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  1. Duke Dumont feat. A*M*E - Need U (100%) might be seeing this guy next Sunday. Saw him at Creamfields last weekend. So stoked!
  2. What are you watching?

    You butts are really making me want to go watch a freaking digimon marathon! So yeah now that True Blood is over I'm pretty much just watching Breaking Bad and Orange Is The New Black. OH and Attack On Titan.
  3. Psychedelic Space Lounge

    I actually enjoyed running. I dont know why I tend to get lazy and stop exercising and dieting because when i do it I really enjoy it. Then it stops suddenly for some stupid reason and I never get back to it. Anyone got a Samsung Galaxy s4? I think I might be in love with mine. But I don't know how to tell it.
  4. Video Games General

    I'm still trying to slowly but surely beat fire emblem: awakening. I have no time for new games. I dont even have time for the games I have >_>
  5. Ask Bleck Things

    According to the forum this thread is HOT! are you hot? as in temperature? Or is Surreality lying?
  6. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHH you sneaky, crafty lil'....*grumbles* Well nothing set in stone yet. I was planning to let the forum get rolling first but holy crap you guys work fast! I plan to bring back a bunch of old favourites such as the RP days where we will let our favourite rp characters run amok in the OOC sections. Also look out for seasonal events such as Halloween, Christmas, Easter, My Birthday, etc... I'm also thinking of stealing a Triumvirate favourite and having an actual forum-wide gender swap day, but we shall see. Ultimately if you guys want something in particular there is a site suggestions topic somewhere and you can also PM me with suggestions, lord knows I'll be happy to receive them. There will also be some writing contests, art contests, and other stuff which will feature a prize in some form or another. It's early days but...
  7. Referral Contest

    Val should be banned from the contest for saying swag. jus' sayin'.
  8. It's me... again!

    ZZzzzzzz....HUH! WHAT!? WHO!?....*grumbles*... ...zzzzz
  10. It's me... again!

    Welcome back! Don't worry if you don't have a lot of time, we appreciate it every time an old member pops in for a visit, no matter how brief. Hopefully we will take over your life again! Yaaaay!
  11. Been a while

    Welcome back! Have fun! Don't be shy! Wheeeeeeeeee!
  12. hi

    Oh look it's The Dan! Welcome back!
  13. Introduction

    Hi Amy! I don't rp much either, more because I don't have the time these days than anything else. We have an awesome community though so why not stick around and enjoy the dick and fart jokes?
  14. Evening~

    Welcome to the forum! Grab a beer rootbeer and have fun!
  15. eyooo

    Welcome back! See ya around the forum.
  16. Welcome back! Hope you're well! See ya around the forums!
  17. Well this is nostalgic

    Don't underestimate Surreality. ack! has a huge stock of Max Revives. Welcome back!
  18. Oh, hi! *little dance*

    Welcome to Surreality. Stick around, have some fun, have some of the fictional cookies before they are all eaten!
  19. Afrojack - Rock The House basically listening to lots of dance while I go through the creamfields blues. It's been 4 days and I still miss it! T_T
  20. Psychedelic Space Lounge

    I want to get fit, exercise, do a bit of weights, and learn some cool dance moves. I will probably do none of those things. I know a few people who do muai thai kick boxing. Can't say I've ever seen anyone get so excited about paying money to get their ass kicked every week but there you go!
  21. Interrogation

    Apparently crickets taste a bit like pork scratchings... *shrug* Who is your favourite musical artist/band at this particular moment in time?
  22. Psychedelic Space Lounge

    We're just here to give ack! some slack. It get's harder taking care of this place when grown up stuff gets in the way. I dunno anything about local sports teams... I actually dont know anything about sports in general.
  23. Diablo 3 - For consoles...?

    Plus paying full price for the privilege to do so. I know they've modified it greatly and thats great for console gamers but mostly just a slap in the face to PC gamers who dedicated time to it.
  24. Coheed & Cambria - Key Entity Extraction I: Domino The Destitute gonna see Coheed soon so kinda exciiited.