his eyes fell upon Ava's back, instantly honing in on the large cut she gad suffered. Intrigued as if he were seeing it for the first time, he set the canteen aside and inched closer to Ava's body, his eyes widening as he inspected the laceration closely. It was a fairly clean slice and hadn't penetrated too deep, but it covered a pretty good portion of her back; it would no doubt leave the largest scar upon an otherwise smooth, milky complexion of skin. He very gently ran a fingertip up a small section of the cut and was pleased to find that it was indeed healing; even as he did so, the faint scent of aloe met his nostrils. "It's going to be a while before it heals completely, I'm afraid. The good news is that it's hardening over and it will bring you no pain very soon; the bad news is that it's going to leave a nice scar for you to remember it by." As he continued to monitor the wound, his finger still tracing the cut's many grooves and ridges, he felt her body shudder; whether he caused it or not, he withdrew his hand and leaned back ever so slightly to place his gaze on the back of her head. A few seconds passed in silence, and so he assumed that she would be fine--the wound was still so fresh, it would obviously cause her pain from time to time and there was no getting around that. But as he looked back at the cut, he soon realized that there was one more thing he could do for her in an attempt to try and ease her discomfort. "I'll be right back," he said hastily while climbing to his feet. Silas wandered away from Ava and their spot on the riverbank and passed by the horse, which was laying down in the dirt by now, seemingly embracing the warmth of the sun. He made his way back into the shack and approached the table, his hands already outstretched for the pack. He rummaged within it and extracted a few items before retreating back out into the forest. The man squatted upon the cloth and dropped off what he had brought, before collapsing upon the ground behind his companion, assuming the same position he had been in before he left. First and foremost, he looked down into his lap and eyed the contents of a different glass jar from the outside; the murky insides weren't all too pleasing to the eye, but a twist of the cap instantly released a wonderfully intoxicating fragrance that churned his vastly empty stomach. Without hesitation, Silas raised the jar to his lips and swallowed a portion of the spiced peaches, the sweet fruit eliciting such a response from his tongue that his lips began to tingle. Savoring the exquisite taste, he tapped Ava on the shoulder and handed her the jar, instructing her to eat from it with a gesture from both his head and hand. "Your wound has absorbed enough of the aloe, so I'm going to go ahead and wrap it now." Eyes refocused upon the task at hand, he started by holding the end of the familiar roll of cloth at the top of the wound and unraveling it with his free hand until he estimated enough had been loosed to cover it entirely; with a dagger he'd brought along, he cut the strip from the roll and very gently pressed it upon her wound, the remnants of the aloe he had applied earlier sticky enough to adhere to the cloth. Fortunately for her, although the wound ran vertically, the cut wasn't too high upon her back and therefore could be wrapped. Silas took the roll and placed it upon Ava's right hip, inching forward as he did so; slowly and with great care, he wrapped his arms around the woman, his hands meeting in her front to transfer the unraveling cloth from one place to another. With the end in hand, he placed it upon the wound which was already covered and proceeded to wrap the woman's abdomen multiple times, moving with great deliberance as he wanted to be sure he got the job done right. After a few revolutions around her body, he tightened the cloth and cut the roll away, his fingers running along his handiwork to inspect and make sure that it was sufficient. "How does that feel?"
  12. Free!dom

  13. 'One of these days' he says. Detox'll drop first, watch.
  14. When does the album drop?
  15. Free!dom

    I see what you did there.
  16. Fairy Tales For Sophie

    As Avalon talked, Silas was very forthcoming with his facial expressions, such as raising an eyebrow when she ribbed him in turn, responding with a joke of her own. He wouldn't have pegged her the type to engage in such a manner of speech, so he took it as a sign that she was becoming comfortable with him as a person and his presence overall. Nonetheless, he shook his head at her wild claim, grinning widely as she nibbled on her lips in what appeared to be some fashion or manner of nervousness. Her fingers fiddled within her long blonde locks, and he observed the woman attempting to braid her hair, though she didn't seem to be making much progress. Turning his attention back to the river, he reflected upon her words; they were peculiar in the fact that she wasn't right or wrong about her assumptions, because he didn't know himself. The easy answer would be 'yes', of course he wantes her around because she was easy on the eyes and would make for good company. Did he absolutely need her around for whatever reason? No, not necessarily; she had rescued him and he was grateful for that, sure--but they could have easily gone their separate ways from that point forward. Now that he was mulling it over, it became clear to him that their situation must truly be unique, and it made him feel odd; here he was, laying next to a naked stranger whom he had met only a couple days prior and now they were on the run together. He knew nothing of her past, and she of his, and yet, none of that really seemed important. His history was troubling at best, and he could only imagine her reaction if he were to divulge such information. Silas sat up upon the cloth and turned towards Ava, facing her straight on. His eyes scrutinized her's, searching them as if they would give him all the answers he was looking for. "Actually, you're right; it was rather accessible, both times to be matter of fact. I hadn't planned on rescuing you in the alley--I only did so because one of those guys angered me, so take from that what you will. Last night, you wanted me to leave and save myself, but I didn't do that because you did for me what nobody else would. He paused to both catch his breath and choose his next words carefully, his gaze never once leaving her's. "Now, do I need you around? No--I can survive well enough on my own, and have been for many years. Would I like to have you around? Absolutely. I'm starting to take a liking to you, and that doesn't happen often with me." Shifting his focus as his words settled between them, his eyes wandered off into the trees, his thoughts tangled and jumbled together. He was trying to find and elaborate upon anything that had come to mind, but he felt as if he'd said enough, at least for now. But one thing stood out to him, something he had bypassed even though he had just spoken on it. "Do you want me around Ava? Or do you need me around? I won't be offended if you don't exactly trust me."
  17. ...and it made me frown

    She's obviously in need of a suplex.
  18. Fairy Tales For Sophie

    Silas grinned widely as he observed Avalon struggle to walk; there was no malice behind it--he was admiring and appreciating her spirit to push through the pain, and of course, a certain amount of stubbornnes that comes with not wanting to feel useless, which he could personally attest to. "There's no need to worry about me, I'll be fine," he mumbled as he motioned to his own scars and wounds, "but hold that thought, will you?" With that being said, Silas walked over to Ava and looked down at her briefly, before squatting before her; he reached out his arms and picked her up as he had done earlier, straightening up with the woman safely in his arms. He turned and slowly walked across the room, sidestepping out the doorway carefully as to not harm his charge; as he was walking, he began to realize that he was feeling a sort of responsibility over protecting the woman. It was odd and definitely unique, and he couldn't quite pinpoint what it was, but with her in his arms, he felt protective, almost territorial. Hoping his face wouldn't betray his internal thought process, Silas brought the woman to the horse and stood her upon her feet, allowing her to lean against the animal. He looked down at her wrapped feet and quickly gauged that as long as she was leaning against something, she could stand. "Ok, now don't move--I'll be right back." Silas turned away and hastily shuffled back inside the shack, where he repacked all of the items he had unearthed upon the table; once he had finished doing that, he tossed the pack to the floor and ripped the tablecloth from the table, snatched up the empty canteen and the forgotten sheet from the cot and then exited the small room. Back outside, he walked past Ava and selected a patch of grass a few meters away from the horse, but that was also right on the line where vegetation met riverbank. He quickly laid the cloth down and dropped both the sheet and the canteen and then returned to Ava, who had waited patiently with the horse. "Alright, here we go," he said, before scooping her up in one smooth motion. Through the grass he walked and it didn't take long to reach the cloth he had set up for her to sit on; he slowly lowered the woman onto the material and once he had, grabbed the canteen before standing tall to stretch his back out. He was well aware how thirsty they both were, so it was important that they continued to drink water, even as they lounged. What was also obvious to him, as he approached the wide river, was how awe-inspiring the environment was to his companion; perhaps it was the freedom, or the serenity, or the beautiful scenery, but Ava had a look in her eyes that beheld untold wonders. Silas refilled the canteen with the precious, clear liquid before returning to Ava's side. He sat down with a large sigh of relief as comfort instantly set in. Placing the canteen aside, he motioned to the sheet laying in front of Ava whilst placing his gaze afar, wandering deep off into the forest. "You can use that to cover up if you like; I'd give you my tunic to wear, but the aloe on your back needs to sit for a while," he explained calmly. At some point, they'd have to find her something new to wear, which wouldn't prove too tall a task in his estimation, but it did seem peculiar to him that attire was becoming a recurring issue for the two of them. Silas laid upon his side, leaning towards Ava with most of his body weight supported by his arm. It was relaxing, sitting here with her as the trees overhead provided shade and the river running by supplied a constant comforting background noise, just enough that silences in between speech seemed natural and not forced. "So," Silas said, his voice low amidst the sounds of nature, "to answer your question from earlier, I didn't leave because I knew there was a way to get you out of that hole, and I did, albeit almost dying in the process; having said that, I believe the record is two-to-one, advantage to me seeing as how I also rescued you from a dark alley if memory serves me well enough--you've got some catching up to do." His words were light and airy, not to be misconstrued for arrogance, and he punctuated his statement with not only a sly grin, but a wink as he and Ava shared yet another gaze into each other's eyes. Despite his light hearted stance on the matter, the fact remained that within the span of just a few short days, not only had he saved Avalon from certain death, but she returned the favor by extracting him from jail, where he most definitely would have met his end. And then last night, they both came quite close to perishing in very unspectacular fashions, by way of trap holes and hungry wolves. What an interesting week it was turning into. "I think we should stay here for a day or two and rest, try to regain our strength before we head out. I can assure you that we're being looked for by now, but we rode quite far last night after you passed out, and this shack seems pretty remote and well hidden, at least by my standards, so we should be fine. We've got a little bit of food now, I'm sure I can get us some more, and water isn't an issue, obviously. We should be fine for a while." It was important for Silas to not only have a clear plan for what was in front of them and what they should expect, but he realized that if they were to make it, to wherever they would go or eventually end up, they would have to be of one mind and remain on one accord. Sharing information and strategy and voicing opinions was critical if they planned on surviving for any amount of respectable time--he personally wasn't thrilled by the aspect of death and he knew Ava wasn't either. As he had reflected on their recent struggles earlier, he soon realized that it would become trickier, and deadlier in the future, because they were being searched for and they were wanted--if a trap hole wasn't their downfall, a knife in the back would be. "Also, when you're feeling better, I'm going to teach you how to wield a blade," he said firmly, his words flowing freely as the thoughts came to him. A time would eventually come where he wouldn't be there to protect her, and she would need to be able to rely on herself; it would behoove him to teach her how to defend herself if he held any interest in her at all, which he did. She was very much intriguing, despite her words from the other day trying to state otherwise; it was her depth of character and uniqueness that truly attracted his attention, as he had yet to meet a perfect stranger willing to risk a hanging just to bail a perfect stranger in his own right from jail, no matter what he had done for her before. He sat up a little bit, still upon his arm, and fixed Ava with a curious stare, as if trying to read her body language and innermost thoughts all at once. "What are your thoughts Ava? Do you have anything to add, or have you any questions of me?"
  19. School

    Get your shiny red apple ready.
  20. Fairy Tales For Sophie

    Awakening from a light sleep and slowly opening his eyes, Silas was rather surprised to find his vision obscured; he reached up and pulled the hand away and found Ava situated upon his lap. He'd been expecting her to escape her unconsciousness for a while now, but he was much more pleased with her ability to move about under her own volituon. He straightened himself against the wall and instinctively placed his hands on the woman's hips, holding her in place. She was no doubt embarrassed about her current situation as he had been when he was stripped of his clothing, but there wasn't much he could do for that right now. The myriad of emotions that crossed her face were very telling: she was confused but grateful, excited and yet, calm all at once. A small grin was evident upon his lips as he observed the woman come to grips with reality once more, relief settling upon her shoulders and grief-stricken features. It wasn't until Silas looked past the woman for a brief moment that he realized she wasn't bound in the sheets he'd covered her in last night. Grinning much wider now, the realization hit the woman a few seconds later, and she responded by covering her womanly assets; Silas looked back to her and hid his grin as he watched small rivers and lakes of crimson form and run all over her body. He had been expecting to treat a few bumps and cuts when Ava awoke, but there was no way he could have been prepared for the bleeding; Silas reached the conclusion that it must have been caused by her sudden movement that caused her wounds to seep. Ignoring the blonde's question pertaining to her dress, Silas leaned forward into the woman and wrapped his arms around her, one underneath her legs and the other around her back; grunting only slightly and using the wall his back rested against as leverage, he powered himself to his feet with Ava cradled comfortably within his grasp. He shuffled across the small shack and stopped once he reached the table where his pack sat; gingerly and with the utmost care, he sat the woman down upon the wooden table, which was thankfully covered by a clean cloth. Silas straightened up and caught Ava's quizzical gaze once more. "Your dress is bloodied and ripped to shreds," he said flatly as he gestured behind him to the tangled mess of cloth that used to be her dress abandoned in a corner of the room. Shrugging to himself, as if to say there was nothing he could do about it, Silas grabbed the pack and opened the main flap, his hands feeling around inside for something to aid him in his current endeavor. He pulled out many objects, including some perishables and essential survival tools, knives, a sewing kit, a blanket, oil, and much more. It wasn't until he had reached the very bottom that he found what he was searching for: a rudimentary medical kit. Ignoring the other contents of the pack for now, he situated himself before his patient as he inspected the kit. Silas grabbed the leather canteen and, after opening it, upended the contents into the bucket. Satisfied with the miniscule amount of water inside, he looked at Ava and handed her the water source, confident that she could spare one arm from her chest in order to hydrate herself. "You haven't had much water lately--you'd do well to get your fill throughout the day," he said calmly. He pulled up a small wooden stool to the table and sat upon it, figuring that he would start with her feet and work his way up. With the leather kit of medical supplies spread across his lap, Silas went to work; first and foremost, he began by wiping the bloodied cuts upon her feet and ankles with a wet cloth, in an attempt to clean her up. Silas, ever aware of awkward situations, started humming to himself to alleviate the obvious tension of Ava's nudity. It took a few minutes of continuous wiping, but her feet and ankles finally stopped bleeding; still humming, the man popped open a small glass jar of what appeared to be some sort of paste, but what he knew it to be as aloe. The scent of the homemade salve was readily identified by the criminal-turned-practioner, and he wasted no time in applying small amounts of the cool substance to her wounds. After rubbing the aloe in completely, Silas grabbed a spool of cloth and unraveled it before him; stretching it taut over his lap, he took a knife and sliced off the desired amount, before returning the spool back to the table--he would no doubt be in need of it again soon. As gently as he could muster, he wrapped the woman's feet in cloth, covering her cuts and protecting the salve from outside exposure, and also preventing infection from setting in; he would eventually tighten the cloth to the point where it would take much provocation to loosen it from her body, tucked the ends inside of the wrapping for good measure, and sliced off any excess cloth with the knife. He noticed that the state of her legs wasn't as bad as her feet as he wiped beads of blood away with the wet cloth; the thin cuts and scratches weren't very deep, and so he simply dressed the cuts with a very small amount of aloe and nothing else. From her knees up until her hips, he didn't notice much in the way of injuries, and so he stood from his stool, placing the kit on the table so he could more clearly assess her upper body. Without encroaching upon her privacy, he inspected her stomach quickly, pleased to find nothing out of the ordinary; he next placed his eyes on her arms, which shielded her breasts. Making do with how she was positioned, he tenderly wiped her bloodied arms up and down; pausing momentarily to dunk the cloth in the bucket of water, his eyes caught Ava's for a split second, his hum disappearing to leave the two of them in silence, and he abruptly turned his gaze away and busied himself once again with the task at hand. "You're a lucky woman, you know that? No signs of infection to speak of, and of course, you survived one hellish experience last night," he said smoothly as his deft fingers applied salve to her arms. Her right forearm needed wrapping and he obliged the wound quickly, tightening and fastening the cloth around the extremity. After doing so, he raised his eyes to Ava's face once more, where he knew a single cut resided upon her right cheek. The wet cloth pressed into the laceration with care and wiped away the slowly oozing blood; his thumb followed next, the tip of which had salve placed upon it, and he followed the contours of the cut until it was covered completely. Backing away from her face, he turned and stepped to the adjacent corner of the table, facing her back. The large scratch greeted his eyes, and he eyed the large abrasion with disdain; he began wiping it up and down, several iterations needed to quell the bleeding of the largest injury she had sustained. After a few moments of that, he placed his right hand upon Ava's right shoulder to steady her, and with his left, applied the aloe to the scratch; this too proved time consuming, and by the time he was finished, the glass jar was nearly empty. Realeasing his patient's shoulder, Silas stepped back in front of Ava and retrieved a piece of cloth, wiping his hands off as he inspected his handiwork. "I think that's that. How are you feeling?"
  21. ...and it made me frown

    Damn. Sounds rough.
  22. Fairy Tales For Sophie

    Soft snores originating from beside him, Peter glanced over at his daughter and realized that she was fast asleep--for how long she had been knocked out, he had no clue, but it was no consequence; by now, he was very much accustomed to speaking to himself and even continuing stories even though Sophie wasn't awake to hear them. He figured it helped him maintain a connection to the plot and his characters, but whatever the case, it was his outlet, a distraction to take his mind off other issues, at least temporarily. Peter pulled the blanket upon his daughter as he stood from the bed, surveying the rise and fall of her chest for a few moments, before turning off the lamp on the small end table next to her bed. He bent over and switched the night light on and proceeded to retreat from the room, leaving the door open just a crack. ----- "Are you sure about naming her Sophie? I really had my heart set on Matilda." "I'm sure sweetie. Now you remember the deal: I got to choose the first name and so you get to choose the middle name. And besides, Sophie's Choice was a fantastic novel, so it's a no-brainer." Samantha laughed as she followed behind Peter, who was pushing a shopping cart throughout the grocery store. The man was grabbing multiples of everything in sight, even household goods they would never use in a million years, and Samantha was calmly replacing them on the shelves whenever he made another stop and wasn't looking. "I don't even know why I agreed to such silly terms--I'm the one carrying the child here!" Peter turned and embraced his wife in a loose hug, cognizant of her belly, and placed a tender kiss on her lips. "You agreed because you love me baby," he said with a wink. "Yeah yeah yeah. Anyway, her middle name is going to be Marie, because that was my grandmother's name." Peter beamed as he adjusted his glasses, turning to commandeer the shopping cart once more. "Sophie Marie Thompson. I like it." ----- His office chair was especially comfortable after he was the victim of a mostly sleepless night like last night, thanks in part to another stroll down memory lane, and so Peter found himself silently congratulating himself on purchasing the slightly more expensive model all those years ago. And although his bottom was quite comfortable, it didn't change the fact that he was a mess. A massive headache wracking his skull, Peter found it incredibly difficult to concentrate on his work. Two hours had passed since he had dropped Sophie off at school and he hadn't managed anything significant in the way of advancing the plot to his in-the-works novel to show for it. Disgusted and dismayed, he pushed away from his desk and the uncooperative typewriter and jammed his chin into his palm. The only good news he could take away from this morning was that he had gotten his daughter to school on time--it would have been hard not to, considering he had laid awake most of the night. He couldn't even take joy in the fact that today was Friday, because even though his daughter had a weekend off, he certainly didn't--he worked everyday of the week. At least she'll have fun tomorrow at Katie's party. He would have to inquire more about the logistics of Saturday's events when he went to pick up his daughter later. But for now, he made do with staring out of hus window, a common tool he employed when attempting to free his mind from the confines of his office. Sometimes it worked, most of the time it didn't, but he continued to do it anyway. Maybe he would be better off focusing on a different story. The disgruntled author stood up and crossed his office, plopping himself onto the futon in the corner, trying to become as relaxed as possible. Sophie had passed out last night during his story, so he had free reign to take those characters wherever he wanted, or do with them what he wished--she wouldn't know the difference. Closing his eyes with his head in his hands, Peter began to flesh out the story within his mind. ----- Hot sun rays filtered through the tree tops and warmed the shallow river that Silas stood in; the knee-high water was a very welcome commodity that he was enjoying immensely. He had drinken his fair share and refilled his canteen before he jumped in the river to bathe, and he had been bathing for quite some time now. As he washed his burnt, lacerated skin, he recalled the events that had taken place last night; he still couldn't believe he had mustered the strength to situate Ava atop the horse and flee from the booby-trapped field and the pack of ravenous wolves, but he had bested the odds. For now, at the very least. And now here he was. He had stumbled upon the river and, coincidentally enough, a small shack, which was right on the riverbank; his companion, Ava, was laying unconscious upon a cot inside of it right now. Silas assumed the shack belonged to a fisherman before he passed out on the floor last night, but morning came and no sign of the owner came with it, so this was their temporary lodging for the time being. Content with his bath, Silas exited the soothing current of the river, completely naked and dripping as he walked past the horse; the large animal was tethered to a tree next to the shack, but had more than enough room to sully forth and drink from the river whenever it pleased. Silas patted his face dry with a thin strip of cloth before he slipped on his trousers, electing to appear somewhat decent as he entered the shack. The blonde woman laid motionless upon the cot, her chest rising and falling with smooth fluidity. He had attempted awakening tge woman earlier this morning, but last night's ordeal must had taken a large toll on her, because she barely stirred. Ava's ripped, bloody dress was a crumpled up ball in the corner, as Silas had stripped it from her body the night before; it was useless now, and so she were naked, aside from the thin sheet shielding her womanly assets from him. As he approached the beautiful woman, he fell victim to carnal thoughts and imagery, as any man would; but like last night, he ended up shaking his head at himself, before collapsing upon his bottom, seated next to his companion. As platonically and gently as possible, Silas began to scrub the woman's face and neck with the strip of cloth; her entire body was covered in splotches of dry blood, and the longer it remained on her person, the harder it would be to remove it. A few moments passed, before Silas dunked the strip into the bucket of water he had set up next to the cot; once the strip was rinsed, he repeated the process. Ava showed no signs of movement as Silas peeled back the sheet and pressed on; the tedious task seemingly took hours, as the man proceeded further and further down the woman's body. By the time he had reached her hips, the water in the bucket was tinted red and was deemed useless. Silas collected the bucket and retreated back outside, where he dumped the contents of the bucket into the dirt, before refilling it with new water from the river. He returned to Ava's side moments later with fresh water and a new strip of cloth and continued his work. During this process, he was intimately learning the contours of Ava's body, and although he made no moves upon her vulnerable state, he was free to drink her in with his eyes; he couldn't help but to pause occasionally and appreciate her fair skin, which was nicked and bumped here and there due to last night, but he cared not about that. Shaking his head again, he worked upon the woman's legs, which was eadily the most bloodied section of her entire body; it took quite some gime and another trip to the river, but he managed to scrube the caked blood from her lower extremities completely. Although he had regained much strength from resting last night, the task at hand drained considerable energy from him, and so he collapsed against the wall and slid to the floor, wiping sweat from his brow with the back of his hand. He had covered Ava with the sheet again, and although she had a few wounds that needed to be tended to, he figured it would be best to do so while she was conscious. Nodding to himself as if he agreed with himself, he resigned to closing his eyes, waiting for the blonde to awaken.
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