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  1. Surreality Themed Profile Event

    Might also add that this is a perfect opportunity to take advantage of Valentine's Sig Shop if you would like a cool set up and don't have the talent or effort to knock up your own. I'm also available for commission but I haven't got around to setting up a shop thread yet. P.S. Dibs on Krookodile.
  2. Newb Poetry

    I suck at poetry and know very little about it. That being said I liked that poem. I wish I could do poems but I don't think I have the vocabulary or creative depth to write anything more than a naughty limmerick! Good job, i'm eager to read more!
  3. Psychedelic Space Lounge

    Aww man new events to look forward to. Totally tooting the go look at stuff the admins are doing to make this place more fun horn! woooohooo!
  4. Mafia! [open for new members]

    I think to avoid confusion we should have a record of each game played on the first post of the topic. That way for each game we can keep an up to date list of who is playing as well as perhaps a link to whichever page the game begins. Otherwise this could get messy. If in future the thread get's a bit cluttered, let me or another staff member know and we can trash it (we don't delete threads) and you guys can start a-fresh. I've never been involved in this game though so I don't know how disorganised it can get. At any rate I'm so in for another game!
  5. Mafia! [open for new members]

    Well I can hold my hand up and say I was innocent. Still i'm ready to play again. Let's get more people involved though.
  6. NC-17 [Private] Avatar: The Burning Earth

    The quiet on Gong Li street was only broken periodically by the general shuffling and scrapes of market stalls being packed away. Meanwhile many of the merchants and their families were gathered and chatting among each other. In one such corner a few gentleman were stood around a street light. A burly gentleman with a thick, brown mustache and a receding hairline was stood with his arms folded, talking away, whilst the shorter, stouter gentleman to his left puffed away on a pipe, coating the scene with smoke. A lanky fellow with thin eyes and a pointed jaw was leaning against the door frame to the home behind him. On a barrel next to him there was a young man sat cross legged, his entire body covered in a thick animal skin cloak, only his chin and nose poking out from under the hood. A rather simple looking staff rested on his shoulder, his bandaged hands clasped around it gently. "So I tell's this guy..." the burly man continued, "...Look buddy I don't care how much they're sellin' this for up north! Down here you won't get any cheaper than I'm sellin' for, that's for sure" "Of course!" replied the lanky fellow with a smirk, "Where in world is cheaper than here for Komodo Rhino? Unless you want to go hunt them yourself out in the west." "Exactly, Fei'lun" The burly man replied, "These Northern back packers are constantly trying to take advantage. They think we don't know our own trade!" "Actually, There's a sizeable herd of Komodo Rhino in the North." came a response from the cloaked man. The burly man and his partner, Fei'lun, both turned and eyed the cloaked man suspiciously. "And what are you a hunter? farmer?" Fei'lun asked, raising his brow and eyeballing the cloaked man. "Nah I'm just a traveler" the cloaked man replied, his voice calm and polite. "I spent some time up north in the mountains. There's a pretty big herd up there. It was part of some conservation act...they moved a group of them there years ago. It's really helping the trade. 500 Yuans a kilo I hear." "500!?" Fei'lun spat, "Y'hear that Balko? That's almost half of what we charge!" "Hmph!" Balko responded as he stroked his mustache. His pipe-smoking friend had still not spoken, seemingly minding his own business. Fei'lun was still staring at the cloaked traveler. "So what about these merchants up North? Are they looking to undercut us? Move the trade up north?" Balko asked finally. The traveler was quiet for a moment. He seemed to be pondering his response. Balko huffed impatiently and finally the traveler spoke. "I can't say I know. Pretty sure they were running a couple of restaurants specializing in traditional fire nation cuisine. It's cheaper to rear the stock nearby I guess. A couple of fire benders from my camp worked for them for a while. They only take on chefs who can fire bend. Something to do with the way they cook the meat." "Hmph! Fire Benders!" Balko spat, "bunch of stuck ups! Always trying to hold on to tradition. They can't just get with the times!" "Actually, there were benders from all walks in my old camp" the traveler responded, "Earth benders, water benders, fire benders, and some non-bending folk. We picked up people along the way for about 4 or 5 generations. By the time I was born we were all just family. Nobody cared about where you came from. All that mattered was our community. It didn't matter if you were a bender or not, everyone was equal." "Sounds dangerous to me!" Balko replied, shaking his head. "No offence to you, boy, but I wouldn't be spending my time around benders if I were you." "Who's to say he's not a bender?" Fei'lun snarled, leaning in close to him. The traveler looked back at him calmly. He heard a small twitch of a noise above them and briefly looked up to see a pair of legs hanging over the edge of the roof. He returned his eyes to face Fei'lun, and he simply smiled politely. Balko screwed his face up and folded his arms again. "You're not a fire bender are you, boy? Water? Earth?" Balko asked "Nope" the traveler replied, "And it's Chen by the way. Yangchen." he nodded his head politely. Fei'lun leant back against the door frame again but continued staring down the traveler. "Well good. Bender's only cause trouble round here. Making a fuss! Damn Free Elements do nothing but cause trouble for people like us. There's nothing wrong with Imperial City, they should just stay out of it. Not to mention that damn sport muddling up our children's heads, making them wish they were benders too. damn rebels are just trying to make the Empire look bad!" "And you don't think they might speak a bit of truth?" The traveler said with a soft smirk, lifting his head so that his face could be seen. He was a young man, 19 years of age, with green eyes like jade stone. "You sit around all comfy in this city, you don't see what goes on outside of these walls. I suppose when the Empire destroyed our entire caravan simply for being short enough money to pay a toll, I suppose, that was reasonable? To attack innocent people, and no not just benders, but people just like you. Most of my family perished because of the Imperials. But I suppose we shouldn't have been causing trouble, right?" "Are you sympathizing with those rebels? With benders?" Balko asked, his fist tightening. "Are you a Free Element, scumbag!?" "Oh, you got me!" Chen said with a grin. Balko roared and charged forward, swinging his fist down on Chen. The young man moved quickly. pushing his staff up into the air with his foot, with an invisible force sending it up past the rooftops of the buildings. As he did so he leant backwards, rolling so that he was stood on one hand, his legs pointed up in the air. Balko's fist crashed into the wooden barrel and he yelped in pain, whilst Chen vaulted over him and on to the ground. He landed with a soft tap, and spun on his heel immediately as Fei'lun swung at him from behind. He ducked and weaved, effortlessly avoiding the strikes, his feet constantly moving, winding around Fei'lun in a constant rotation of movement. Fei'lun swung at him aggresively as he re-positioned himself, until finally Chen ducked and Fei'lun's fist crashed into the jaw of the man who had been silently smoking. The man roared in pain as Chen pulled the cloak from himself and thrust it forwards, a fgust of air spiralling from his palm and sending the cloak in a heap over Fei'lun and the now furious smoking man. Balko turned to him in a rage once more but Chen simply crouched low and spread out his palms once more, causing a gust of wind to knock the broad-shouldered Balko off his feet and crashing on to the ground. As he lifted his head up Chen's staff finally returned to earth and smacked him on the forehead with a clunk. As the Balko collapsed in a heap Chen picked up his staff and looked up at the boy who was still watching him from the roof. Well, perhaps watching wasn't the word, judging by the blank, pale eyes that looked back at him. "People in this city, huh?" Chen said with a smirk and a shrug, "So aggressive. I think they just need to cool off. Yeah...I'm sure." Without his cloak Chen could be seen for what he was, a young man with shoulder length, shaggy brown hair. He was dressed in a red, sleeveless jacket that reached down just above his knees. It was strapped at the chest by pins much like a tunic, as well as a black sash around the waist. He wore black shorts and his wrists and shins were wrapped in bandages. On his feet he wore a simply pair of black, split-toed plimsolls. He tapped the end of his staff gently against his forehead and then pointed it back at the boy. "Probably best I'm not around when they come to. Don't go telling them which way I went!" he said with another warm smile before running off fown the street and into the darkness.
  7. Ask Sunny

    Do girls all show each other their boobs and compare? If so, How do I successfully infiltrate this strange custom for...research? O.o
  8. Mafia! [open for new members]

    My vote is final. I'm happy to proceed.
  9. Mafia! [open for new members]

    Now I'm all kinds of confused. I see Day's logic but I can sorta see Nikkia's as well. I feel like Day is stirring the pot a lot. Although he is making sense so... At the moment I have three suspects: DayDreamer, Nikkia and rubberrazors. At the moment I feel Day is pitching to get Nikkia lynched, and if he were a Mafioso then this would mean Nikkia was innocent and would probably also mean that he was trying to deflect attention from rubberrazors most likely because she is the other mafioso. However if Nikkia is a Mafioso then it stands that rubberazors is probably innocent and that DayDreamer is a very clever and useful asset to us innocents. In conclusion DayDreamer is either a devious supervillain or a brilliant ace detective. It's too hard to say at the moment. However I feel like I'll have a pretty safe idea of who it is. I vote Nikkia to be lynched. Mostly because I feel DayDreamer's logic is sound. That said if she turns out to be innocent, then I know who I've got my crosshairs on for tomorrow. And if my suspicions are right I'll probably die tonight.
  10. Ask Wahad Whatever

    What's your favourite coffee then?
  11. Mafia! [open for new members]

    Hmm well that ain't a good start! Guess we will have to be more careful. So I've been thinking that my guess for Asura was just that, a guess, a shot in the dark. But Nikkia votes for Asura too. Perhaps she knows somethin' I don't. Perhaps she wants to send poor Asura down the creek without a paddle? Perhaps I'm reading too much into it. Food for thought though people. Food for thought.
  12. Okay in answer to the question; I am refraining from answering it for obvious reasons. Same reason I wouldn't give out my address or my bank details. The Mafia Game is VERY SERIOUS BUSINESS
  13. very, very clever. Nice try.
  14. The Birthday Thread!

    Happy Birthday Bleck! I'm sending you out good birthday vibes! Cus I'm too cheap to buy you a real gift.
  15. Mafia! [open for new members]

    Would the Mafia really kill their own member? Really?
  16. News & Talk Japan is making an ice wall. I love their wacky ideas.
  17. Mafia! [open for new members]

    Its so tense! Very surprised I wasnt the first to be lynched o.o
  18. League of Legends

    I'd be up for Dota if you poor saps are happy to carry me! Maybe make a seperate topic for dota though?
  19. DayDreamer - I suspect the question was "Blackfrost why are you so handsome?" However your brain became addled at the mere sight of my handsomeness and you forgot. Resonance - 42
  20. Mafia! [open for new members]

    I say Asura. Just cus. No particular reason. Shot in the dark. Sorry Asura!
  21. Mafia! [open for new members]

    Ultimately at the current point its pure chance.
  22. Video Games General

    I pretty much love all the fire emblem mechanics. All I can say is prepare to save the game loads and get used to soft resets.
  23. Ask Wahad Whatever

    Thanks ill try it out. Im not too shabby at cooking, my brothers a chef so hes taught me a few things. The trouble is im a terrible teacher and get rather impatient when trying to teach my gf. Often I end up taking over which isn't helpful in the long run. There is also the issue that she gets a bit stabby with knifey things! So what was the last thing you ate?
  24. Name: Yangchen (Often just called Chen) Age: 19 Appearance: tall and lean. Chen has green eyes and shaggy light brown hair that stops at his shoulders with a pair of prominent bangs framing his face. His arms, wrists and ankles are wrapped in bandages. He wears toed sandals and short trousers that stop just past his knees. He often wears a red, sleeveless jacket that reaches down to his thighs. Personality: Chen is a very relaxed and focused person. He is wise beyond his years and rarely fusses too much over trivial matters. He is youthfully mischievous at times but only in good fun. He is a truly kind natured and gentle person who has achieved a calm sense of belonging through his lifestyle as a nomad. History: Chen was born into a group of nomads who traveled across the world, although mostly throughout the Earth Kingdom. He is one of the rare few of his tribe who was born with the ability to manipulate the element of air. Chen was raised by his grandfather, Liu Fon, who taught him the ways of the ancient air nomads, and of his ancestry as an Air Bender. According to Liu Fon, all Air Benders are descendants of a gifted Avatar from many hundreds of years ago, and the blood of that avatar flows within the body of every air bender alive today. 2 years ago Chen's grandfather died defending the caravans when his tribe were attacked. Chen has traveled alone for the past few years. He has managed to find work for a group of rebels who fight against the empire that took his grandfather's life. Whilst Chen has no lust for vengeance, he desires to right the wrongs he feels the Empire has caused.