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  1. Mafia! [open for new members]

    You do realise that if we do not lynch then the Mafioso will just pick us off anyway? By tying the votes you are essentially giving the Mafioso a free turn to kill someone off with no risk. The only person who stands to gain from a tied vote is the mafioso.
  2. Blackfrost's Sig Emporium

    cool that means I have plenty of time. I'll still try to get it done ASAP.
  3. Mafia! [open for new members]

    Why would you want a tie? Maybe I'm wrong about DayDreamer. Trouble is we've got a couple of people acting really weird. But there is only 1 Mafioso. This is making me think that somebody is try to gain quick alliances with other members over PM or skype perhaps? There's definitely a scheme going on here and I suspect more than 1 person is in on it.
  4. Mafia! [open for new members]

    There is still 4 votes not counted yet. Still have a little under 5 hours left I believe. Plenty of time to turn the tables I guess.
  5. [Kokuten] In the dead of night the rapid tapping of footsteps echoed throughout the forest. A young boy of around 13 years old was sprinting through the woodland floor, gasping for breath, his eyes wide with fear. His long, wide sleeves of his jacket flailed behind him as he ran, his shoulder length jet black hair, with shaved sides, was flaying behind him from the speed he was running. He looked behind him as he shot through the forest, trying to locate his pursuer. As he turned back to face his front a black shadow shot out of the darkness and clubbed him across his cheek, sending him crashing along the floor. The shadow advanced on him relentlessly before he could even stand up. There was a flash of bright blue light as a streak of lightning carved across the space between them. "Teiru!" the female voice screamed as a young girl dropped from the tree tops, dressed in a tight fitting cloth cuirass and a short skirt, her blonde hair held back with a hairband. "Are you okay!?" she asked fearfully as she neared the boy on the floor, helping him to his feet. "I-I'm fine" Teiru stammered nervously, searching into the darkness trying to track their assailant. "Where's Ine-sensei? I thought he was with you." "We split up" the girl replied, "He went off to find Shozu." "Shit!" Teiru cursed, "Mitsuko, we need to keep moving. If we don't then he'll ki-" Teiru stopped, his expression forming into a black stare into the distance. Mitsuko looked fearfully at her comrade, her head slowly lowering to his chest where a thin blade was jutting out from him, thick and dripping with his blood. "Teiru!" She screamed as the blade withdrew and Teiru collapsed to the floor. He looked up at her for a brief moment, his eyes longing and full of desperation, but very quickly they became blank as the boy's life faded. "TEIRU!!!" Mitsuko cried as tears streamed from her eyes. She motioned to touch him, to embrace him. The hair's on the back of her neck prickled as she sensed movement. Her instincts drove her from her grief and her hands clasped together to perform a series of seals before her right hand ignited with the same electric blue light from before. The loud noise of birds chirping emanated from the crackling electricity that sparked furiously in her palm. She turned into the darkness and her eyes were ablaze with fury. "Come out!" she cried, "Show yourself! I'm not afraid of you!" "You should be." came the reply in a dark and sinister tone. Darkness descended on Mitsuko's eyes and suddenly her chirping stopped, before a piercing scream echoed out through the woods, followed by a deafening silence. Elsewhere another young boy was in a dire state. The boy was collapsed on the ground, suffering from several broken limbs, blood dripping from his forehead, blending with his shaggy mane of red hair. His dark blue eyes fell on the feet stood before him. His gaze slowly moved upwards to the man who was facing away from him. "I...Ine-sensei!" The boy gasped for breath "Calm down Shuzo" Ine replied. He was older than the rest of his team, but still youthful in his mid-20's. Ine was dressed in traditional black shinobi gear with a green chuunin jacket and a brown poncho-like cloak over his shoulders. His hair was tall and styled in a single spike, his eyes fearless and confident, staring into the darkness directly ahead of him. "I'm sorry that things have happened this way...I won't try to sugar coat it...we're in serious trouble." "Sensei...who are they?" Shuzo asked weakly. "I wish I knew..." Ine replied, "...Shuzo...I might not get to talk with you like this again. Please...whatever happens...never surrender. You have to be the strongest you can possibly be...for Konoha...and for me." "Sensei!" Shuzo cried desperately, "I don't understand! Please!" "It's too late!" Ine replied, "They are coming!" and then Ine shot off into the distance, out of Shuzo's view. The boy felt weak, his eyelids becoming heavy. It felt like he had been staring into the night for hours. Then true darkness washed over him as he finally slipped from consciousness. [sadness and Sorrow] 1 year had passed since that dreaded night. The red haired boy looked out into the sunshine over Konohagakure, the Village Hidden in the Leaves. He stood on top of a large mountain that overlooked the village. On this mountain the heads of each Hokage that had served Konoha were carved into the rocks. Shuzo's hair had grown slightly longer but was still the same style, shaggy like a lion's mane. He was dressed in a pair of thigh length black boots with open toes, and a pair of white trousers. His jacket was sleeveless and left open to reveal a bare chest with bandages wrapped around his lower torso. His arms were lean and muscular, with a black forehead protector tied around his right bicep. He was tying bandage wraps around his wrists and hands, gripping his hand into a fist as he tightened the bandage to tie it off. As he finished he gazed off into the bustling village once more, his eyes glazed as if he was off in some distant land, far away from it all. "Shuzo-kun!" the call snapped him back to reality. He turned around to see another man with brilliant red hair like his own, except his mane was much longer, hanging down his back. The man was in his mid 40's and was a good 6 feet tall, with bulging muscles and wearing black sparring gear that made him look like a martial arts instructor. The man grinned confidently and clenched his fist in front of him, motioning for his son to pay attention. "It's almost time for you to go back out into the world as a ninja. That still have time for one last round with your old man!" [beautiful Green Wild Beast] "You got it!" Shuzo said as his expression became a confident smirk, "No ninjutsu, just you and me pops!" "Hahaa!" His father laughed heartily, "Bring it on you cheeky pup!" Shuzo stretched his legs out to increase his balance, holding his left arm in front of him and his right raised up behind his head, palms open and relaxed. His father responded by holding his tensed fists at his waist in a horse stance, before quickly launching forward to attack his son. With incredible speed he closed the gap between them and threw a deft haymaker, that Shuzo pushed away with his left hand as he maneuvered around his father, ducking and spinning on his heel, coming back round and striking with a with a heel kick into his father's arms as he had already moved to block. Shuzo changed direction in his spin, lowering his body as his leg swiped under his father who leapt and flipped backwards to avoid. Shuzo advanced relentlessly, his arms in a V shape behind him as he sprinted to meet his father as he landed. As they met Shuzo swung a right hook at his father and he ducked accordingly, Shuzo countered with a left jab to his father's chest that connected, before uppercutting his jaw, sending him back and leaving him open. This is it! Shuzo thought. Shuzo brought his arm back at waist height, stretching it behind his back as his fist clenched tightly. Suddenly he punched forward, his fist twisting as he made the strike. Just as the punch was about to connect, his father suddenly rallied, crossing his arms up to his face to guard from the attack. Shuzo's fist connected and for a brief moment there was stillness, before the force of the strike sent his father sliding back across the dirt, a trail created under his feet. Still his father stood unscathed. Shuzo looked unnerved, but his father appeared to be beaming. "Oho!" He said admiringly, "That is some serious power...had I not brought up my guard you might have knocked me off my've improved Shuzo-kun!" "Still not enough..." Shuzo griped, "I better do some more training before the meeting." "No time!" his father replied, breaking his stance and approaching his son, tapping him gently on the shoulder. "You have to meet your new Jounin leader down at the barbecue restaurant." "Barbecue?" Shuzo asked with a raised brow, "That stuff is so greasy...why not the Sushi's got way better protein meals..." "She doesn't like fish-ah! I better be on your way son!" His father stammered, scratching his head nervously. "Huh?" Shuzo looked up at his father questioningly, "So my new leader is a girl? Who is she?" "You'll see..." his father said as he made a motion with his hand that suggested Shuzo run along. "Go on, or you'll be late."
  6. Mafia! [open for new members]

    I just had a thought. Day got us all to talk about who we would kill IF we were the mafioso. Using that information the mafioso could kill off an innocent and incriminate another innocent in the process. For example Nikkia has said she would kill Sunset. If the mafioso then kills sunset in the night phase it could implicate Nikkia. The same tactic could be implied to anyone who has admitted to who they would kill. Whether they lied or not, the mafioso now has an opportunity to shake our trust in what could potentially be an innocent. I think DayDreamer is clever enough to have known that. I'm actually pretty disappointed I didn't realise sooner. I vote for DayDreamer
  7. Blackfrost's Sig Emporium

    Okay so I can do cute and colourful. It'll be tasteful though. I don't do rainbow vomit. I was a little confused by your wording at the end there. Do you want this sig in time for the pokemon theme next month? Or do you want it ASAP to use immediately? Just want to know how much time I have. Cute and colourful normally takes quite a few attempts for me, as well as watch'>this about 100 times, before I get something I'm happy to present. So basically do you want this to use now or next month?
  8. Mafia! [open for new members]

    I think DayDreamer is up to something with that line of conversation. In all honesty if I was gonna kill someone it'd be him. He's articulate, clever and more than slightly sneaky. I feel like he is scheming right now. The trouble is at this point it's very difficult to know who to trust. Perhaps his schemes are designed to benefit the innocents. Perhaps he's just deciding who should be his first victim. that said I do think Sunset likes stirring the pot. Either she's trying to cause discord, rather obviously, as the mafioso. But I think it's more likely that she's trying to get a rise from people, and see what information that gives her about the real mafioso.
  9. Mafia! [open for new members]

    Nobody is stopping any one from placing a vote if they want to, of course.
  10. Mafia! [open for new members]

    I dunno I think something can be said for waiting it out as long as people keep chatting. The more people keep conversing the more chance of someone slipping up eventually. Even if nothing comes of it everyone could make a point of voting for someone on impulse near the end of the day phase so it isn't a waste.
  11. Mafia! [open for new members]

    We don't really want to tie the votes off though. That's actually exactly the thing we dont want to do.
  12. Mafia! [open for new members]

    ooh ooh! potential cat fight! *watches*
  13. ...and it made me frown

    I do work retail and with the wonders of modern technology I can procrastinate from a cash desk! Mind you an unproductive day for my employer is a highly productive day for Surreality's twitter feed.
  14. Daft Punk - Lose Yourself To Dance After Bleck talking about it on his questions thread I decided to give Random Access Memories another chance. Honestly I was a little dissapointed on my first listen a while back. It is growing on me though. I think I was expecting something like their older albums, and it's very, very different. I'm not quite there yet, but it is growing on me.
  15. Mafia! [open for new members]

    True considering you weren't so vocal last round. That said the next mafioso could decide to be incredibly loud mouthed. I think more discussion and less jumping to quick conclusions would benefit everyone in the long run. Well accept the mafioso with any luck.
  16. ...and it made me frown

    I hope that whole scenario works out in the best way possible for you! I dont understand american health service or military so I dont really know whats going on but I hope you are alive and not broken and stuff!
  17. Mafia! [open for new members]

    last time we jumped the gun there was a last minute bout of indecision and nobody got elected. I'm gonna sit on my butt and wait this out a bit.
  18. Video Games General

    I have it for xbox but not pc. That said id happily grab a pc copy to idle away a bunch of hours with you guys!
  19. Psychedelic Space Lounge

    You'll all change your tune when the next staff position goes up for application. Everyone wants dis powah.
  20. ...and it made me frown

    I feel ya bro. I have this issue inevitably every year when a grouo project arises. It frustrates me because my lecturers answer to lazy team members is to boot them from your team and they wont get a mark. They will also grade the project with this loss in mind. On the surface that seems fair but it so isnt. Our work suffers from a man down. Is it so wrong that I want to do a good job and noy just a passable one. Im mad just thinking about that!
  21. Mafia! [open for new members]

    Im cool with this.
  22. Comics/Cartoons General

    Sad about futurama. Psyched about korra. My emotions; they be flip floppin'.
  23. Your Forum Style?

    Orange and black go well together. Orange is my favourite colour so I guess im biased but anyone who thinks otherwise is WRONG
  24. Psychedelic Space Lounge

    Yes moderate harm to the admins who have worked hard to provide with a place where you can say such things without (much) prejudice. Frezak you Judas!
  25. Your Forum Style?

    Actually my current style is no style because Surreality mobile doesn't have style options.