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  1. I was born July 22 1989, Cancer cusp I believe, also an earth element snake in the chinese zodiac or something. I dunno. I forget. Apparently despite the cusp thing I'm a classic Cancer! I wouldn't know though as I dont look into it much. the girl in the daily newspaper always says im having a financial crisis or moving house or finding new love (the newspaper psychic thinks i'm some kind of playa)


    Ninja Edit: OH yeah, Welcome back Sunny! ^_^

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  2. No but I can sorta shuffle. My friend can do running man, shuffle, a tiny bit of breakdancing. I'm trying to learn to shuffle and figure out some moves like running man from there. I cant say I've been practicing very routinely though. Dancing is always one of those things I wish I could do but never actually take the time to learn. 


    So no. No I cannot. 

  3. A Bull I think. Quite sturdy and tough in regard to my principles and personality. I'd say my ability to stay standing at least metaphorically speaking is probably my strongest one. I dunno. That is a really hard question. It would require years of reflection to give you a decent answer. For now I'm sticking with Bull. Also because i'm consistently horny. 

  4. the tribute is pepsi max and if you give him 1 can he'll do more than let you hug him if you know what I mean


    So yeah welcome back! Tattoos are cool! I have a half sleeve at the moment. Plan to get covered in them but unfortunately its an expensive hobby!

  5. Hi all. I'm Blackfrost. I'm 24, male, caucasian. I live in Edinburgh, Scotland. I'm in a relationship (sorry ladies). I'm heterosexual (sorry gentleman). I love art, music, writing and essentially all things creative. I'm fascinated by interaction and how we all communicate in so many different ways. In terms of taste I like almost all brands, flavours, genres, personality traits and other things life has to offer. I'll take EDM, Rock, Metal, Jazz, Punk, Banana flavoured, Chocolate flavoured, fantasy, sci-fi, fiction, non-fiction and everything else in between. I'm not making much sense. Whatever. I ramble. 


    So I'm part of the Surreality management team and I know some of your guys, but there's bound to be plenty of new faces for me to get to know. As for what each staff member is doing, we're still working out the specifics, but what I can confirm to you all is I will be in charge of Events and Contests around the forum. I'll be plotting and scheming behind the scenes, bouncing ideas off the rest of the staff and possibly a few members and just see what sticks. I'll be looking at bringing back some tried and tested events that went well so look forward to some old favourites. That being said there will be new events and contests as well so keep your eyes peeled for news of our growing list of fun things to do. 


    All news on events and contests will be posted around the forum but don't forget to check out our twitter/facebook/tumblr/google+(hah! jokes) we shall be posting information on future events in any and all of these social media sites so that you guys can count on your favourite one to provide you with up to date news and information. 


    So with that out of the way why don't you guys ask me some questions. I promise to answer truthfully, even if it's incredibly personal, HOWEVER, don't go asking for my bank account information or something illegal/offensive/derogatory/bla bla basically forum rules still apply.


    so yeah. 


    Whatchu' got Surreality?

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