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  1. Haihaihai! :)

    Before we tread any further, best stock up on this:
  2. I am happy to scan the psychic. I have serious doubts that a human could wield such abilities. Perhaps the Psychic would like to converse with me as well? I am interested in seeing how clairvoyant you really are.
  3. Well the voice of the Swarm spoke last night. An interesting development especially as it has taken its first victim. It would be rather disappointing if you humans dont have a plan. Rather disappointing, indeed.
  4. This manga has a childishly perverse sense of humour. I like it.
  5. But the last chapter is due to be finished two days ago...
  6. Gonna have to build a time machine to read that final chapter in time.
  7. HH's "Time of the Month" Thread

    TIL periods make coffee bad. One more reason to hate periods!
  8. HH's "Time of the Month" Thread

    TIL getting ripped lessens your menstrual flow.
  9. ...and it made me frown

    More hilarious is that tradesmen do often have photographic portfolios of their work (joinery, tiling, floor laying, etc) so I wonder if there are some plumbers out there with before and after pictures of seriously backed up toilets that they show prospective clients.
  10. HH's "Time of the Month" Thread

    It's true us dudes do know about menstruation. However we have been taught by our forefathers to act like it doesn't exist and jolly well get on with our day. We are taught through vague sexism to just ignore you in order to save ourselves the trouble of dealing with your woes. But I have seen some pretty bad weeks filled with cramps so bad that the person was bed bound. It's no laughing matter. It's the punishment nature gives you for not popping out a baby like the good lord intended or whatever. Overall mentstruation is pretty raw deal. I feel for ya ladies, I really do. They might take away my man card but I'll go ahead and say that you guys have it worse than us dudes.
  11. ...and it made me frown

    Working pro bono to develop your reputation is totally a good way to go don't get me wrong. But the fact that you even have to consider that is entirely wrong. Go on Craigslist any day of the week and you will see some start up who is starting his/her own business in whatever but they don't have a lot of spare cash for a designer so they want a good design for free, offering the oh so valuable experience as your prize. But y'know something, if you're toilet is clogged and you're flat broke then you best be a plumber or your shitter is staying clogged the fuck up. Plumbers don't work for free, so why should a graphic designer?
  12. ...and it made me frown

    Its not tricky. Pay them a minimum wage for the time they provide. Periods of no work is irrelevant as you have no client. But when you do have a client you should be paid for your time, at least minimum wage. Even a college grad deserves that much. You simply cant justify it. It is a shitty system that people just have to deal with.
  13. ...and it made me frown

    Freelance designers often work more than a 40 hour week due to not working in an office environment. Do not confuse freelancing with doing part time.
  14. ...and it made me frown

    Internships and having designers work for experience over money is just not right. Its a mechanism that is unfortunately in place and if you are in yhat field sadly you must play the game and go along with it. That doesn't make it right though. Dont get me wrong im not saying every twit out of college should be getting huge pay outs, simply that they should at least get the minimum wage like every other human being.
  15. Does anyone know what this synthetic is talking about?
  16. I see the Gambler can speak in moon runes.
  17. ...and it made me frown

    Yeah because asking to get paid formyour services makes you the asshole, right?
  18. The clues to all mysteries are written in front of you in the very fabric of life, detective. You just need to open your eyes. However since you have accepted my invitation to converse I will explain to you the simple mechanics of thought projection through the use of transcendental neural communication relays, once considered a technological device by our people but has long since became a natural evolution of our biology. It is simple biology to us but to you it may just be the single greatest piece of knowledge you could hold. However I will only explain the intricacies to you alone.
  19. You may be the World's greatest leader by I have lead an entire Galaxy to transcendence. I believe you humans call this a no brainer.
  20. The Birthday Thread!

    Happy Birthday Ack!
  21. I request to speak with the Detective. That way I can see how good her skills of deduction really are. And in return I suppose I can tell her how I speak without a mouth.
  22. 23 PhDs and still managed to say "of" instead of "off".
  23. I have no desire to speak with this idiotic AI any longer. Are any of you even remotely capable of holding even a remotely intellectual conversation, I wonder?
  24. But the reason Wheatley was terrible was because he was an idiot. So how indeed can you be the worst greatest AI?