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    Roleplaying, games, food, sleep... and being an unrepentant pervert.

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    Star Wars... and sometimes other stuff.
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    Slow as fuck, because life. Medium to long (and very long) posts preferred.
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    It was on another site. It was an invasion of a planet, and my character got choked out by another one. Haha!

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  1. Your Writing Readability

    I tried this thing on my posts from a couple other communities and... yeah, I tend to hit between grade 15 and post-collegiate, for the most part. Mostly the latter. Note that I'm no good at talking to kids, either. I have little to no clue how to not be complex, but my co-writers assure me that they enjoy writing with me and that my posts are worth waiting for, soooo.... *shrug* ...take that as you will.
  2. Happy Birthday Resonance! Do be more active around here kay? ^^

  3. The Gaming I.D. Exchange

    Steam - miriyacailis Xbox - MiriyaCailis
  4. So, apparently I'm back.

    Thanks for the confirmation. I knew I was hot, but damn, I'm hot now.
  5. So, apparently I'm back.

    You bet your ass it should change. Have your people call my people and we'll do some stuff.
  6. So, apparently I'm back.

    Damn it, Kyo, I was going to get to you. I'm damned happy you're Kyo again. Seriously. So happy I could squee all over your face. That kind of happy. And my happiness is important.
  7. So, apparently I'm back.

    ack! - Are you coming on to me? Because if you are, I can totally jive with that. Raine Bell - I missed you too, sugar muffin. <3
  8. Sticking around for now

    I'll nail you to the wall, if it'll help? <_<
  9. So, apparently I'm back.

    I have proof. I'm not a very good liar.
  10. So, apparently I'm back.

    That's right. At least in some capacity. See my post in the Roleplaying Classifieds for the details, if you've got so little willpower and so much curiosity that it doesn't speak well for your continued existence. Darwin Awards, know what I'm sayin'? So, anyways... Valentine got on his knees and begged. It was pretty fucking embarrassing, until it was funny, because begging is funny. Here I am. Have at me, you filthy animals. <3
  11. Roleplaying Classifieds

    Username: Resonance Name: Kaman Available Times: I've got massive responsibilities and a huge docket of current threads on two other sites. That said, it's anyone's guess where I'll post on any given day. Post Length: It varies. Can be dependent on writing partners. I am not known for itty-bitty posts; I write mostly in Google Docs these days, and my posts typically run a minimum of 3/4 to 1 1/2 pages within the program, or more. I can provide examples (outside of Surreality) of my posts, if you ask nicely. I will not tolerate itty-bitty posts from my writing partners, so don't you dare. Post Frequency: It's probably best if you're okay with a very slow posting schedule, and breaks. Depression and anxiety have made for heavy blows to my creativity, so it's a struggle to find the will to write, despite the heavy desire to do so. RP Preferences: I usually have no self-control or willpower where roleplaying is concerned, but as mentioned above, my creativity has been suffering. That being said, I love Star Wars... as if that wasn't obvious. I'll do sci-fi, fantasy, horror. I'll do werewolves and vampires and mutants. I'll do "normal" people (Pfft. Normal is a setting on the clothes dryer!). I'll do really dirty, nasty, disgusting stuff. I am completely non-preferential as to the sex, gender, or sexuality of characters, mine and yours. Quite frankly, there's a lot I'll do, but I'm not a fan of writing fanfic-ish stuff on intellectual properties I don't have a deep familiarity with. Adapting a concept I can do (if given the gist of the reference property we're working from), but hardcore canonical won't fly as I don't really have the time to put into bringing my knowledge up to snuff on things I'm not familiar with. I typically sit in the PG13 range and upwards, all the way to and including X. Contact Details: My contact details are on my profile. Skype is PREFERRED. I'm nearly always on the thing. Pretty much guaranteed you'll get ahold of me.
  12. Psychedelic Space Lounge

    That is sad. :( I think my favourite birds as of late have been woodpeckers. Their call and their pecking is distinctly differentiated from the other birds in my neighbourhood (aside from the crows and seagulls, which are just plain annoying) and I like when I notice their presence.
  13. Ask Wahad Whatever

    I don't have much of a sweet tooth either, preferring instead to sate my hunger on real food. The taste of sugar puts me off... but I do like making desserts for others, because it makes them happy. I'm also restricted by budget... and often, time (but time can be bent in a number of ways). Electric coffeepot or french press?
  14. Video Games General

    LTTP keeps coming up in this here thread and it is STILL my favourite Zelda game of all time, even though it didn't make me cry. And either the newer Zelda entries have gotten easier or I've been gaming on and off for so many years that easy/not easy is no longer relevant.
  15. Which definition of 'rubbers' do you prefer and why?