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  1. R Surreal*RPG: Team Pantsu Parade

    Meldream felt distinctly...ignored. Overlooked? Also very low-tech. The sinking feeling - that probably preceded her actually slowly sinking into the bottomless depths of what she knew quite intimately, from having swallowed a generous amount, to be some kind of salt water - did not dissipate as she flailed around rather helplessly. Not that she couldn't swim, of course. But seeing how the ceiling itself had turned into water (how that even worked, she wasn't sure, but there had been some mention of hackers - and hackers were responsible, after all, for everything that went wrong in any multiplayer game, and this was probably like a multiplayer game, right?), well, there probably wasn't any point in trying to swim to the nonexistent surface. Still, survival instincts (wrongheaded though they may be) often came to the fore in life-or-death situations. Meldream rather wished she had instincts that were more useful, though. She kept swimming upwards, before getting rather unceremoniously buffeted to one side by the appearance of a rather large appendage, potentially cephalopodic in nature. The impact made her lose her grip on her now clearly outclassed 4d, but she still made a desperate grab to get it back anyway. After all, she'd earned that! Thankfully, her fingers did manage to close around something roughly tetrahedronal in shape. Unfortunately, that impact and the desperate grab that followed also managed to make her loosen her grip on at least half a lungful of air, the bubble of which floated lazily toward her feet. Hmm. That doesn't seem right, she thought through increasing dizziness. ...Ah. The realization came slowly, but she got there in the end. Upside-down. Tentacle must have turned me around. She was feeling the need to breathe rather desperately at this point. Lungs are not meant to be kept still, and find that not being allowed to move leads to increased attempts toward movement of any kind, be it inhalation or exhalation. And both, at this juncture, would probably be fatal. Better calm down and think, she told herself. This is usually the point where the underpowered hero figures out some kind of clever plan, or has brought along an item that might be helpful if used in a creative fashion. Overpowered heroes, on the other hand, usually get some kind of deus ex machina effect. Um... Well, this was sort of interesting to think about, but she didn't know what kind of hero she was, and she was not at all confident in her ability to summon any kind of machina, let alone a godly one. Maybe if she emptied out her pockets? Honestly, she didn't have a whole lot. If she managed to get out of this, she definitely would need to get more. Just more, in general. You really can't have enough things in your pockets. There was her PGI, surprisingly still working even in the aquatic environment. There was her black-striped maybe-magic staff. There was her packets of gum - one packet already opened, and the other... Would it actually help? It couldn't be worse than drowning, right? She wished she could Google it, though considering this was a mystical and magical variant of the mundane, the search results wouldn't be very indicative. With a shrug, she tugged the packet open and popped in a pellet. Here goes nothing! If she had to give it a flavor, she would have to call it...tree. And silver. And glowy? She could feel her torso elongating as her arms reached up (or down?), while her toes seemed to extend and separate. In a few moments, she lost her vision and hearing, though some kind of flavor sense remained. Then a different kind of sense blossomed into being, sort of like seeing, but a lot sketchier and somehow more pervasive in its awareness. Now she knew everything that went on around in her, at least to a certain extent. She felt herself drifting slowly in one direction, either sinking or floating, probably. She knew the positions of both of her party members in their suits that were much better equipped to handle combat in multiple environments. She also knew the entire shape and size of the giant Kraken. Oh yeah, and she also felt zero need to breathe. Which was great, in terms of not dying immediately to drowning. Not so great, she mused, tracking the movement of various tentacles, in terms of fighting a Kraken, though. As a tree, she emanated a bright silver light. That was about the extent of her ability to contribute to any kind of conflict. The light was very bright and piercing, revealing the vast bulk of the Kraken, and the vaster bulk of water that held little else.
  2. OPEN Surreal*RPG - reboot!

    Wst. Wst why. --- edit: i hope you're happy
  3. R Surreal*RPG: Team Pantsu Parade

    Meldream shivered, drawing her cloak closer about her. The wind whipped her hair around her face, and she spat out a few strands that found their way into her gaping mouth. Gross. She turned away from the burning silver tree and followed quickly behind her two (apparently) new party members. It was almost unfortunate she was a girl, since it meant she would probably fulfill the role of the Chick in the party, whatever it would turn out to be. Actually, she was already pretty used to this happening in "real life," since she had more male friends than female. A testament to her hobbies, perhaps. Or merely evidence that she lived in Seattle. Moving on. Their small group hurried through the growing dark, occasionally illuminated in flashes of lightning. Kind of like that flickering effect you got in lightswitch raves, that made it look like you were all part of a flip book or a poorly animated cartoon. (You know what I mean, right? I'm sure there's a word for it.) Something (instinct, perhaps, born of a desire to not get struck by lightning?) made her hunch down into a crouch as they moved forward, braving the weather in the hope that they would reach their destination soon. Though unless one counted "an hour" as a time length worthy of the descriptor "soon," they would not, in fact, reach anything "soon." After what seemed like miles (which it would be, if it took an hour of walking to traverse the distance), with the storm showing no sign of stopping (and possibly a few hints of getting worse), they reached a line, much like the line that divided the forest she'd come from and the field they now walked on, and it cut through anything in its path without mercy or even polite discussion. Though Meldream wondered some about her companions - somehow they seemed familiar, and yet she knew she had never met them before - the thunder of storm and howling of wind did not quite work out as background noises conducive to conversation. Would the line cut off the storm, she wondered. It was not hard to tell that they had reached the border of their current area. For one thing, the grass disappeared, replaced by what might have been ceramic white tiling? It was hard to tell in the darkness, considering the field itself had no light source save the tree that was still on fire. Though this new area seemed mostly bare, a tall rectangular doorway of a sort stood in the middle, looking very fake and useless without any walls around it. The more she looked at the doorway, the less real she felt, as if - it was a hard thing to describe, but - as if she were merely the figment of someone else's imagination? She shook her head and gave herself a pinch. Definitely solid, though perhaps not real in some other sense. Something in her thoughts shied away from examining the sensation, and instead she cleared her throat and said something. It got blown away by the wind and the thunder, so she tried again. Of course, just then all noise died down, and she was left to shout (very loudly) into the silence, "WHERE DO YOU THINK IT LEADS?" Then she looked kind of embarrassed and apologetic.
  4. OPEN Surreal*RPG - reboot!

    Okay, Pantsu people. I am totally here and totally working on a post. As long as nothing distracts me, we should be good. We'll see. I don't even know where we're going. edit: I did it I made post. It short. I think door to OOC forums maybe? Do not know.
  5. OPEN Surreal*RPG - reboot!

    On the note of pinched villains/characters, I might need to do some reading up on other RP threads, since this is the only RP I'm really following right now. Unless others decide to submit a villain in the same sort of template as dear, lovely Trinity has done. I feel like Introduce Yourself is closer to OOC forums? As it stands, uh, not sure where we want to (narratively, anyway, not our characters) want to end up next. Somewhere where we can get our next encounter, I guess.
  6. OPEN Surreal*RPG - reboot!

    Yes, I have heard that plot is useful. We could take a closer look at some hackers, who will probably be our midbie challenges. Lowbie challenges might be like their hack-controlled RP character pawns? We should probably pick our next setting past the Board Index (which I imagine to be basically a huge transport hub kind of thing, grand central station or the like), if we even make it there. We would have to trek through several other threads to make it to the Board Index, if the portals are down. But having some villainous focus would help, I think.
  7. OPEN Surreal*RPG - reboot!

    It's no problem, people are busy (me included, but I am EV training pokemon, not doing anything legit).
  8. The Gaming I.D. Exchange

    3DS: 2249-5446-6579 (I'm adding people here.)
  9. Gender Swap Month!

    Telperion is a unisex name. Since it's a tree.
  10. TABOO YOU Part 2

    We could have a reverse sort of taboo, more like getting people to guess words in a cooperative sense. Like catchphrase? Or the Taboo game.
  11. OPEN Surreal*RPG - reboot!

    Awesome! Everything discussed has any stamp of approval from me that is needed. Hopefully this won't result in me waking up naked in the desert with a bag full of stolen cash.
  12. What Are You Reading?

    Ooh! I recall reading the Temeraire series! Fun read, all around. And I love Brandon Sanderson's stuff. I've only read his Mistborn trilogy, but I'm excited about all his other stuff. I tried reading through Wheel of Time to get to his book, but, eh. It grated on me after a while. I've just started on The Lies of Locke Lamora, and am currently enjoying the way it is written, although that might be because I'm listening to it in audiobook format? Listening to something being read aloud really makes you appreciate how it was put together.
  13. TABOO YOU Part 2

    Hm, okay, I will check that out too. But yeah, just started my journey in X! Already given in to temptation to look up what each pokemon can do so I can plan my team. >.>
  14. OPEN Surreal*RPG - reboot!

    Many tanks. @Wstfgl:
  15. If there's a "What Are You Listening To" thread there was probably a "What Are You Reading" thread at one point, but then it got old. So I'd like to know -- what are you reading? I've just finished this incredible original web serial thing called Worm. It's awesome. I had it recommended to me thus: the just-completed story Worm, which is roughly 1.75 million words in 30 volumes. The characters in Worm use their powers so intelligently I didn’t even notice until something like the 10th volume that the alleged geniuses were behaving like actual geniuses and that the flying bricks who would be the primary protagonists and villains of lesser tales were properly playing second fiddle to characters with cognitive, informational, or probability-based powers. There are stories which are better than Worm, and stories which were written faster than Worm, but I don’t know of any epic which was ever written faster and better than Worm. (Coincidentally, I got this recommendation from an author's note by the author of Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, which I would also recommend, but maybe not to everyone, though that isn't complete.)