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  1. a ship in a harbor is safe, but that's not what ships were built for.

  2. Life and Death

    Life and Death 1x1 dark fantasy / ?romance? Plot: Death meats a Human (maybe even all boy meets girl like...) who strikes a deal to buy themselves more time. The terms are simple; every year, the mortal will provide a stranger's life in exchange for a year of guaranteed immunity form death. essentially, immortality is achievable as long as someone's life is taken. Should the mortal fail to provide a sacrifice, their time on Earth has expired. Intrigued, Death agrees - but curiosity drives Death to further get to know this human. this is very open to change and suggestion - I'd just like to see where it goes from here. you can play whichever role you'd like, Death or Mortal - but I would like to request that I play the female. that means you're the male. It doesn't have to be a romance (I do love a good romance, though) - and it can be set in any time frame that suits your fancy. You can give your character any history or motive you'd like, and even choose to be more or less inclined to empathy and compassion. your call on everything but the gender. I so very want to play a girl for once. also, i want to get this up and going as quickly as possible... usually i spend a month discussing the story structure and building the world with my co-authors... to avoid such lengthy procedures, I'll just ask that you answer the following: (if it's here, I'm interested in it, so don't be shy) 1) You want to be Death or Human? 2) What time period would you prefer? 3) Central location: New York, Seattle, San Francisco, London, or Rome? choose one. (era permitting, of course) 4) interested in romance? 5) Have our characters already struck the deal; has this ritual been going on every year for a while, now? or shall we begin with the initial introduction to each other and the agreement of the terms? 6) Are you more interested in keeping the story focused on Death and the Mortal, or should we toss in the opinions and mind of this year's Sacrafice? (this could change a lot of the above and might warrant a little more discussion, but might be worth it) 7) Have you anything else to add? anywho, I'm looking forward to exploring this kind of dark theme; all questions of morality and the worth of one life weighed against another and all... let me know if youre interested!!
  3. OPEN Surreal*RPG - reboot!

    Wstfgl, were you still inclined to allow us to accidentally unleash your Mr. Gary Shoe? if so, do you think a tap of fingernail on the glass would be enough to wake him? or *should we involve something a little more dramatic*?
  4. Surreal*RPG: Team Orange Override

    "That mean anything to you?" Kate gave a noncommittal shrug, unsure if it did, in fact, mean anything to her. She liked to think that she had the capacity to wrap her head around whatever was going on, and something about Siri's answer did feel a little familiar. "And Designation and forum rank - what about that?" She turned her head and frowned at him - well... not really at him, but certainly at the situation. 'Designation' invoked memories of Star Trek: Voyager and the Borg, but this wasn't Star Trek. Still... it could possibly be along the same lines. 'Forum Rank' though? being the techy she'd always been, she immediately thought of the various websites she'd visited; nothing of that had to do with star trek - it was all, question and answer, torrent downloads, and -- "Oh!" Thump - thud - thump She blinked, half torn between attempting an answer and the sound that had just invaded the otherwise silent space they had found themselves in. Her mind was made up for her, however, when a clearly female voice sounded from behind one of the glass cases that contained the silent and still figures. "THE HELL IS GOING ON?" Kate moved forward, leaning on tip-toes to peer around the mass of the trapped character to find the figure of an elegantly dressed young woman. "Well, would you look at that," she said almost amusedly to herself as she stole a glance back at Solyeuse. She attempted a friendly smile as she returned her attention to the girl. "Would I be correct in assuming you don't run with this crowd?" she tapped one of her polished nails on the surface of the glass, indicating the nearest confined character to her - a fellow who could only really be described as an effeminate white-haired, pretty boy.
  5. Black To Earth

    *poofs into everyone else's business* you might be confusing elves with vampires, if I understand correctly. see: *cackles and poofs away*
  6. OPEN Surreal*RPG - reboot!

    lol - but we're so squishy! and everything is too perilous! Kate hasn't come to terms with the amount of peril involved, just yet. I think she's got a bobby pin or two holding her bangs out of her eyes that she can utilize, though... lets see about those locked doors...
  7. Noted :) I think five planets total in the star system; three inhabited, and two of which that were struck by the meteors sounds reasonable. I've even thrown together a little something for visual reference... This can be easily edited if you think anything should be added/changed- and the proportions are all out of wack, but you get the general idea ;) The three inhabitable planets would be (in numerical order starting from the star) planets 2, 3, and 5. What do you think?
  8. OPEN Surreal*RPG - reboot!

    I'd be game for that! :) but at the risk of sounding incredibly silly (and lazy, since i could have probably poked around and found this out somewhere) who's Elizabeth? Also, if Asura is looking for an 'us' to join, I'd like to nominate Orange Override!?!
  9. Surreal*RPG: Team Orange Override

    "That just fills me with confidence," Kate's nervous smile remained painted on her face, though she felt a wash of embarrassment and uselessness run over her. But why? that broke her stuck-on pleasantry, and she pushed her brows together. It wasn't her fault after all, and this stranger wasn't any more clued-in than she was. "Do you know where, exactly, we are? And where should we go from here?" Kate felt her fingers tighten around the iPhone still clutched in her hand - the answers to his question were literally at her fingertips - and yet, the idea that her phone was more useful than she was made her feel even more inadequate. She pressed her lips together in anticipation of the answer she was about to give, almost making up her mind to share the technology with him - after all, she didn't really like the look of the foreign figures much, either - but as though he sensed her reluctance, the Elf spoke again. "I don't believe we've been introduced - I'm Solyeuse Sky-Seeker. How about you?" There was something about formal introductions that always seemed to put her at ease. Maybe it was the guarantee that you now had a few seconds to consider your next move, while all parties involved went through the necessary steps; maybe it was the old urban legend that names gave you power over a person; then again, maybe it was just the simple proof that those you were speaking to held a degree of respect for manners and civility. Whatever the reason, this question made Kate much more inclined to like the Elf that called himself Solyeuse Sky-Seeker. As unorthodox as it was, it was nice to have something to call him. She grinned again, this time softly, "I'm Kate," she answered, feeling another string of words trailing behind her own introduction, "and I think I might be able to get us out of here." She considered what she knew: This... world... seemed to be Surreality. Those figures were characters. Solyeuse and herself were standing in a character... archive? Archive. Her own Character archive was just down the hall, but there was a very likely possibility that one of the bot-things were wandering around out there. She didn't know what they were, what they wanted, or how to get past one. Also, alarmingly, she didn't know how to deliver what she'd so casually promised: getting them out of here. Not in the grand sense, anyway. She shrugged. A little was better than nothing. It felt silly to ask her phone for directions to a place she already knew the location of, so she tucked it into one of her jacket pockets, zipped it up to ensure its security, and tossed a look back at the Elf. "I have a place we can go, follow my lead." She resisted a wary glance at the foreboding figures that occupied the room with them, and moved briskly back towards the door they had initially come through. She conjured up the image of her door in her mind, remembering it's place down the hall. "We'll need to be quick," she said, putting faith in the belief that the bots seemed incapable of following them into one of the character archives, as long as the door remained closed. She drew in a breath. She made her move. Kate didn't bother looking for the bot, though she didn't immediately see it. Instead, as soon as her foot was planted in the hall, she veered sharply to the left, and finding her path clear, bolted for the door she'd fixed her eyes on. For a moment, she dared to hope that the bot had moved on - but then a shrill mechanical voice called after her, “Your Designation and forum rank?!†She gave a little cry as she reached forward to grasp the handle, and as she turned it, she realized that something felt wrong in the pit of her. With the whirring of the bot behind them, however, she didn't hesitate. Into the character thread she went, stumbling forward again- as she had before - caught off guard by the few steps down into the archive room. She was immediately aware, however, that this was not her character archive. This was entirely different. Those were not her characters. These were not her ideas. Stiffly she unzipped her pocket and withdrew her phone. She held the button and waited for the chime before asking, "Where are we?" and the humanly mechanical voice of Siri answered her, "You're near"
  10. OPEN Surreal*RPG - reboot!

    lol - you're welcome to call me feather if you really want to :) I'm cool with that, so long as you don't mind if I yank the reigns around a little! we've got some ground to cover if we want to catch up to the others!
  11. phew! apologies for the delay! I've noticed that Elphys has also been away from 'the login' for a bit, so I'd like to give adequate time for replies and such before I assume she is no longer interested. In the meantime, I don't think she would mind terribly if we developed the world a bit? So, we've already agreed on a small foreign star system that is ravaged by renegade meteors - now lets pick out some planets! Would you like the home worlds of your characters to be included among this system? or are your people foreigners?
  12. R The Mighty Will Fall

    Four steps. That was all Aean had taken when he heard the distant voice. It was a harsh scream of a whisper, intended to maintain silence, but anger seemed to have overridden it. There were no discernible words that Aean could pick out- not at first- but as soon as he heard it, he froze. He knew the situation was precarious enough with a Mage on his heels that suspected him of treachery, the last thing he needed was a band of dragon hunters teaming up with her to take him down. She, after all, posed the most serious threat.for now, however, her intentions were unclear. There was still a chance he could get answers from her. "Oi! over 'ere!" a thickly accented, brute of a man called back to his comrades. "Keep yer voice down!" Another answered, "Don' want te bring the beast down on us, do ya?" Aean scowled. It was frustrating enough suspecting your misfortunes, it was infuriating to have them confirmed. He had sunk down low, making sure to take full advantage of the woven forest the she-Mage had provided for them. "The camp's days old- the fire's gone cold." Aean gave a sideways glance at the she-Mage. "No- someone's been there recently- did you not see the damp soil!? The tracks?" "Do ye think they've been eaten?" "Don' be daft, Kale," the accented man chided, his words coinciding with a lazy thud that could only be a hand clapped heavily on a back, "there'd be more than a cold fire and wet earth if there's been a struggle." "Know what I think?" A new voice made an appearance- shy and modest, "I heard, once, that dragons have magic of their own." "What're you on about?" "No, really!" The shyness melted out of the youth's voice, "what if that camp... Well... I heard they could make themselves like us!" "You wha?" "The boy's gone an' lost 'imself in legend" "I have not! It's true! They can--" Having felt the topic of conversation veering into subjects that Aean would prefer remain undiscussed, he had readied his bow and notched an arrow. He couldn't see the men who were discussing his secrets, but he knew their approximate location. Drawing back he aimed off to the right of where their conversation was coming from, and then released. With a hiss the arrow flew, and with a snap and a clatter he heard it do it's intended work and halt the conversation. Silence fell as the men undoubtedly fixed their attention off on the distraction. Aean took the opportunity to ready another arrow, but step lightly in the original direction of his intent.
  13. R The Mighty Will Fall

    Despite the casual act he put on for her, he felt relief when his suggestion to move on had met with no resistance. Even more so now that she had confirmed her compliance with words, he thought he'd push his luck and turn his back on her. He wasn't necessarily letting his guard down; but the truth of the matter was this: her distrust of him was the least of his worries. If her initial news had been true, Aean shouldn't leave his own migration for tomorrow as he had been planning. He'd imagined that his scuffle with the hunters had certainly drawn attention, but he didn't think the townsfolk would act so quickly. He'd assumed they would need a day to pluck up enough courage to rally together and come after him. Perhaps not, though. leaving sooner was better than later. "Where do you suggest we seek this privacy?" He tossed her a glance and noted the expression she wore, finding an odd sort of respect waiting to influence him. She was smart enough to be cautious - which might be why she had been able to make it this far. with half a sigh, he replied, "I know these mountains," delivering a vague sort of pointed implication. Uselessly, he kicked dirt over the obviously unused campfire site, hoping to at least give the impression that he had relied on the heat the previous night. This time he didn't chance a look at the she-mage, unwilling to draw unnecessary attention to something he hoped she'd overlook. Shouldering a half-full quiver of roughly made arrows, and securing his repaired bow sideways across his chest, Aean scooped up the dull short sword that had been cast off in the dirt from before. He cursed his own carelessness. Anyone paying half-a-mind would observe how un-cared-for his weapons were. "There's an overgrown ruin north of here that will give us shelter and a good vantage," her offered hoping to distract her. Having nothing else to retrieve he turned to watch her, his brow furrowed. He gave her only a moment before he turned away again. He couldn't force her to follow - or rather he wouldn't. At least he didn't think he would. It was that burning curiosity about her that made him wonder if he'd actually allow her to slip away. Whatever the truth might be, He didn't get a chance to test himself. Something unsettled him about the environment around them, something that made the creatures fall silent and still. "Wait," he said, hushed - his eyes honing in on the denser foliage where the she-mage had come staggering out of the woods. Someone was coming. Aean shot a warning glance at her, hoping to command, silently, that she once again conceal her ability - and better yet, herself. He was unable to know if she'd spring into action like an unseasoned amateur and give them away. He flagged her to follow, and then slipped into the bushes north, aiming to traverse toward the ruin before they could be discovered.
  14. R The Mighty Will Fall

    Aean gave her a sideways look, eyes narrowed suspiciously as he weighed her words in his mind. As before, the wash of power sent a shudder through him, but he was prepared for it this time. The full meaning sunk in as he gazed at the control she exercised over the element, and Aean couldn't help a thrill of admiration for her ability. If she was bluffing she gave none away. There was still sizable risk involved in prolonging his contact with her, but there would be no denying the smoldering curiosity that had begun to simmer in the pit of him; a Mage - a powerful Mage - a powerful Mage with control. The odds that he would encounter another creature like this female again were little to none, even given his long life. A moment had passed in their stand-off, and Aean chanced a glance in the general direction of the village she had likely come from. Making a decision to take a gamble, he let his hands drop lazily to his sides and delivered a charming smirk as though they had suddenly struck a deal he was proud of. If she made a move against him, he was ready to shift - feeling the appropriate gathering of himself in the pit of his torso; if not, he would play the meager-mortal card a little while longer. "Fine. You've got the upper hand." he conceded, still eyeballing her to gauge her next move. He was fairly confidant he could shift before she could do him any considerable damage, but he'd prefer not to lose this connection to the old arts- especially one with such strong ties. "You said yourself there might be other..." he smirked, "herb gatherers. I'd prefer to avoid them, as I'm sure a Mage like you would." He stooped to wrap his fingers around the bow he had been repairing when she'd arrived - it's work almost complete - and coiled the extra length of linen string around his hand. Delivering the she-mage a pointed look, he gave a powerful tug and snapped the excess off, rendering his work on the bow complete. Perhaps a bit showy, but it got his point across - he was strong. "Perhaps we should clear out to continue this conversation further in the woods... where gatherers won't think to look."
  15. R The Mighty Will Fall

    The command she had on her powers was staggering - something Aean had not expected even though he'd had the opportunity to measure her well of power when he'd touched her. His feet had been planted when he stood, but her fluid motion to defend herself upon discovery had knocked him back. The life returned to the grin on his lips as the residual effects of her summoning washed over him. There was no doubt now. This was a mage. A real mage - with potential and control over her ability. Something Aean had long ago given up on. "What are you to know that? A Mage?" Aean lifted his hands, open palmed, in a gesture to imply surrender, "Of sorts," he answered. Though this encounter implied hope for him, he still wasn't sure of her intentions. After all, there was no guarantee she hadn't bought her own safety with promises of slaying the last dragon. She was foreign, and powerful. A mage like her would have the best chance against a dragon, and Aean wouldn't put such dealings past the corruptible nature of humans. He hadn't moved, still standing with his hands up and his eyes fixed suspiciously on her. He let his gaze look her over, looking for any hint that she was in league with those who wanted for his death. He hadn't revealed himself yet, he could see the uncertainty in her eyes. The best rouse he had was to play off what she had already guessed and what was partially true. "I can sense magic - as you might have guessed - but I cannot perform it myself. I live in these mountains, away from the eyes and manipulation of the king. My only motive is to live in peace." He frowned, "Now as for you, if you are a hound sent to hunt your own kind..." he trailed off, watching her closely and measuring her reaction.