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  1. Falling through the Seams

    Cooperation U has been in business sense the late 18th century. It has changed several times over sense it was first created but its purpose has always remained the same “To hunt and track down the world’s worst criminals, for the highest bidder“. Cooperation U is known to have only the best assassins in the business, each of them possessing a special skill. The assassins are found typically at a young age and taken into the industry. Most are orphans, no family no friends, no one to miss them, or remember their existence. The Cooperation has several bases all around the globe in order to keep those who wish to do serious harm at a minimum. Each base is different along with the assassins living within its walls. Most are gone for several months without returning to their base for reconditioning, reevaluation, readjusting, recuperating, and resupplying. Because operatives are taken at such a young age, most of the Assassins have little to no relations to others, however, some assassins for a special bond with their trainers, evaluators or each other. Rikusik was one of those who had more emotion then others. She had just turned 25, and for her birthday she was given a wonderful gift, a chance to test to become one of the elite assassins of The Cooperation. Those who were considered “Elites†were allowed to choose the assignments they are given, and if they are to have a co-assassin. They’re given the opportunity to travel wherever they please in their free time, and they have the choice to take on a trainee of their own. This was a great honor, and no one had reached such a level at such a young age. Rikusik had a special bond with her trainer Yuri. He was a retired assassin. Yuri had reached the success of an elite assassin by the age of thirty. At thirty two he had chosen to take Rikusik as his trainee. He called Rikusik his portage because she took to the training, like a fish to water. She worked hard, and never gave up. At one point she had went 72hrs with no sleep, food or water. She would have gone longer, but hallucinations from her childhood began to creep into her mind driving her into a unfit psychological state. Rikusik was seven when she was take on by Yuri. Yuri now stood at a simple height of 6’2â€. He has long silver hair which he kept in a pony tail. His eyes are soft silver, with many bags under them, aged well by the long missions and nightmares that kept him awake at night. Yuri shoulders were strong and braud, leading down to his large arms, starting to lose their luster, but were still strong enough to lift and throw Rikusik to the other side of the room. His legs were just as strong, but all the bulk did not slow him down. His reflexes were quick and his instincts were as strong as ever. Rikusik sat in a white room, and that is exactly what it was. White sold walls, white door, white tile floor, right down to the table and chairs everything was a clean crisp bright white. She hated this room with a passion, it was far too bright and unnatural. She waited for her assignment for her exam. Yuri entered the room, from what seemed out of nowhere. He sat down at the table and slid over the envelope. Rikusik open the envelope and began to read the details on her new assignment.
  2. NC-17 War of the Millennium[OPEN]

    The air was almost stagnate in the room as she listened to the conversations nearby. Breathing in and out slowly she tried to concentrate on finding a familiar aura. She looked around the room slowly taking the scene that played out before her. She watched as the young looking girl moved about the room with ease. She knew she was not a child, but was unsure exactly of her species. She heard her speak her name to the small child on Seyrena’s lap. Luna couldn’t help but smile as she watched the childlike reactions of the small creature. Her concentration was broken as the bowl was placed in front of her with the simple broth in it. She looked at her hand and flexed them slowly, still sore from her fall. She grabbed the spoon close by and placed it between her fingers, plunging it into the warm broth. She blew on it lightly before placing it into her mouth delicately. She saw the gentleman sit at the table, and noticed he had decided not to eat. His aura was very interesting to her, she couldn’t help but stair, feeling the different curves and waves as it flowed through him. As Seyrena moved to leave the room she felt, more predominantly, the gentleman she assumed as “Sage†entering the room. This was another aura that pulled her interest. She moved her attention back to her broth taking in another few spoonfuls. There was a soft voice that rang clear over her shoulder “Excuse me , I have been sent to help you with your injuries†A small elf stood behind Luna as she turned. She was young in her years and projected a very pure aura that Luna soaked in. “My name is Medlineth, I shall escort you to the pools to clean your wounds then we will…..bandage what we can.†As she spoke of bandaging she looked at Luna’s wings. Luna knew there was no salvaging the burned pieces, but they have the potential to heal and re-grow. Sadly Luna was unsure sense she now had fallen if this was possible. Luna stood up slowly, speaking softly “if you would lead the way. Thank you for your hospitalityâ€. Medlineth lead her past sage as they wandered down the hall. She noticed his stair as she passed. It was almost as though he was staring straight into her. It brought chills to her skin as she continued along her way. Medlienth lead her into the pools area and said softly “if you would please†gesturing toward the pool for Luna to step in.
  3. NC-17 War of the Millennium[OPEN]

    The breeze was cool as it swept across Luna’s face. Every inch of it being covered by the cool feeling as she watched Seyerna quickly move down the mountain to help her companions bellow. She spoke her name in a delicate whisper, listening to it to see if she could find a familiarity in its language. It was the old language of demons. One now that was barely spoken. This brought Luna to the conclusion she had made earlier that this was not a normal demon. She was from a different time than the ones she had faced. This proved that Seyerna was not only a unique creature of her species but that she had been “born†before Luna had been created. It was possible that Luna was still in her previous life when Seyerna had been “bornâ€. She wanted to learn more of the demon, and of her creation if at all possible. The only way this was going to be possible was if she followed along with the group that was below her feet. Delicately her feet traced the ground, barley making a sound, or movement in the mountain. It was almost as though she glided down mountainside, her movements of a true angel, soft movements of grace and poise. Her staff was no more than a simple stick for balance. If a human should look to the mountain, they would simply see a young soft woman with a walking stick. Those who were more saw the delicate wings holding together, trying not to move, burns covering her body, and the smell of flesh, blood and ash in the air. As she reached the mouth of the cave she heard Seyerna mention she had invited her once more to a meal. She spotted the small creature that had assumed the form of a child. She knew better though that this was no child, she could tell by her aura exactly what she was. She smiled delicately as she tapped the side of her staff, causing it to move into a smaller size, about the size of a scroll which she attached at her hip. The other man in the room she knew by name. She had seen him before, signatures such as the one he had did not come along often. She found it interesting that even someone of his caliber would be involved in this situation, but sometimes a pure evil such as Saori had brought many together. She said nothing to them and waited for them to confront her. She was in no shape to start any fights and under no circumstance was she willing to start a fight under a newly created allies roof. Though she still not trust Seyerna fully she did not agree at all with Saori. Luna did not understand how heaven could let such a creature as Saori roam throughout the earth. Could the angels not control a beast she was? Luna was not privy to all the information that there was on Saori, however she did know she was a unique and severely dangerous demon. For what reasons she was unsure, but the one time she was allowed privilege to feel her aura, it frightened her. Luna was never frightened by any creature before in her life, but this one’s power and presence of evil, had her almost buckle to her knees. The pure evil she felt within her was almost unbearable. She remembered her last day in heaven pleading with the elders to please end Saori, to do something to stop her madness, but they simply stated that Luna’s demands were unnecessary and she would be dealt with in time. The dirt felt cold on her feet as she walked through the tunnel leading to where they would be dinning. She looked at the creatures that came and went. She felt the stairs of many as she walked past. Some seemed to be shocked more than others. She could feel the pull of one and particular. She looked over her shoulder to a small creature that looked to be a demon. It stared at her with what appeared to be horror on the poor souls face. She felt guilt was over her knowing the creature quit possibly from its nightmares now strolled through its only safe haven. It was hard for her to imagine being someone nightmare, but she knew it was a large possibility she could possibly cause problems for Seyerna. Suddenly there was a pain shoot down her spin, someone or something had decided they needed to touch her wings, a gasp of pain escaped her lips a little louder than she had wanted to release from her lips, causing some silence in the room. This was exactly what she did not want. She turned to see the small demon who has been staring at her earlier. He was much shorter then her, his skin a pale blue color, his eyes grey, and glowing with small tears. Luna knew he just wanted to feel them. It was not a experience that one of his species would have. It was not out of ill nature, only curiosity. She whispered softly “It’s okay little one, they are just sore right now, maybe another time.â€She nodded her head lightly. She did not wish to touch the child with her hands. Some demons burned just at the touch of an angle, and she wanted to show no signs of hostility toward something that was so simple. She sat at the end of a table away from the others, not out of anger or hostility, but that she did not want to hurt anyone by mistake.
  4. NC-17 War of the Millennium[OPEN]

    She took a deep breath as she watched the demon turn away. This was highly unusual to their breed and was confused by the reaction she had received. Surely a normal demon would have attacked her for her comments and her stature. Even her aura felt different to Luna. It felt almost comforting, warm and inviting. There was still darkness to her that she could feel. It was deep within her but she could still feel it. She needed to evaluate the situation she was in at this moment. Surely the creature she hated most on this planet would recognize her falling to the surface. If she did not protect herself she would be taken by this creature by force and drained for her sadistic purposes. At this moment, she knew she was not strong enough to battle through on her own. She needed to choose her allies carefully. Luna looked to the sky as the smoke started to clear. She could still taste the dirt in the air as she took the next few steps forward. Her wings moved together, a ting of pain running through her body. She spoke softly. “I will accept your generosity; once I heal we will discuss what I may do to help. I don’t wish to harm anyone, but to simply rid this world of those who seek to clam it for themselves. I apologies for my hostility but our kinds have never been known to get along. May I ask for your name?†As she asked she could hear the commotion not far below. She could smell the blood as the odor moved throughout her nose. Her eyes widened as her hand tightened around her staff. Her mind raced. Could she have made it this far this quickly without her detection. Something that power, she sure she could have felt. As she moved a little farther down the edge of the mountain she could feel it all at once. So many beings bellow her feet. It was all so overwhelming. It would take her a few moments to take it all in. She spoke quickly “Someone is hurt, and something is below, quite possibly one of the most hostile beings I have seen before. “
  5. NC-17 War of the Millennium[OPEN]

    Luna slowly got to her feet listening as her eyes began to focus. Her hood stayed covering her eyes only exposing the tip of her small nose along with her soft beige lips. Her wings spread wide, not in a hostile way but almost a a large stretch. They stung in agony. Her wings were another appendage, like a second set of arms, the feathers were like hair, not hurting in a devastating way, but it still stung as she moved them lightly making a small breeze. Her toes grabbed at the dirt that was made from her entry, small amounts mixing with the blood coming from them. She pulled her hood back slowly. She did not recognize the voice but as her eyes adjusted she could see the creature that stood before her. A demon. She had not fought a demon in centuries, she wasn’t sure how many still roamed the earth and in plain sight for that matter. Demons could not be seen by angels because of the laws of no interference with humans. If a human accepted a demon into their life then they had damned themselves and would be punished when the time came. Angels simply despised there kind. The way they possessed humans like objects and cattle, using them for food, sex or whatever other pleasures they took of them. She smirked raising her eyebrow slightly while taking in the site of the creature. The demons aurora was one she did not recognize. It was different than the ones she had seen before. It perplexed her judgment. At the moment her head and body throbbed with pain and fighting a demon of this magnitude would be nearly impossible to manage. She spoke, her voice strong, she wouldn’t let a demon see her weakness. “I can see the creatures you hide below the edge and I don’t appreciate being approached with threats. As for our help, where it is a generous offer I do not trust creatures of your species to simply just help one of my kind with nothing to gain. So what is it you want from me? To manipulate and use me for my value until you grow bored of me, or to simply slaughter me and enjoy what treasures you find among my remains. Angles don’t fall for any simple reason. I have broken the laws once and I am not afraid to do it again. What is the worst they can do now?†She grabbed her staff at her side and punctured it into the ground causing it to rumble beneath their feet. “I will not be used.â€
  6. Psychedelic Space Lounge

    I thought that hiccupping never happened while drinking. Then one night I got very very very.......drunk and found out how easy it is to get hiccups. Especially when trying to sing karaoke.
  7. NC-17 War of the Millennium[OPEN]

    Her mind raced as she plummeted closer and closer to the earth. She couldn’t stop the force that pulled her as much as she tried. She twisted and tumbled through the air, unable to open her wings. Her body felt like it was on fire, but as much as she wanted to she could not scream. She could feel her wings burring away slowly in the fires rushing to earth. Pieces of her skin melted away from her flesh on her hands, checks, knees, and toes. She knew when she would hit the ground it would cause nothing but devastation when she crashed. As her body hit the top of the mountain it was like an explosion burst off the tip of the mountain. Boulders and rocks flowed down from the top of the mountain almost like they were rivers. The ground should with such fierceness that anyone in the area would surely be moved to their knees. The light that came from the top of the mountain was so bright; it was as though the sun itself had landed on earth. Trees crumbled and burst into flames all near the top of the mountain. As she felt her body hit, she focused on holding her body close together. She pulled her knees to her larger chest covering as much as she could with her wings. Smoke was everywhere as she moved her wings away slowly. Her body ached as she tried to move, but found it nearly impossible. Her hands shook as she placed them to the ground to push herself into an almost sitting position. Her hood draped over her eyes blocking them from view. She coughed the smoke in, her lungs filling with it causing her to cough even worse. As the smoke cleared she thought she could see the outline of a figure. She grabbed for the staff that was at her side as she came to a more seated position. She hoped a fight would not be necessary but she would protect herself.
  8. Roleplaying Classifieds

    Username: Lucy198906 Name: Lucy Available Times: EST mostly nights, late nights dpending on work the next day Post Length: 3 or more paragrahs. Post Frequency: Once or twice a week, more often the more involved I am with a role play. RP Preferences: I enjoy most Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Adventure, and Mystery. Am open to different and new kinds. Contact Details: You may contact me through pm's and skype if we become more comfertable.
  9. Let me know if this is okay. :) Name: Luna Solisca Species: Angel Gender: Female Appearance: Luna stands at an average 5’9â€, her white wavy hair crawling halfway down her back. She is a shapely woman, her arms average looking her bust and her hips larger than the average, which lead to her thicker thighs and muscular caves. Her eyes are a silver color with just a hint of blue to them. Her lips were small but full, a very light flesh tone color. Her skin was soft and light, almost as though it consistently had a glow. Her wings were soft like down feather but now looked as though they had been painted black in several spots where they had burned off from her entrance to earth. She carried with her a staff, and her clothing was a cream soft like dress and robe. The dress was now shorter from her decent, burned in jagged pieces by her knees her, but her rob still held true. Personality: Luna has a love for all those upon earth. She believes creatures especially humans have the ability to show kindness and love to one another. She cares deeply for those who she protects and would rather be cast out than bow to another. She is fuelled by her emotions which is un-becoming of her world, but she did not care. She does not take kindly to creatures from the demon realm and considers them to be nothing but influencers of the evil that other creatures fall under. Strengths/Abilities: Her strength is the power of her wings. She can fly high into the air and maneuver well. Her staff that she carries pulls into two holy swords. She also has the ability to heal others, but the healing process does weaken her. She is not able to raise those who have fallen to death but at their last breath she may extend their life if she truly cares to. History: Luna was born an angle. She had never lived life as anything else. She had been in heaven for several hundred years always speaking out for those who had done wrong. She was always will to give creatures, human and not a second chance at “doing the right thingâ€. Over centuries she watch as others played out their lives, living what happiness she could through them. That was when she found him. She watched him effortlessly every day. Watching his kindness, his compassion, and his love for others. She was told sense the day of her assignment that she was to only watch not to tamper with any life. She was not allowed to change their fate. When she peered to check on him once more one day she noticed that he was alone. Surrounded by ones that wanted to do nothing but take his life for saving another’s. Luna had been told she was never allowed to go to earth, she was never to interfere and she was never to change anyone’s fate. She watched as the men continued to beat the man she loved tears moving down her face, she could feel him fading from the earth, but she knew in her heart his work was not done. She disobeyed her elders and flew to earth to save this man. She slaughtered the men that threatened to kill him and went to his side. Inches from death she saved him as her body weakened. As he stood she sunk to the ground, a small smile on her lips. The man was in disbelief, as she whispered to him “goâ€. He ran away as quickly as he could as the arch angels set in on her. She knew she would be punished as she was lifted from the earth back to heaven for judgment. She stood trial and admitted what she had done. They believed that they had no choice but to cast her out. She proclaimed that by doing so they would cause more harm to this world then imagined. She knew this world was being manipulated by a horrible queen and was considering options on how to release the world of her without "interfering". The elders stated that the situation was to resolve itself. Luna argued that the queen continued to take lives, that she deserved a true punishment, that she was not worth saving. The elders ignored her plea’s and cast her down from heaven.
  10. Here is to introducing myself….

    I created a new name and thank you for your welcome. Also depending on the situation will depend on the amount of naked that happens. :p
  11. Here is to introducing myself….

    Oh really. I am almost scared to know which one it is. I will have to continue exploring so I can find it. :)
  12. Here is to intoducing myself..... Hello there everyone. I am a returning member after a very long hiatus. I am nervous about coming back but I am going to see how things go. I was convinced by a lovely lady that I must return to the world of role playing, so I obliged her request and have returned. A little bit about me and my role playing style. I love to do fantasy role playing. Meaning I enjoy things that are not in the normal and mundane every day. However that does not mean I will not try different styles of role playing. I enjoy action, romance, and mystery being involved in my role play. I don’t enjoy role plays where characters have no flaws or weaknesses; sorry I don’t want to role play with someone who is invincible. I L.O.V.E. details when role playing. I like to know what the character is wearing, what the room looks like, what season is it? I feel that when you have all the details you can create a crisp and enjoyable role playing experience where you are submerged into the story and can enjoy the splendor of where it goes. I think this is enough details for now. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments you might have. Thank you for letting me into your community and I hope to see you all very soon. Lucy :)