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  1. Salutations.

    IZAAAAAAAAA Look at that literary masterpiece. I'm a genius. Here it is again IZAAAAAAAAA
  2. Drinks are on me

    Now we here in S*T are a simple folk, and we stick to simple celebrations. So just take this mud, and make your own party. Wait. It's not even S*T anymore, is it? SIty? S*Ity? Ahh, whatever. Now drink you mud-drink, DragonG. DRINK IT.
  3. Video Games General

    YEAH WELL I HAVE A COMPUTER Because then I can use it up on top of trees. SO THERE. None of that silly console nonsense. >.>
  4. Psychedelic Space Lounge

  5. Video Games General

    You just need a giant stapler. Also, did you know that Diablo 3 autheticates every tiny action with Blizzardland? not just MP/auction stuffs. I did not realise that when I acquired it. I have satellite interwebs. Minimun 3 second latency. At least I have GW2 >.> Also, Fallen London. Because it's delicious.
  6. Psychedelic Space Lounge

    I'm gonna wave my pitchfork and torch because clearly no-one else will. MODERATE HARM TO THE ADMINS! That was DayDay. He totally just said that.
  7. Psychedelic Space Lounge

    I have the endless, haunting cries of the dreaded wood pigeons. ALL THE TIME. Lead by the great White Pigeon. (from the depths of hell, I stab at thee)
  8. Psychedelic Space Lounge

    With many skilled minions. Birds can't hold a castle by themselves. THAT WOULD BE SILLY.

    Have no fear, able peons. I shall wander about and deliver my delicious words as freely as a maggot-riddled zombie leaves behind baby flies. BE REASSURED AND SLEEP SOUNDLY. Because deep sleepers can't hear lurkers.
  10. Sorry. He's busy. You get Frezak instead. A single paper streamer erups, soggily. YAY So, yeah. Gonna lurk a lot, because I don't do much Rping these days. But. Will be looking. And thinking. EVER THINKING. Also, hello everyone. And the people that aren't everyone, too.