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  1. The Kashima Art Institute - Interest Check | Sign-ups

    The overcoat is fine. Just no things like jeans and t-shirts, or denim jackets, etc. :) I'll have an OP for this soon.
  2. The Kashima Art Institute - Interest Check | Sign-ups

    Nope, as long as it isn't casual wear it's totally fine. :)
  3. The Kashima Art Institute - Interest Check | Sign-ups

    Sorry! I was away from the internet all day yesterday. :p Um, no uniforms required unless you're in one of the student committees, which you are.. Sort of. Lol. The Kashima school really just wants to teach its students as much as it can, including what things are like in the real world, and some jobs require a certain look, so yeah. I probably should have mentioned that.. Sorry.. Other than that, you're bio's looking great, I love it.
  4. The Kashima Art Institute - Interest Check | Sign-ups

    Yay! You can post a bio here if you wanna. I'll fix my OP and give a character form.
  5. Wstfgl Draws Stuff

    Hey, you're pretty awesome with drawing facial expressions. :D
  6. dumb shit noia made

    Oh my gosh, you're an amazing artist!
  7. Setting: Modern-day Japan (for the most part) in a martial arts/magic/academics institute. Plot: Sometime ago, about 350 years, give or take a few decades, two grand masters of the Kashima Shrine taught their sacred martial arts to two young samurai. The first was Hidetsuna Kamiizumi, a humble young man who left the shrine upon completing his lessons in order to commence a warrior's pilgrimage. The second was a mighty warrior named Tsukahara Bokuden, who arrived at the shrine to have his battle wounds treated. During his recuperation period, he'd learned from both masters as well, and upon his recovery, he returned to the battlefield even stronger. He was eventually overcome with blood lust and became a demon that needed to be put down, so the masters reached out to Hidetsuna, who answered their call and traveled the land in search of Tsukahara. After finally tracking him down, the two had an epic clash of swords that ended with Hidetsuna walking off with Tsukahara's decapitated head dangling from his fingers by the hair. Fearing his fleshly demise wasn't enough, the victorious Hidetsuna paid a visit to Muramasa, an infamous sword smith who was said to be evil as well. With the demon's head still in his grip, the young samurai requested a sword be made, one that was evil enough to contain the devilish spirit of his fallen foe. This sword became known as the Bokuden Blade, and Hidetsuna was its first keeper. Hidetsuna went on to train some of Japan's greatest swordsmen, including the esteemed creator of the Yagyu Shinkage Ryu, Muneyoshi Yagyu. It was his other student, Genshinsai Ogasawara, however, who'd inherit the responsibility of guarding the evil blade and making sure it didn't fall into the wrong hands. Hundreds of years later, Hidetsuna's line of students diminished and the sword returned to the Kashima Shrine to be protected by the descendants of the Shrine's original two masters. By the twentieth century, the Shrine itself had begun to diminish, so the masters transformed the shrine into a large academic institution in order to keep the sword from losing a lineage of protectors. They've since opened a museum within the school as well, where they keep the sword cleverly hidden in plain view until they've found the next blade bearer (Serena Hansen, a.k.a. my character :P). The school doubles as a martial arts/magic academy and an academic institution. It's sort of like a mix between the school in the x-men comics as well as the 'gardens' in Final Fantasy 8.It's from pre-school all the way to college.The academy was originally a martial arts school, but by the mid 20th century it changed into an academic institution.Students can sign up to be members of various student committees. I'll go over that in more detail in the OP.In the martial arts and magic academy, the students are divided into ranks. Ranks are usually age-based, but that isn't always necessarily the case. In order to advance in ranking, one must also pass 'field exams'.Every year there's a martial arts tournament where students can compete for the coveted championship title/status.The school has a large museum with rare artifacts. Most of these artifacts are imbued with some supernatural powers, but that's supposed to be a well-kept secret.Some students and teachers know the secret, however, and some are trying to get their hands on the evil sword.Rules: You can RP as either a student or an instructor.You can join a student committee if you want. I'll have a complete list of the different kinds soon.If you want to take a special item from the museum (create one to take) you can. Please put it in your bio somewhere and discuss it with me here or in PM. Just remember that the Bokuden Blade is supposed to be the most powerful artifact in the museum.I may add some more rules later, depending on how things go. Character Form NameAgeAppearancePersonalityPowers? (Optional)Artifact? (Optional)Will you be joining any student committees? (Leadership, Disciplinary Committee, Hall Monitors, etc. *Optional*)
  8. Your world is alien to me!

    Well, thanks! I'll check and see if it works. :)
  9. Hi guys! I have a question. I've noticed that you have auto-saved 'drafts' here, and well, I was trying to start a discussion last night but I X'd out of my window and shut my laptop down when I got tired. I thought my work would be saved, but now, I can't find where the drafts are automatically saved to. So.. is my draft lost, or is there a way for me to retrieve it?
  10. Uh.. Hello..

    Well, I can't top that. Heh. :p Little kids are adorable! I have a nephew who think he's grown, and he always tries to argue with me. It gets pretty frustrating at times, but whenever I look back I can't help but laugh. You know, to me, you aren't exactly old until you're 30. I'm pretty sure I'll change that to 40 once I get there, and so on. I think it's more important how we feel, though. Not age-wise but just in general. Like, do I feel good? Okay then, that's good enough for me, lol. Whoa.. :P That gif! You win, lol.
  11. NC-17 After Dark Discussion (Need 3-4)

    Gotcha. I kinda-sorta figured you'd say that, hehehe. Well, I'll wait a bit to see if you gather enough people first.
  12. NC-17 After Dark Discussion (Need 3-4)

    Gosh, this looks really cool. Is it open for students as well?
  13. Uh.. Hello..

    Hey, you! :D Green is pretty awesome, yeah. I'm a vegan so I can't not like green :P 1992 is an awesome year to be born! High-five. Thanks! And does that mean '92, too?! *Eyes sparkle with hope* Wow, lots of '92ers here, eh? Well, sort of.. I think!
  14. Uh.. Hello..

    Thanks. And thanks. :D Very well, Your Excellency! Great, the name drops are much appreciated. I'll be sure to ask them questions when I get confused - which is mot of the time, unfortunately. Lol @ 'house-trained, spayed and neutered' Thanks a lot, I'm sure I will have fun. Heh, thanks :D Hmm.. I think my total time role playing would fit into less than a month's worth of days, but I'm coming from a comic book site where they do pretty much anything. I've had a fairly good amount of exposure to different genres, and oh my gosh, I love them all, but my strength is in normal interactions. I'm looking to expand my horizons, though. Thanks, Val! I was born in '92 lol.. I think I get it, though. The pen was used to untangle the tape or something? Anywho, blue is actually my second fave. Heh. :P Awesome. I think Amanda is a lovely name, actually. My sister's best friend is named Amanda, and she's the coolest :D Oh my, you make being bitten sound like a wonderful experience that I should try. I'll definitely join some. In fact, I was like ------> this close <------ to joining your 'War of the Millennium' RP last night, but I was pretty poohed so I went to sleep instead lol. Thanks for the welcome, Ice :) *Googles 'pangolins' OH MY GOSH!!! SO ADORABLE!!! I want one :( Will do, and yeah, I've enjoyed what I've read here so far. There's so much talent and awesomeness in circulation. Thanks, Kyo! That sounds like a pretty demanding responsibility :s Here. You and your crew have some cookies for your hard work :D