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  1. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    It's the mooon~~~~ /unlurks /pounces on wst /because I feel like it Nine brothers have I. Some of them really quite odd. Cut me in half, and I'm a twin, Yet worth less together than whole.
  2. Harry Potter Studio Tour

    Why don't I get a shoutout? :( Do you hate me, Pain? -cry- But congrats, that looks so awesome! I'm jelly~~~
  3. Y'all need to post. Ian is too cool to show up for the plebians and Samuel is catching up on infinite TV shows.
  4. Starry Sean Protest

    I refreshed, like, five times to make sure. Someone else is screwing it up again.
  5. Starry Sean Protest

    You're five stars again, Sean! Happy birthday and you're welcome! (Also, told you I'd be the tipping point. Was totally at 4 until I gave you 5. ^^)
  6. Mebbe. Also seems like people were getting busy? Like, HH dropped out, I've been a little behind, eth's been behind (though he has apparently seen the anime, so... idk), wst has been a lot behind, etc etc.
  7. I'm guessing this is dead. :(
  8. Sorcerers II: The Sorcery-ing

    Etiennette yawned as she leaned against a pillar in the lavish room. She was draped in enough red and black silk to make curtains for all the windows, fighting the mind-numbing effects of ennui. Ian Ross had declined to attend, and she'd never met his Champion, who seemed to act as he wished, so it had somehow fallen upon her to attend the Opening Ceremony, or whatever this event was called. It was all pomp and circumstance, some play at being civilized... she laughed softly to herself. How humane, sitting to wine and dine with those you had sworn to kill. Little gentlemen and ladies all. As if none of them had made preparations against poison before coming, or that behind those smiles lay sharp calculations, seeking weaknesses to exploit once they put aside this affected veneer of being human. Not that being human really meant much. Only that they had the ingenuity to hurt and kill each other in much more creative ways than mere animals. Fire, for one. Humans were perhaps the only animal that didn't run from it, but rather bent it to their will. It was quite convenient when controlled, after all--for cooking, staying warm, burning witches... Etiennette smiled at the thought. If the Inquisition were to burst in at this very moment to apprehend the "devil-worshipers," they wouldn't stand a chance. Their "witches" were nothing more than old, senile women, defenseless young children, ladies who had inspired jealousy. Oh, perhaps they caught some mediocre hedgewitch once in a while, but any sorceress worth her salt would never have been touched by such bumbling fools. As a server came around, Etiennette accepted a glass of champagne from the tray, casting her gaze around to the other guests. She so dearly wished she could see their souls, to strip away everything from them physically and mentally to leave their pure essence. These were high-quality souls, not like her usual harvests, and they would certainly glitter like jewels if she could draw one out. She thought of the soul gem to Ian's Champion, a great ruby that sparkled with inner fire. It looked like frozen flame, a thin layer of glass surrounding a burning ember, of which Tenebrae and Lumiera were only weak, shadowy imitations. She hoped that she might meet the owner of that soul, someday, before the war began in earnest. But for now... This was a hodge-podge of the greatest Sorcerers she had never heard of before. Perhaps Ian would have known who they were and what they were capable of, but then again, he probably didn't care. To him, they were likely merely ineffectual annoyances that would be completely crushed nevertheless for daring to obstruct him. But perhaps Etiennette could beg him for the life of a few of these Sorcerers after he broke them and before he killed them, for her own purposes. Assuming she didn't die of boredom first.
  9. R The Gentlemen from the Foreign Land

    Perhaps their lodgings were not as pleasant as those in which they had stayed before, but the proprietess and the price more than made up for it. She was a generous, gracious hostess and made every effort to ensure they spent their time in comfort. Francis had encountered the good lady by chance, the word of a casual acquaintance who had mentioned her in one of his innumerable letters to his contacts in search of any assistance in paving their way. And so time passed relatively peacefully, with Francis continuing his studies in the privacy of their room and occasionally stepping out for an afternoon in the city to learn more about this new world. But more often than not, such adventures ended in disappointment that only confirmed for him the sad state of the English civilization. Thieves lurked in every alley beside the crippled and destitute. The streets stunk with discarded refuse. Filth and scum, all of it. Truly, this country had very little to recommend it, so Francis looked forward to the day that they might leave it all behind. And other than the brief quibble with his mentor about meeting their hostess's benefactor, Francis found Dupond to be much less querulous in the more familiar, domestic setting. Madame Cooper still retained her skill in preparing the food of their homeland, precluding the need for them to seek nourishment in dubious English fare. The soft syllables of their native language seemed to weave a soothing song in the very air they breathed, easing their souls. And the lady turned out to have been decently educated, making her an excellent conversational partner on the nights that they sat with her in the parlor. It was really all quite refreshing after their other experiences in this horrendous country. And so they were also perfect gentlemen in their interactions with the woman, passing their days in companionable company. They'd nearly settled into a comfortable routine until the incident of that girl. She came during dinner, seeking employment, and Francis noticed his mentor being taken aback by her appearance. He was almost unconscionably discourteous, not only to the waif but also to the good madame. It wasn't until the girl left and Dupond returned to the table that Francis learned why. And the explanation sent chills up his spine, even as he hastened to reassure the woman. "Perhaps what he means is that she does not seem to have any morals and may prove to be a slovenly worker," Francis suggested with an air of delicacy. "Many who come from the streets are such, and this country seems to have more than its fair share of the destitute and desperate. I've heard tales of truly terrible acts against an employer's confidence; a gang of rogues will send in some girl to their target's house. It might be as a maid, a cook, a gardener--and she will behave in a manner befitting her position. But some night, while the kind master and mistress are sleeping, she'll open the door for her comrades, who will steal anything of worth... and possibly even the lives of the good Christians who so generously accepted the girl. "Though she may truly be seeking gainful employment, my master and I would be distraught if you were caught in such a confidence ploy. Please, madame, consider your decision very seriously and forgive Monsieur Dupond his outburst. He had only your safety in his heart."
  10. Empires! [Round VI]

    Lol, ty~~~
  11. Empires! [Round VI]

    I don't think recovery is too strong. I think we're weak because we haven't had a chance to level/develop before we started fighting. :x Also, is the reason C2 doesn't belong to us that there's a monster there?
  12. -punches wst- Stop that. D:<
  13. It was very wrong. Maybe Time did it, idk. Here. C4. Go explode, plz. <3
  14. Uh. Not sure who would seduce wst. I just chloroformed him and forced him to sign articles of allegiance to me. Why couldn't you have chosen something on the other side of the map? D;
  15. Not entirely unexpected. Just unpleasant. I'd hoped we could go a few turns without trying to kill each other. :P