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  1. The Birthday Thread!

    It is the 13th for me, yeah. Thanks Raine~
  2. erm... hai?

    Yes, it works on Smartphones.
  3. erm... hai?

    Oh I haven't had a chance to say hello yet. HELLO
  4. August Album Release!

    That was the hiphop album. The Star Wars theme was submitted by Echo. I remember that you and I fought her for hours trying to convince her that it putting a drum beat under Imperial March doesn't make it hiphop.
  5. August Album Release!

    I can now go back to being unconditionally mean to everyone.
  6. August Album Release!

    Apparently I linked directly to that one instead of to the first slide. Fixed now.
  7. August Album Release!

    Beating Detox was the only reason I quit playing videogames to put this together.
  8. Free!dom

    You did it wrong. JJBA is an amazing manga and you answered it with a shitty comic. All wrong.
  9. Free!dom

  10. Welcome to the first S*T Community Album project! Technically it isn’t the first one, but it’s the first one this year and the first one I’m moderating. So hurray! For the first theme, I figured we should stick with something cliche: Friends! S*T Friends, to be exact! But Sean, what does this mean? Basically, I want you to send me songs that remind you of your S*T friends. These can be songs that perfectly describe how awful they are, songs that describe your friendship or songs that have some kind of meaning to your relationship. As for the rules: Everyone is allowed to send in a maximum of three songs, preferably of different genres. No songs over 7 minutes! Songs must be in MP3 format, any other format will be excluded from the album. Please edit the file of your song as follows: Song Title - Artist - Album. For example: Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen - A Night at the Opera. Provide a brief explanation of who this songs reminds you of and why, so I can put it in the info file. Put all your files in a .zip and send it to me, either by uploading it to a hosting service (like megaupload or sendspace) or send it through Skype. If anyone is feeling artistic and wants to submit something as album art, be my guest. The deadline for submissions is August 10th.
  11. S*T Community Album Project: August

    One of these days. Gotta make it a proper album first. EDIT: Probably tonight if I get bored of Payday
  12. Free!dom

  13. Amoria

    Survivors of the initial Undead onslaught had quickly learned that even though the battle was over, the war would never end. The Undead, while no longer actively hunting, capturing and killing any of the living, would always be a clear and present danger. Surviving under these conditions was a skill only few possessed and in order to ensure that the weak would not fall prey to the trappings of complacency they had vocalized several rules in order to increase chances of survival. One of these very simple rules was to never spend the night outdoors. While it seemed basic enough, it was oftentimes easier said than done. Especially for a group of five travellers who had set out on a suicidal quest because of someone’s insane idea that a children’s bedtime story held the answer that would save humanity. After a day of travelling the countryside the sun had begun to set, a mundane event that had become a omen that ushered the rise of the Undead and the hours of peril. Staying out in the open was rarely a wise decision, considering that the vast majority of the Undead forces were nocturnal and would start roaming the lands in less than an hour. The large open space would provide little cover and serve is an awful surrounding for those wishing to avoid contact with the Undead. Lucky for them Alastair knew exactly where they were and how to solve their predicament. Alastair MacCallum was a Homunculus who through his years of operating for the Alabaster army had gotten used to taking the jobs no one else wanted or wished upon anyone. Likewise, he served as the scout for this particular group of travellers, walking ahead by himself in order to ensure that they did not stumble upon an insurmountable threat and lose their lives this early. Like many of his missions, Alastair’s job was to die so everyone else could survive if worst came to worst. Of course, most threats were dormant during their travels, meaning that monsters or Undead lacking a weakness to sunlight were the only real threats. After deciding on what he deemed to be the group’s best course of action, he ceased walking ahead and sat under a tree for ten minutes as he waited for the group to drag their feet and rejoin him. They were a truly eclectic band of travellers. A pair of magically potent sisters, a noble knight from a neighbouring kingdom and a nomadic warrior who cared little for anything other than his prowess as a martial artist. The sisters were easy on the eyes, but were also a bit odd. At times he wondered whether it was a good idea to travel along a necromancer and what he could only describe as a demonologist. Conceding that beggars can’t be choosers and the amount of volunteers lining up to go on a futile suicide mission had sadly run dry he chose to lay his worries to rest and focus on the journey to come. If the sisters made him feel uneasy, one could say that he straight up abhorred being in the company of Jun and Alicia. If it weren’t for the situation forcing them together he would have preferred to avoid the presence of knights, even those of a different kingdom, or the seemingly apathetic nomad. “There is a town not far from here,†Alastair said, pointing at the stone walls encircling and obscuring the aforementioned town. “It is less than ideal, but it is either that or we set camp on the field.†The group followed the uncertain Alastair hesitantly; they all knew the risks of staying the night in a large town, but the fact that it was at least marginally better than remaining out in the open meant that no one objected. Balmorra Burgh was a fortified town close to the border of Portland and Alabaster. During his days in the army Alastair had frequently stopped at the Burgh, usually whenever he was sent on an excursion to Portland. While he had never regarded the Burgh with anything more than indifference he was saddened by the sight of the stone walls covered in overgrown moss, broken down buildings stripped of their former lustre and desolate streets where once the marketplace was crowded to the point of frustrating Alastair. In times such as these few enemies were as likely to kill a man as sentimentality, and Alastair was well aware of that fact. Wasting time lamenting the times that once were was a habit any survivor of the Undead onslaught had to kill as fast as possible. After stepping into the Burgh, Alastair noticed several buildings that could serve as suitable shelter. “We shouldn’t head to deep into town,†he said, worried that the fortified town would serve as a coffin for the group if they locked themselves too far inside it. “It won’t be long before we have run out of our remaining sunlight and are left in the dark. I’d suggest we inspect all buildings close by to see if there are any Undead resting or sleeping inside. I’ll take the far end.†The remaining minutes of sunlight were spent by Alastair entering and inspecting as many of the seemingly abandoned wooden houses as he could. The reason large towns were avoided like a plague was due to the many houses that could conceal sleeping Undead who’d awaken at night and assault unsuspecting travellers seeking shelter. Confident that there were no concealed Undead in their immediate vicinity he returned to the house the party had chosen to use for shelter.[ “If no one else wants to, I’ll take first watch.â€
  14. Empires! [Round VI]

    All members of Greenland attacked the Stronghold on C10. Shadow dealt 7 damage with Ambush, DD dealt 3 damage, HH dealt 3 damage, Ice dealt 1 damage and Eth dealt 1 damage. All in all they dealt the 15 damage required to take down the Stronghold. Ice moved to C6, HH remained to establish a new Stronghold and the remainder moved to E5. Everyone in Greenland received 2EXP. Wstfgl and the Goblin gave each other a knock on the head before parting ways. Wstfgl dealt 1 damage and the goblin dealt 1 damage. They both healed up the damage at the end of the turn. All the members of PRV attempted to move to C5, but due to C10 being taken over Wstfgl and RR could not meet their and moved to C8. Goblins spawned at E7. Hobgoblins spawned at C7. ------ Link to current map. Link to Sheet with all Field info.
  15. MegaCorps were given the closest thing to absolute autonomy as possible. They were allowed to build massive machines of death and destruction without having to abide by any labor laws (even though the process was almost fully automated, humans are indispensable overseers) or pesky regulations. However, it is human nature to want what one can’t have. So when the Luxembourg Protocol ruled that the creation, possession or utilisation of kind of orbital weapon was outlawed due to the destruction of large parts of Southeast Asia (with Singapore being wiped out in its entirety) it was only a matter of time before one of the MegaCorps finally decided to see how far she could get with the creation of a new orbital cannon. To be exact, Sabanci Space and Defence was a shell company without any official ties to the twelve MegaCorps, but despite the efforts Kilimanjaro Orbital Conglomerate put into ensuring that they could plausibly deny any involvement with Sabanci’s orbital cannon; no one would be dumb enough to believe that KOC was unaware of what was going on on the territory they let Sabanci ‘rent’. No one except for the law, but she had a reputation for being easily misled. Luckily Aegis wasn’t that easy to mislead. Raymond Montano Nagato, along with a fifty unit platoon, was sent out to invade and put an end to Sabanci’s operations. The higher ups had given the operation A-rank priority, which in this case meant that the situation was urgent, required immediate intervention and heavy resistance was expected. Of course no less than fifty Dragoons would be sent out on an operation as important as this. “All units, call in,†a voice resounded within the Highlander’s cockpit. Raymond knew that voice belonged to Andrew Carlson, the commander of the Blue Squadron given the callsign Blue Leader. One by the nine members of the Blue Squadron called in and reported that they were ready for action. “Blue Seven, standing by,†Raymond said, once his turn arrived, and the roll call continued up until Blue Nine. Raymond couldn’t help but feel excited. He had been in combat before, but never had he gotten the chance to face KOC’s Leopard Dragoons. After pressing one of the dozens of buttons inside of his cockpit and the Augmented Reality interface of his cockpit pulled up a schematic of the Leopard, the most common KOC unit and the one that they are most famous for; cheap yet deadly in the right hands, it had become the standard for ‘disposable’ Dragoons used to overwhelm enemies with numbers instead of superior technology. The bipedal unit’s most distinguishing traits were the square heads with a single lens, a large round shield attached to their left arms, several progressive knives scattered across various limbs and underneath the shield and a large caliber burst rifle attached to their right arm. Raymond didn’t doubt for a moment that the Highlander could easily beat a Leopard in a one on one battle, but the idea of a battle on such a grand scheme excited him. When he remembered that there were also several alternate, advanced versions of the Leopard his blood starting pumping at the promise of facing them in glorious single combat. This was going to be amazing! His fantasies were cut short when another message by Blue Leader resounded inside the cockpit. “Operation Sword of Damocles commences in t-minus 5 minutes. Several miles outside of KOC territory occupied by SSD the fifty Dragoons of Aegis waited as the seconds counted down to the commencement of the operation. Raymond activated the Dragoon’s VR piloting program and immediately his senses were overwhelmed with a sensation that remained unfamiliar no matter how many times he underwent it. The Dive was a process that used a VR program in order to allow pilots to take control over their Dragoons with their thoughts. The technology was mostly developed in order to eliminate the chance of piloting errors leading to failure, but also because piloting a giant robot with your mind was insanely cool. The SSD Manufacturing plant was located in the Syrian desert, being far removed from the curious gazes of unwanted onlookers and easy access to solar power made it a decent location for a large factory performing acts that could be considered war crimes. In an instant the silence underneath the hot Syrian sun disappeared when the rumbling sound of fifty tall mechanical monsters running with their weapons at the ready echoed through the area. Among the ten members of the Blue Squadron was the Highlander; shield and rifle still both attached to its arms and the Zantetsuken resting at its hip. It did not take long before sentry guns spread out across the KOC’s perimeter started firing at the advancing Dragoons, but the wide spread of bullets was little more than an easily ignorable inconvenience. A few rounds of their cannons and most of the sentry guns had been blown to bits. The second line of defense didn’t come until the platoon reached the premises of the factory. A large group of Dragoons stood armed and ready to face Aegis, as if someone had warned them that Aegis was coming. Surely it wouldn’t be Kilimanjaro Orbital Conglomerate! That would be crazy. Nevertheless it was time for them to deal with the Leopards. Most squadrons spread out, dividing the battlefield among them in order to eliminate the enemy as efficiently as possible. “Scanner reads 81 Bandits,†Blue Three announced, confirming the suspicion that KOC would be providing SSD with their trademark numbers advantage. Raymond paid little attention to that fact. He knew that being reckless would cost him his life, but as he raised his cannon at the first enemy within range all he could do was think about how lucky he truly was to have found his one true calling as several bullets fired by enemy Leopards were stopped by the Highlander’s ARES. Raymond needed to do little more than visualize it for the Highlander to raise it’s right arm and fire several rounds of the Avalanche in retaliation. The exchange of bullets between the Blue Squadron and the various Bandits in their section continued as the Squadron slowly advanced, closing the distance between them and their enemies. It did not take long before everyone was close enough to cease fire and dash towards the Leopards with their melee weapons in hand. The feeling of drawing the Highlander’s sword and charging into enemy lines had always been something Raymond was particularly fond of. Firing the Avalanche at a distance was satisfying in its own way, but nothing beat the sensation of using a gigantic, insanely expensive sword to destroy mechanical giants with a fell swoop. As the Blue Squadron got closer, many of the Leopard forsook their cannons for the progressive knives that functioned a lot better at melee range. Despite a quick scan Raymond couldn’t see any modified Leopards, so he decided to isolate a pair and take them down two-on-one to make it a bit more interesting. One of the Leopards used its thrusters to hop back, while firing it’s cannon to keep the Highlander away, and the other drew a pair of progressive knives and accepted Raymond’s challenge. Despite the Leopard’s inherent clunkiness, the machine was obviously operated by a skilled pilot that knew how to beat superior Dragoons. The way the Leopard’s pilot used slashes and dashes in various directions in conjunction with the covering fire provided by its ally demonstrated his experience to the point that Raymond admitted that he would have lost the battle if he had a lesser machine. The pressure applied by his opponent was enough to keep Raymond from being able to safely switch over to the offensive. Forced to quickly think on his feet, he waited for the melee combatant to go for another strike and attempted to deflect it with his shield. While the opening he had created wasn’t enough for him to swing the Zantetsuken before the Leopard had the chance to dash back, it was enough for him to raise his Avalanche and fire several rounds at the Leopard in the back, destroying its cannon arm and effectively eliminating the support it provided. After creating enough leeway for him to act and fully engage on the Leopard who had so arrogantly decided to try and pressure him. Without the support of his backup the inferior specs of the Leopard weren’t enough to keep it from being crudely cut in half by the blade of the Zantetsuken. As expected, this mission was going to be a lot of fun.
  16. Hi guys!!!

    Welcome aboard, Cleo! I'm sure you'll enjoy it here.
  17. ...and it made me frown

    also thirdworldproblems ayooooooo
  18. Celebration Thread

    Finally got to play Ultra Street Fighter now that it is available on the PC and I'm in love with the game again~~~
  19. Empires! [Round VI]

    Ice fired one of her Frost Missiles on to Field C2 and Alisyn jumped in the way to take the hit. Alisyn took 2 damage. The four members of Greenland on C5 all struck the PRV Stronghold. DayDreamer and Shadow struck simultaneously. DayDreamer used his Ambush to deal 7 damage and Shadow dealt 3 damage without using Ambush. Next was HH, who dealt 3 damage, but attacked again thanks to her Relentlesss Assault to deal another 3 damage, finishing off the Stronghold. DD and Shadow received 3EXP and HH received 4EXP for dealing the killing blow. Ethereal, Shadow, HH and DD moved to field C10 and Ice moved to C5 and established a Stronghold on C5. rubberrazors used her Aimed Shot to fire at Field C3, but by hiding in her Stronghold the damage got directed towards the Stronghold. RR dealt 1 damage to the Stronghold. Alisyn, Noia and Time engaged the Goblin. Noia struck first and used her Ambush to deal 7 damage to the Goblin. The Goblin went second and struck Alisyn for 1 damage. Alisyn and Time struck simultaneously, both dealing 1 damage and killing the Goblin. Noia received 1XP and Time and Alisyn received 2XP for the killing blows. Alisyn, Time and Noia moved to C1, RR moved to C9 and Wstfgl moved to C11. ------ Link to current map. Link to Sheet with all Field info.
  20. Sean’s Monthly Manga Club #3 from 16/07 until 13/08: Magi (Also known as Magi - The Labyrinth of Magic) Chapters: 231 (and ongoing), but we are reading until 198. Completed: Yes Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Shounen, Tragedy Demographic: Shounen Personal rating: 8 out of 10 Description: In a world similar to that of Scheherezade's tales, a mysterious young boy named Aladdin drifts from place to place with his djinn Ugo. Ugo lives inside a golden recorder, and Aladdin is on the hunt for his true container, “The Djinn's Metal Vessel.†One day he encounters Alibaba, a poor lad determined to enter one of the mysterious Dungeons that popped up a decade ago in order to make his fortune. Thus the the two begin their adventure in a Persia that never was... Why you should read this manga: Magi offers a nice change of settings; it doesn’t take place in Japan or in what the Japanese think the west looks like.The characters are fun, the story is interesting and their powers are pretty sweet. Why you shouldn’t read this manga: While it deals with some heavy themes, it is generally light hearted, which might be annoying to some people? I know I had trouble getting into it until a certain character made its appearance. Weekly discussion starting points: Chapters 1 to 48 on 23/07 Chapters 49 to 98 on 30/07 Chapters 99 to 149 on 06/08 Chapters 150 to the 198 (end of the arc) on 13/08 Remember; you are free to read ahead, but don’t post any spoilers to events that have yet to happen!
  21. Sean's Monthly Manga Club #3: Magi

    It did seem interest was waning :( Maybe it would work better with a different format?
  22. Empires! [Round VI]

    Yeah, that's correct XD so 48 hour turns it is
  23. Empires! [Round VI]

    Oops! Used the wrong link. How about now?
  24. Empires! [Round VI]

    Also, from now on, you can always refer to this link for an up to date version of the map.
  25. Weekly Scoop ############

    “Wonderful!†said Wstfgl dreamily. “An unidentified obstacle, giving us the chance to show off the awesome gun technology in Dragoons! We spent days discussing each and every detail, pissing off HerculeHastings in the meantime for some reason! It’s all worth it for this day!â€