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  1. Pokemon Battle Wyvern Gym - Kouyukki

    Bagel sighed as yet another challengers stepped up to the plate. Today was proving to be a busy day. "Bourbon, Whisky..." she called softly and for a moment nothing happened - then a gust of wind picked up as two Flygon flew down from overhead, gracefully helping her down from her perch in she shadows and dropping her just outside the circle of light. One of the Flygon flew away while the other remained, an ominous presence as Bagel stepped forward. She wasn't particularly intimating to look at - standing at maybe 5'2'' with heeled boots, but the way she carried herself spoke of authority. Her dark purple top had long sleeves that covered well past her wrists, so only the tips of her fingers were visible. Her hair had subtle highlights of every color in the rainbow, but the apparent festive touch did not reach her demeanor. She stared at Jellybean through thick, black-rimmed glasses, "Welcome, trainer. I am Bagel Eks, leader of the Wyvern Gym." The Flygon behind her flapped his wings for dramatic effect, ruffling Bagel's hair and Jellybean skirt. "This is your last chance to turn back," she warned softly, "Should you chose to stay, Bourbon will be your first opponent." The Flygon stepped forward, looking huge next to the petite gym leader who stepped back, giving the Pokémon room to battle. She snapped her fingers twice and soft lights lit the walls of the cavernous space revealing just how large the space was. Flying Pokémon would not struggle in a space like this, even if it was carved into a mountain. When she had put enough space between herself and Jellybean, she spun around and yelled, "Bourbon, earthquake!"