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  1. Hey

    Ohai, Batman. I'm a catloaf. You may call me Res, for short. Welcome to Surreality. :D
  2. Questions? Ask Me ~Anything~

    Ooh, I grew up with cockatiels. My dad and uncle always had them. My slave partner... He refuses to allow birds at all. :angry: Aside from sex and/or ice cream, what is your favourite dessert?
  3. It's me... again!

    Why thank you. I also make delicious sandwiches.
  4. Hai! ^^

    Resonance, Res... whatever works. I'm not picky. ;)
  5. It's me... again!

    To take over my life, you'd have to compete with the other things that have already taken over my life. Good luck. :p
  6. Introduction

    If I said I didn't RP much either, that would be a lie. And not a lie at the same time. Also, h'lo there. Nice to see new people! :D
  7. Hai! ^^

    My name... rings a bell. OH DEAR. Are you clever enough to realize what a pun that is? Well, sort of. No I do't think we ever spoke, but I remember your name, too!
  8. Evening~

    Fix'd. Also, hi. :D
  9. Hai! ^^

  10. eyooo

    Welcome back. I've just come back too. Weeeeeee.
  11. Video Games General

    Video... games? *scratches head* I'm not certain I recall what those are... >.> *looks at the consoles, sitting unused for months on end* Oh, right. Those. :p