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  1. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    As a hint id say dont focus on the meaning of the words. Focus more on the words themselves and the attributes they hold.
  2. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    I know this because I've seen it before (although it was a little different but the solution is still the same) but I'll hold off on answering it since i didnt technically figure it out, i already knew. Tis a pretty decent riddle!
  3. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    Heroine! He Her Hero Heroine!
  4. Fair enough. Hit me up ln skype...its kond of a long story xD
  5. I could tell you my ending i had planned if you'd like...? But no i won't be joining. Like i seriously have very limited windows where i can post right now so it would be unfair on everyone.
  6. Was tempted to join but there is a ton of people and I'd slow the pace right down sp i will pass. Good luck though, I'll probably read it and enjoy the antics all the same!
  7. That was exactly how i intended to kill everyone at the end of Fuyukaba. How did you know!?
  8. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    I have a feeling it's a word. The fact that it refers to the first (however many) being a thing seems confusing, but it could refer to a word. Like how "homeopathy" you could say "the first four are where I live but i get there through the 6th to thw 9th" or something like that. Bad example i suppose but that's my reasoning as to solving this. That said. I dunno what word it is. -____-
  9. "Attention! Attention! This story is being seized for breach of intellectual property! It is inspired by the exclusive brain thoughts of Mr. Ky-" *bursts in to flames* "Tch! That guy was annoying!" Karyu Morinaga appears behind the unconscious and badly burnt lawyer. "It's a real shame I ain't got time to crack heads any more with you guys...but it makes me glad to see you carrying the torch! This rp get's...two thumbs up from me!"
  10. Krios eyed the Orc for a moment, assessing her posture and musing over her question. He was getting tired of his motives being questioned. However the way she had asked, it felt differ from the tiresome grumblings of her Alfar friend. Was killing the dragon necessary? “I am aware of the dragons who live in your frozen tundra, but this one is not the same.†Krios explained. “I do not know much of Frost Dragons but if they are anything like their brethren from the North then they are undoubtedly intelligent. However most dragons I have encountered look to us like an ant under our boot. We are nothing to them, they do not even deem us worthy of being their food. This dragon has torched farms and villages on its way here. So you tell me, is it necessary? Or do you think you can appeal to its more sensitive side?†The orc sighed, seemingly torn with the information, “I was afraid you’d say that.†Ondine stroked Azu’s neck, staring at the patterns in his fur as if she’d find her answer there. “I dislike the idea of killing one of their kind, but if they are as you say they are, then I cannot simply ignore the fate of this city. I will see this dragon myself and if it comes to that, you will have my blade.†“It will come to that†Krios affirmed. “These creatures are no easy kill, we will have no time to ask it of it’s motives. We will strike fast and kill it, or die doing so. Is that agreeable?†Ondine’s face hardened into a scowl, her blue eyes glaring, “No, I do not make agreements with people I do not know, to kill something that all of my experiences suggests does not need to be killed. I will however, stand with your party, and if your words prove true, I will not hesitate to do what needs to be done.†Krios just shook his head. “Disappointing. Very well, let’s ride out. Syl you can ride with me. Maugrim trusts you.†The Alfar seemed happy with this, perhaps a little honoured to have Maugrim carry him. When he was sat on the worg comfortably, Krios gave the signal and they went off at a sprint. Disappearing from the view of the city they padded through the valleys without stopping. For hours they travelled with little said, for conversation was quite difficult when moving at speed. It was not until they passed through a thin passage through a pair of large, rocky mountains that their pace slowed. Krios still moved at the front, and when he slowed so did everyone else in turn. They required very little direction, they simply knew what they had to do. Krios turned to Shak’ti he was a fair distance behind on her own white furred worg. “We don’t have eyes here. Send up a scout.†He said to her. The scout in question was a red tailed hawk that was perched in front of her, resting comfortably on her upper thigh. She scooped the bird of prey on to her arm, before sending it up, soaring in to the sky above the narrow pass. “Bonny thing†Shak’ti said as she sidled alongside Ondine on her white worg. “…What is it?†she nodded her head at Azu. “A terabou, essentially an oversized reindeer, quite a bit faster and stronger though.†Ondine patted Azu’s neck as he seemed to stand taller at the attention. She turned her attention again to Shak’ti’s worg, “We don’t have wolves that size in Jogrund, but then we don’t have much of anything down there.†“Worgs are native to Agrines†Shak’ti explained. “Probably because they’re quite territorial, and they don’t like strangers. Humans would probably cull them all I imagine. They’re not smart enough to befriend a beast.†Ondine shrugged, "I'm not familiar with humans, to be honest. Prior to leaving Jogrund just a couple weeks ago I'd never encountered one. I've heard only stores about them from my father and tribe mates." "I quite like 'em to be honest" Shak'ti said with a grin. "They wash more than Agrinians that's for sure. Smell nicer. They can be a bit dumb...but then again even Agrinians can be quite dumb." Shak'ti realised she was rambling a little and smirked. "So what are you lot like? Gotta be tough to stick it out in the freezing cold, no?""That's a hard question. To me, we are what we are. Seeing these human settlements with their massive buildings is very strange to me. While there are some tribes that don't travel, and so their tribes can offer larger more extravagant structions, most of us follow the migrations of the terabou. Since we move so regularly we live out of huts and tents that can easily be taken down and reconstructed. The terabou are our everything, our mounts, obviously, but also our food, clothes, weapons. Without the terabou I'm not sure we could survive as we do." Ondine rubbed Azu's neck again, obviously with quite a bit of affection for the beast. "That's like us with the worgs!" Shak'ti said excitedly, clearly pleased to find something in common with Ondine. "There was a time when we were almost killed off entirely by dragons. If it weren't for the worgs we'd never be able to move fast enough to hunt them. Oh and I'm Shak'ti by the way, the hawk master."Ondine smiled at Shak'ti's excitement, "I am Ondine. You're a hawk master? Like with the bird that perches on your arm like a pet? Sorry, not a whole lot of birds in Jogrund either." She laughed, "Just dragons, but they don't bother us.""They're not pets, no" Shak'ti replied. "We don't really have pets. The hawks are our eyes in the sky, they scout for us and relay messages. As a hawk master the hawks are a part of me, just like Kobi." Shak'ti stroked the white wolf under her. "Humans just don't get this sort of stuff. They can't see past this master, subordinate bollocks. The best way i can explain it is...well look at this group. Every Agrinian has a job, and their partnered Worg has the same job. You've probably guessed that we follow Krios, but we follow Maugrim too. Together they are our leader, does that make any sense?" "I'll be honest, it sounds a little strange, but I understand the theory anyway." She answered, her eyes on Shak'ti's white worg as if analyzing it."If you're worried, don't be." Shak'ti said, leaning down a little to catch Ondine's gaze again. "Worgs don't kill unless the Alpha says so. And Maugrim wouldn't harm Azu, he's gotten pretty good at figuring out what animals are food and which are friends.""I do hope so. Azu has seen me through situations I'm not sure I would have been able to manage on my own." Ondine torn her eyes from the worg to meet Shak'ti's."I like you, we've got a lot in common. He likes you too, despite what you might think." Shak'ti nodded ahead of the pack to Krios. "He's just expecting more from you. When others look at's that same feeling as looking in to a storm." Ondine stared at Shak'ti with confusion, "I'm not sure how to take that comment... and yet, I think I understand it. Regardless, if he was hoping for some valorous warrior to rush up and slay the beastie, well I'm only too glad to disappoint.""Hah!" Shak'ti gave a big grin. "That's where your wrong. We're dragon hunters, so we have to take the blood ritual. It awakens the beast within, and it let's you see what's slumbering just under the surface." Shak'ti pointed at Ondine "there's a storm in there. That's why he likes you, because Krios..." Shak'ti glanced at her leader and gave an affectionate smirk. "...there's a storm in him too.""Well, I most certainly don't understand that one, regardless I apologize for assuming and will try not to do so." Ondine replied. "You are fond of him?""Of course." Shak'ti replied. "...wait...not in that way, cheeky!" She blushed a little. "He's just...the man we all chose to follow. You'll see, you might think he hates dragons, but he doesn't. He loves them, practically worships them. To us, giving in is the lowest form of disrespect, that's why he hunts them." Before they could continue their conversation, the company began to pick up the pace once more as they exited the passage and returned back out to the open plains. They pressed on for hours yet, and the morning passed them by. With the afternoon upon them they finally slowed their pace once more as Krios motioned for them to come to a complete stop. Maugrim had begun to get agitated. "You smell it too, old friend" Krios said to his worg. He turned his neck to look at Syl who was sat behind him. "Can you smell that? It's subtle, it's carrying in the wind...""Ash." Syl replied, holding the back of his hand up to his nose to block the stench from his sensitive nose. "We're too late...""Optimistic I see." Krios replied, as he lead Maugrim up a large rock, and as they reached the edge they were greeted with a glorious view, looking over a vast chasm of green, and a large lake of water, all cradled among a sheer cliff face that arced round like a crescent moon, and off in the distance, on the edge of the horizon, black smoke cascaded in to the sky. "Still a way off, a little under a day." Krios said with a thoughtful nod. "The wind is carrying in to this chasm, if it keeps up it will hide our scent. This is the place." Krios turned Maugrim around and addressed Shak'ti once more. "Call the hawk back. Send it to Amerus, bring the Lord here with his men. This is where we will stand." Shak'ti did not respond, and instead followed her order, whistling in to the air to call the hawk back. As she did the rest of the Agrinians gathered to hear their own orders. "We'll make camp up here, hiding among the rocks." Krios explained. "All of you start making preparations. I will go over the plan when we return.""Where are you going?" Shak'ti asked. "There was a forest back the way we came. I'll fetch us some food." Krios replied. "Syl, you can join me. I would have words."Syl glanced at Ondine and then turned to walk beside Krios, "What have you to say to me that you cannot say before the others?" "Nothing like that, my people don't keep secrets." Krios replied. "I just like to know the men I work with. Your friend Ondine, whether she intends to or not, her intentions are as clear as day but you are a shadow..." Krios paused for a moment, considering what he had said. "Come, cousin. Show me how our ancestors hunt." Creeping slowly through the forest, Krios held his bow in his hand, an arrow notched on the bowstring, ready to draw at a moments notice. "Normally I hunt with Maugrim. His nose is better than mine. However on this occasion i'll waive practicality for the sake of a learning experience" Krios said, his voice hushed so as not to startle any potential game. "I'll follow your lead on this one. Show me how an Alfar hunts.""I was not hired to be your teacher." Syl replied curtly, "If you have something to say, then say it. I do not share my people's ways with haella." "You are a tough nut, so it seems." Krios replied. "You're quite suspicious of others when it's only you that's keeping secrets. I love the hunt, Syl. Pardon me for trying to see it from someone else's eyes. In that case, If you're willing, I'll show you how we hunt. Okay?" Syl almost refused but decided against it, he had no interest in this outsider's hunting practices and rituals, however, he did not want to further offend. "As you wish." He replied, "Lead on." "Kind of wish I hadn't left Maugrim now..." Krios muttered. As they moved through the forest Krios crouched low, moving slowly and watching his step carefully. At the same time he was searching the ground for signs of life. Even with the thick brush of fallen leaves it was still possible to find disturbances. Some time passed as they continued, indeed this part was a slow process without his worg to aid him. Eventually Krios stopped at the bark of a tree. He examined the marking across the bottom of it. There were signs of digging. His eyes trailed across the ground away from the tree, tracing the disturbed parts of the ground. There were tracks, the footprints were small and the distance suggested a bounding creature. Probably and hare or a rabbit. He followed the trail, his eyes tracing ahead carefully. Eventually he stopped, motioning for Syl to do the same. With his free hand he felt the ground, finally finding a pebble. He paused for a moment, considering his next move, before hurling the pebble in to the air. By the time it had landed elsewhere with a sudden crack, there was a sound of ruckus as something became startled and began darting through the forest. His arrow was already drawn tight, and he followed the creature, his aim leading the target. He took a deep breath, and then he loosed the arrow. The silence that followed was deafening. Krios motioned for Syl to follow him and they moved to where the arrow had landed. There in the dry leaves was a hare, the arrow clean through it. It had been dead in an instant. "Good, it's a clean kill." Krios said. "I don't think I'd have lived it down if I'd made a tit of myself in front of you." Krios removed the arrow from the lifeless creature, swiftly snapping it's tender little neck just to be sure. There was no need in prolonging suffering so senselessly. "I don't suppose that was too different from what I imagine you would do." Krios said as he tied the hair around his belt so he could carry it with him. "The game's a bit small here though. I'm used to boar, maybe an elk or two. If we're feeding everyone we're going to need a lot more than this." Krios motioned for Syl to go ahead of him. "Let's see what you can find then."
  11. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    Triplets and the third is a girl? EDIT: Or I guess even quadruplets, quintuplets, etc but the rest are all girls. I dunno. >_>
  12. Avatar: Reborn from Ash

    Yaozu sighed as he rubbed the bruise on his cheek tenderly. He was now sitting on top of a mossy rock, with Fang stood next to him. Minus the punch to the face he was otherwise fine, and Fang seemed to have calmed down now. Somehow she had come to notice the truth about Yaozu, that he was the Avatar. He rubbed his hands together and thought about what he had to say. Fang had been gone from the world for a long time, so she probably had some catching up to do. "I suppose I should start from the beginning." he said. "Yes, I'm the Avatar. I've been training my whole life, I've travelled around the world to master the elements, I've even visited the Spirit World a couple of times, although not for very long. Anyway I didn't really know very much about the goings on in the Earth Kingdom ten years ago. Politics were often avoided, because my teachers could be biased and perhaps sway me. As the Avatar I have to remain impartial, and growing up in the Fire Nation can make that a little tricky. Anyway when I completed my training it was decided that I should be involved in some of the goings on. I attended an annual meeting of the world leaders in Republic City. This is kind of when things went a little strange. Lei Shen didn't show up, and sent an advisor to notify the world leaders of the Earth Kingdom', now it's the Earth Empire. Lei Shen has taken on the role of Emperor. The guy he sent was...he just didn't seem like a very nice person. Liu you know him?" "Earth Empire...?" Fang muttered, furrowing her grizzled brow in thought, "Well... Lei Shen saved my life, he sent me here, and... I don't know. I hated what he'd done at first, but... I came to understand how much better it was for me, but Liu Xiang...." Fang let out a short laugh, "He was a Captain in Lei Shen's service when I last saw him. He always seemed a little slimy to me, but nothing that Lei Shen couldn't take care of." "Yeah, I noticed that when Lei Shen came to me after the meeting." Yaozu replied. "He explained everything pretty clearly, which wasn't what I expected. Everything made sense after he let me know but something just didn't feel right. It's almost too perfect. I mean...if you don't mind, could you tell me about what happened? Lei Shen said that you killed your father, and you confirmed as much. But...what actually happened?" "What happened?" Fang parroted, "Hong-li Zhao gave me more than anyone, I owed him so much and I failed him. He gave me wealth, respect, rank, order and discipline and training beyond anyone else in the army, or even our special units. He elevated me above all others, and when I thought I could be given no greater honour..." Fang sat and crossed her legs, sighing to herself, "... he adopted me." She shook her head, "But, then ten years ago... it was just a night like any other, i'd said goodnight to my father, and I was going to watch over him for a few hours before being relieved by one of the special unit soldiers, when I heard a noise from his room. I burst in, but I saw my father sleeping there, undisturbed." Fang lowered her eyes to the ground, "I thought he was sleeping, at least at first, but then I realised how still he was. He was already dead. Poison... tch, what a coward--" She shook her head, clearing her thoughts, "I remember, I ran to the window and saw the assassin escaping down the wall, and snapped his rope but as he fell, he... he pulled something off his back, opened it and splashed it everywhere and then, suddenly, he was waterbending. I was so dumbstruck I almost didn't catch him, lot of good that did..." Fang scowled as she absent-mindedly itched her scarred shoulder. "We barely fought for a few seconds, but in that time, he managed to do most of what you're looking at now." She indicated her face, neck and shoulder - absent one arm. "It was like fighting a demon." She punched the ground. Yaozu sighed heavily, looking down at the ground. For a moment he paused, picking his words carefully. What Fang had said seemed to confirm his suspicions. Something did not add up, there was a secret, no...a lie. No he knew that it was deeply connected with the events of 10 years ago. He pushed himself off of the rock and stood up, finally looking at Fang. "...Lei Shen...he said that there was no assassin. He said it was you." Yaozu said finally, his face cross and accusative, but his anger was no directed at Fang, but to Lei Shen. "Well..." Fang began, but then she trailed off and shook her head, almost laughing, "He... he must have meant that... that it was my fault? Maybe... he didn't want there to be any panic? I mean... I-I don't..." She fell into silence, lost in her thoughts. "He said he saw the change in you, that you had a lust for power." Yaozu replied, his gaze unflinching. "He implied that...the only reason you were not executed was because he had made a promise not to. It's pretty difficult to misinterpret that. He made you sound dangerous, like a person I...should not go near." Yaozu remembered his dream, where Yun Feng had reached out to him, guided him to where he needed to go. "Yun Feng knew I had to find you, he guided me here. I think...this was the reason why." Fang opened her mouth to speak, but no words could escape her lips, they opened and closed like a fish gulping for air. Minutes passed in silence until at last Fang found her voice, but now, she was angry. "This doesn't make sense!" She barked, leaping to her feet. "How could he have promised to my father not to carry out my execution?!" Her face screwed up in sheer disbelief, "My father was dead before I even reached him, he couldn't have said anything to Lei Shen!!" There was a creak, and then a loud, ominous groan, as if coming from the earth itself. Darkness was quickly enveloping the skies over the forest, the leaves on the trees began to wither. Tree branches twisted and contorted, and the plants and creatures began to warp into horrific forms. Yaozu looked around him, worry spreading over his face. "Fang..." he said to her cautiously. Fang looked around her and snarled, her lips coiled back and she bared her teeth like an animal but after a few seconds she began to calm herself only through what was obviously well-rehearsed mental exercises, though despite their surroundings slowly morphing back to normal, it was still clear on her face that a rage sat at the edge of her consciousness. "I'm...I'm sorry" Yaozu said, hanging his head down. "I didn't consider your feelings...I'll leave, if that's what you want. I know now that there is something wrong and I know I have to do something about it. If you want to stay here...and forget all of this, well, I would understand...""Oh, you're leaving alright." Fang clenched her fist and her gaze bore into Yaozu, "And i'm coming with you, old man." Yaozu was stunned at the revelation. At first he had thought there was no hope for Fang joining him, after all she had built a new life here. He felt guilty for digging up her past, but he could see the resolve in her eyes. He had awakened something within her, and he could never take it back. "If you're sure." Yaozu said, forcing a smile. "Oh but...I'm not actually here. My body is in Republic City." Yaozu looked around as if an answer would appear to him through the trees. "You would have to take the long way out. There was a spirit portal near Republic City was closed by Yun Feng when a group of cultists tried to use it to enter the Spirit World to manipulate the spirits within. I...I don't think I can open it." Yaozu sat himself back on the ground, crossing his legs. "I may not have my bending here but there might be something I can do. Just hang on a second..." Yaozu took a deep breath inwards, his eyes closed and he tried to exit all thought from his mind. As he exhaled he looked within himself, past his own being, and even past those who had come before him. He knew that when he reached the bottom of his soul he would find the one thing that could help him. The image of the great spirit was burned in his mind, a kite shaped being with a beautiful blue glow. He inhaled, and then exhaled once more. "...Raava..." he muttered, and then he opened his eyes, and they were washed out with a glowing blue energy. The forest around them began to shift and change, disappearing from sight. Before they knew it they were soaring through the sky, passing through clouds, passing mountains and valleys below in the blink of an eye. Finally they began to slow, and then eventually stop. They were in a dark and barren place, both sat outside a great tree amidst the nothingness. In the sky above them there were two beams of light shooting up in to the sky, both opposite each other. A third could be seen, but it's light was blocked off, sealed away. Yaozu stood up as his eyes returned to normal. "I've taken you as far as I can." he explained. "Take that portal over there" he pointed to one of them. "That will take you to the South Pole. It's in the middle of nowhere, but if you keep a brisk walk you can make it to the Southern Water Tribe in a few days. Outside of the Portal there are White Lotus members who keep watch. They have a camp with some supplies. Tell them I asked for you, and that they should help you. They can give you some food, and some warmer clothes." Yaozu looked around at the place they were at. His soul seemed to resonate here, it was a place that was incredibly important to his past lives, and he supposed that ultimately this was where his story had originally began. "I'll get an airship to the Southern Water Tribe and meet you there, in person this time. Oh and Fang...if you ever want to turn back, please tell me. We can always come back here and see your friends, okay?""Yeah, sure thing, old man. See you soon." Fang grinned, placing her arm on her hip and sighing as she looked around at the spirit realm for what might be the last time. Yaozu gave a smile and a nod. "Okay, I'll see you soon then." and with that he disappeared from in front of her. Yaozu gasped as his eyes opened to the view over Republic City from the top of the great spirit vine tree. Juro was curled up asleep on his lap, but awoke and lifted his tired little head. "I did it Juro." he said with a smile. He patted the fire ferrets head. "Thanks for looking our for me buddy. Come on let's go." An hour later Yaozu was looking out at Republic City as it began to disappear from sight. As he flew over the sea on an airship he adjusted the collars on the blue fur-lined coat he was wearing. He knew all too well that where he was going, he was going to need to be wrapped up nice and warm. Juro poked his head out from his jacket and nuzzled his cheek, quite enjoying the warmth of the coat. Yaozu gave a smirk. He felt inspired, finally he had something to go on. He had some old friends in the Southern Water Tribe, and hopefully a new friend in Fang. Perhaps this was the start of his first real adventure.
  13. It was dark by the time Krios emerged from the Keep. In his absence the other Agrinians had set up a small camp of sorts in the courtyard outside of the Cathedral. Braziers had been lit and the Agrinians were sat enjoying wine and mead, many of them lying against their Worgs for warmth and comfort. Krios found a woman with thick, shaggy, black hair that was shaved away at the sides. Her ears and nose were adorned with various piercings, and her arms and neck decorated with dark ink tattoos. Shak’ti was his second in command of sorts. There were no ranks to speak of, in Agrines the strong stand out and people naturally follow them. Shak’ti had found herself a companion, a human man. She was a young but incredibly strong and confident woman, the man she had her arm around was twice her age, balding and…well…slight of frame was probably the polite way to put it. When Krios drew near the man looked up at his figure, and squinted, his head swaying from side to side. Shak’ti smirked and raised the cup in her hand to greet Krios. “Krios!†she exclaimed, “You finally decide to climb down from the arse of his lordship then? Did one enjoy ones dinner?†“Hmph!†Krios smirked, folding his arms. “And I suppose this gentleman here is a Grand Duke? He’s a bit…scrawny, no?†“I’m surrounded my whole life by chiselled fucks who can’t resist an opportunity to swing their dicks around.†Shak’ti replied, pausing to unceremoniously snort and then spat the contents out of her mouth on to the ground. She turned to the scrawny man beside her and gave a soft smile. “This little man is quite funny. He can’t hold his wine for shit and, bless him, he’s bloody fascinated by my tits but he keeps trying to avoid staring at ‘em. It’s hilarious!†“Well as long as you’re happy I suppose.†Krios shook his head a little and then turned his gaze at the sky. “Their scouts think it’s two days from reaching Amerus. That’s if you trust a scout that’s never seen a dragon before. It could be here in an hour for all they know. We ride with the dawn, I want to see this land for myself. Make sure the hawks are ready.†“What about more men?†Shak’ti asked, her tone becoming serious for a moment. “We’re stretched kind of thin here, and I’ve never heard of anyone successfully killing a dragon with only a couple of days to prepare. Not even you, Krios.†“If we can find the right spot, we can lure it away from the city. We might not fell the beast but we’ll hopefully keep it away from the city. If it does reach this place…these people won’t stand a chance.†Krios breathed a heavy sigh through his nostrils. He disliked being unprepared. “Anyway, the men. Dumont can spare 30 of his men, but their soldiers not hunters. At least we can count on them following orders. Grunts won’t help for much though…we need some specialists.†“There hasn’t been a dragon in Rhaegal in over 5’000 years. How the fuck is anyone supposed to be a specialist on them?†Shak’ti replied, shaking her head. “There’s no point hoping something like that will just fall on your lap. We should stick to what we know. We could bait and switch?†“Hmm.†Krios rubbed his chin as he thought about it. “Take the Worgs and ride out, we can distract it while Dumont’s men launch an offensive strike. It’s risky, they’ll never pierce it’s hide without enchantments, Dumont could do that I suppose. I’d still like some insurance though. Rhaegal has mages, right?†“What they fuck are they?†Shak’ti replied, she had ignored his question as he attention was fixed in the distance, outside a nearby tavern. “That one’s all pale and sick looking. The other one…look at her teeth, and those muscles…actually I’d probably give her a go to be fair.†“You’d give anything a go.†Krios replied, shaking his head. “She’s an Orc, and she’s pretty far north. You won’t see many of her kind around. And the man is…well actually he’s our cousin, sort of. Alfar, again pretty far north from his home. Could be mercenaries. If so they might be persuaded to help with the hunt. I might ask them to come.†“I’ll make her come†Shak’ti replied with a devilish smirk. “Hah! You should probably finish with the one under your arm before you move on to the next one.†Krios said as he took a seat on the ground. “They look deep in conversation. I’ll leave them be for now, it can wait until morning at least.†Shak’ti gave Krios a disappointed look. “We have to ride out in the morning! I mean…she might be up for a threesome. The pale one can watch I suppose…†“Shak’ti if you had a cock you would be a truly terrifying beast…†Krios said finally.
  14. Algaia <----------- MAP! Algaia is a land steeped in rich history. The sprawling continent is filled with life and magic oozes out of every crevasse. There is everything from the wondrous to the mundane. Aside from the intelligent races who rule the lands, there are many more interesting creatures. Goblins, Trolls, Fairies, Kobolds, Worgs and even the Undead. Yet none of these creatures is more amazing and yet terrifying as the Dragon. It has been thousands of years since any Dragons have reached the lands of Rhaegal, with only a sparse group of Fire Dragons in Agrines, and the Frost Dragons of Jogrund ever being seen at this time. Worry is beginning to wash over Rhaegal and the King has sent a request for help from the Dragon Hunters of Agrines. Scorched farmlands and people and livestock going missing. Whispers speak of a black winged devil soaring through the skies. After all this time, Dragons have come to Rhaegal, and no doubt this is the result of something far more dark and nefarious… Raeghal The Legacy of Man details the history of the race known as Humans. The great tome tells tales stretching back over 5’000 years. In their earliest days, the Human folk drifted across The Eversea from lands untold and found themselves upon the shores of Algaia. It was not long before they met with the natives of this land, The Elven. These mysterious figures were long lived and beautiful, and they enchanted humanity with their gifted magical abilities. However the Elven too were infatuated with these simple folk, who were strong and capable without the use of magic. In their Hubris they sought to see if the Human folk could learn magic as they did. Indeed with years of training, few Humans emerged with the gift. It was then that the Elven folk learned of Humanity’s great power and resolve. Despite their weakness, the many faults, the humans accomplished much, and did so quickly. Before long the Humans grew in number, their people now rivalling the population of the Elves. Resources and territory became scarce and bickering soon turned to fighting. A great war broke out among the two allied peoples. After years of bloodshed, despite their gifts, the Elven were pushed back by the now bloated and bloodthirsty hordes of men. Some of the Elven fled North to the barren lands that bordered the Furia, whilst other traversed South to seek aid from the shamanic Orcs of Jogrund. The largest and most hospitable lands became the territory of the Human folk, and they all but eradicated any signs of the Elven who had lived there before them. They erected Towns, and Cities, and the once proud Capitol of the Elvish Territories was taken, and renamed Midas. As the centuries passed, discord grew even amongst the Humans alone, and soon they fought wars with one another. Towards the end it seemed they would be doomed to wipe each other out, if it were not for one man. Ithenral Sunborn was a great and powerful Paladin Knight, one who commanded the Light of the world to spur on his holy crusade. Through determination and force he united the Human people once more. Ithenral declared himself the King of Men, and named their lands Rhaegal, and sat his throne in the great city of Midas. His family have ruled ever since, all the way to our story’s beginning. Raeghal is the largest and most prestigious Kingdom in Algaia. The King of Men, Isaac Sunborn, saw to that as he finished the work of his forefathers, crusading across the land and dominating all who opposed him. However in times of relative peace, Raeghal is a multi-cultural land, the various towns and keeps ruled over by Lords, chosen by King Isaac himself to keep his people in line. There is now a tentative peace between the humans of Rhaegal, and the Dwarven, The Agrinians, the Alfar, and even the Orcs. The Kingdom enjoys the comfort of a balanced climate, creating plenty of hospitable lands for farmers to reap their bounty. Animals flourish in the woodlands and game is aplenty. The people also live in relative safety, the most terrifying of creatures, the Dragons, have not traversed to the lower lands of Raeghal in over 5000 years. Raeghal is a land of birthright. A family's position in the social hierarchy is very important, and it is common for those of peasant families to be subjected to lives of servitude, slavery and prostitution. Foreigners can make a living as merchants, sellswords or tradesman, as long as they have the skills or goods to make it happen. The Capitol city is Midas. Agrines The ultimate result of the great war between the Humans and the Elven led to the latter fleeing their lands. A large group of Elves who fought in the front lines ran for the North, into the dry and barren lands that eventually became known as Agrines. Even as the Humans fell back the Elves pushed forward, bravely led by an Elf named Shaugr. Even when the Elven warrior fell from aging wounds, his resting place eventually became a great city that shared his name. Eventually the Elves went further North, until they felt not human would dare follow. They settled and stayed within the dry lands that were now there home, and vowed to one day have revenge on the humans who had slighted them. In order to survive in such a dangerous environment, the Elves began to change within each generation. So attuned to magic, the Elven folk were magical creatures themselves, and they would change and adapt very quickly when pressed. Over time the androgynous, beautiful people became strong, olive skinned, and grizzled. All but a select few abandoned the arcane ways of their ancestors, and instead lay trust in steel. They observed the creatures of the land, and learned to hunt from them. Losing touch with their magical heritage also lost them their long lifespan, and yet they prospered in their own way. Then came the emergence of a foe far greater than any Human. From the sharp, treacherous mountains which lead to lands known as Furia, the Fire Dragons came. The decimated all that lay in their wake, leaving only ash and sulphur behind. However these Elves were no longer the people they had once been, they were hunters, predators. They were Agrinians, and they had found a hunt far greater than any remnant thoughts of revenge against humans. Agrines is a dry land with a warm climate, covering large valleys and mountains. The land is more barren than Raeghal but there is still bounty to be had. Agrinian men are strong in body and mind. Lead by their Huntmaster of the North, Agron Rakfang, the men of Agrines are a warrior people. They are men of honour who settle their feuds on the battlefield. Despite their formidable strength, they have never declared outright war on Raeghal, and at the moment the two lands share a time of relative peace. However the people of Agrines are not as soft as their lowland cousins, the Alfar, and build large fortresses of stone and steel. It is rare to see one who practices magic in Agrines, but normally it is dark energy that is manifest in their sorcerers, used for dangerous blood rituals and rune enchantments. Academics are not sought after in Agrines. Agrinians favour the great minds of tacticians and warlords over such studies as alchemy, the arts and history. In Agrines the victor writes the history books, and that is how it has always been. Agrinians do not follow the ritual of marriage. They still cherish the bonds of love, and when two Agrinians share such a bond they perform their own ritual, consisting of a hunt, and then a fight, before fucking and feasting with their brothers and sisters. Agrinians refer to their significant other as their Bondmate. They care very little for sexuality, and see no difference between a man loving a man, or a man loving a woman. Equally it is not uncommon for Bondmates to spend months and even years apart from one another. While they cherish their time together, they also value their freedom to explore. Additionally in their culture sex is not considered as something shared between two lovers, and having sex with anyone is considered akin to scratching an itch, or relieving stress. The Capitol of Agrines is Blutgard. Moraigh It is difficult to tell when the Dwarven folk first emerged in Algaia. Legends say that the Dwarves were once creatures of stone that lived in the caverns below the earth. Short and stout, the Dwarves are a hardy lot. Unable to use magic they rely on their wits and strength to get by. They have shown themselves to be skilled warriors and smiths, as well as being proficient miners and engineers. Although they hold no magical ability, it is said that a Dwarf can never be tempted by magic. Like the stone from whence they came they are sturdy and unfaltering, unable to fall victim to the illusions and mesmers conjured by a mage. Moraigh is a rocky, mountainous region that enjoys cooler temperatures than those up north. The land is littered with caverns and catacombs, as well as a series of mines, excavated by the Dwarven people. The Dwarves have bent knee to the Hammerfist Clan for hundreds of years. The current Dwarven King is Duncan Hammerfist, a fierce and formidable warrior, and a loved and respected leader. The Dwarves are master craftsmen. Due to this the Dwarves are on the brink of their industrial age, using engineering, coal and steam to build wonderous cities, weapons and armour. Their Capitol, Sanctuary, is a testament to their great craftsmanship. The great underground city of the Dwarves is perhaps the oldest of any settlement. It has served as their fortress for over 1'000 years and has grown considerably from it's incarnation. Sanctuary is the most valuable treasure to the Dwarven people, and is virtually impenetrable to those not welcome, as it is entirely underground, except for the main gates, which are too enormous and heavy for any force to move, other than with the magic of their own engineering. Kotaer Just as the ancient Elves fled North and became the Agrinians, another band fled South. These Elves sought sanctuary in the twisted woodlands between the Dwarven land of Moraigh and the Forzen Tundra of the Orcs, Jogrund. Unlike their northern cousins, the Elves of Kotaer grew bitter with their defeat. They vowed to secret themselves away from the other races, keeping their magical knowledge a close to their chest. Perhaps out of remnant pride, they renamed themselves the Alfar, the name given to their most ancient ancestors. Truly the Alfar are the most gifted and diverse magic users. Their deep understanding of nature has allowed them to practice various forms of magic bending all to their will. The Elements, The Light, The Dark, nothing is taboo. Their complex understanding of the cruel nature of their world allows them to manifest great and terrible power. Few but the Alfar have ever traversed through Kotaer, and their society is a complete mystery. It is said that their capitol is Fairun, but this cannot be confirmed. The only settlement known to outsiders is the small outpost village on the outskirts of their lands known as Whisper. Much like their Eleven ancestors, the Alfar are incredibly long lived, easily living up to 1’000 years old or more. They are, despite this, few in number. Many presume this a decision lead by their desire to stay hidden along with their secrets. Jogrund In the far south resides the cold land of Jogrund. Few dare to challenge the Ice Desert, where many a man has perished, and fewer still wish to move around it and through the lands of Kotaer. However beyond the flats only worse trials await. Between the violent blizzards and the sub zero temperatures that fall at night, there is yet more to fear of this ancient land. One of the last regions where Dragons are seen, and known to thrive. The Frost Dragons of Jogrund live on the mountain known as Drekfjall. However they are not the only inhabitants. There are also the Orcish people who coexist with the Dragons, living in the land around Drekfjall. The Orcs stand as tall as men, but far wider and more muscular, even the females. Their skin tones can be anything from green, to olive, yellow and grey. Their teeth are overgrown and often their canines grow over their lips. They are not as fearsome as they appear, but they are indeed fearsome. The Orcs live in a harsh landscape and admire strength and courage. They are a deeply spiritual and wise race, who frown upon complacence and excuses. It is this survivalist attitude that has earned them the mutual respect of the Frost Dragons with which they share their home. The Orcs are practitioners of Shamanism. Unlike the Alfar, and indeed the Humans, they have a deep connection with the elements of the world, and seek only to borrow the power in exchange for service and ritual. In the eyes of many the Orcish magic is considered the most pure. However the Orcs are a strong and wise race, who do not suffer fools gladly. Coexisting in such a harsh landscape with the Frost Dragons is no easy task, the Orcs know that the Dragons deserve the highest degree of respect, and it is always best to tread lightly when around them. Those who jeopardize the Orcish way of life will be quick to fall to their axe. Bolero is the largest Orc settlement where many of their tribes gather. Aside from this the only notable landmark important to the Orcs is Kjolnas. The sacred land of the Orcish people. Kjolnas is a temple cavern formed out of the ice. It is said that the heart of the world resides within Kjolnas. Few orcs may enter, and never has any other race been allowed inside. The Orcs have no ruler or King, however each Tribe does have a Chieftain, a teacher and guide who endeavours to keep the Tribe from danger. Orcs are neither fearful nor suspicious of outsiders, nor are they cautious. They trust the spirits within the elements, and feel that the earth itself is on their side. The Furia Little is known of Furia. The land is far North, through Agrines. The foreign land is considered uninhabitable, and nary a soul ventures in to the land and returns. The only sign of life that ever comes from The Furia is the Fire Dragons that occasionally descend in to Agrines to hunt. Their attacks have been growing more frequent of late. Important People/Places/Terms Blutgard – The Capitol of Agrines is a vast and sprawling city, full or merchants, craftsmen and warriors. The city was originally built on top of a mountain of the same name, but has since sprawled outwards, with the mountain serving as it's centrepiece. Midas – Built inside a great valley. Midas is a regal city consisting of many large towers, and houses it's citizens in segregated areas, with only the most Regal of families being allowed to reside within the walls of the King's Quarter. Magic - Magic is both well known and yet mysterious. Keep your eyes open in a city for more than 5 minutes and you will have no doubt witnessed one of the many parlour tricks performed by magicians and street performers. However real magic is something that takes a lifetime to master. The secrets of magic are rare and unyielding to the dull of mind. But for those who show promise, there are endless possibilities. Magic is a force that holds no council with the morals of men, it is absolute in it's power. However the hearts of men are not so subjective, and the magic they wield can take the form of light, and also darkness. Okay so fantasy rp. Private rp, invite only. My character is below: Name: Krios Hakar Age:36 Appearance: Personality: Fierce and quick to anger, but maintains a great deal of discipline. Krios is a an excellent judge of character but holds little interest in socialising. A born and raised Warrior and Hunter, he lives for the Hunt. Proud to a fault and often dismissive and cocky. Bio: Krios is the first born son of Jotur Hakar, a renowned warrior in his home land of Agrines. He hails from Cambra but in his 27 years on this earth he has been well travelled within Agrines. As a young man he served as a Bloode Scale, warriors who defend the fortress city of Tiern, the first line of defence against the Fire Dragons who come in from The Furia. His term was brief compared to many others, and while he saw actions he considers his time there to have been quieter than most. Krios emerged from the Blood Ritual required of all Blood Scales. The ritual is one of the few forms of magic left to his people. As a result of the Blood Ritual Krios has had his inner beast awakened. As such he has a great connection to beast creatures and understands their ways. Like many of his people he has tamed one of the giant wolf beasts that roam Agrines, the Worgs, and has taken one as his mount. After slaying his first Fire Dragon Krios was gifted the creature as is tradition. He shared in it’s meat, and used it’s scaled to have a bastard sword forged with strong metals to create a Dragonsteel blade. Combined with the runic enchantments of his people, the sword, named Skuldrom, is virtually unbreakable, and will never lose it’s edge. Krios now leads a Company of Hunters, tasked with travelling to Rhaegal to slay a rogue dragon that has managed to slip through Agrines.
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  16. Smoke danced gently through the air, arcing and curving, always leaving a trail back to it’s master, a middle aged man dressed in a dark uniform, with thin, grizzled stubble across his face, and his short hair tied back in a top knot. The kiseru he was smoking from looked well crafted and expensive, an unusual possession of a man dressed in the uniform of a Samurai. This possession alone was what made him stand out from the other men situated at the outpost. The man was calm and focused, but tell-tale signs in his stance revealed a nervousness. “Still out here?†came a voice behind him. Another Samurai stepped out of the building behind him. For a moment the pair stared out in to the darkness, illuminated only by the torchlight on the watch towers scattered across the outpost’s walls. “You know, Isaru, you shouldn’t show off that thing, some people might take it the wrong way you know.†“This pipe is about the only thing of value my father has ever given me.†Isaru said as he continued to stare off in to the distance. “I don’t even like to smoke. But I’ll be damned if I let this thing go to waste. When you live your whole life as a disgrace you learn to take what you can get.†“Morino-dono probably cares for you deep down. You’re his only son, after all.†His friend replied. “Bastard son.†Isaru replied. “And to a lowly servant no less. Morino-dono never missed an opportunity to remind me of that one. The man ensured that I mastered the way of Bushido, trained with the best his money could buy, only to be cast off to this remote pile of shit. I suppose I should be grateful that I even have that. After all, I get along better with you bloody commoners anyway, haha!†“See? It’s not so bad down in the trenches, huh?†his friend replied. They chuckled together, and then for a moment they stood in silence. A gentle breeze flowed past them, and Isaru got the sense that something was off. “Do you hear anything?†he asked. “Nothing, why?†came the response “That’s exactly it.†Isaru whispered. “Not even the faintest of noises…silence like this…there is only one thing that can follow it.†“What?†“Blood.†Isaru said as he drew his katana. “Notify the men still inside.†“What about the watchmen? In the towers?†“They are already dead.†Isaru whispered, before stepping forward in to the darkness. His friend went to run back inside, while he listened for the slightest trace of movement. Then he heard the faintest trace of a whisper. He turned, but it was too late, the black shadow had descended from the roof, a blade going straight through the back of his friend, killing him instantly. Isaru rushed to clash with the assassin, but as he ran he felt wind whip past him. He stopped, clutching the arrow that had shot through his upper leg. More whistling, he turned in an attempt to avoid it but it was impossible. Two more arrows straight through his chest. He coughed, blood spurting out of his mouth. “C-come out!†he roared, “Face me with honour!†This was nothing like they had trained. This was not how death was supposed to be at all. He fell to his knees, pain finally finding him. Crippled by it, he could not move. He did not feel shame however, only fear and anger. These men had stolen the only thing that mattered to him, his honour. “Damn you!†He cursed, as the dark shadow closed in, grabbing him by his hair. In the distance he saw yet more shadows creeping in to the light. As he drew his final breath, a blade pressed against his throat. He felt a sharp pain for but a moment, and then darkness. “How could this have happened?†the voice was deep and commanding. It’s owner was dressed in a fine, green kimono, his long black hair tied back, and his long beard was impossibly straight and tidy. But his eyes were aged, yellowed with jaundice, from years of huffing on the pipe he was currently smoking from. Through the haze of smoke a middle aged man dressed in the uniform of the former’s Samurai, looked solemn. “Morino-dono, our scouts have not managed to find out who orchestrated this massacre. Not a single man or woman was left alive at Ichikouma outpost. Among the 83 corpses found there were none of the enemy. This is surely the work of Shinobi.†The Samurai explained. “This much is obvious, fool.†Morino replied coldly. “This is an insult to my family, to the people of Nagawa, indeed even the whole Koga province. Such a shameful display will no doubt sour my reputation. Even my own son…useless.†“As you say, Morino-dono.†Came the response. “The one you requested. He has arrived. Shall I summon him?†“Of course.†Morino replied. The Samurai bowed, before taking his leave. He left the finely decorated room for but a moment, before another figure stepped inside. The young man was in his late twenties. His skin was pale, and his jet black hair hung loose, reaching his waist. He wore a simple grey kimono, and nothing else. He entered the room under supervision of Morino’s bodyguard, and was ushered to kneel on the floor at the other side of the table. His dull grey eyes darted around the room, constantly analysing the situation. He said nothing though, and he did as he was asked. “I see you have stripped this man of his effects.†Morino said. “If he is truly who he claims to be, then he would need no weapon or tools to kill me from this short distance.†Morino turned his gaze to the young man. “Is that not correct, Shinobi?†“It is.†The Shinobi replied plainly. “But you are not here to kill me.†Morino said, his voice filled with venom at the creature knelt before him. “No…dogs like you will not bite a hand that feeds them, correct?†“Correct.†The Shinobi replied. “Good. You speak directly, a man of few words just as the rumours say.†Morino eyed the Shinobi, puffing from his pipe as he mulled his words over. “So you are the legendary mercenary Shinobi, Jashi no Jin.†“I am.†Came the response. “And what do you know of the massacre at Ichikouma Outpost?†Jin paused for a moment in contemplation. “I know little. This fact alone tells me one thing: It was a complete success.†“Success!?†Morino snarled. “83 of my men are dead!†“Indeed.†Jin replied plainly. “I can assure you that such a result was fully intended. No survivors, no evidence. It is as if it had never happened. Thus it was completely successful.†“Shameful is what I call it. Such deceitful tactics spits all over the name Bushido!†Morino growled. “I hold no reverence for cowards who hide in the dark and kill their foes while they sleep! Such dishonour can never be revered.†“Reverence is not required.†Jin replied. “Neither is honour. Forgive me, I am sure this is difficult to process for one who values the fallacy that is Bushido.†“Fallacy? You have some gaul to utter such a word on the name of Bushido. You are clearly too foolish to understand the complexity of this way of life.†Morino’s face was bubbling with anger, and yet he could not execute the man before him. He needed him. “I assure you that I understand Bushido. So too did the men who conducted this operation. It is their complete understanding of the Samurai’s way of life, which allows them to fully exploit it. The code Shinobi follow holds no value for honour.†Jin looked calm, his expression completely unchanged from the moment he had entered the room. “Enough!†Morino snapped. “I don’t want your opinion, only your skills. I have hired you to lead me to these cowards so I can crush them under the might of my Samurai. Such an affront cannot go unpunished. This is surely an inside operation, one of my rivals no doubt.†“Unlikely.†Jin replied. Morino stared at him curiously. “What makes you so sure?†“This precision is not likely to be the work of simple mercenary groups. The cell that conducted this assault followed the Bansenshukai code of the Shinobi. The teachings are well known, but few follow them with such accuracy. Other than myself, only the noble clans would be possible. Koga’s clan has four branches, their lineage is that of farmers and peasants, many in their ranks likely work in the fields you have made prosperous. It is unlikely they would do this.†“So who then?†Morino asked irritably. “The Shinobi Clan of the Ida Province. They have 16 branches. Of those 16 branches, two are loyal to Feudal Lords of the Ida Province who have a reputation for expansion. It is possible that they wish to expand their influence.†“My lands borders theirs. I know the Lords you speak of. Mikihisa and Ichinose. Those underhanded bastards know nothing of Bushido. Yes, this must be their work.†Morino almost looked impressed. “How could you possibly make that deduction?†Jin was silent once more. Morino leaned in, eager to hear the response. Finally Jin stood up, and looked at Morino again. “It is not important how I know, only that I do. All you require me to be at this point is a weapon. Point me where you need, and I will do what is required. The less you know the better. If you do not know, then you will never need to lie. Do you understand?†“I’d mind the way you speak to me, boy.†Morino said with a scowl. “…Go to Ida, find the perpetrators. Kill them. Also…find out which Shinobi lead this attack. I want his head.†“I will return when it is done. Have my payment ready.†Jin said finally, then he left the room and went back in to the hall. Waiting for him were his own clothes, folded neatly and being held by a servant. Next to her a Samurai held a short, straight bladed katana in a black saba with a purple cloth cord tied around it. Jin took the sword from the Samurai and then grabbed his clothes. Moments later Jin emerged from the luxurious home of Lord Morino, his long hairtied back in a ponytail. His clothes were black and tight fitting, his hands covered by black gloves with exposed fingers. Plate armguards were strapped to his forearms, and his boots were tied up to under his knee, and a set of short metallic spikes were fixed to the front where his toes were. The katana was fixed at his side, and a purple scarf was wrapped around his neck, concealing the lower part of his face. He disappeared in to the streets of Nagawa to find a place to rest. In the morning he would leave for Ida.
  17. These vast lands in which we live are steeped in horrors. If there are lands beyond then no one has seen them, and so we survive in this world which is all we know. We, the creatures known as human, are a great and terrible race. Power is the driving force that fuels us all, and in the quest for power there are those who will do anything to come out on top. When powerful men seek to take power from one another they amass their followers and engage in the gruesome art of war. For countless years our soil has been stained with blood. Our senseless violence could not go on without punishment. Vicious monsters known as Akuma crawled up from the earths, and once noble spirits became cruel tricksters who would lead brave men to their doom. We, the creatures known as human, bathed the world in blood, and gave birth to the horrors which seek to carry as to our end. If we were to survive, the wars would have to stop. And so humanity became united, together we would fend off the evils we had wrought. The Lords allied and an age of tentative peace came. However we cannot exact change quite so easily. Greedy men will always lust for power, and so leaders must fall so new ones can arise. All out warfare was a sure end for all, and so humanity became cunning and deceitful. To slay a beast one must simply cut off it’s head. Single men and women were taught to become the shadows, to move with the wind, to become death itself. In time a word was made for them. Shinobi. The Shinobi were undoubtedly the deadliest forces of their kind. For years the ancient Shinobi families trained and honed their talents, holding great and terrible secrets to achieve power. Whispers speak of men who made pacts with the fearsome Akuma that plagued this world, and inherited the power of monsters. Others stole the power of the spirits. Many more Shinobi gained dark and mysterious powers to aid their mission, their methods a secret known only by select few. A collective term was coined for these strange abilities: Ninjutsu. Glossary of Terms Shinobi – Masters of stealth, deception and assassination. Shinobi serve either a Lord or they work for coin. Some Shinobi are lone operatives while others work in groups. Generally the strongest Shinobi come from noble clans who have passed down their secrets through generations. However there are notable exceptions, such as the Ookami no Metsuki who are five lone Shinobi who have become legend. Ninjutsu – The secret arts of the Shinobi. Each Shinobi clan has it’s own secret techniques that are known only to those within the clan. These techniques are varied and difficult to define, as each is truly unique in its ability and the method in which it is manifested. For example some Shinobi have developed abilities through generations of study and meditation, to achieve enlightened gifts. Others have perhaps stolen their gifts from the magical creatures or Akuma they have come across, or they may even have a pact with a creature to provide the ability. Additionally Shinobi clans create the illusion of magic through the use of science to accomplish seemingly impossible feats. Fuinjutsu – Unlike Ninjutsu, the art of seasling techniques are commonly known among Shinobi, and even certain members of the military, and some Lords. Sealing techniques are usually very simple in their effects but are rarely able to be undone. The most commonly seen Fuinjutsu is a seal branded across the throat of a person. This seal silences that person from talking about particular information. Such techniques a large reason as to why many Shinobi clans have kept their secrets safe. There are sometimes ways to overcome these seals, for example, the seal mentioned may physically stop a user from speaking, but they could perhaps lead someone to the source of the secret, or they could simply write it down. Typically informants are required to have two sealing marks. One on their throat preventing them from speaking the secret, and another on their hands preventing them from writing the secret down. Dojutsu – A particular brand of Ninjutsu that involves techniques involving the users eyes. It is said that each of the Ookami no Metsuki hold such abilities. Akuma – Demons or monsters. They are said to have appeared in ancient times as a consequence of the bloody wars of our ancestors. Many Akuma are violent and unintelligent, but some are incredibly wise and capable of human speech. Their goals and intentions can vary but it is generally accepted that whatever they are doing, it is invariably nefarious and evil. Spirits & Magical Creatures – Many kinds of spirits and strange mystical creatures are scattered across the land. While not all evil most are wary of humans and can be quick to anger. It is important to tread carefully around such beings, as to insult them could result in a quick death. Ookami no Metsuki – Legends speak of 5 lone Shinobi who operate separately from one another, but are connected through the use of strange Dojutsu. Their collective title means “Eyes of the Wolfâ€. Each of these Shinobi are considered incredibly dangerous. My Profile Name: Jin, Age: 28 Appearance: Long black hair that is tied back in a ponytail. Jin is of a thin, athletic build and stands at around 6ft tall. He wears tight fitting black clothing, with pouches attached to his belt and long black, fingerless gloves with metallic plates over his forearms. His sandals are fitted like boots, with short metallic hooks at his toe to help him with climbing. He wears a dark blue scarf that he normall wraps around the lower half of his face. His skin is pale and his eyes are a dull blueish grey. Personality: Calm, focused and to the point. At times Jin can seem entirely without personality but has moments where he shows great depth. He is deeply introspective and keeps most of his thoughts to himself, making him seem quite cold and mysterious. Biography: Jin is a mercenary Shinobi that travels from town to town picking up specialist work that average Shinobi can’t handle. He speaks little of his past but it’s likely that Jin is not his birth name. His capability as a Shinobi suggests that he has been trained since an early point in his life, and he shows first hand knowledge of the complexities involved in the feudal regime and the behaviours of nobility. Other than earning his living Jin shows little drive for anything. His minimalist nature leaves him little desire to indulge in pleasures, spending his time either working, or preparing for his next job. While he lacks passion he is dedicated to his craft, speaking only when there is need to speak. Many believe he views his life as a Shinobi as nothing more than a job, but for those who watch and listen well, it is clear that this is Jin’s way of life, and he lives it in much the same way a man of faith lives through God. While Jin shows no love of killing, neither does he show any regret of it. This deeply apathetic personality trait is common among Shinobi and warriors who have witnessed terrible horrors within their lifetime. There is an exception to his otherwise stoic nature. Jin is keen to hear any mention of the Ookami no Metsuki, a group he seems to have a vendetta against. It is most likely that Jin travels so much in hopes that he will find members of this group. Personal Effects: Totsuka no Tsurugi – A finely crafted short katana with a single-edged, straight blade and a simple, black, square tsuba. The handle is adorned with a purple cloth grip. The entire blade is kept in a black saya with a purple rope knot. The katana holds no special properties but is extremely well crafted. Ninjutsu: Izanagi – A special dojutsu that affects his right eye. When Izanagi is active Jin’s right eye becomes completely black with a red iris. Izanagi makes Jin’s vision highly sensitive, to the point where he can detect even the most subtle of movements. Using this ability he has learned to predict attacks so quickly that he knows only a fraction of a second after his opponent makes his move. This technique drains Jin’s chakra, and prolonged use may leave him in a weakened state for days. Izanami – This dojutsu is located in Jin’s left eye. Izanami can invoke a powerful form of hypnosis when it looks directly in to another person’s eye. This usually requires close proximity and relative stillness and thus is not normally effective in combat. Izanami can cause the inflicted to experience powerful hallucinations and can allow Jin to see flashes of their thoughts. This has proven to be an invaluable interrogation tool, however its drain on his chakra is considerably more than Izanagi, leaving Jin exhausted even after a brief spell of use.
  18. Avatar: Reborn from Ash

    With a final heave Yaozu pulled himself over the thick branch of the Spirit Vine Tree that stood above the buildings in the centre of the Spirit Wilds. He sat himself down taking a moment to catch his breath after the steep climb. He gazed out over the cityscape, the tall buildings cutting across the otherwise untouched horizon, where the morning sun shimmered over the ocean. Facing out to sea was the great statue of his predecessor, Avatar Aang. Yaozu adjusted himself on the branch so that he was sitting comfortably with his legs crossed. His faithful companion Juro climbed down from his shoulder and sat in front of him, cocking his head to the side. “If this works It’ll be like I’m sleeping, Juro†Yaozu said. “So you’ll have to stand guard and protect me if any evil assassins come to take me out, you hear?†Juro replied with a simple squeak of confusion and Yaozu smiled. The last time he had entered the Spirit World had been in the later period of his Air Elemental Training, where he had travelled to the various Air Temples to learn the techniques each had to offer. Ang Li had taught him all about spirituality, but the circumstances of his last venture in to the Spirit World was completely different. First of all, he had not been alone. Ang Li had accompanied him on his journey and offered him guidance, ensuring that he behaved correctly and warning him of any dangers. Furthermore he had only ever achieved astral projection once. In order to do so he had cleansed himself through fasting for 3 days, under Ang Li’s instruction. Not to mention the vegetarian diet he had adopted at that time had kept him in better health both in body and mind. He was far removed from all of that now. His return to the Fire Nation had led to his resuming of a diet of plenty of meat, and he had certainly not been fasting recently. His only saving grace was the Spirit Tree on which he sat, where he could sense that spiritual energy was rich. He shook his head, pushing out the fond memories of his past experiences from his mind. He closed his eyes and focused on his breathing. Slow, calm and rhythmic like Ang Li had taught him. He recited his mantra in his head, a personal phrase used to focus the mind, and push away all external thoughts and distractions. The familiar sensations of meditation began to wash over him. Distant noises became silenced, the sound of his own breath the loudest in his mind. Time became irrelevant. He may have been here for hours, perhaps days, perhaps only minutes. Yet he kept his eyes closed and recited his mantra, avoiding the temptation to even wonder how much time had passed. He felt the tension in his shoulders relaxing, and then a true sense of calm washed over him. “Hey, are you okay?†a voice asked him. He furrowed his brow in frustration, unable to push away such a direct distraction. “I’m fine, please leave me alone.†He stated to the unknown voice, his tone calm but with a hint of frustration. “No need to be rude!†The voice responded. “Who do you think you are?†“You’re the one being rude.†Yaozu replied, his annoyance showing. “I’m trying to reach the Spirit World!†“Well you’re clearly an idiot if you’re trying to go where you already are! Stupid human…†“Human?†Yaozu repeated, opening his eyes. The source of the voice was a strange cat-like spirit with light brown fur and dark spots around it’s eyes, standing on two legs, and it’s arms were long-fingered like a person but clawed like a cat. Juro had disappeared from his side, and as Yaozu looked around for him, he realised that he was no longer sat on the branch of a tree. He was now sat in a clearing of a lush, green forest. The sky above was dark but the forest was illuminated by bright blue fireflies that were hovering around, and the plants and trees seemed to glow and shimmer. Yaozu smiled at the wonderous sight. “I made it!†He said to the spirit. “I’m sorry about before…I thought I was still in the human world and you were just some other human trying to bother me.†“How dare you!†The cat spirit replied. “First you pop up out of the blue and I kindly come to check on you, then you accuse me of bothering you! If that wasn’t enough you insult me more, saying I sound like a human! Like I’d sound that undignified with all the whooping and honking you lot do!†“Honking…?†Yaozu murmured, scratching his head. “Look I’m sorry I think you misunderstood. I’m the Avatar you see and-“ “Oh well I’m so sorry your majesty!†The cat spirit snapped sarcastically, “Stuck up as well as rude I see. You won’t get much praise here. Ever since you opened the portals we’ve had more and more stinky humans turning up here trying to poke their nose where it doesn’t belong.†“But I didn’t do that…that was-“ “Are you really the Avatar? You don’t even seem to understand what that means! In this world the face you wear means nothing, your spirit is the same, and has remained the same for 10,000 years, dummy!†“Look I’m sorry I didn’t mean it.†Yaozu said as he stood up. “I’m trying to find someone, a human who came here years ago.†“So what?†The cat spirit replied, folding it’s arms. “The world is full of lost things, and full of people trying to find things. You better just buzz off and get looking, hm?†“But-“ “Go away now! Get out of here!†The cat spirit snarled, advancing on Yaozu. He reached out to grab at him, when a blur of black fur closed the gap between them. The black wolf growled menacingly at the cat spirit, who leapt away in fear, scurrying in to the bushes. The wold turned to Yaozu, revealing one eye that was scarred and closed, and the other a piercing red. “I apologise about him.†The wold said gruffly. “Mienyao is quite the sensitive creature, but his outbursts are mostly harmless. I understand that you are in search of someone, Avatar?†“Who are you?†Yaozu asked. “I am Lo, a mere servant of my master.†He replied. “If it is a human you seek that lives in the Spirit World, then there is only one. The Earthbender, Fang.†“You know her? Can you take me there?†Yaozu asked. “I know of her. Follow me, I will take you to where you need to go.†Lo turned around and lead Yaozu out of the clearing and in to the forest, disappearing through the trees. Hiding in the tree tops not far from them, Menyao watched, his eyes fearful. “Oh no…that human is going with Lo…he has no idea how much danger he is in!†Mienyao whispered to himself fearfully. “He’s an idiot but…I have to tell Fang!†and with that Mienyao tore off through the trees in the opposite direction. Meanwhile Yaozu continued walking silently with the wolf. The forest was beginning to grow darker around them, the glowing lights were fading and the leaves were disappearing from the branches. He felt a little unsettled, as the forest became more sinister the further they went. He reminded himself what Ang Li had taught him. The Spirit World was not like the human world, sometimes it would seem scary, when there was no reason to be afraid. Besides, if this was the way to Fang, then this was where he had to go. He followed Lo, who remained mostly silent throughout the journey. In fact the whole forest had become silent. There wasn’t so much as a whisper from another spirit. After a while Lo came to a stop and pointed his nose towards a dark thicket of large thorns, curving around each other to form a tunnel. “You must go through there.†Lo said. “Aren’t you coming with me?†Yaozu asked “I can go no further.†Lo replied. “You must complete this journey alone.†With that the wolf spirit turned around and walked away, disappearing in to the darkness before Yaozu could say another word. He sighed, scratching his head. The way ahead looked dangerous. He didn’t care what Ang Li has said, this place was definitely dangerous. He had no choice though, he had to find Fang. Carefully he made his way through the tunnel of thorns, ducking his head to avoid being stung by the sharp barbs. Twigs snapped under his feet and he heard something move in the darkness ahead. He edged ever closer, finally emerging from the tunnel and in to what could only be described as a nest of thorns. Was this the prison in which Fang had been kept? Had she been trapped in this dark place all this time. Something shuffled around ahead of him and Yaozu cleared his throat. “Hello?†He called out. “Fang, is that you? I’m Yaozu, I came to speak with you.†“Why have you come here?†a voice replied, wheezing and hoarse. “Are you Fang?†Yaozu asked. “Nay.†Came the response. “Who has sent you in to my domain?†“Lo brought me here, he said this was where I would find who I’m looking for.†“Hmm. Yes.†The creature responded. “Lo is a faithful servant. He has brought you to his Master, as is his purpose. Lo has sent many here to meet their fate. Alas you will find no Earthbender here.†“So he lied.†Yaozu replied, feeling fear creeping up on him. “He said Fang would be here.†“Nay†the voice called again. “Lo cannot lie. He indeed has taken you to where you need to go, to meet your fate. Yes, he is a good servant to bring one such as yourself to his Master.†“And you are?†“I am your fate.†The voice replied and the creature rustled in the darkness. Then a set of beedy, yellow eyes lit up in the darkness, then another pair, and another. The darkness moved as the creature stood up and revealed it’s form. A large, black insect like creature, with a salivating maw of teeth, and 6 beedy eyes. It’s centipede-like legs jittered in excitements, a pair of reaching claws in front of it. “All who pass through the tunnel of thorns will meet their end at the hands of I, Ukurin the Fate Eater!†A memory flashed before Yaozu, of his time with Ang Li. In one of her teachings she had warned of the Fate Eater, a malevolent spirit who lures the unwary into it’s’ nest. The Fate Eater was plagued with unbearable hunger that could not be satiated by any normal food. Instead it would feast on a person’s fate, the very fabric of every eventuality that might ever be for that person, up until their eventual death. “To bring the Avatar to me, Lo will be greatly rewarded.†Ukurin wheezed excitedly, “Your fate stretches continuously through multiple lifetimes, stretching onwards beyond any foreseeable eventuality. My dear boy, you will be my finest meal!†Suddenly the wheezing creature sprung to life, scuttling towards Yaozu. Instinct kicked in and Yaozu’s fist shot out, but then he froze in fear. Where was the fire? “How fortunate for me that you chose to leave your body behind, and along with it, your ability to bend the elements!†Ukurin hissed, advancing closer, his claws snatching and grabbing menacingly. As the creature’s claws came down on him Yaozu leapt forward, rolling out of it’s grasp and diving under the gap under it’s belly, scrambling out of the other end. However his path was blocked, the only way in or out was through the tunnel he had came from. Ukurin spun around and launched his body at Yaozu, his gaping maw bared to swallow him whole. Yaozu spun his feet, twisting his body to the light, turning and moving, constant motion. Without his bending, the evasive style of the Air Nomads was his best option. If he could get to the tunnel again, he could attempt to flee. He felt motion to his right as a large tail cut through the darkness. With a soft push of his feet he left the ground, spinning through the air, arcing his body over the tails trajectory, and landing firmly on the ground again. Without hesitation he was greeted with swiping claws, which he dodged and ducked, moving himself closer to the approaching teeth. He spread his legs wide apart, pulling his entire frame in to a low crouch as the creature shot past him, it’s soft belly now over his head. His muscles tightened as he made his frame solid and unyielding like the earth. He gathered force at his feet and thrusted upwards, driving the force up through his arm and in to his closed fist, which slammed in to the soft stomach of the creature, causing it to screech and wheeze in pain. However in it’s rage it began to thrash unpredictably, it’s body writhing chaotically in the darkness. He felt the tail connect with his back and send him crashing along the dirt. He winced and went to pull himself up, as Ukurin loomed over him. Somehow he had been thrown further in to the nest, and far from his escape route. Cutting off his options, Ukurin had trapped him in a corner. The beady yellow eyes fidgeted excitedly, slober oozing from his teeth in anticipation. The creature wheezed as it began to inhale deeply. With each breath Yaozu felt weaker, like the life was being dragged out of him. His vision blurred, and sound became distant a muffled. He felt like he was drifting away, falling through air. Then the sound came wooshing back as quickly as it had gone, a loud, crunching bang as rock and dirt smashed against the creature, causing it to howl in pain once more. Yaozu looked further away, at the blurred finger on the other side of Ukurin. The form was tall and slender, but toned with muscle. He recognized the form in which the figure stood, and for a moment he saw a glimpse of a white-faced warrior woman, a brilliant red flashing over her eyes. This unknown and familiar woman was there for but a moment, and then as his eyes focused, he saw another woman. One who was clearly scarred by battle, but her face was completely unknown to him. And yet she had saved his life. An Earthbender woman…could it be? “…Fang?†Yaozu called weakly.
  19. Avatar: Reborn from Ash

    Yaozu tensed up at the revelation. It had all fit with his feelings. If only he had known this was the truth that lay with the spirits. He felt ashamed for his mistrust. "I am sorry." he said at last. "I did not know that this was the case. I think I have misjudged this situation entirely. there anything I can assist you with before you leave? It is the least I can do." Lei Shen bowed to Yaozu, "Thank you, young Avatar, but truly I need only rest. I will be happy once I am home again and seeing to the affairs of state which so badly need my attention in this new beginning for the Earth Empire, however," The Emperor stood and smiled to him, "I hope that we can become firm friends in the years to come, and with your help and guidance, I will lead the Earth Empire to a new age of peace and prosperity. May you watch over us as carefully and attentively as your predecessor. Good night, Avatar Yaozu." Lei Shen strode to the door, with Liu Xiang in quick succession. Yaozu breathed a heavy sigh and made his way to his room. When he returned he found that Ang Li had left, and Kuj'ra was passed out and snoring in the bed opposite his own. He felt foolish now, he should have listened to Kuj'ra all along. Yaozu stripped off and got in to bed, Juro pawing his way up from the foot of the bed and resting on the pillow next to him. He felt emotionally drained, and ready for sleep. Sure enough it was not long before it had found him. He found himself once more stood upon a wide and grassy plain. The night had turned to day, and the warring had stopped. He looked across the vast grass land that stretched out as far as the eye could see. And all across, in every direction, rows a rows of gravestones, marking the resting places of the fallen. With the light shining upon him he did not feel the fog of confusion that had plagued him before. He felt lucid, and in control. "This isn't real." He told himself. "Just another stupid dream." As he spoke he wondered why he had even said it out loud. If he was truly lucid then surely this dream would pass him by, as he no longer wished to be in it. Yet still he stayed among a sea of graves. He had well and truly grown tired of vague messages coming from his mind. There was no reason for him to be here, no reason for his mind to be showing him such horrors. "Just wake up!" he snapped to himself. He grew frustrated, and as his anger built he felt a chill down his spine. He turned to face the presence, the figure who had appeared, as if he had been there all along, simply coming in to existence much like a spirit entered the physical realm. The figure was dressed in a green jacket with a tailed portion that reached the back of his knees. The hood was obscuring his face, but in the dark a pair of glowing, electric blue eyes were staring back at him, empty like a void. "If you have something to tell me then just say it!" He called out to the figure. "I'm sick of these mixed up messages! Just out with it!" The figure said nothing, did nothing, only stared. The more it stared, the more he felt his anger and frustration swelling. "Come on! Stop wasting my time and just...out with it!" He roared, his fist launching forward, and a burst of flame shot from it's end, flying towards the figure. However as it neared the figure moved, swerving to the side and spinning on his feet, catching the fire like a ball and redirecting it in his hands, allowing it to build up and grow larger, before sending it back toward Yaozu. Instinctively Yaozu lifted his right knee up and pulled his upper body back, and as he did a block of earth shot up in front of him, protecting him from the blaze, the fire clawing at it's edges in an attempt to bypass it for a moment. Then Yaozu kicked the block of earth and it shot forwards. This time he did not wait around, leaping and bending the earth beneath his feet, allowing it to move him forward across the earth at breakneck speed. The figure raised his fist and shattered the hurtling slab of earth and shattered it, sending the individual pieces back at Yaozu like projectiles. Yaozu changed his course, weaving left and right to dodge the earth, but then the ground beneath him fired up and sent him in to the air. He twisted his body, spinning mid air and swung out his leg. An arc of flame shot back down across the ground, scorching it, but his opponent had dodged out of the way. Yaozu fell back towards the earth and slowed his fall with a gust of air. The hooded figure came at him and the pair clashed, fists flying at each other, sending bursts of flame and air, each one narrowly missing it's mark. Then finally the figure caught him off guard and sent a burst of air in to his chest. Yaozu flew backwards through the air and hit something hard. The figure had raised a pillar of earth behind him. Dream or not, the pain felt very real. He dropped down on one knee and winced. When he looked back up his expression was scolding and driven. Yaozu pushed off from the ground with a burst of air, propelling himself back towards the hooded figure. As he neared the figure hurled chunks of earth up from the ground, but Yaozu punched through them, anticipating them. He closed the gap and swung another fist of fire, the hooded figure dodged and threw up two sections of earth from the ground like a pyramid in front of him. Yaozu let the earth beneath him drop, and moved through the earth, emerging on the other side and sending a kick with a blast of air, and the figure crashed through his own shield of earth and tumbled along the ground. Finally Yaozu spread his legs in a horse stance, thrusting both of his palms outward in a firm motion. The earth beneath the figure rose up and trapped him, binding him within the earth. He was certain this figure could break free any moment, and bridged the gap with another burst of air, raising his fist, which ignited with fire. As he drew closer, the figure raised his head and the flowing eyes faded. The light allowed itself through the hood and his face was revealed. Yaozu screeched to a halt, his fist inches from the man's face. "...Yun Feng!" He gasped. The man in front of him was young and fresh faced, in his mid 20's. His hair was short and brown, and he had a pair of light blue eyes. He broke out from the earth and stood up, no longer on the offensive. "What's going on?" Yaozu asked. "Well you finally opened your eyes for a minute." Yun Feng replied. "A good fight helped clear my head too. It seems we have that in common. Although your trouble with the spirits, you must have gotten that from the one before me." "So what is this? What does it mean?" Yaozu asked. Yun Feng shrugged. "I don't know. This is your creation, not mine." Yun Feng explained. "This must be hard for you. In my life, I found it very easy to connect with the Avatar Spirit. You are out of balance, more so than you have ever been. However, I'm not sure it's entirely your own doing." "What are you trying to say? That someone is doing this to me?" "Nobody can get inside your head like this, Yaozu." Yun Feng replied. "But something is interfering with your connection to the Avatar Spirit. Unfortunately you will have to find the answers for this one. I am only here to let you clear your head, and offer some guidance about something else." "What else is there?" Yaozu asked, growing tired of having to ask questions. "I'm here to tell you that there are two sides to every coin." Yun Feng explained. "You see your perceptions are very black and white. That might be to do with your lack of experience with the darkness in people. You have learned through your teachings that there is both light and darkness in us all. But you haven't truly grasped how to use that knowledge. The form you see me in now, represents my younger years as the Avatar. During that time I learned that it's important to get the full story. Both the light and the darkness. You have heard one account of what happened. Don't you think the other side of the story deserves to be told?" "I...I don't even know what you're talking about." Yaozu sighed in defeat. "You will, in time." Yun Feng said. "It's like the spirit told you. Trust your feet. They will take you where you need to go." The next morning Yaozu walked with Kuj'ra across the walkway to the airship. However as he grew closer he paused, lingering on the walkway. Kuj'ra turned to him and tilted his head. "Everything okay, kid?" he asked. "Yeah...I think so anyway." Yaozu replied. "Last didn't find what you were looking for, did you?" Kuj'ra asked. "I think I did. I...I met Lei Shen, the Emperor. He was here in the city." Yaozu explained. "What?" Kuj'ra asked, concern growing in his expression. "What did he say to you? Did he try to get you to do anything?" "No...he just explained some things to me. He wanted to make sure I understood what was going on, to ease my concern I guess." Yaozu looked to his old friend and gave a half hearted smile. "It actually kind of worked. I think he might not be so bad. Something is still eating at me though." Trust your feet. He had done so last night and it lead him to a big, old tree that taught him nothing. And now his feet were stopping him from getting on this airship. If what he was told was true, then he was on the wrong path. He had to go back to where he was before. Back to the Spirit Wilds. "Spirits..." He muttered to himself. Then it dawned on him. "Spirits...the spirit world. I have to go to the Spirit World." "What!?" Kuj'ra gasped. "We're about to head back to the Fire Nation. We don't have the supplies for an expedition out in the poles. We'd freeze to death in this gear." "Look...I have something I need to find out. It's important, but I can;t explain it to you right now. I know it's too cold at the spirit portal, but maybe we could go to the Water Tribe and pick up supplies?" Kuj'ra looked sceptical. "Yaozu...I have to report to the Fire Lord. I can't make a detour like that" he said. "'re right. Okay." Yaozu went to get on the ship, but Kuj'ra pressed a hand against his chest to stop him. "I need to go back." Kuj'ra said with a smile. "Look. It's about time you chose your own path. Stay here for a while. Make sure you are certain about what you need to do. Then, if you are, you can get another airship to the Southern Water Tribe. You trained there, I'm sure your old master will still have your old winter clothes. Okay?" "Kuj'ra..." Yaozu said with a sigh, then he smiled. He hugged the man briefly. "Thank you." "Don't mention it." Kuj'ra replied. "Just find what you are looking for. If you need me, you know where I am." And with that Yaozu watched as the airship took off without him. Now it was just him and Juro, alone in Republic City. As he made his way on to the streets he looked across the cityscape to his destination. If he recalled correctly, there was a temple within the Spirit Wilds. The spiritual connection would be strongest there. He nodded to himself, confirming that this was the right thing to do. Then he set off, trusting his feet to take him where he needed to go.
  20. Avatar: Reborn from Ash

    Yaozu walked across the gangway that had been set up between the airship and a platform ahead of him, Juro balancing on the side of his head to get a good look around. Kuj'ra walked ahead of him, speaking with men dressed in a blue and white uniform. The White Lotus were a fairly familiar sight to Yaozu now, they had been present throughout his whole life. It was their mission to guide and protect each generation of Avatar while they completed their training. He wondered if perhaps now that her training they would go their own way in time. As they entered the docking station they were greeted by men and women in slate uniforms, the Republic City Police Force. "Avatar Yaozu" one of them addressed him directly with a swift salute. "Sir, we have been sent to make sure you arrive safely at your destination. I hope your journey wasn't too unpleasant." "It was fine..." Yaozu replied, a little unnerved by the respect he was being shown. He had experienced such things only on few occasions in his life. After all he had only been to Republic City on a few occasions in his life, during his training he had travelled many places, but rarely for extended periods of time. "Do I really need an entourage?" he asked. "Is it dangerous here?" "Not at all, Sir!" The police officer replied. "This is simply a matter of protocol. You can never be too careful." "Right." Yaozu nodded absent mindedly. Kuj'ra ushered him on and they walked through the station, clearing the checkpoint and descending down an elevator to the streets below. At the front door a town car was waiting for them at the side of the road. One officer got in the back with Kuj'ra and Yaozu, and the vehicle took off down the road. Yaozu stared out the window at Republic City. The clusters of tall buildings made it seem quite dark and grey, were it not for the orange glow of the street lamps that had been ignited as the day had fallen into night. He noted all of the people, how they all seemed busy and with somewhere to go. There seemed to be no room for idleness here. "It's strange how different the people are here." Yaozu mused. "I mean, it's just as busy in The Capital back home. I suppose everything just seems to move so much quicker here. Nobody stops to take it all in, dot they?" "The Four Nations are rich with history and tradition, kid." Kuj'ra replied. "You have to understand that Republic City is only a few hundred years old, that may seem like a long time for you and I, but for an entire culture it might as well be a small child. They aren't bogged down with tradition here. Well not like you and I know it. Progress is the tradition here." "So what about this summit?" Yaozu asked. "You told me before that representatives from all of the nations will be coming. Do they discuss important matters?" "They used to..." Kuj'ra said with a heavy sigh. "The four nation's leaders, or their representatives, come together annually to talk things over. It's more of a formality than anything else these days. The summit would only really be important if there was any friction between the nations, it's an opportunity to find compromise. Things are peaceful at the moment, so there is little to say. But we're almost here, you'll see soon enough." Sure enough as the car turned a corner on to an open square, Yaozu saw City Hall. He gazed at it in wonder. The City Hall itself was large and crafted of white marble, with a domed roof of green. However stretching far higher than the building itself, was an enormous tree, that stood taller than any other, and behind it, a forest of trees and buildings overlapping each other. The Spirit Wilds. The car pulled up in front of the Hall and they got out, greeted by flashing lights and reporters. "Avatar Yaozu!" One of them called out. "Is it true that you have finally completed your training, and will begin taking on your responsibilities as the Avatar?" she asked. Yaozu looked back at her, shifting uncomfortably. "Uh, yeah." He replied. "That's why I'm attending this summit. It's time that I take an active interest in the activities of the world." "Indeed" The reporter said with a nod. "And do you believe that our citizens should be taking advice from a young boy over their elected leaders?" "Th-that isn't what I said." Yaozu replied hesitantly. "So your saying that we shouldn't heed your council?" The reporter pressed. "Avatar Yun Feng, your predecessor, he guided the world through a time of turmoil left in the wake of Avatar Korra. While her actions greatly benefited the world, they were not without severe consequence, that required a great deal of change. Avatar Yun Feng eased us in to a time of peace. Are you saying you wish to change how things are?" "No!" Yaozu replied angrily. "That's not-" "Alright, enough you Lion Vultures!" Kuj'ra interjected, moving the woman from Yaozu's path and leading him onwards. "This is a simply summit between the leaders. You have absolutely nothing to worry about." "Very well." The reporter called as they walked away. "Be sure to tune in tonight! Our new movers are in colour now!" Inside City Hall it was much quieter. They reached the main hall and only a handful of people were inside. At the table, two men dressed in blue robes were discussing something quietly. In the corner of the room a well dressed woman with silvery hair tied back in a bun was talking with another man, dressed in a military uniform. "Over at the table." Kuj'ra pointed towards the two men in blue robes. "That's Chief Rom'na and Chief Dessa of the Southern and Northern Water Tribes respectively. And of course in the corner there is President Woo Lin, the head of Republic City. I don't know who the other one is...Earth Kingdom military by the looks of it." There was a flash of golden light in the centre of the room. From it the figure of a large dark blue bear, with strange tribal markings through his fur. Yaozu smiled. He hadn't expected to see a spirit here. "Do you know who that is?" "I'm...not sure..." Kuj'ra admitted, scratching his head. A soft and pleasant breeze cut through the air behind him. The soft tapping of feet urged both of them to turn and see who was there. "That is Kunlai, he was chosen as an ambassador of the spirits this year." The strong but feminine voice addressed them warmly. "He is a noble and kind soul, but he doesn't care much for words." "Ang Li!" Yaozu gasped, grinning from ear to ear. As she drew nearer he pulled her in to a hug, gripping her red and golden robes. He let her go and she flashed him only a hint of a smile, but her brown eyes showed a warmth that betrayed her stoic demeanour. She was a middle aged woman with pale, smooth skin, and most notably she bore the blue arrow tattoos of an Airbender, and her brown hair was left to lie freely, resting just above her shoulders. "It is good to see you, Yaozu." She said with a nod. "Has it really been 4 years since you left my home to master Earthbending? My how time flies I suppose. And now you are all grown. You look well." "As do you." Yaozu said respectfully. Ang Li was the leader of the Air Nomads, a Master Airbender who had also been Yaozu's mentor. He was not afraid to admit that he had favoured her the most among his teachers, except perhaps Kuj'ra. He had always felt a connection to this woman, after all they had shared an important ancestor, in a way. "Come now, boy" Ang Li said finally. "We must not keep the others waiting. We can talk later." "I would like to begin by thanking you all for coming to this annual summit." President Woo Lin stated, addressing the rest of the people at the table. "Unfortunately Fire Lord Kazra cannot be present and sends his apologies. He has sent his trusted bodyguard and advisor Kuj'ra to be seated on his behalf. Additionally it seems General Lei Shen of the Earth Kingdom has also been held back by important business, and so Liu Xiao Hung, trusted Royal Advisor to the late Earth King, may he rest in peace, has came in his stead." Yaozu eyed the man known as Liu Xiao. He had leathery, tan skin and appeared to be well in his 50's. His hair was short and well groomed, with a thin mustache under his nose. He was thin of frame, and looked rather like a snake. His eyes were shifty, and full of judgement. Yaozu did not rember much of the Earth King's murder 10 years ago, only that he had been murdered by someone very close to him. "At any rate I will try to keep this short so that you can all go and enjoy the rest of your time here." Woo Lin continued with a soft smile. "As you will all be aware since our last meeting, there have been some issues arising over the past year in regard to trade disputes. While missing shipments and late arrivals have caused some upset, I have been assured that this is being taken care of. General Lei Shen has assured me on countless occasions that the shipments disappearing are a result of renegade groups within the Earth Kingdom. Naturally since the events of 10 years ago such things are to be expected and we must pull together in these times." "Um..." Yaozu went to speak, but he thought better of it. However Woo Lin urged him on. "Avatar Yaozu, you have something to say?" She asked. "Please do not fear sharing. This summit's purpose is to clear the air of our thoughts on such matters." "Okay. Well forgive me if this seems a little uninformed but...if rogue factions are stealing supplies coming in and out of the Earth Kingdom, then there must be a reason for it. Is there a shortage of resources? If history has shown us anything, it's that people revolt when their are unhappy." "I don't think it's right to assume General Lei Shen isn't doing all he can in this regard. We are all allied here, there is no reason to suspect foul play." "On the contrary." The voice came from Chief Dessa. "We've been skirting the issue here. The Earth Kingdom's activities have been more secretive of late. I understand your position requires you to tread carefully Woo Lin, but The Avatar has a point. Can we take everything the General is saying at his word? He has not shown himself in these meetings for 3 years now." "Wait...I didn't mean to make an accusation..." Yaozu said. "Do not put words in The Avatar's mouth. You're reading too much in to this Dessa." Ang Li responded, her tone calm and yet commanding of authority. "There is no need to be throwing accusations around." "Settle down, all of you." this time it was Liu Xiang who spoke. He stood up from his chair to address the table properly. "I'm afraid that these grumblings are forcing me to bring my purpose here to the forefront. There is indeed more to this matter than the work of petty thieves. You see in recent months the decline in shipments has, in truth, been part of an exercise to slowly bring our trade agreement to a halt. It may seem that this is malicious but I assure you the way we approached this was to ease the nations in to it, and not cause a sudden collapse in your economy." "You see!" Dessa snarled. "General Lei Shen has been doing this on purpose." "I am afraid that as of today, it is Emperor Lei Shen." Liu Xiang replied. The group went silent. "I have come here today to officially renounce the Earth Kingdom's affiliations with the other nations. Indeed today is the end of the Earth Kingdom in every sense. For today we march under the banner of the Great Earth Empire." "This is preposterous!" Chief Rom'na chimed in. "This is treachery! It's plain to see. You can't expect to get away with this." "Oh but we have committed no crimes." Liu Xiang explained, a thin smirk appearing on his face. "We are an independent nation as are all of you. We are free to walk away from this council at any time. It is you who is taking this is an act of aggression. We are merely seeking to go about our business on our own now. Can any of you say your nations have not explored this avenue in the past?" "I...I still don't like it." Rom'na grumbled. The murmurs danced around the table until finally silence fell and President Woo Lin was left once more to speak. "Well...this is quite the piece of news." she said with a sigh. "I think we will end this at that. I will be in touch so that we can make the necessary arrangements. I don't have the legislation to hand with me. I assume General Lei Shen will be able to visit the City and deal with this in person?" "Emperor Lei Shen would be most pleased to do just that." Liu Xiang replied. Hours later Yaozu was sat in his hotel suite, a cup of coffee in his hands, warming them as Ang Li and Kuj'ra spoke with one another. Yaozu had been barely listening, he felt very strange. He was on edge, as if something terrible we about to unfold. He did not know exactly what troubled him though. "It's disappointing of course." Ang Li said. "But we will get through this I'm sure. After all there was a time where we all managed on our own, kept to ourselves. Perhaps a new direction will be good for the Earth Nation. They have been without a designated ruler for 10 years now. Perhaps Lei Shen becoming an Emperor will bring a bit of peace to those still unsettled." "I've got no idea" Kuj'ra replied. "I'll be taking the kid and heading back to the Capital in the morning. I'll need to brief Fire Lord Kazra about it. We can take it from there I suppose." "We're going back in the morning?" Yaozu asked. "You mean...that's it?" "There's nothing else to be done, kid." Kuz'ra said. "Something isn't right." Yaozu said with a sigh. "I can;t explain it but...don't you think this is pretty sudden? I don't really get politics but...I just don't trust that Liu Xiang. He was lying about something, hiding something. I could tell." "He's a bit of a rat all right, but that doesn't mean we can do anything." Kuj'ra held his hands up in defeat. "We can't go around making a fuss about this kind of thing." "Well why not!?" Yaozu snapped as he got up from his chair. "Settle down." Ang Li asked of him. "No!" He snapped again. "All of you...all you did was bury your heads in there! At least the Water Tribe Chiefs wanted to do something about it. They could sense it too, that guy is no good. Something else is going on!" "Like what, exactly?" Ang Li asked. "Do you know something we don't...have they spoken to you?" "They don't just pop in to my head for a chat." Yaozu grumbled. "My ancestors can only guide me through what they have experienced. They don't warn me about the future, or at least they haven't before." Yaozu remembered the dream he had experienced that morning. He shook it from his head though, the man in his dream was neither Yun Feng nor Korra. He was only connected with the previous two, after Korra had began the cycle anew. "I'm sorry, I did not mean to be disrespectful." Ang Li said. "But you are the Avatar. Your feelings and instincts...they can mean more than a simple hunch. I trust your instincts, all of us should. It is your duty to maintain balance in the world." "That doesn't mean he can't be wrong and you know it." Kuj'ra responded. "You know the history of the Avatars better than most. Korra, Aang, Roku, Kyoshi. They all made mistakes...ones that cost them dearly." "Roku?" Yaozu said with a tone of surprise. "He was...before Aang, right? He was like me...born in the Fire Nation?" "Exactly." Kuj'ra confirmed. Yaozu's fists clenched. The image of the old man in his dream, commanding the flames like they were an extension of himself. But that wasn't possible. He shook his head. "I need to get some air. Don't follow me." Yaozu turned on his heel to leave the room. "Like hell I'm letting you go alone." Kuj'ra called after him and marched forward. However as he did, Yaozu turned on his side and thrust his palm forward, sending a gust of air under Kuj'ra's feet and knocking him over, before storming off out of the door. Kuj'ra pulled his face up from the carpet and hear a small giggle from Ang Li. "You could have helped me stop him, y'know." He grumbled. "I could have. However that was rather amusing." she said with a soft smile. "Besides...didn't you see? He has realised something. I suspect his search will take him to a place we cannot follow even if we wanted to. It's about time you let him start figuring things out on his own." Yaozu wandered through the streets of Republic City, feeling his temper bubbling away at him. He was so confused by it all. At the summit they had all seemed so dismissive. He couldn't help but think that this long lasting time of peace had made them evasive and afraid of aggression. However, 4 years ago when he had first communed with his past lives, it was Korra who had taught him: Darkness exists even in the strongest light. He took that to mean that war was inevitable, it was just a matter of when. He had not realised it, but his walking had taken him in to the part of the city known as the Spirit Wilds. The orange glow of the street lamps had been replaced by the eerie blue lights emanating from the firefly spirits buzzing around the streets. The walls of the buildings, and even the floor beneath him, were covered in great vines. And soon enough he found himself at the foot of the great tree that was at the heart of it all. He had never been particularly adept at understanding the ways of the spirits, he felt foolish to look to them for guidance now. "This is pointless" he said to himself. "I should just go back." "You should trust your feet." came a reply. Yaozu turned to see that the great spirit bear from the summit was there. "You're Kunlai, right?" he asked. The bear simply nodded. Then he exhaled loudly through his nose and looked around for a moment. "Even when your mind is lost, you should trust your feet." Kunlai said. "After all, they have guided you to this place, even without you knowing." "I don't follow." Yaozu said, folding his arms. "Can't you spirits ever speak plainly?" "And can't you humans ever look further than your own nose?" Kunali asked in response. "No, you expect the world to go slowly so you can understand. However, the world does not act on the whimsy of a human, even The Avatar. And yet you have brought yourself exactly where you need to be. You and I both sensed it, the lies that man spoke. More so, he feared me. An irrational fear if there ever was one. Why do you think that is?" "I don't know." Yaozu replied. "I don't even know who he is, or what his intentions are." "You over complicate things." Kunlai said. "You are using your mind, you need to use your senses, your instincts. The answer will come to you." Yaozu sighed and shook his head. He sat himself on the floor and crossed his legs. Why couldn't this spirit just say meditate in the first place? He closed his eyes, slowed his breathing, and tried to push all thought from his head. He found it easier than usual, most likely due to the spiritual energy nearby. "In that instance this man was hiding the truth through lies and misdirection. Yet his fear was placed solely on me, a spirit. Why do you think that is?" "Spirits are wise. They can see through deception?" Yaozu guessed. "We are as different as humans are to one another. Not all spirits are wise." Kunlai explained. "Why would that man fear a spirit, in that instance?" "...His involves spirits." Yaozu said. This time Kunlai did not correct him, and he took it as a sign that he was getting closer. "The secret he holds, the Emperor's secret. The truth can be unravelled by spirits somehow. Something about..." Yaozu sighed. "I can't! I can't do this!" "Perhaps not." Kunlai mused. "You are but a child. It is true that you humans struggle with such concepts. The truth lies open like a book, even when it is hidden. You must simply look in the right place." "I don't know the right place." Yaozu replied, exasperation in his voice. "I can't figure out what I don't know! That's not possible." "Indeed it is, when you restrict yourself." Kunlai said with a sigh. He turned around and began to walk away. Yaozu got up from the ground and ran after him. "Hey wait!" he called, but it was too late. Kunlai had disappeared from sight. No doubt off back to the Spirit World. Yaozu hung his head down and sighed. For a moment he had felt close, but in the end he had gotten nowhere. In the morning he would be heading back to the Fire Nation, and he had nothing to go on. He wished so strongly that he could speak with his past selves, and seek their guidance. However it was not that simple, it was nothing something he could do at will. "The answer lies with the spirits...what does that even mean?"
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