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    Haha thanks, all.
  2. What Motivates You?

    I'd have to say money. It's funny, I haven't bothered getting off my ass to take classes. So I'm a huge procrastinator in that regard. And I'd rather just kind of chill and do my own thing. Yet when it comes to going in to work I will literally run myself ragged. I work two jobs. I go in to a Home Depot from 6am-2:30pm every day mon-fri. And for the last year I'd also go in to some shit mcjob right after. I finally got fed up and quit the place after their overnighters were slacking off (place never, ever closes) and their solution was to just schedule me even later until 1am when their night time rush would finally end. I told them between clocking out there at 1am, and then going in to the next job and having to be there by 6am, I was only getting like 2 1/2 hours of sleep a night and it was fuckin' me up. I told em' this and they basically just told me to piss off and deal with it. So instead of giving them the finger and just walking out, I did it for another month or so until another place called me in for orientation. Then I gave that mcjob like a day's notice and laughed in their faces when they told me they could have worked something out, because that ship had sailed the day I first brought it up and they told me to piss off. But point is, I sure put up with that crap for longer than I ought to have because I wanted to replace em' first, so money obviously motivates me immensely. Yet I procrastinate a lot of other things that don't directly pay me. I need to clean up a little around here but don't feel like it when I get home, and won't until it reaches a certain point and finally drives me nuts. I need to change the oil in my car, but will probably put it off a little longer. Also still haven't taken it down to flush the transmission fluid and put a new filter in there ever since I bought it like I've planned on. But I think that shelling out about $200 for something I'm doing as just a precaution because I'm not sure what the previous owners did with it, also contributes to that procrastination and like I said, I like my money lol. Any of the cars of my make and model after 2005 have sealed transmissions, and not even a dipstick is under the damn hood to see for yourself what the stuff looks like. So I can't do it myself for cheaper because they inject it all in there through a smaller plug hole at 30psi over at the dealerships.
  3. Childfree - A Discussion

    Yeah, that whole arguement of people who sagely say "You'll change your mind!" really piss me off, as if they know better. Or as I like to sarcastically think to myself in response, "You just have regrets and it bothers you that I haven't taken the plunge yet!" Kind of mean-spirited, but I'm an asshole sometimes when it comes to people who think they know better than me what I'll want out of life. In all honesty though, I'm not ignorant enough to say that I WON'T ever change my mind. But for the moment I look at it this way. I'm 30, I still haven't gotten up off my ass and gone to school. I work two retail jobs to make a living. I get by just fine for being by myself, and I wouldn't even be critical of what I do if I were to hook back up with someone and live together again, even be married. But when you factor in starting up a family... I'd rather be responsible and have done more with my life, be just a little more financially secure, so that I can better provide for a family before I make that kind of a plunge. I grew up being dirt-ass poor and it was rough on us kids. I look at friends my age who are in about the same financial position as me, and they're having a really hard time and their relationships are strained because of it. I'm not about to willingly walk that same path until I'm a little better equipped to do so. Besides, as I joked with my brothers. My older brother had his two kids. Then they skipped me, and my younger brother who's the next oldest of us all just had a kid with his wife. So I told our youngest brother that it's his damn turn now, not mine lol.

    Well I'm just a noob here like 30 minutes old t othis site, but since I've gone through and gawked at everyone else's pic guess it's only fair to toss up mine. First one is a pretty old pic, when I used to have long hair. :( The second pic is a little more recent and was taken shortly after I took on a job that asked me to hack everything off, and the bastards laid me off anyhow. I hate it, and I'm obviously not too pleased in the picture lol. I've growed the goatee back since then, and the hair will probably be back in another year or two. I must have paitience...
  5. Hello

    Figured I'd check the place out. I've roleplayed for about 15 years now. Off and on, of course as life has that funny way of distracting us for a while. I always seem to be pulled back towards it though when I find the time again. This is one such time. I haven't really bothered for about a year, as I've picked up two jobs and that basically sucked me dry of any sort of free time and/or general satisfaction in life. I still work two jobs, but I've recently replaced my 2nd job with one that pays more and schedules me a LOT less as of late. So all in all, it financially evens out and lets me have more damned time for myself. That said, if I seem somewhat intermittent in my activity it's because some weeks can be heavier than others, but for the most part I tend to work my weekday mornings to afternoon mon-fri at the main job and then get scheduled about 3 completely random nights at the second job. I'll be doing this for a while; I started doing it to save back a few grand to replace my vehicle with something a little more reliable but once I saved up a good $3200 I quickly realized everything I looked at in that range was just as much of a POS as the truck already in my driveway. So that turned into a downpayment and picking up car payments again, and I drove home a 2006 mustang GT because screw it, if I'm picking up car payments again I want something I've wanted for a while. Pretty well locked in to working 2 jobs for the next 4 years now lol. That said, my recent change in my supplemental job has freed up a good 4-5 nights for myself again instead of just working and sleeping all the time, so I find myself with some free time to write again. Hence, I ended up finding your board here. You can thank this link here, as this was the listing I found and followed; Seeing as how most of the posts here are fairly recent and not 2-3 years old, I was compelled to register and say hello. This site seems a little different than what I usually used to post at. Most places I've visited have had some sort of world and setting laid out, and seems like here you guys are down for just about anything. That piques my interest because it seems like things will stay fresh and new that way. So with that in mind, I'm really down to participate in nearly any theme. I started out RPing out scifi, and lately my interests have shifted and leaned more towards the midieval fantasy style. But, if it seems creative enough then I'm probably going to be interested in writing regardless of the theme. I look forward to getting back into feeding my creativity with you all.