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  1. Mafia! [open for new members]

    Depends how many other people join. I say we leave it another day or so in a bid to attract more members to play with us!
  2. ...and it made me frown

    I have to work when I should be channelling my inner airbender with Valentine!
  3. Your Forum Style?

    Lord knows I've tried! My appetite is not what it used to be!
  4. Your Forum Style?

    Marble primary with orange secondary! Triangle pattern. It's like a pack of cheese doritos!
  5. Psychedelic Space Lounge

    Now, now DayDreamer I don't see why you have to be like that about it. You're obviously a clever lad I'm sure we can get along just fine. How about I get you a nice new sofa chair to lounge in around the forums? And i'll get you some of the good cookies.
  6. I don't believe in Ghosts. but yes I am completely terrified of the notion of ghosts. They give me the heeebie jeeebies. Even though they dont exist.
  7. Psychedelic Space Lounge

    And we shall reward your faithfulness with virtual cookies.
  8. Ask Sunny

    I'm with Bleck. I dont want to see my boobs either! back on topic! New question! Paddington Bear loves himself some Marmalade Sandwiches! What is YOUR favourite sandwich?
  9. AAA- Ask Ambi Anything

    Do you have any allergies?
  10.'>Knife Party - Bonfire B-B-B-B-B-BONFIYAH!
  11. Anime/Manga General

    I liked watching it for Izaya and Shizuo and that pretty much kept me happy until it got good.
  12. NC-17 [Private] Avatar: The Burning Earth

    An pinkish orange glow began to bathe itself over Imperial City as dawn slowly broke. On the third and highest tier of one of the old and last temples in the city, Chen was sat cross legged on the ledge of the small bell tower that was strutting out of the tiled roof. He sat cross-legged, his eyes closed with a look of true calm across his face, his staff laying flat across his legs. He heard a gentle but increasing tapping from behind him as someone scampered up the roof carefully, trying not to break loose any tiles. Without moving Chen greeted the figure. "You're on time for one, Jarik" Chen said with a smirk. The man stood beside the bell tower to Chen's left. He was older than him, probably in his early thirties. His body was lean and toned, and he was dressed in a dark grey jacket with a wide collar. He also wore three quarter length trousers and tight leggings underneath that covered his lower legs. On his feet were a pair of white plimsoles of similar fashion to Chen's. His hair was black and short, spiking out backwards with the exception of one stubborn strand of hair that curled forward over his forehead. Jarik had dark eyes and a cold stare as he looked out on the rising sun. "Was that you then?" he asked Chen, "Last night? The market?" "I didn't start it if that's what you mean." Chen replied, "What am I not supposed to defend myself? I kept my bending to a minimum. Nobody would have noticed I was an Air Bender. Heck most people in this city have never even seen one." "That's not the point" Jarik said with a stern tone, "We're not here to attract attention. I thought you of all people wouldn't need reminding." "Mhmm" Chen hummed in response, his eyes still closed. "So are you here to lecture me or would you like to hear the good news?" Chen asked, opening his left eye to peak at Jarik and gauge his response. Jarik sighed and turned to face him. "Out with it then" he said as he folded his arms. Chen smirked and pushed himself off of the ledge, tapping down on the tiled roof and holding his staff around the back of his neck. "I found him" he said finally. Jarik's eyes widened in surprise. He strode forward, so that he was staring at Chen from mere inches apart. "you found...'him'?" Jarik asked, "You mean...the Avatar?" "Pretty sure it was him" Chen said with a soft grin. "Pretty sure?" Jarik repeated, his gaze becoming judgmental once more. "Well put it this way..." Chen replied, "He was up on a roof. The reports said he was blind...what blind kid can run across rooftops? Not to mention he caught my staff when I threw it at him. It's like he's got weird sonar vision or something. Maybe he sees our spiritual aura? Can he even do that?" "I don't know!" Jarik snapped, "Nobody does to be honest. But if he fits the description why isn't he with you. Your job was to apprehend him!" Jarik turned away from Chen and held out his hands. "I don't see him anywhere!" he barked "Calm down..." Chen said in a hushed tone, "You Fire Benders, you're all so loud and angry..." "Then perhaps you shouldn't be so prone to baiting my temper, hm?" Jarik replied. The two looked at each other an exchanged a soft smirk. Despite their differences they were allies, and they both wanted the same thing. Chen and Jarik had been assigned to search Imperial City for the Avatar. They had only been here a week, and the only information they had was that he was a young boy, most likely skilled in earth bending, and that he was blind. None of these tips were conclusive, but Chen had witnessed all three within the boy. "I'm pretty sure he's using some kind of earth bending to help himself move without sight. Can't say I understand it though. I need to be sure. Besides...he's just a kid. I don't think he even knows what he is." Chen explained, "I tailed him from the sky, I don't think he noticed. I know where he lives now. I'll just have to keep an eye on him." "Agreed" Jarik said with a nod. "Very well. You keep an eye on the boy. I'll report back to main camp. We'll make plans for the evacuation. Try to be ready." "Got it." Chen replied before bringing his staff to his side and springing the mechanism within it that caused brass rods to shoot out from near the top and the bottom, both attached to fan-like wings. Chen went off at a run down the rooftop and leapt off of it, holding the glider over his back and soaring into the air, carried on a gust of wind. He swooped into the sky, quickly fading until he was nothing but a black dot flitting about in the distance. Jarik shook his head and smirked once more, then he too took his leave. There was a knock at the door of the Winking Dragon Inn. While it may have been morning, it had not long broken, certainly too early for customers to be arriving from the street. And yet as the innkeeper opened the door he was greeted by a young man wearing black dungarees and boots, with a dark blue vest on underneath. His hair was brown and shaggy, tied back and tucked inside a red do-rag. The boy grinned at the innkeeper and gave him a wink with his green eyes. "Mornin' sir!" the young man said with a hearty smile, "Don't suppose you're open for breakfast?" "Um...well...we were just about to start might have to wait a while until it's ready." came the polite but slightly startled reply. "What a life saver!" the young man said in rejoice, "the name's Shuu! I'm working nights doing some maintenance work in the city. I'm from the east y'see." "Right well come in and have a seat for now..." the man said with a soft smile, ushering Shuu to come in. "Don't suppose you have any rooms spare?" Shuu asked as he walked into the Inn. "I haven't managed to find a place yet. Going to be here another few weeks." "Why don't we discuss it while I cook breakfast" the innkeeper suggested. "Good plan. I'm starving!" Shuu replied before going to find a seat. He looked around the Inn. Nothing out of the ordinary. It was early though. He heard noises coming from the floor above. Was there a wife on the scene? More importantly, was the Avatar up there?
  13. Ask Wahad Whatever

    I had blue mountain jamaican coffee when I was over there on vacation. Still probably my favouritest coffee. So when do you think you'll get bored of people asking you questions?
  14. Anime/Manga General

    force myself to watch 12 freaking episodes. This is like when I played WoW and everyone was like "it sucks until your level capped. Just wait until end game! It's amazing then! Just keep grinding" and then it still sucked and I quit WoW.
  15. Anime/Manga General

    Look it was confusing and I was probably busy and I'm pretty sure it was round about the same time I started watching Durarara! and I guess I must have just settled into Drrr! better.
  16. ...and it made me frown

    I have to go to work tomorrow! Booooooo! And back to University next week! BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  17. Celebration Thread

    Made some tasty Chicken & Bacon carbonara from scratch. Was really tasty. Now I have a cup of tea. Mmm tea. Today was good.
  18. Anime/Manga General

    Monogatari? Uh, like 2 episodes I think.
  19. Anime/Manga General

    I didn't hate it I just found it kinda hard to follow. I'll try it again at some point but I have to catch up on Titan first.
  20. Psychedelic Space Lounge

    Abuse my powers? For Evil? ...
  21. Surreality Themed Profile Event

    precisely why I'm offering my own services to dilute the market. Otherwise Val is gonna go all Heisenberg on our asses. He'll be cooking meth sigs all day!
  22. Anime/Manga General

    I tried watching Bakemonogatari and I just got extremely confused both in regards to what was happening on screen and what was happening in my groin area. But seriously what even in the hell happens in that anime? I really could not follow it.
  23. ...and it made me frown

    Just FYI I merged the topics. Go cry about it ya bunch of babies.
  24. Psychedelic Space Lounge

    Also anyone who isn't playing Mafia with us should totally play Mafia.
  25. Roleplaying Classifieds

    Username: Blackfrost Name: Some people call me Kyo, it's an old username, I respond to either that or Blackfrost so go nuts! Available Times: this tends to change quite a lot. I have ever-changing work shift patterns, I have University lectures, time to do project work, managing stuff on Surreality as well as a fairly demanding social life. As such I almost exclusively do private 1-on-1 role plays with someone who is comfortable with potentially taking breaks should I get busy. Post Length: Long like the freakin' Bible. As long as it ain't boring. Post Frequency: anything from 5 - 30 posts a month. It just depends how busy I am. RP Preferences: Anything really. I like all sorts of genres, I like playing all sorts of characters, I've even played females on occasion. I'm a bit of a stickler for good storytelling. I like to plan ahead and establish key plot points so that the story can be directed without being aimless. Contact Details: PM is probably the easiest, fastest and most effective means of contact.