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  1. The soldier cannot confirm that statement to have even a shred of truth. However he is correct, perhaps you should worry more about the Swarm Overlord in your midst and less about whether I have a mouth or not.
  2. Our race has long since evolved past the needs for a mouth, or vocal chords. It is a rather crude method of communication.
  3. The Von Trapp Family will be leaving us tonight.

    Don't stay away for too long! Take it easy, bud!
  4. Swarm Mystery 3 [Signup Thread]

    Our advanced society has long since concluded that the best doctor is not from your planet. The best Doctor is, of course, from Gallifrey.
  5. Swarm Mystery 3 [Signup Thread]

    I am... not interested in your unimportant earthling titles.
  6. New Mascot - Poppy

    Oh I seee. Sorry I was on my phone so it was a bit of a pain to bother checking.
  7. New Mascot - Poppy

    So is Freya gone or...?
  8. Waifus

    Just wait for the next mission to start... Payback. Hisako is getting some.
  9. Celebration Thread Relevant
  10. Celebration Thread

    You look so delighted...
  11. Waifus

  12. Waifus

    Can I be tomboy competitive girl who kicks most guy's asses and is pretty much female delinquent? Is there an idiom for that?
  13. Swarm Mystery 3 [Signup Thread]

    Oh hai.
  14. New Mascot - Poppy

  15. Wstfgl Draws Stuff

    Can I appeal the decision by wothdrawing my initial proposal and submitting a formal apology?
  16. Wstfgl Draws Stuff

  17. Wstfgl Draws Stuff

    Could he not just have a cape that he only uses when striking a heroic pose?
  18. dumb shit noia made

    Googled crazy pink girl and this came up.
  19. Playstation 4

    I like that they understand that doing digital download doesnt warrant a 60 buck price tag. Looks very promising.
  20. Review Panel 1

    Basically they should have just ditched the assassin stuff and let me buckle my swash quite contentedly. A pirate game is an awsome idea, the assassin part just didn't fit.
  21. God Inside The Machine

    For Mephis the proceeding events had become a bit of a blur. While they made their escape the noise of metal clashing and loud explosions rang through the air. Before she knew it they had escaped the train and on to the streets. However they did not stay on street level for long, as Lumen escorted them through the backstreets. He opened up the floor in one of them somehow. Mephis never even knew such secret passages existed. As they descended into the depths they found themselves in dark corridors with only dim orange lights to guide them. This entire section was filthy and dilapidated. No doubt this area hadn't been used for many years. She slowed her run as they descended another flight of stairs and found themselves on an empty platform. "Is this a dead end?" Mephis asked. "Just wait." Lumen assured. Sure enough a far off but distinct rumbling began to emerge. A single bright light began to burn brighter in the distance, steadily drawing closer. Before she knew it the rumbling had intensified until finally a battered old train car emerged, slowing to a stop on the platform in front of them. "That...that seemed pretty convenient." Mephis said. "Convenience is not a luxury LOKI can afford." Lumen replied. "Everything is a result of careful planning." "Planning?" Mephis parroted. "But you don't even know who I am. How could you plan all of this?" "All in good time." Lumen replied. "For now let's just keep moving." The train doors opened and Lumen stepped on with Kou following shortly afterwards. Mephis paused for a moment. She looked back up the stairs. Could she really be sure about this? LOKI were terrorists, right? She had already ran from ODIN, if she continued to do so then there would be no turning back. Sure they had tried to stop her, but maybe she could explain. Maybe it wasn't too late. "Mephis-chan~" Kou said with a smile. "You comin'?" "Uh...I'm not sure." she replied, turning to her companions with a look of unease. "What if...what if I just turn myself in? I could say this is all a big misunderstanding. They'll understand, right?" "Uuuuuhhh...." Kou put his finger to his lips. "Yeah...probably not." "But why?" Mephis asked. "I didn't do any of this on purpose." "Perhaps not." Lumen interrupted. "However, there is far more to this than you know. Needless to say even if ODIN believed you, they would still hold you captive. No doubt you would end up on an operating table being subjected to all sorts of unpleasant examinations. They want you now just as much as they want Apex Valkyrie." "M-me?" Mephis scratched her head. "But I'm a nobody! I'm no use to anybody!" "On the contrary" Lumen replied, adjusting his glasses. "You are the first person to wear Apex Valkyrie...and live." Mephis' eyes widened with shock. This suit she was wearing, it could have killed her? How could that be possible. Apart from all of her confusion she felt fine. Actually it was more than that. She had never felt better in her life. If Apex Valkyrie could kill her, then how was that possible. However it did not look like Lumen was going to elaborate just yet. If she was going to get answers then she would have to go with them. She sighed. "Fuck it." she said finally as she stepped on to the train. The door closed behind her and the train began to move immediately. "Just where are we going anyway?" Mephis asked. Kou sat down on one of the chairs, while Lumen simply stared out of the window. Finally he answered. "Hel." he replied simply. The train stopped at another abandoned platform, and Mephis stepped out with the LOKI members. While they stepped out without much worry, Mephis was holding her sleeve to her mouth, stepping out of the train cautiously. Lumen turned to her and raised his eyebrow. "Just what are you doing?" "Her if wadioactiff, wight!?" Mephis replied, her voice muffled through her sleeve. Lumen smirked and shook his head. "Yes, it is." He replied. "But we're okay as long as we stay underground. These sections have been vented and sealed off. However even if that wasn't the case, holding your sleeve to your face would do you no good." Mephis sheepishly removed her sleeve from her mouth and the group continued. They ascended the steps and up in to a similar set of disused corridors with the same orange light. It was all pretty creepy. Mephis wondered how old these underground tunnels were. Why were they sealed off in the first place? Nobody really knew what had happened in Hel, only that there was a radiation leak from Muspelheim had made the area uninhabitable about 30 years ago. The strange thing was that for such a secret organisation, LOKI didn't seem to have much security. Surely ODIN agents could make it this far without much trouble. Why hadn't they been found? They finally reached a rusted old door, which opened as soon as they reached it. However as Mephis stepped through the threshold she realised that her surroundings had completely changed. The walls were slate and metallic, with the same orange lighting, but it was brighter. The corridors were clean, the air didn't stink. The door shut behind them and Lumen and Kou ushered her through the newer, cleaner corridors. As they passed by windows she saw out into larger rooms that looked like refurbished hangar bays, now filled with all sorts of machines and gadgets. Finally they reached and large door which once again opened as they drew closer, and inside was a fair sized room with a network of interactive holographic displays featuring all kinds of data about Midgard. Images from street surveillance flashed up along with demographic information about the area, along with ODIN crime reports, GPS type location of various operatives for LOKI and much more. "What the hell is this place?" Mephis asked as she stared in awe. "This is one of our three bases in Hel." Lumen explained. "Each of them are linked by the system you see before you. This network is the true form of my Aesir, Jormungand." "I thought your glasses were your Aesir?" Mephis asked. "This is simply a mobile platform." Lumen explained as he adjusted his glasses. "People assume that an Aesir is technology designed to be worn by a user. However this is not the true definition. The truth lies in how an Aesir is created." "And how is that?" Mephis asked. "That is quite a long explanation. One for another time." Lumen replied. "Welcome to Akihabara!" Kou said with a grin. "Akiwhonow?" Mephis replied. "Akihabara." Lumen said with a hint of a sigh. "All of our bases are named after cities from the pre-voyage era. I foolishly allowed Kou to name this one..I did explain to him that Akihabara wasn't even a city." "So what are the other ones?" Mephis asked. "Stockholm and Amsterdam" Lumen replied. "Right. And so where is everybody else?" Mephis asked. "Actually only myself, Kou, Orca and Indra actually know the location of the bases, aside from yourself." Lumen explained. "All of our field operatives are given instructions through secure channels. Having too many people knowing our location is far too risky. Even though our numbers our growing, we keep the majority at arms length. It is not ideal...but it is necessary." "So that's what Jormungand is for then? Communicating with everyone else?" Mephis asked. "In part." Lumen replied. "Jormungand is not a combat based Aesir, but it is perhaps one of the most powerful in existence. It is an advanced network that allows me to see so much around the city and beyond. Locally I can tap in to technology and use it for my own benefit, which is why I wear the mobile platform." " did you get your hands on this?" Mephis asked. "I created it." Lumen replied. "It is my life's work." " you're some kind of genius?" "He's super smart!" Kou interrupted. "Lumen used to be the Director of Aesir Development for ODIN. At least until he defected." " you were one of the bad guys then?" Mephis asked. "Not as such. Things were not always like this." Lumen replied. "Although I was...mislead. I can only blame myself for that. However my leaving only paved the way for something far worse to take my place. MIMIR." "What's that?" Mephis asked. "Trouble." Lumen replied. "...You should rest for now. Tomorrow we will show you the truth. Kou will show you to your quarters." "But...I have more questions." Mephis asked. "They will have to wait." Lumen replied. "When Orca and Indra return I'll wake you. Until then please try to rest." "Alright..." Mephis said with a sigh. "Come on weird guy, show me my room." "I'm not weird!" Kou protested. "I just have very specific tastes..."
  22. 1. I thought he was oddly supportive considering his job. I wouldn't say I expected him to be evil, but I wasn't surprised when it was revealed. 2. No. 3. So far I think it's a flimsy attempt to make her interesting. Maybe I'm biased, I just don't like Amamiya at all. 4. Like Wst said he is a troll character. This usually is used to hide the fact that the character holds some valuable secret information or a special technique/secretly a badass fighter, etc. To liken it with another manga, in Bleach Ichigo's father is a goof, which is simply to hide the fact that he's a Shinigami. Or again in Bleach, Urahara being a weirdo shop owner when actually he's an ex captain shinigami who created the evil thing that the evil guy is using to do evil stuff. Ageha's dad is pretty much this type of character if you ask me. 5. Grana straight up just wants to stomp around trying to find a challenge. The only thing that brings him any joy in life seems to be a worthy opponent. 6. I feel like her mindset is sort of flimsy. She seems to not give a shit about changing the future, only to let it play out, and dragging others into it. This just doesn't really gel all that well. Her complete lack of opinion only makes her boring and seems like a bad attempt to make her interesting. 7. I think my predictions more or less remain the same. 8. Menace would be really useful for a pacifist like myself.
  23. "BZZZZZZZZZ!" "BZZZZZZZZ!" "BZZZZZZZZ!" "BZZZ-THUNK!" A hand crept out of the navy blue sheets and unceremoniously thumped the buzzing alarm clock in order to get it to stop. The hand then disappeared back into the whole from whence it came. The sheets stirred momentarily as the figure underneath readjusted itself before settling once more. The walls of the small room were bare, and there was little about that room that would give clues to the person that lived in it. It was minimalist, decorated with neutral colours. The floor, however, had been kindly decorated by the owner of the room, with heaps of trousers, shirts, pants and socks. A gentle thumping sound steadily grew louder and a soft groan could be heard from under the sheets, as the sleeping figure prepared for what was coming. The bedroom door opened with a bang. The girl stood in the doorway was dressed in an oversized white hoodie and a pair of cut-off denim shorts, with her legs bare and a pair of pink slippers on her feet. She was young, only 17, with light brown shoulder length hair that was thick, untidy and boyish. She had a bowl of cereal in her right hand and her jaw was moving up and down with a crunching motion as she eyed the figure under the sheets. This girl was Hisako Ishihara, a tomboyish middle child of three sisters. However, to the figure under the sheets, she might as well have been the devil himself. She wandered over to his bed and promptly shoved her foot roughly where she presumed his face to be. "Oiii!" she cried as she jabbed the figure with her foot. "Wake up, dumbass!" she added. The sheets rippled and a face pulled itself out from under them. The boy staring back at Hisako had dark brown hair, mid-length and untidy. His eyes were like narrow slits as he glared at her, a combination of fury and exhaustion. "Who you callin' dumbass!?" He barked, shoving her foot off of the side of his face, causing her to tip back and spill some of the milk out of her cereal bowl. "Oii! Dumbasss!" he roared as the milk splattered along the carpet of his bedroom. "Quit coming in my room and wrecking stuff!" "This isn't you're room, freeloader!" Hisako spat back, rubbing the milk into the carpet with her foot, before storming off out of the door, calling as she went, "Mari says you've to get your ass up!" The boy sighed and pulled himself out of bed. His name was Karyu Morinaga, and in a way he was a freeloader in this house. The house belonged to Mari Ishihara, the oldest of the three sisters. Karyu was just her guest, and had been for as long as he could remember. He was under foster care from Mari, and although she never complained much, he had not been the easiest kid to bring up. Not that he cared much about that right now. He was awake, and steadily becoming more aware of the painful grumbles his stomach was making. He got up and decided to get dressed. Karyu emerged in the kitchen to find the three women of the house already inside. Hisako was sitting at the table absent mindedly slurping the remains of her cereal whilst playing a handheld games console. Beside her at the table was her younger sister, Aoi. Aoi was a stark change from her older sister. She was ten years old with long, straight black hair that reached her hips. She was dressed in a school uniform and was busy reading a rather thick book. When Karyu entered the room she only looked at him briefly, disinterestedly, before turning back to her book. Meanwhile behind them both, making packed lunches, was a young woman with light brown hair like Hisako's, but it was long and flowing. The woman, Mari, turned around and gave Karyu a warm smile. "Morning!" she said brightly. "Yo!" Karyu replied. He was dressed in his school uniform now. A pair of black trousers, black shoes, an un-tucked white shirt and a black blazer, with a school tie hanging loosely around his neck, the two top buttons of his shirt undone. He reached over the counter as two pieces of toast popped out of the toaster. He grabbed them both and put one of them in his mouth, taking a big bite out of it. "Hey!" Aoi cried, finally taking her head away from her book for more than a moment. She was scowling with her large, childlike eyes. They were a bright emerald colour, the same as her sister's, but hers were by far the most striking. "Karyu-nii! That's my toast!" "Ah, too bad..." Karyu replied with a sly smirk, "You'll have to move quicker next time." "Karyu! Give Aoi her toast!" Mari yelled as she continued preparing packed lunches. "Tch!" Karyu replied, "Fine..." he threw one of the pieces of toast on Aoi's plate and finished devouring the rest of the one he had bitten into. He pulled a silly face at Aoi and went into the hall to grab his backpack. As he slung it over his shoulder he heard Mari call him, and then a lunch bag flew through the air which he caught adeptly and stuffed into his backpack. "Thanks!" he said as he made his way for the door, "Later!" Karyu walked down the street heading towards his school. Fuyukaba was a pretty ordinary town. The residential area were lined up neatly with walkways in between the houses, as was quite common with modern residential housing plans. The heart of the town was Amatsuseki, a large shopping complex built around a courtyard area with bushes and benches. Even in the early hours it was quite busy, with people making their way to work, and the younger crowd on their way to school. He watched the various cliques chatting and joking with each other as they made their way to school. He was an outsider of sorts, both at home and at school. He had acquired a reputation of being a troublemaker and a delinquent, and that was enough to keep most people from getting to close to him. Not that he really cared, they were all idiots anyway. As he passed through Amatsuseki's courtyard his eyes caught the image of an older man shuffling across the courtyard from him. Nobody else was really paying him any mind, but he looked worn out, perhaps a bit sick. Karyu slowed his walk as he gazed at the man. He was clearly not the sort many people cared about. Probably homeless, a rare occurrence in Fuyukaba, but not unheard of. Karyu was about to move on his way when he noticed that the man had stumbled, and fallen to his knees. Nobody else was bothering to do anything. He sighed and strode towards the man. As he approached he took note of the growing stench. Perhaps this was why nobody was paying him any mind. "Yo! Old man!" he called as he drew closer, "You okay?" he asked, as he took the man by the arm and helped him up. He winced at the stench. This guy had to be homeless, he smelled like he hadn't had a bath in years. The man began to get up, gripping on to Karyu's arm for support. His grip was surprisingly tight. As he got back to his feet Karyu attempted to bring back his arm, but the man would not loosen his grip. He tugged a bit harder and the hobo turned and glared at him. His eyes looked dead, like he was drunk or something. Karyu's teeth clenched and he heaved, finally relinquishing his arm from the stinky bum's grip. "Tch!" he spat, scowling at the old man as he walked away, "Some gratitude you have, geezer!" Finally Karyu had arrived at Fuyukaba Academy, a 5 floored school for the students in the town. He was walking along the second floor to his homeroom class, 2F. He stepped inside the classroom to find that most of the students were already present and were either sitting quietly, or talking among themselves. Karyu noted that their teacher hadn't arrived yet and sauntered up to the back of the classroom. He sat at a spare desk and put his bag on the floor, putting his feet up on the desk. Within moments their teacher had arrived. Noritoshi Hideaki. Hideaki-sensei was normally a History teacher, but he was also Karyu's homeroom teacher. He was a man in his late 40's, with grey hair that was still thick and cut into a short, spiked hairstyle. He was dressed in black trousers, open toed sandals, and a black shirt with a mandarin collar. Around his neck was a long necklace with a large, silver pentagram medallion on the end. As Hideaki-sensei entered the room he stopped almost instantly, sniffing the air as if he could smell something strange. Then as his view tiled towards Karyu, the light caught his glasses and the glare hid his eyes, making him look a little menacing. Karyu raised his brow, waiting for Hideaki-sensei to say something to him, but his teacher simply turned back to his desk and walked over to it, taking a seat. "Settle down!" He called with a calm yet firm tone. Immediately the students settled down and took their seats. He smiled and continued. "Okay so it looks like a full house today. Very good. I'll just run through the register to double check...hmm...Abukara, Shuya...Aihara, Keiji..." and so he continued as he worked his way down the list of students in the class. After a few minutes he came to Karyu. "Morinaga, I see." he said with another smirk. "Will you be staying for the whole day this time, Morinaga-kun?" "I haven't decided yet." Karyu replied bluntly. "I see..." Hideaki responded, pondering for a moment. "I hate to break it to you Morinaga-kun, but if you continue to skip classes it won't be long before you are suspended." "So...let me get this right..." Karyu replied, mockingly stroking his chin as if thinking deeply. "If I don't come to school you guys are gonna punish me by telling me not to come to school?" "It's not how I would handle things." Hideaki replied, "However I don't make the rules. You should pray that one day that does not become the case. Because if it were up to me, you'd be begging for a suspension." "Tch!" Karyu responded with a frown and a soft shrug. He wasn't scared of a teacher, or their empty threats. One of the few upsides to being an orphan was people cut you a lot of slack. He probably shouldn't abuse that, but he often did. More precisely he just never questioned it. He could tell when people felt like that about him. Many of the teachers, the parents, and even some of his fellow students all looked at him in the same way. They pitied him. He didn't need their pity, but he got it anyway. That was usually why he acted out. However Hideaki-sensei looked at him differently. He wasn't quite sure what this look conveyed, but it was certainly not pity. "Right then" Hideaki said finally. "Off to your next class, all of you." Karyu got up from his seat and walked out of the classroom. What was his next class? On a monday the first thing after Homeroom was... "I hope you haven't forgotten where my classroom is, Morinaga-kun" came Hideaki-sensei's voice from behind him. That's right, on Monday he had History straight after homeroom. There was no ditching out this time.