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  1. Anime/Manga General

    I loved OreGairu, definitely my favourite show of the spring season. I dropped SnK after 13 episodes or so, kinda got sick of it. I am currently watching: Monogatari Series: Second Season Gin no Saji Gatchaman Crowds Love Lab C3-bu Blood Lad Servant x Service Free! World God Only Knows III Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi I gave Danganronpa a try, but since I already played the game I got really frustrated with the things they didn't include in the anime.
  2. League of Legends Also have a smurf called Seanz1lla. I wanted a Silver smurf to have fun when I didn't feel like tryharding, but I managed to unintentionally bring him to Gold V. I also gave up on reaching Diamond after losing my Diamond promotion series twice and demoting to Plat II. I main AD Carry and my favourite champions are Ashe, Caitlyn and Vayne.
  3. eyooo

    The post on facebook reminded me of this place, so I decided to come back. sup
  4. Hai! ^^

    I think I promised I'd smile if you played TF2 with me (you never did).
  5. hi

    oh you're still alive hello
  6. Hai! ^^

    Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain hello
  7. Ask Bleck Things ...yeah
  8. Video Games General

    PS4! Although Fable Legends sounds pretty sweet, I'll just hope/wait for a PC release.
  9. What are you watching?

    The Strangers?
  10. Anime/Manga General

    I like Shinji :(
  11. eyooo

    Do I really have to sign? I promise that this time I'm going to make this marriage work