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  1. R Inherit The Stars (Sign-Ups)

    Allow me to apologize profusely for my silence these last couple of weeks. My schedule of late as been wonky at best, promise this won't happen again. Hope what I posted is alright! I expect I'll have faster and higher quality replies in the future, as I see my schedule opening up generously in February!
  2. R Inherit The Stars

    Rynn is giddy with excitement by the time the Sulphurian elders finally give her team clearance to leave the village. She’s been wearing her hiking boots for three days, her knapsack packed for at least twice that time (save perishable food items, of course.) She’s barely been sleeping, too, managing to work in the smallest number of hours necessary for her to function. Eli had tried to give her a strict reprimand for that, reminding her in the most annoying way possible that he needed her “on her game†and that “any drop in performance would be met with harsh punishment†and a bunch of other boring stuff that Rynn didn’t particularly care to listen to, resulting in her getting smacked upside her head and locked in a closet for eight hours. She wasn’t especially bothered by that, though, because the down time had given her time to consider once more which techniques she would be using on her lesser opponents. Now she’s skipping her way across some barren field somewhere east of their settlement, her other three teammates trailing behind her with varying degrees of enthusiasm. Eli is mumbling half-hearted reprimands while the other two, brothers Jericho and Matthias, fail at suppressing their giggles. At fifteen and fourteen respectively, the two are hardly high on Rynn’s shit list, but managed to place in the lower ranks by virtue of the fact that they aren’t her. Or Eli. “Shut up, will you?†She chirps, no real heat in her voice but an authoritative undercurrent that has been appearing more and more frequently in her words. “What’s wrong Rynn?†Jericho chimes back, dancing up to walk alongside her. “Yeah Rynn, what’s the matter?†Matthias echoes, moving up along her other side. The two wear matching grins, and Rynn is halfway through her retort before Eli speaks up. “Quiet, all of you.†When the three turn in unison to look at him, they see him nod toward the horizon and the overwhelming mountains that nearly block out the sun with their height. “Don’t forget, we have a job to do.â€
  3. The After

    Thanks for letting us know!
  4. R Inherit The Stars (Sign-Ups)

    Here we go! I hope the length is okay! By the time she reached the age of sixteen, Rynn had long convinced herself of her status as Sulphur’s most valuable warrior. This attitude – perhaps fostered by her rank as Major of her assigned squad – was supported by little more than her remarkable skill in a fighting style similar to krav maga; a skill that had allowed her to survive the brutal street fights that occurred frequently in Sulphurian settlements. Having earned her stripes when she was still very young, her military enlistment at the age of twelve was less an expectation and more a natural progression. The news of the Map Wars three years later had ushered her into a brief period of intense training before she was given her expected promotion. Now, Rynn stands five feet, three inches among a squad that is four strong, herself included. Her dark, coarse hair is kept in a short and somewhat wild pixie style that echoes the excited light in her eyes. She maintains an upright posture, her muscular shoulders squared above her hips. She is enthusiastic about the Map Wars not because she anticipates glory and honor after her victory, but because she is eager to show off her skills on non-Sulphurian opponents. Her subpar intellect does not allow her to comprehend the greater implications of The Wars, but her lack of understanding in no way lessens her desire to fight. ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- Eli is Rynn’s only superior in their squad, both in rank and age. At eighteen, he is among the oldest and most skilled soldiers in the Sulphurian army. Long periods of thorough combat training have given him the disposition of a war-torn veteran, despite having never seen a battlefield, as well as proficiency in several types of hand-to-hand combat with heavy emphasis on ninjutsu in the final years of his training. His skills in stealth and concealment made him a valuable prospect in the practice of guerilla war, and his ability to think a plan through before its enactment – an ability not shared by many other Sulphurians – each contributed to his appointment as colonel. Massive in comparison to his second-in-command, Eli stands at six feet tall and is almost always seen with his hands folded neatly behind his back. He is lean and lithe rather than built and muscular, his close-cropped hair emphasizing the narrowness of his face. A reticent individual, he often catches himself daydreaming about potential combat situations rather than participating in combat simulations. Though his arrogance is considerably more tame than that displayed by Rynn, Eli considers himself a capable individual whose skill level excuses him from most training sessions. He is admired by his subordinates and respected by his superiors, and regards the Map Wars with tired indifference that, on occasion, peaks to mild interest. ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- Born to a clan of individuals who consider themselves the only “pure†humans left on Oris, Alex is a nervous boy of twenty-three whose social anxiety is eclipsed in severity only by his sense of superiority. The baby of a family with considerable political clout, he easily could have avoided the Libran draft but, in an attempt to reach the humbler roots of his Earth-stranded ancestors, decided he had best embrace his fate as an average military man and make the best of the situation. An individual with no particular combat skill, it quickly became clear that Alex’s sole purpose within the Libran army was to mend uniforms. Political clout often led to considerable wealth and considerable wealth often led to considerable fashion sense, leaving Alex with an uncanny ability to sew anything from full-body scarves to petticoats. This talent carried him as far as the medical response unit where he soon rose to the position as head of the Quick Fix team whose specialty was, unsurprisingly, stitching wounds incurred in battle. Feeling that he had yet to complete his patriotic duty as a pure human, Alex also taught his subordinates to construct interesting little pouches that seemed like First Aid kits on the outside but had a fun little surprise on the inside. Said kits were absolutely not created for the purpose of sabotaging the Sulphurians, Trinitians, or Titans. Absolutely not. ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- A research-oriented individual, Apollo volunteered to join the forces of Trinity not because he desired combat or success, but instead to investigate his hypotheses regarding the other races of Oris. His open-minded, energetic approach to learning more about his fellow Orisians was fitting of his young age of twenty-three, and often led to ridicule at the hands of his fellow Trinitians. Thus, Apollo was inspired to abandon many social niceties and employ a somewhat more detached form of communication. His enthusiasm was restricted to the privacy of his modest home which, more often than not, doubled as his research facility and which, more often than not, was also home to his closest and most trusted friends. Almost always dressed in deep emerald robes and accented with gold jewelry, Apollo carried himself with a sense of dignified importance that can only be found among the committed scholars of Trinity. What he lacked in combat ability he made up for in knowledge and resourcefulness, often joking that his most dangerous weapon was the pretty face in front of his sharp mind. True, with wavy, shoulder-length blonde hair and bright green eyes, he was an individual often gazed upon by males and females alike. His involvement in the Map Wars is minimal at most, with superiors often placing him on the more elite teams to serve as an advisor and guide.
  5. R Inherit The Stars (Sign-Ups)

    I hate to be premature, but based on the replies above this feels a little time sensitive. I don't have any character sketches yet, but I'm definitely interested in participating! I intend to have preliminary sketches posted within 24 hours, if it's alright.
  6. The After

    Whenever you like! I could create a threat on the discussion board if you like or, if you prefer, I can message you my email/Skype so that we can discuss it privately. I have no preference. ^-^
  7. The After

    Yes! The shifts between present and past tenses occur when Karma switches between narrating the events of the past and reflecting on the situation in the present.
  8. Roleplaying Classifieds

    Username: sarabee Name: Sara Available Times: Pretty much all day, every day. I'm in school, but I have free time interspersed throughout my schedule so my availability will change depending on the day. Most of the time, I can count on weekdays after six o'clock and weekends. Post Length: My posts vary depending on the subject matter, but I usually average one page in Microsoft Word 2010 (normal spacing, size twelve font.) That, in my experience, is about five to six good-sized paragraphs. Post Frequency: I like to post as often as possible because I'm a very impatient person, and my life is a lot easier if I assume that everyone around me is impatient, too. So I try to knock out my posts as soon as I receive a reply. Generally speaking, this leaves me posting my reply every two or three days. RP Preferences: The only type of roleplay I've ever stuck with is post-apocalyptic, but I would say that my ideal type would be some sort of horror/fantasy conglomeration (or either of the two separately.) I'm not as good in fandom roleplays for the sole reason that staying within the boundaries of pre-existing character traits is a little difficult for me. I do better with original stories/plots because I have the ability to create and control a character who is completely my own. Contact Details: If you're intersted in something I've posted, I would prefer that you message me on the site for all of my other contact information. I'm not totally thrilled by the idea of posting my Skype name and email up here because, well, you know. Privacy and all. But if you message me and ask for it, I'll give it to you. That being said, my preferred method of communication would be over Skype.
  9. The After

    Yes, okay! I suppose I should have specified a little more. What I was thinking as far as limited interaction was something along the lines of having a "Future Character" read an entry in Karma's journal (written by me) about, say, finding a wealth of batteries in the back room of an abandoned WalMart. Said Future Character decides to venture into the WalMart (written by you) and, while there, happens to notice an object/a message with information as to Karma's current whereabouts. This pattern continues (with several miniconflicts along the way, such as harrowing encounters with other maurauders or discovery of some sort of unpleasant, post-apocalyptic creature) until Future Character and Karma ultimately meet one another at the climactic conclusion. I guess I envisioned it sort of like a first person point-of-view videogame in which the Future Character is the main character, and Karma is the ambiguous "Other Character" whose true identity isn't revealed until the very end. I haven't really worked out the logistics of this yet, but I'm sort of attracted to the idea of Future Character reading a few entries a day, and reflecting on them throughout his/her adventures. As far as the whole 2157 bit is concerned, I'm more than willing to drop it back to 2057. What I was looking for when I selected that year was a time that would be far enough in the future to make the idea of a finished apocalypse and the establishment of a post-apocalyptic pseudo-society plausible, yet not so far in the future that it was wholly unimaginable. I guess I might have overshot a little. ^^; I agree that we really have no idea what the 2100s are going to be like, so in the interest of maintaining a sense of reality I would actually prefer that the time setting be a little closer to where we are now. Thanks for pointing that out! I hope this answered all of your questions! If you're still interested, feel free to message me. Sara
  10. The After

    It's sort of funny, when you think about it. We all thought it would be something other than what it turned out to be. The popular ones were economic collapse and shifting of the Earth's magnetic poles. How those two gained such a following, I have no idea. As far as I was concerned, zombies seemed just as likely as anything else. I guess, if you really think about it, they were all perfectly plausible theories. The only problem was that they were perfectly plausible theories that no one paid any attention to. In the end, it was climate change that got us. Climate change. You're thinking, 'Climate change? Seriously? Come on Karma, you can do better than that.' Honestly, I wish I could say that it was zombies. But the truth is that scarier than hordes of the undead is the kind of chaos that follows after someone sees ice on an orange in Florida. One minute you're just walking to your job, the next minute there's the National Guard rolling up on Main Street telling you that water and gasoline are being rationed and that in order to maintain peace martial law has been declared. Ho baby, I wish you could've seen it. Peace my ass. The second someone decided to use the words 'martial' and 'law' in the same sentence, I should've known we were fucked. But it took me until the water shortages to really believe that something bad was happening. After we sucked the Great Lakes dry and science still hadn't figured out a way to distill sea water fast enough to distribute it to the population, people started to act a little crazy. No one trusted anyone else. It was every man for himself, steal or be stolen from, kill or be killed. Pretty brutal stuff, if I do say so myself. The kind of stuff that you usually only saw in movies. And the government? God, what a joke. Some people remained who believed that the government would come to our rescue, but those people were few and far between. For the most part, everyone understood that once the grocery stores stopped getting restocked and once the paychecks stopped coming, we wouldn't be able to count on anyone other than ourselves. Fortunately, the news programs remained running just long enough for us to get a picture of what was going on in the rest of the world. One word resonated throughout every report, and its three letters were deceptively unassuming: b-a-d. Bad in Russia. Awful in China. Even worse in the Middle East. With violence and destruction everywhere and not even a whisper of a safe place, we had no choice but to turn our TVs off and focus on what was happening at home. Not that it mattered. The news stations went down soon after. I'd like to say that there was a defining moment in which the world went from being "normal" to being the Hell-hole that it is now. But it was more like the rapid decline from sanity to madness. In less than a month, all of society's schizophrenic tendancies and hysteria surfaced and took control. Its rational mind was supressed to the point of extinction, leaving unforgiving nothingness in its wake. Now, all that remains of what the world used to be are skeletons of cities; a flawless infrastructure whose sole purpose is to facilitate the travel of maurauders. These people -- among whose ranks I can be counted, much to my chagrin -- are the few survivors of this world who are able to live only by taking from others. We can scavange most of what we need, but sometimes that isn't quite enough. And when that happens, we'll do whatever we have to. We'll hurt. We'll mame. We'll even kill. But above all of that, we survive. And I think, if you could see the way I'm trying to live, I think you would be able to understand. I need to survive, because if I don't...well, I just need to. The year is 2157*. My name is not Karma, but that's what I'll be called because that is the name that defines who I am now. I'm writing all of this down with the hopes that when you read it, whoever you are, everything that I experience will bring you one step closer to surviving The After. *see below reply for date clarification ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello everyone! So, obviously this (what I have above) is your standard, post-apocalyptic wasteland. Beyond that, though, I haven't really developed it much. Don't take that to mean that I don't have any idea about where I'd like the plot to go, because I do, but it also means that I'm open to whatever ideas you're willing to bring to the table. Thus far I've kept my ideas restricted primarily to humans and human-like activity, but if you want to introduce any sort of humanoid or cyborg or anything else that one would expect to see in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, I'm definitely willing to accommodate that! What I'm looking for right now is a partner or two who are willing to bring their OCs into this universe to operate in the "present," which would be the future in relation to what I have posted above. Preferably, there would be no interaction between my character and the characters who are introduced until the very end of the roleplay at which point I had envisioned some sort of fateful, emotional meeting that ended in violence and bloodshed. But, like my openness to altering the specifics of the universe, I'm open to altering the plot too. My ideas are far from set in stone, and I'm more than willing to listen to the ideas of anyone who's interested in this. It's been a little while since my last roleplay so I'm a bit rusty, but I promise that a post or two will see me knocking out replies like the best of them. I'll have my expectations for post length and what have you listed under the classifieds soon enough, and I'm hoping to get a profile of Karma up within the next week or two. If you're interested, feel free to message me and I'll throw you my contact information so we can discuss this in a little more detail. Thanks for letting me talk at you guys! I hope you're interested! Sara