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  1. DnD [Open 5e] Beyond the Boundary

    That isn't a problem at all. I'm here to help guide everyone who has no experience with 5e or DnD in general, so I am taking that as you signing up. No backsies.
  2. DnD [Open 5e] Beyond the Boundary

    Anna's PC is the guild leader, cause she fit in a Better Off Ted reference. RIP Better Off Ted, I miss you every day. Anyway! Currently have 4 confirmed players and 1 who will join at the end of November, but more is always better in this game~
  3. DnD [Open 5e] Beyond the Boundary

    Areas of Amoria Redwood - Settlement Amoria is a lawless place. There is no formal government, there are no laws and there is no official peacekeeping force. Despite all of that Redwood, like many other settlements, is a safehaven for explorers. The community is small enough to make any kind of crime widely known, causing the offender to be ostracized and likely avoided by everyone. The town guard consists out of a militia of volunteers. Redwood is the home of the members of this explorer’s guild. Many of you sleep in guild headquarters or in one of the 2 inns available in Redwood. Most of the inhabitants of Redwood are explorer’s hailing from the Leighton continent. Makarov - Settlement A settlement associated with explorers from the Magadan continent. It is equally safe in Makarov as it in in Redwood. Cyrakus - Settlement A settlement associated with explorers from the Bakassi continent. It is equally safe in Cyrakus as it is in Redwood. Tarifah - Village Tarifah is a small Amorian village consisting of mostly farmsteads, close to the western edge of Amoria. Darasalam - Amorian Village Darasalam is an Amorian village located between Redwood and Makarov. Asmara - Castle Asmara is a beautiful castle, untarnished by it’s stay on the bottom of the ocean, that belonged to a forgotten Amorian noble. Tabuk Forest Tabuk is a beautiful dense, green forest. Pelor Mountains The Pelor Mountains are several mountains that several that run across the middle of Amoria. Crossing the Pelor mountains is said to be extremely perilous. Pelor Falls The Pelor Falls is a waterfall originating from the Pelor Mountains. The Falls end in a lake that changes colour depending on the time of day. It is said that this lake is bottomless. Bronzehoof Mines The Bronzehoof Mines are a series of tunnels stretching into the Pelor Mountains as well as deeper into the earth.
  4. The Fross Fairy Empire (Introduction)

    I can't believe I missed this earlier, but I suddenly noticed you are a fellow Dutchie. Excellent. Unrelated question, have you ever played a table top RPG? Dungeons & Dragons, Shadowrun, Pathfinders; those kinds of games.
  5. Zombie Apocalypse Weapon of Choice

    a D20 I swear I'd roll a critical miss if I threw the D20 at a zombie
  6. Hear me out - Dinosaurs with Lasers

    Hello, welcome back
  7. I'm just going to come out and say it. deep breath I hated The Avengers. I hated it so much. Still going to catch Avengers 2, though.
  8. The Fross Fairy Empire (Introduction)

    I can't marry you, sadly, but I can welcome you to the forums. So. Welcome! Enjoy your stay
  9. [Closed] DnD 5e Game

    Background Story The world of Terra consists one of large supercontinent called Rodinia. Rodinia is divided in 7 kingdoms, each governed by a king, queen, emperor, sheikh or whatever: Atsushi, Brynner, Caolan, Dulcea, Espen, Firuz and Guang. Ever since the dawn of man the world of Terra has been plagued by the supernatural; demons, undead, shape shifters and monsters have terrorized the dominion of man for as long as history could recount. But the resourcefulness of man had always been enough to keep these dangers at bay and allow them to prosper. Through magic and technology they were given a fighting chance, but the illusion of security came crashing down when Dulcea fell. Dulcea was located in the exact center of Rodinia and was always known as the nexus between the world of man and the realm of demons. The citizens of Rodinia bore witness to the greatest assault ever by demons on humans. An army several times the size of Dulcea’s entered Rodinia through a Hellgate and laid siege on Dulcea. Every village, town or city on their path was plundered and razed, every person they met was put to the sword and before long everything but the capital city of Dulcea was destroyed. When the capital and the royal family’s castle was under attack the vast majority of the Dulcean army put up their last stand in other to eliminate the demons. Sadly they were unable to stop the demonic onslaught and before long the city and the castle were theirs. Before this attack Dulcea had a population of 200 million, but when the demons were done less than half a million had managed to escape. It was the single greatest tragedy in the history of Rodinia and had driven the Dulceans to near extinction. Eight years later the demons still occupy Dulcea, but have made no attempts to attack other countries despite making numerous threats to do as such. Despite the dreary air that has hung around the Rodinia ever since the fall of Dulcea, there is finally hope. The Church of Tyr, the god of justice, has raised the last remaining member of the Dulcean royal family. Samuel Valeriano Diego Quesada Neves, the crown prince of Dulcea, has been raised as a priest and has decided that it is time to reclaim his homeland. With the aid of a small group of adventurers Samuel sets out to travel the world and gather allies to aid him in his quest. Setting Rodinia is a supercontinent with 7 separate nations. They are all loosely based on real life locations and have different customs, cultures and ruling races. Atsushi – Japan Inhabited by humans and halflings. Society is similar to feudal Japan. Brynner - Germany / Western Europe Inhabited by humans, elves and half-elves. Society is similar to Europe during the Middle Ages. Caolan – Ireland Inhabited by Elves and Dwarves. Most technologically advanced area; they possess steam engines and a variety of machines that operate on steam. Dulcea - Spain / Southern Europe Inhabited by demons. No one knows what Dulcea currently looks like. Espen – Scandinavia Inhabited by Dwarves and Dragonborn. Think vikings. Firuz - Middle East Inhabited by Humans and Tieflings. Many of the tribes are nomadic, so their need for technology is non-existent. They make do with their magic. Guang – China Inhabited by humans and gnomes. Technological level second only to Caolan. They have steam engines, but aren’t as advanced with the machinery. Player Characters PCs can come from any of these regions and be any race. The major races (humans, dwarves, elves and halflings) can originate from any country, but the rare races are hardly ever found outside of their homeland. PCs will be tasked with accompanying and protecting Samuel on his journey for whatever reason. I will not be provided any personal adventure hooks; you are free to think of them yourself. Example are: they could either be ordered by someone in a position of power, they could be participating for the adventure and experience or they could be participating in order to sabotage Samuel. Almost anything goes, provided you run it by me so I can let you know whether we can make it work. The Church of Tyr is the main religion in Rodinia. Through its vast network the church spread the word of Samuel's pilgrimage and sought people who would join him in his quest. The PCs would be the few people who accepted the invitation to join this perilous journey. The journey starts in Brynner.
  10. Guidelines (also known as "Sean's ALSOs"): 1) Character creation requires GM supervision with regards to rolling for ability scores, starting gold, picking backgrounds and writing backstories. 2) Also the systems set in place by 5e reward remaining IC and proper roleplaying and as such metagamers won't receive any of these rewards. 3) Also a well rounded party consists of: a person who can heala person who can do area of effect damagea person who can tank up damage wella person who can deal lots of damagea person who can bypass obstacles easily4) Also Japanese athletes is an oxymoron5) Also most top sumo wrestlers are foreigners.6) Also feel free to make your character as weird as you'd like, as long as they adhere to the traditions of their race and class.7) Also I'll be running the official 'Hoard of the Dragon Queen' adventure to start things off and get familiar with the system. Don't ruin the experience by reading the book.
  11. Halloween

    We don't celebrate Halloween in The Netherlands. Another year that I don't get to dress up as a slutty nurse.
  12. Genius Game [Discussion/Sign up]

    The Genius Game is a Korean gameshow partially based on the manga Liar Game. After sitting through two seasons of the Genius Game I decided to try and organise something similar for S*T (and see if that would spark some more activity). The game goes as follows: - All contestants participate in the Main Match, which will be a game that tests your insight, social skills, perception and cunning. At the end of a Main Match one or several winners will be rewarded for victory in the form of Garnets, a currency used for bartering with other players or purchasing hints/tips/help from the GM, and immunity for the upcoming Elimination Match. In the even of a single winner, the single winner is allowed to pick one person to grants immunity. - The loser of the Main Match will have to participate in the Elimination Match. In the even of multiple losers, the winner decides who plays in the Elimination Match. The loser must pick one opponent from the list of people who have no immunity who will serve as his opponent during the Elimination Match. - The loser of the Elimination Match gets kicked out of the game and the remaining players move on to the next round. That is the basic gist of the game as a whole. Once the game starts I will create a thread wherein all the official actions take place, but players are allowes to communicate however and with whomever they wish in private. As this is a solo game about outwitting and deceiving your opponents it is important to remember that you will rarely know the full story. With regards to the Main and Elimination Matches: I will take several from the Korean show as well as introduce new ones.
  13. Genius Game [Discussion/Sign up]

    I was actually thinking of including a prize :D a small one... A gift card or something
  14. [Discussion] Dragoons

    Background Story My grandpa always used to say: “Who needs flavour text when you’ve got robots?†My grandpa was a genius. - Random passerby, 2075 Setting Hello freunden. This RP is a cyberpunk mecha series that rips off Gundam, Shadowrun and a little bit of Full Metal Panic. Due to advancements in technology there were several important breakthroughs that would eventually lead to the creation of the very first Dragoon. The Dragon was a gigantic mobile weapon created in the shape of a human being. Initially this was impractical, but the human urge to ride giant robots overtook common sense and a considerate amount of time and money was dedicated making the Dragoon work. Eventually they managed to miniaturize all the parts required for a fully functioning Dragoon, which in turn allowed them to make a smaller version. By 2040, many different corporations had started building their own kinds of Dragoons, whether under orders of one of the many nations or not, which eventually accumulated in the Great War of 2047. This Great War, sometimes referred to as World War III, took place in the Middle-East. A historical hotbed of military and terrorist activity which eventually caused the third world war and the biggest one the world had ever seen. And it took place with Dragoons. Almost every single nation of note had something at stake during this war and thousands upon thousands of Dragoons were deployed. Many nations did not even have the treasury required to afford purchasing these Dragoons, but with little choice they increased their put themselves in debt in order to be able to participate in the war. Eventually the war came of the an end, three years later, after both sides decided that it was pointless. At least, that is what they told the public. In truth, nearly every nation in the world had run through it’s treasury in the first month of the war. Dragoons were expensive and no one could really afford them. After three years of measuring who had the biggest dick, they decided that they had dug a hole deep enough to bury them and all of their families. Going on any longer than this would just be retarded. As if it wasn’t that already. The many corporations that produced Dragoons (a total of 12, at the time) basically owned every single nation of note between them. The debt the world had to these corporations was so large, that it would take centuries for them to pay it off if they had done so with their regular cash flow. Instead these 12 corporations managed to strike a deal with the nations. They managed to bargain extraterritorial status. Now, this wasn’t something that came easy. Many nations opposed it, lead mostly by the United States, but when these corporations were given extraterritorial status by the likes of Russia and China, those that opposed it had no choice. Either they gave in or their enemies in the previous war would receive weaponry far more advanced than they could even dream of. The wealth of these 12 corporations, henceforth known as the Mega Corporations, would lead to them buying huge plots of land over the entire world where they could basically do whatever they pleased. In their territories they were the law, the judge, the jury and the executioner and the morality of their host nations was of little concern to them. This lead to many Dragoons becoming easily purchasable by private owners. Even if owning a Dragoon was technically illegal in many countries, it was impossible to prevent. Many Dragoons fell into the hands of terrorists, wealthy criminals, nations deemed international threats and all kinds of unsavoury creatures who could inflict a massive amount of damage if they weren’t stopped. Luckily, not all Mega Corporations were bad. The Kaiju Zaibatsu, a Japanese Mega Corp named after the huge monsters that appear in movies like Godzilla, was one of the few with a functioning moral compass. Not only did they refuse to sell to those that were likely to commit heinous deeds using their machines, but they did something more important than that. In 2060 they formed Aegis, an NGO backed by the many nations that used to form the now defunct UN. Aegis was set up by the KaiZai, funded by the KaiZai and received additionally backing from almost every single nation. Aegis was tasked with rooting out the many problems that persisted in the world. While every nation had its own army outfitted with Dragoons, they decided to leave it to a singular entity to take care of the smaller problems that persisted on an international scale. While most nations were too busy posturing and showing off how awesome their army was, they also gave Aegis permission to operate freely within their territory so they never had to spend their own resources in order to make their countries a safe place. Fastforward to 2075, where this RP takes place. The Mega Corporations #01 The Kaiju Zaibatsu - The founder of the KaiZai (as it is mostly referred to) was a huge fan of the kaiju genre of tokusatsu movies and chose to name his company after them. The Kaiju Zaibatsu, like every single company in the world, has one aim: making profit. They simply choose to operate differently from their fellow Mega Corps. By funding Aegis and adhering to their code of honor they have created a base of loyal customers who will only order and use Dragoons created by KaiZai. Their customers include Aegis, various western nations and wealthy philanthropists. #02 ??? - #03 ??? - #04 ??? - #05 ??? - #06 ??? - #07 ??? - #08 ??? - #09 ??? - #10 ??? - #11 ??? - #12 ??? - Terminology Dragoon - Humanoid mobile weapon. 6 meters tall, outfitted ARES and possesses various kinds of weaponry depending on the type. ARES - Autonomous Regenerative Explosive-interception Suite. In addition to their considerable armor plating, every Dragoon possesses ARES: regenerating reactive armor that destroys incoming projectiles before they can strike the Dragoon. Bypassing the ARES requires huge directed-energy weapons, enough firepower to overwhelm the defenses or giant melee weapons capable of piercing through the ARES. Mega Corp - Corporations that managed to gain considerable amounts of money by selling Dragoons to whoever wanted to pay. Gained extraterritorial status after the Great War. Player Characters/Dragoons Name: Age: Personality: Appearance: Dragoon: Weapons: Abilities: Background: This RP is supposed to fit in the Real Robot genre, so while you can outfit your mecha as you’d like, anything outrageous will just get declined. Meaning no TransAm bullshit or whatever. If you would like to contribute to the list of Mega Corps, be my guest. PS: Mecha designs are based on the Mobile Suits used in Gundam Wing, in case you need something to reference~
  15. Check This Out Club [Interest Check]

    ... ONE - Nikkia TWO - Ice THREE - Shelmii FOUR - Wstfgl I don't count people unless they actually say that they are interested.
  16. I was thinking about the Manga club and how the set schedule was getting hard for people to follow due to their other obligations and I tried thinking of a way to rejuvenate it and make it a bit more accessible. This is what I came up with. The CTO Club basically works like this At the start of each month I’ll pick a certain kind of media. It can be pretty much anything: books, movies, live action television, anime, manga, graphic novels, poetry or even silly stuff like smartphone games. Anything goes, as long as it is easily accessible. Everyone who wants to participate will contribute a title that they would like for someone else to check out. All contributions will be posted in the main thread for everyone to see. After contribution period closes, I will assign every participant a title that they have to check out and then share their thoughts with the group once they have finished it. Titles get assigned to prevent contributions from being overlooked, making sure that every contributions gets looked into by at least one person! Everyone gets an x amount of vetoes, depending on how many contributions were made. These vetoes allow you to pick an x amount of titles that you will not get assigned. While it is important for everyone’s contributions to get treated fairly, assigning someone a title that they truly do not wish to check out would also be lame. If you don’t have anything to contribute, treat this thread like a big list of recommendations. Of course it’d be more fun if you shared some of your favourite titles! Same goes for people who are done checking out their assigned titles: feel free to take a look at any other titles that interest you. TL;DR: Everyone recommends a title. I assign the various titles to the various contributors. We all check out our assigned titles and tell everyone what we thought of it at the end of the month. Lazy people who don’t want to contribute can feel free to read whatever they want and share their thoughts if they want. If there is enough interest, we can start doing the first CTO Club in September!
  17. Celebration Thread

    Today's DnD game with new people was a lot of fun!
  18. Check This Out Club [Interest Check]

    Okay, 4 people actually interested in participating! The lazy squad is cool and all, but we need more people!
  19. Wstfgl Draws Stuff

    Traditionally they were referred to with female pronouns, during the Hitler-era they started using male pronouns, but late 1990s they went back to using 'sie'.
  20. Wstfgl Draws Stuff

    Also forgot to mention this. Germans use 'sie' to refer to ships, which can mean either 'she' or 'they'. So, they also use female pronouns.
  21. Wstfgl Draws Stuff

    Kaga best girl
  22. dumb shit noia made

    I am forcing her to draw all my scenery shots in the future.
  23. Check This Out Club [Interest Check]

    This is just an interest check! But I guess I can start it now if people are interested in it. Yes, it'd happen right here. You should wait for me to announce a theme for this month though! Depends. If the theme is specifically 'manga'; no. But I'll probably end up doing graphic novels and manga in one go, cause I know that half of the forum reads one medium and the other half reads the other. The point of this club is to get people to try something they normally never would, so putting manga and graphic novel up at the same time would be a great way to achieve that. Yes. No. SORRY I WAS TOO BUSY NOT-STANDING BEHIND YOU WHILE YOU WERE WRITING THIS GEEZ
  24. Empires! [Round VI]

    Shadow and DD both used their Ambush to deal 7 damage to the Stronghold each. Ethereal finished off the Stronghold by dealing 1 damage. Ethereal moved to B6, DD and Shadow moved to E7. Ethereal gained 4EXP. DD and Shadow gained 3EXP. Noia, Alisyn and Time attacked the stronghold. Alisyn and Time dealt 1 damage, Noia used her Ambush to deal 4 damage. The Strongholds retaliation was taken by Alisyn. Wstfgl took both hits from HH and Ice, only suffering 2 damage. HH took RR’s hit and suffered 4 damage. Ice took Wstfgl’s hit and suffered 2 damage. Ice and HH fled to field E7, but Wstfgl pursued. Also, due to a miscalculation on my part, EXP rates for Monsters will be doubled from now on. Levelling up is going a lot slower than initially intended. ------ Link to current map. Link to Sheet with all Field info.