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  1. NC-17 Day 0 Sign-Ups

    Hell yeah, apocalypses! You have me if you want me.
  2. Roleplaying Classifieds

    Username: Reid Name: ...Still Reid. Available Times: CST: On and off at night on weekdays, afternoons and evenings Friday to Sunday. Post Length: I will not work with anything less than two paragraphs. Otherwise I give what I get (and often with interest). Post Frequency: This is also something we need to establish. By default, I would probably post once every two days or otherwise tell you. If the pacing is set so a post every other day is okay, etc., I don't mind. RP Preferences: Post-apoc, steampunk, medieval, semi-realistic, romance, LGBT, and any lovely mishmash of the aforementioned. I don't mind other genres though. Contact Details: PMing works but I most enjoy talking through the RP on IM in Skype. My contact is owl_of_midnight. I'm a Sophomore, Education major and sometimes things do get a little crazy. But I can guarantee to strive for fairness and courteousness unless you give me reason to do otherwise, and will always let a partner know if I can't get back to them in time. I'll expect the same from them. Also, I enjoy letting to know my partner as a friend and talking through the RP at least a little to plan things out. I don't bite. ;)
  3. Been a while

    It starts disappearing more and more when you stop paying attention to it. Elusive bastard, time.
  4. What are you watching?

    I saw Training Day with a lady friend last night. We both agreed Denzel Washington was the real star of that. His acting was great. Other than that, I've been meaning to pick The Sopranos and Breaking Bad back up for a while, if they count.
  5. Been a while

    Ello ya'll, I hope you're having a lovely day. I'm Reid, A_wa_re from the older boards. I've been RPing for a very long time: upwards of half a decade. Still, I'm not the most experienced or badass RPer you can find. It's been a while since I got in the game. But I know Surreality is the place to be to remedy that. It's a pleasure to be back. Do be good to me.