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  1. Empires! [Round VI]

    Oh oops, when I created the map I forgot no one went to C2. Editing.
  2. Empires! [Round VI]

    Interesting from the start! Ice, from Greenland, used her Fountain of Flame on C5, C6 and C10, hitting all the members of PRV, but thanks to their M.DEF they only took 1 damage and promptly healed it thanks to their REC. Ice then moved to C3. Ethereal took an arrow fired by RR, dealing 1 damage which was instantly healed up. HH, DD, Eth and Shadow moved to C5. Alisyn, Noia and Time moved to C2. Anna fired an arrow on to C4 and then moved to C10 with Wstfgl. Round 2! ------ Link to current map. Link to Sheet with all Field info. ----- I kinda feel Recovery is still too strong, as it pretty much invalidated the entire first turn. If everyone is okay with it, I will nerf it into only activating after spending 1 turn out of combat, similar to how Strongholds operate. Only if everyone agrees, though.
  3. Sean Games Presents: Empires [Sign up/Discussion Thread]

    Forgot to mention: Noia rerolled to Rogue and Eth rerolled to Knight!
  4. Empires The easiest way to describe Empire is by comparing it to Risk and a standard fantasy RPG. The game is played in factions, the so-called Empires, consisting out of several players. These players all control a Hero. The objective of the game is for an Empire to control a majority of the map or eliminate all enemies. Empires Empires are faction consisting out of several Heroes. Every Empire starts with 1 Field and its Heroes can expand its territory by conquering additional Fields. After conquering a new Field a Stronghold is built upon the Field, marking it as official Empire territory Fields that have no owner can be taken freely, but taking a Field owned by an opposing Empire requires the destruction of an enemy Stronghold. Every Empire receives 1GP per round per Field owned. GP can be spent to upgrade stats of the Heroes (by upgrading equipment) or to upgrade the stats of Strongholds. Conventional moves will be declared in the thread, but special abilities will be activated in the separate Empire chat. Empires will get sorted after enough people have signed up. Either through random assigning or through Captains and snake draft. Heroes When creating a Hero pick a class out of the provided list. The chosen class will determine your base stats, passive ability and active ability. Every Hero has 7 stats: Hit Points, Attack, Magic Attack, Defense, Magic Defense, Speed and Recovery. Base stats are determined by Class, but everyone also gains 5 points that they can spend freely to customise their character. HP increases in increments on 3 and REC can't be upgraded. In combat, the difference between Attack and Defense or Magic Attack and Magic Defense determines the amount of HP lost. There will always be a minimum of 1 HP lost. So if someone’s Defense overshadows the opponents Attack, he will still lose 1HP. Speed determines the order in attacks take place and determines how far a Hero can travel through allied territory. Recovery determines the amount of HP restored per round. It is also possible to ‘Rest’, which means that your Hero forsakes his move for the round in order to recover double his Recovery in HP. By gaining EXP heroes can level up and gain higher stats and more abilities. Each level up gives your Hero 5 stat points he can freely spend. Killing an enemy hero grants EXP equal to 10 times the Hero's level. The highest stats a Hero can achieve are equal to its Base Stats + 30 for HP or 20 for the rest. So the max stats for a Knight are: 39 HP, 22 ATK, 20 M.ATK, 24 DEF, 22 M. DEF, 22 SPD. EXP earned after reaching level 5 will get converted into gold. Monsters There are several Monsters on the field. Each Monster is ranked with Stars. The higher their ranking the more dangerous they are. Killing Monsters awards EXP. Killing Monsters worth 3 or more Stars will also grant the Hero who lands the killing blow a special ability. The amount of EXP given is dependant on the amount of Stars a Monster is worth. Every Star is equivalent to 5EXP. All EXP is divided among everyone who participated in the fight. Monsters will spawn once every two rounds and will be visible on the map. Combat When two opposing Heroes enter the same square or when a Hero enters a square occupied by a Monster they engage in combat. Both will perform an attack and the amount of HP lost by both parties is calculated. At the start of the next round, Heroes can decide to leave the Field and end combat or remain in that field and continue battle. If the combat takes place in a Neutral field, the Field stays Neutral until one player is the sole occupant for at least one round. When in Melee combat, unless stated otherwise, the stats used will always be ATK vs. DEF. Fields Conquering a Field is as easy as simply walking into it. The moment a Hero walks into a Field he does not own (meaning either an enemy Field of a Neutral Field) he can no longer move. A Hero can walk twice his Speed over friendly territory. Meaning that a Hero with 4 Speed can cross 8 Friendly territories per round. Strongholds have 15 HP - 1 ATK - 0 M.ATK - 5 DEF - 5 M.DEF - 1 SPD - 3 REC as base stats. These can be upgraded. Strongholds don't recover health as long as they are in combat. Destroying a stronghold gives EXP equal to 10 times the average of the highest and the lowest level enemy hero. Upgrades You can upgrade stats by spending GP. The GP cost of upgrading a stat is equal to the value of the stat you want multiplied by ten. For example, increasing ATK from 5 to 6 costs 60GP. For HP, the value has to be divided by 3 after multiplying it by ten. So increasing health from 14 to 15 costs 50GP, not 150GP. Stronghold stats can also be upgraded. They need to be multiplied by 5 in order to get their cost. So from 1 ATK to 2 ATK costs 10GP. Classes: Knight Archer Rogue Sorcerer Berserker Druid ----- Link to the Battlefield
  5. Sean Games Presents: Empires [Sign up/Discussion Thread]

    Also fyi, so you guys know what to expect: Monsters' base stats are: 6 HP, 2 ATK, 2 M.ATK, 2 DEF, 2 M.DEF, 2 SPD and 2 REC. The first 2 Stars give them 5 extra Stat Points per star and the 3rd, 4th and 5th give 10 points each. In other words, a 1* Monster would get 5 extra stats above his base stats, while a 4* would get 30 extra stats.
  6. Mystic's Lack of Creative Talent

    Welp That's the end of that friendship
  7. Sean Games Presents: Empires [Sign up/Discussion Thread]

  8. S*T Community Album Project: August

    6 days left! 19 tracks on the album, but there is room for more!
  9. Sean Games Presents: Empires [Sign up/Discussion Thread]

    Was worried it might start slow if both parties end up on opposite sides of the map. GUESS THAT'S NOT GONNA HAPPEN
  10. Sean Games Presents: Empires [Sign up/Discussion Thread]

    Starting locations have been locked in! Purple picked C5 and Green picked C4! For the purposes of the game: Each round has 2 Phases (which happen sorta simultanously, but always in this order): Attack / Abilities and Moves. Which means that at the start of the round you all decide on whatever you'd like to use an Ability or not, then the attacks take place. The attacks are the remnants of the last turns move actions or of Ranged attackers striking who ever is in range at the start of the turn. Effectively you can decide on your abilities and movements simultaneously, but this is just so everyone knows when everything takes place and this also makes it easier for people to coordinate ranged attacks and abilities. Remember that during the actual game, once you lock in an ability, attack or move you can't change it.
  11. Sean Games Presents: Empires [Sign up/Discussion Thread]

    I did a few more changes to the classes! I had apparently removed that part about Fountain of Flame only doing half M.ATK damage, so I restored that. (Because doing full M.ATK on a level 1, 3 round CD, active is just insane) and I buffed Rogue's Ambush to 50%, cause 25% didn't really do much in comparison to other buffs in the game. Also removed the static debuff on Ambush; it now resets whenever the Rogue spends 1 Round out of combat. Also made a change to Archer. I removed the 'no movement' requirement of Aimed Shot, but increased it's CD to 2 to compensate. With all moves taking place simultaneously it would be almost impossible to properly use Aimed Shot. In the actual game, finding opponents will mostly be guessing, but Ranged characters will be informed at the end of their turn if someone is within reach of their attack. They can then choose to attack or not.
  12. Iris, Sanger, Amroth, Quarius, Tellorda and Lysander were sent to Central Avalon to infiltrate a cult that had been suspected of being involved with the rebels. Upon arrival in Central Avalon they see that daily life in the city had returned back to normal; no longer was it overcrowded and tense due to the public appearance of the Emperor and the citizens had returned to minding their own business.
  13. Sean Games Presents: Empires [Sign up/Discussion Thread]

    Reworked the way Ambush works cause it was no longer relevant. Made a change to Strongholds: They dont Recover as long as they are under siege. So their REC skill will only come in to play when enemies disengage. And a change to disengaging. While initially starting the fight can be accidental, when disengaging your enemy will know what direction you moved in and will have the option to follow you.
  14. Sean Games Presents: Empires [Sign up/Discussion Thread]

    Two more things I needed to clarify: damage buffs apply prior to attacking. So if you buff your attack with 50%, your ATK value gets 50% extra BEFORE deducting DEF. When fighting in a group (2v2 for example), the defenders get to decide who takes which hit. They wont get to onow the values of the hit though. So for example: DD and Eth are fighting Time and Wst. DD and Eth gets to decide who gets hit by Time and who gets hit by Wst or both. The game will start on Monday! 48 hours from now!
  15. Celebration Thread

    Well, what's this? Oh, that's interesting. Hey, a card... I KNOW WHO THIS IS FROM Thank you for the early birthday present, Anna~ (also thank you to Noia, who sent me the blue box next to the plushies. It was filled with candy, but I ate all of it before thinking of taking a picture :()
  16. Sean Games Presents: Empires [Sign up/Discussion Thread]

    Yea, you simply move from point to point to capture new Fields. Just remember that when you enter a Field that you do not own (neutral or enemy) you can't move any further. You can use as many powers as you would like. If you enter a Field that is occupied by a enemy Hero, a monster or a strongholf you two will exchange attacks once
  17. Sean Games Presents: Empires [Sign up/Discussion Thread]

    Teams have been locked! The Green Team: HerculeHastings, DayDreamer, Ethereal, Ice and Shadow The Purple Team: Alisyn, Wstfgl, TriOctium, rubberrazors and Noia I will be creating chats shortly. In this chat you can decide on your Stat Point allocations, whether or not to use the reroll, starting / Capital location and begin discussing strategy.
  18. Sean Games Presents: Empires [Sign up/Discussion Thread]

    Since I don't think anyone else will be joining anyway, just start the Draft whenever you want. The order is as follows: HH - Picks 1 Alisyn - Picks 2 HH - Pick 2 Alisyn - Picks 2 and HH gets the remaining Hero.
  19. Sean Games Presents: Empires [Sign up/Discussion Thread]

    Why not ANYWAY accepting sign ups for 14 more hours (6PM SG time) and then Drafting will begin. HH gets first pick! Current line-up: Shadow - RogueWstfgl - KnightAlisyn - KnightHerculeHastings - BerserkerIce - SorcererNoia - BerserkerEthereal - DruidTriOctium - DruidDayDreamer - Roguerubberrazors - Archer
  20. DnD (A) Episode 4: Culling the Cult

    All the Rotters attacked. Two of them aimed at Lysander, one of them went for Tellorda and the last of them went for Sanger, but they all missed. The Rotwing Zombie flew towards Tellorda, but also missed with its swipe. [Rolls are on roll20, they all sucked.]
  21. Sean Games Presents: Empires [Sign up/Discussion Thread]

    Lucky for you, you don't need to sacrifice yourself! Even thoug she was initially reluctant, she is happy to be the a captain now
  22. What are you listening to?

    Yes, I used it for our hiphop album