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  1. 6 hours ago, Kyo said:

    Oh so you're that kind of teacher. =/

    Not really actually, I haven't sent anyone to detention yet!

    But I'm currently working with... 'troubled' kids. These kids tend to walk all over teachers that give them too much space, so it's pretty important that professional and personal boundaries are strictly enforced. 

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  2. Wait a minute, if your investigation of HH on turn one was incorrect, what is to say your others weren't too? My ability tells me she can convert people, but would mean that she can't have been the Knight that got converted. She must have been Chaos from the start. 


    The ability to investigate players, revealing whether they are Chaos or Loyal is really powerful in a game of this format, where all members of the Chaos Knight have to get into the council. I wouldn't be surprised if they had some kind of way to disrupt your investigative abilities to keep it fair.


    ...It would be hilarious if all the information you got is the opposite of the truth.

  3. Okay since I've used up all my uses I guess I will reveal my ability. My ability was to investigate players and learn their abilities. I've used it on HH, Wstfgl and Vey Lance.
    The most interesting one is HH's ability. "Emboldening Speech: Convert one player into a Chaos Knight. If the target is already a Chaos Knight, nothing happens and this skill is consumed. You may only convert players within the Inner Circle. This ability is done in private. (1 Use)". I can't speak for the Cat, but if you'd ask me that sure looks like she is a Chaos Knight and has been one all this time. I'm going to assume he was the one she converted, which is why he claims that she is a loyal knight.
    Wstfgl and Vey Lance were good guys. I'm not gonna reveal their abilities in case I am wrong and HH still has her power to turn someone, but basically, so they know I'm not bullshitting:

    Demand Honor: ***. You may only use this ability once per Phase. This ability is done in private. (3 Uses)
    Rally Forces: ***. You may only use this ability once per Phase. This ability is done in private. (1 Use)


    So yeah. Do whatever you want with this.