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  1. Empires! [Round VI]

    Empires For years the Greenland and the People’s Republic of Viol have lived in peace next to each other when they suddenly noticed that the world is much larger than they initially thought. They weren’t very smart people. Either way, they elected several heroes, paragons of humanity, to serve as the pioneers and explore the unknown lands and claim them in the name of their Empire before the filthy sub-human scum of their opposing Empire could get their filthy grubby hands on them. As the heroes are about to set out on their journey they learn of monster sightings! Goblins (1* Monsters) appeared in Fields C2, C11 and E3 and Hobgoblins (2* Monsters) in B5 and D3. Good luck! ------ Link to current map. Link to Sheet with all Field info. ----- Teams can plan their moves in the Empire chats. Abilities and Attacks come before Movements. After movement you are unable to use an ability.
  2. Celebration Thread

    Fun fact, turns out I already had you on Skype. Totally knew that.
  3. Celebration Thread

    I don't even want to add you.
  4. Sorcerers II: The Sorcery-ing

    Despite the thousands upon thousands of hours of free entertainment provided to him by his Netflix access, Samuel eventually decided that with the eve of the War so close it would be in his best interest to make an appearance at the party organized so graciously by Teddy. Samuel had always been fond of bourbon and tuxedos, add those two to the opportunity to strike fear into the hearts of whoever he would be facing pre-emptively and you had a recipe for a successful evening. He wasn’t a big fan of all the socializing, however. Standing at the back on the Grant Estate’s wondrous ballroom Samuel leaned against the wall, distant from the festivities, as his eyes darted from one Sorcerer to the next in order to carefully examine everyone present. He know of most of the Sorcerers present, either by acquaintance of their predecessors or by hearsay, but it came as no surprise when he realized that several Contenders, including Ian, had chosen not to make an appearance at the party. Samuel couldn’t blame them, as he was actively fighting back the urge to summon the Ouroboros and go to town. Duncan would probably not approve. Among the crowd was Theodore Grant himself; mingling and conversing with the many people present at the event. Samuel paid him little heed, the Lord played no part in the War and was irrelevant, no matter how interested Samuel was in having him as a test subject. Before long Theodore caught wind of Samuel’s poorly concealed presence and approached him with two glasses of bourbon in hand. “Samuel Lee Curtis I presume,†Theodore spoke as he reached out, holding a glass. Samuel’s lips curled up into a smile before pounding back the remainder of his current glass and accepting the one Theodore offered him. “Teddy Grant, you don’t mind if I call you Teddy right? I’m old enough to be your grandfather!†“Not at all,†Theodore responded as they toasted and took a sip of their drinks together. “I have to say, I was quite glad you did not make an appearance during my War. I had heard tales of your valor and prowess during the War prior to mine.†“Valor? Prowess?†Samuel laughed. “That’s a first time I heard anyone refer to my deeds as such. My participation in Wars is often described as cheap tricks, subterfuge and cowardly assassinations. However, knowing the way you won your War, I understand why you would describe me as such.†Theodore laughed it off, having endured more than enough jabs at his tactics during the previous War. “Well, I hope I haven’t inspired you to make use of any nuclear weapons in populated areas. Dealing with the fallout would be a bother.†“Nuclear weapons?†“It might be best if you don’t know.†“Excuse me,†a young girl, twenty years of age, approached the two old men and curtsied before Theodore. Dressed in a stunning form-fitting red dress and a golden necklace hanging from her neck with a bright red ruby hanging from it. The bright blue eyes, blonde hair and the resemblance between her and her brother would instantly give away her relation to the Ross family to anyone who was not aware of her identity yet. “Mother has requested your attendance, Mr. Curtis.†“Business calls,†Samuel says as he handed over the empty glass back to Theodore without giving it a second thought. “We should do this again some time, as long as you keep supplying the bourbon.†With one last overly familiar tap on Theodore’s shoulder Samuel walked away, alongside Debby Oswald Ross, as he did his best to sort his thoughts and calm himself down. What a cruel fate for the most interesting specimen in the universe to be off limits. It took him all he had for him not to lick his lips and pounce. “Well, what did Marissa want me for?†“Nothing,†Debby replied, “I was bored and wanted to get out. I was sure you wouldn’t mind joining me.â€
  5. Celebration Thread

    Well, yes. But I've never been called 'so hetero' before. Made me chuckle.
  6. Celebration Thread

    She says shit like that all the time. Last time we discussed her love of 'the gay' she called me 'so hetero'
  7. Celebration Thread

  8. Celebration Thread

    One of them is Ice. I was waiting for a chance to expose her.
  9. Hi, me llamo Phreshaer.

  10. Hi, me llamo Phreshaer.

    Damnit, Phresh. Why are you here?????
  11. Hi Nervous I'm Dad

    Welcome! Sadly there can be only one Anna in my life so I will call you... Gem. In case you were wondering, you have no say in this. Enjoy your stay!
  12. Background Story I will be copy pasting the original. --- Sometimes I wish I was born a Normal. Ignorance truly is bliss. They live their lives without a care in the world, subconsciously aware that whatever problem they may have is insignificant in the grand scheme of things. They are not privy to the secrets of life, death and everything in between. They do not know what it is like pursue the mysteries of the Cosmos and revel in its power. They do not know what it is like to have our knowledge. Our power. Our curse. My name is Theodore Grant III, Lord of Sorcerers, Master of Magic and Voice of the Cosmos. As I have known for the past sixty years as the Lord, my reign shall end this year, 2014 AD. My final act as the Lord is to commence the 50th War of Magic in order to decide who is worthy of serving the Cosmos as its voice. I have selected the thirteen most accomplished, intelligent, powerful or promising Sorcerers from all over the world to compete in this war and the last one standing shall be the one who receives the limitless wisdom and power granted to me as the Master of Magic. This war shall test you like nothing else ever has before. You may strategize, scheme, plot, threaten, deceive, negotiate or violate however you wish. Nothing is off limits, for it is impossible for you to draw out your true potential while shackled to petty rules. Prove your worth, shatter your opponents and the limitless knowledge that I possess shall one day be yours. Setting Hello buddies. This RP is a contemporary fantasy set in our world, with the existence of Sorcerers, the Cosmos and Magic being the only differences. So unlike most of my RPs, there are no Demons. The story, as explained above, will be a War between the 13 top Sorcerers of the world. The winner will receive all the titles and knowledge held by the current Lord. In order for the Sorcerers to win this war they will forge alliances with each other or with Sorcerers not participating in the war. On top of that they are able to craft Magic Weapons, called Gifts, and grant these to Normals. Normals granted a Gift are referred to as Champions, as they have become contractually bound to serve their Sorcerer. ---- THE EXACT SETTING WILL BE REVEALED AFTER I FINISH MY DISCUSSION WITH WST AND TIME. The Thirteen Contenders Contender: Ian Oswald Ross, the Monarch Contender's Champions: - Vassal's: Samuel Lee Curtis, the Original Sin; Etiennette Beauchenne Vassal's Champions: Tenebrae; Lumiere Contender: Zhu Kunru; Contender's Champions: Layla Davidsen Vassal's: Elaine L. Enfield, Last of the Alchemists; Vassal's Champions: Leon Browning; Contender: Adeline Mae Harrington, Maleficent Contender's Champions: Maria Yang Ye Vassal's: - Vassal's Champions: - Terminology Normal – Person who does not possess any magic power. Sorcerer/Sorceress – Person capable of wielding the magic power granted by the Cosmos. Magic – Every human is inherently powerless. All magic used in this world is essentially the power of the Cosmos channeled through a human. Lord – The Lord is the mightiest Sorcerer on the planet. He is the only Sorcerer who is always able to directly communicate with the Cosmos and the only one with limitless access to the Cosmos’ limitless knowledge. Cosmos – The Universe is actually an entity of limitless power and knowledge known as the Cosmos. Sorcerers are people capable of understanding and using the gifts of the Cosmos. Champions – Normals granted a Gift from a Sorcerer. They do not possess any powers themselves other than the ability to summon their Gift, but the Gifts grant them limited forms of magic. When Normals receive a Gift from a Sorcerer they enter a contractual bond with the Sorcerer. The Gift is essentially a fragment of the Sorcerer's soul, so in order to use it it has to be used to aid the Sorcerer. In exchange for the Champion's loyalty the Sorcerer promises to fulfill one wish, regardless of what that wish is, once he becomes the Lord. Gift – Weapons instilled with fragments of the creator’s soul, magic and will. Every gift grants their wielder the ability to use a form of magic decided by the creator. Because Gifts require a huge amount of energy to create and because it is impossible for anyone to wield more than 1 Gift simultaneously it is very rare for a Champion to possess more than three Gifts. Gifts do not have to be carried around, they can be summoned by their Champion at will. Once a Champion is wields his Gift he is able to use the magic that has been infused in that Gift and is also able to use a power called 'Transcend.' When a Champion uses Transcend his soul fuses with the fragment within his Gift. Transcend alters the Champion's physical appearance and greatly increases his power for a short duration in order to be able to match a true Sorcerer. Contender - Sorcerer who has been chosen to participate in the War of Magic. Vassal - Sorcerer who has, for whatever reason, chosen to join forces with a Contender and fight for him in the war. Player Characters Name: Age: Personality: Appearance: Specialty: Weakness: Abilities: Background: MORE INFO HERE Before anyone asks, let me just confirm this is heavily inspired by Gamaran, Fate/Zero and Fate/Stay Night, Magi and Hoshi no Samidare.
  13. Empires! [Round VI]

    Due to a misunderstanding Time, Noia and Alisyn should've moved to C6. I corrected that now.
  14. Starry Sean Protest

    rofl /i/ am beta ROOOOOOFL (also i dont believe you. i am watching you O_o)
  15. Empires! [Round VI]

    Apologies for the late update. The Purple team was having some trouble with their moves. Anyway! Ice shot on to C8. Wstfgl took the hit and sustained 2 damage (and regened it immediately). Ice and HH moved to C7. DD, Eth and Shadow moved to C8. Anna shot on to C6, but Ice hid behind the Stronghold, The Stronghold took 1 damage. Time, Noia and Alisyn hit the Stronghold for 1 damage per person. Anna and Wst moved to C7. HH, Ice, Wst and Anna met up in C7! No Stronghold has been established and the Hobgoblins won't attack until provoked. ------ Link to current map. Link to Sheet with all Field info.
  16. Meep :3!

    Good. I don't hate you. Also, yes Eth. They are from the Howling Abyss map.
  17. Meep :3!

    A PORO? SO YOU PLAY LEAGUE? WHAT'S YOUR ELO? (If you are higher than I am, I'll hate you) Also Hello, I guess.
  18. [Discussion] Sorcerers II: The Sorcery-ing

    I will post soon-ish. Probably tomorrow night or friday. I'm just figuring out what I'm going to do with Ian or Samuel at this point.
  19. The Birthday Thread!

    Thanks everyone~
  20. The first monthly community album is out now! You can download the August Album, focused around the theme of friendship, here. The zip contains all 24 submitted tracks, a list of tracks in their correct order (in case something went wrong) and album art created by Mystic! HH gave me the idea to put all the dedications in a powerpoint presentation, as it would be pretty cluttered in a notepad file. So you can find a full list of songs and dedications in this presentation.
  21. Starry Sean Protest

  22. Starry Sean Protest

    [2:40:31] Father Mudkip: [2:40:34] Father Mudkip: literally sean rn [2:41:03] Anna | rubberrazors: hahahaha, yes. [2:41:27] Sean: [2:41:32] Sean: YES THIS IS LITERALLY ME [2:41:49] Father Mudkip: yesss [2:41:57] Sean: [2:41:59] Sean: AND THIS [2:42:16] Father Mudkip: do you have like a list [2:42:17] Sean: [2:42:18] Sean: AND THIS [2:42:21] Father Mudkip: ok [2:42:30] Sean: [2:42:31] Sean: AND THIS
  23. Starry Sean Protest

    oh guys you're making me blush it almost made me forget that I should be crying now i am blushing and crying simultaneously and my face is still deadpan
  24. Starry Sean Protest

    wh why do i even talk to you you post everything i say for everyone to see today a chatlog, tomorrow nudes and in a week it'll be sex tapes WHERE DOES IT END
  25. August Album Release!

    To be fair, I didn't say you weren't allowed to submit a J-Rock song. (Also if your problem is that you songs suck... submitting J-Rock wouldn't fix that.)