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  1. Hey I'm Jmb1

    Welcome! Or welcome back, rather!
  2. White Wedding

    Welcome to Surreality! *fist pound*
  3. Psycho White - Push 'Em (Steve Aoki & Travis Barker Remix) so boss!
  4. Long time no see

    so, yeah. Welcome. Any questions just ask!
  5. Why...Hello there!

    Welcome back new old person! ...wait what? O.o
  6. No but I can sorta shuffle. My friend can do running man, shuffle, a tiny bit of breakdancing. I'm trying to learn to shuffle and figure out some moves like running man from there. I cant say I've been practicing very routinely though. Dancing is always one of those things I wish I could do but never actually take the time to learn. So no. No I cannot.
  7. Long time no see

    Welcome! Do stay! Have seat! No wait get up there's so much to do! No time for sitting!
  8. Greetings from the Guard

    Welcome! Be good, have fun, all that jazz! You had a thought about what materials you're gonna use for your armour?
  9. Can you take me to Funky Town?
  10. I will once I finish teaching myself!
  11. A Bull I think. Quite sturdy and tough in regard to my principles and personality. I'd say my ability to stay standing at least metaphorically speaking is probably my strongest one. I dunno. That is a really hard question. It would require years of reflection to give you a decent answer. For now I'm sticking with Bull. Also because i'm consistently horny.
  12. Hai! ^^

    Val will not take well to you dissing his Pepsi Max! But yeah you can call me Kyo, Blackfrost, Hey You, Sexy, Murder Phoenix or pretty much anything else.
  13. im a thug

    yay bewbs!
  14. Hai! ^^

    the tribute is pepsi max and if you give him 1 can he'll do more than let you hug him if you know what I mean So yeah welcome back! Tattoos are cool! I have a half sleeve at the moment. Plan to get covered in them but unfortunately its an expensive hobby!
  15. Hardwell feat. Amba Shepherd - Apollo All the while trying not to cry due to post-festival blues.
  16. Have you ever had an out of body experience?
  17. im a thug

    Can't we just have like a dance off or something? O.o
  18. Returnating

    Welcome. Willkommen. Bienvenu. I'm running out of languages I know even the slightest of already. Oh noes! *runs away* wooop wooop wooop woooop!
  19. I r teh here

    Welcome back! Nice to see an old face!