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  1. PG-13 Adventure in Kanto Discussion

    Yeah I noticed 2 seconds after posting that the last post on the rp was a while ago sorry about that ;;
  2. Hello, are you still accepting characters/authors? Name: Agrima Species: Human / Priest Gender: Female Appearance: Stands at roughly five feet and four inches, and she's definitely aware of her rather short height and how often she has to look up to people with her dark eyes. She makes up for it as best as she can. Her dark skin usually is in sharp contrast with her paler dress, and her hair is usually tied in intricate knots at the back of her head before spilling onto her shoulders. Under the robes, which are cut essentially shapeless, it's hard to see how toughened and lithe she is. Unlike some of her priestly colleagues, Agrima prefers to use magic without some sort of instrument (i.e. a staff or other medium). Thus, her hands are bare and usually cut and scarred from the magic rubbing against the skin. She's tried using gloves before, but finds her control isn't as effecient that way. As of late, for practicality, Agrima has done away with the complicated hairdos and simply wears it all up and out of the way. While the robes were appropriate, she felt, for someone of her profession, she's traded in for some more travel-worthy clothes. Personality: Agrima never felt the need to prove herself, but she does have a quiet confidence that she built up over the years. She is well aware that she is a capable asset, and wants to help out as much as she can without seeming overbearing or irritating. She tends to be a rather easy going person, and typically allows people to believe and do what they want if it's their own choice, and doesn't see much point in convincing to do something otherwise. Likewise, Agrima prefers to have the freedom to do what she wants when she wants to, although she understands that with their purpose and mission, she may not have that independence for a while. Agrima tends to be more logical than emotional, and comes to decisions and logic in that same way. She has no problem giving up some things in favor of others. Agrima never had much practice in combat, so she's taken it upon herself to develop her magic for some more offensive capabilities, although at the moment she's rather stuggling with it. However, she's also started physically training her body, because she figures that if she's going to be part of a rebellion then she should be able to carry her own weight (literally). Agrima is actually seriously considering just using a sword or another weapon in favor of her magic in combat, as that seems to be going easier than anything else. She doesn't want to be deadweight. One of the few things she's loathe to do is be a burden or someone's baggage. Strengths/Abilities: Healing capabilities (these usually take her more energy than other magic), defensive magic (shields, repellant spells to knock opponents back), some mediumship (spirit communication, some summoning ability), working on molding magic into something offensive (and failing), some swordsmanship ability History: Because her family had too many mouths to feed, Agrima was almost immediately placed inside of a conservatory. She doesn't harbor any particular resentment for her parents, as she had a very nice life there--considering all the circumstances. She knew where she was going to sleep and when she was going to eat, and that was more than what some people had. Once they discovered she had some magical capabilities, Agrima began training with the other students there. She picked up the concepts quickly enough but the actual applications were harder for her, but eventually she became very capable. She had a short period of time where she was under the service of the kingdom and court, although she never actually came in contact with the queen herself. However, after seeing the ruin the entire realm was falling into, she left the court and sought out the the rebels.
  3. PG-13 Adventure in Kanto Discussion

    hello, is it alright if I join? here's my character sheet (sorry if there's problems I realy don't know what I'm doing ;; )
  4. um hi there

    everyone's so helpful ok thank you that makes things simpler uwu
  5. um hi there

    Yes, hello all. Nice to meet you ^^ Yeah I wasn't sure how formatting went when I clicked some buttons so it kind of ended up like that and I stuck with it. But yes all hail Google bow down in the sight of its mighty prowess And im a lady if you were wondering ^^ Also ok question so I read in the rules that I have to ask the GM if I want to join a rp even if it says "open". So what's the etiquette do I message them or do I just post on the thread or (Im like really awkward sorry)
  6. um hi there

    Um yes hello I'm assian how are you Well I'll follow the FAQ because I really don't know what I'm doing ~ Yes ok well I found Surreality via Google All hail Google I'm incredibly awkward and speak in run on sentences and I use the return button a lot Like A lot As you can see. Uh let's see oh yes roleplay genres mostly I'll do almost anything save for animals because for some reason I never really got into roleplaying animals Don't ask me why I don't know either. But either than that I'm usually up for mostly anything Anyways it's nice to meet you all.