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  1. The clues to all mysteries are written in front of you in the very fabric of life, detective. You just need to open your eyes. However since you have accepted my invitation to converse I will explain to you the simple mechanics of thought projection through the use of transcendental neural communication relays, once considered a technological device by our people but has long since became a natural evolution of our biology. It is simple biology to us but to you it may just be the single greatest piece of knowledge you could hold. However I will only explain the intricacies to you alone.
  2. You may be the World's greatest leader by I have lead an entire Galaxy to transcendence. I believe you humans call this a no brainer.
  3. The Birthday Thread!

    Happy Birthday Ack!
  4. I request to speak with the Detective. That way I can see how good her skills of deduction really are. And in return I suppose I can tell her how I speak without a mouth.
  5. 23 PhDs and still managed to say "of" instead of "off".
  6. I have no desire to speak with this idiotic AI any longer. Are any of you even remotely capable of holding even a remotely intellectual conversation, I wonder?
  7. But the reason Wheatley was terrible was because he was an idiot. So how indeed can you be the worst greatest AI?
  8. Well we all know what happened when someone trusted the last artificial intelligence named Wheatley. Food for thought, humans. Food for thought.
  9. Couldn't we just foil the lie detection by telling a blatant lie in every post. such as: I actually love humans and I really hope that they are going to win.
  10. Perhaps you might wish to partake in conversation with a being far greater than yourself. You will most likely never have such an opportunity again.
  11. The soldier cannot confirm that statement to have even a shred of truth. However he is correct, perhaps you should worry more about the Swarm Overlord in your midst and less about whether I have a mouth or not.
  12. Our race has long since evolved past the needs for a mouth, or vocal chords. It is a rather crude method of communication.
  13. The Von Trapp Family will be leaving us tonight.

    Don't stay away for too long! Take it easy, bud!
  14. Swarm Mystery 3 [Signup Thread]

    Our advanced society has long since concluded that the best doctor is not from your planet. The best Doctor is, of course, from Gallifrey.
  15. Swarm Mystery 3 [Signup Thread]

    I am... not interested in your unimportant earthling titles.
  16. New Mascot - Poppy

    Oh I seee. Sorry I was on my phone so it was a bit of a pain to bother checking.
  17. New Mascot - Poppy

    So is Freya gone or...?
  18. Waifus

    Just wait for the next mission to start... Payback. Hisako is getting some.
  19. Celebration Thread Relevant
  20. Celebration Thread

    You look so delighted...
  21. Waifus

  22. Waifus

    Can I be tomboy competitive girl who kicks most guy's asses and is pretty much female delinquent? Is there an idiom for that?
  23. Swarm Mystery 3 [Signup Thread]

    Oh hai.
  24. New Mascot - Poppy