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  1. OPEN Surreal*RPG - reboot!

    Surreal*RPG - the reboot/throwback (maybe?) †RP Thread Allow me to set your stage. You're at your computer doing forum-y things, just like you are right now. You browse a bit, and come across a new role-play. Why, it's called "Surreal*RPG," imagine that! You can't say you're sure why the asterisk is there (unless you are), but behind the fourth wall I'll tell you that it's because this site was once Surreal*Twilight. (Not entirely accurate, because obviously it's a completely new site - perhaps a better statement would be to say that this collection of forum RPers once congregated at a different site called Surreal*Twilight.) Anyway - let's put that wall back - it's this epic quest that involves saving the world. Of course. With dragons? Sure! With power-hungry necromancers? Perhaps. With this one guy who made all these rings but kept one ring as the most powerful one to rule - wait. No, not that. There will be customized classes! There will be optional races (if you want - if not, you can be plain old human). There will be…you as the role-player, and not a character you made up! Obviously, your real-world abilities might end up dialed up to eleven, because let's face it, the real world doesn't really prepare you for epic medieval questing. So of course you think long and hard about what you want to be - or perhaps what you believe yourself to truly actually be inside - and fill out that character sheet. Oh yeah. It's super sweet, it's so awesome, it's - pulling you into the virtual world? (Could be awkward if you decided to submit that character sheet at work - which you shouldn't do, but everyone does.) Okay, some of you saw that one coming, let's be honest. Anyway, there's your stage. You, sitting in your silly little costume (you thought it would look cool, but sometimes things are best left to the imagination), inside a virtual world. Time to find out if they do permadeath! --- tl;dr: You are yourself (but suitably more awesome for the genre), and are taking part in a totally epic quest to save the world! Or is it actually the forum website? You can't quite tell. The character you're making would, ideally, be the closest to what you yourself feel comfortable publishing on the internet about who you really are. Something like that. Basically you, with a class made just for you, by you. Obviously, you will have powers beyond the ken of mortal men. Or at least, normal, mundane mortal men. Of course, our newbie area will have to be the Introduce Yourself! forum. Because why not. Then we'll start killing mobs in the Student Roleplaying forest, and I'm pretty sure things will just spiral out of control from there. Man, can you imagine if every few posts we just ran randomly through someone else's student RP and defeated monsters (characters, I guess) from it? That...actually sounds pretty insane and yet more than a little awesome. Not sure if it's doable. (If you are interested, we can discuss further.) Because I've always wanted to, I'd like to implement a super simple dice-rolling combat system. It's just an optional thing to spice up those dreadfully boring random encounters. See last section of post. (Does anyone know if you can do that in the code in these forums? These new ones are so darn shiny, I don't even know.) In your character sheet, please include (at the least, you can include more) the following items, for everyone's reference:Name (could be yours in real life, but certainly not necessary)Forum Username (could also be yours - ideally it would be, I suppose, to truly embrace the experience)AgeGenderRace (if not human)AppearancePersonality and/or History (optional - see Change section below)Class (and skills of that class)--- And now, I will be fielding questions. Or complaints. It's been so long since I've made my own RP discussion thread. /nostalgic tear Questions! Change So I would like to put forth this option: instead of putting up a character sheet here and then starting with the RP, you can, as first post, essentially write up yourself filling out the character sheet. What better way to get into character? You don't have to if you would prefer not to, or if that's a little too meta for your tastes. It's just an option. Links to Other Posts (I don't like having over-long first posts) * Aforementioned Dice-Rolling System with creature template. (Still hopeful that the forums have that encoded. But if not, meh.) PCs Involved 1. TriOctium: Chrono Draconis TriOctium 2. Telperion: Meldream Telperion (alias Amanda) 3. Alisyn: Alisyn 4. Wstfgl: Wstfgl 5. FeatherKey_Fate: Kate 6. Noia: Noia 7. Solyeuse: Solyeuse Skyseeker 8. Asura: no sheet yet
  2. She was so excited. You would not quite believe. But, ever one to desire to seem normal in the public eye - or at least not insane - she did not allow even a small grin to escape her control. Plus, she was supposed to be working (menial task though it was), and most people weren't actively happy about filing and scanning various financial documents. Un-staple, scan, re-staple, file. It was pretty boring work, but it did allow her much time for thought. For now, her time had come. Nevermind that she was missing lunch. Nobody cared when she took it, anyway. (No, seriously.) She decided she would start to fill out...the character sheet. It would be the first such sheet she had filled out in months, and the nostalgia rating of such an event scored pretty high, even for her I-try-not-to-show-silly-emotions standards. Not that she really tried not to show emotion or anything silly like that, she just often found little reason for such trifles as sentimentality and emotional nostalgia. No matter, though. This was an acceptable exception, one that she gladly allowed for a site and community she had once held so close to her heart. And now began to do so once more. Ah, so sweet. But forget that, get on with the character sheet! Obviously, this "character" (AKA herself) would need a name. A truly excellent name. A name that no one mispronounced or ever spelled wrong. (She smugly counted herself lucky in that department.) Name: Amanda Goodness knows why she types up all her material in Notepad and/or Textedit. There's just something about those fixed-width fonts. Now, a username. Another easy question answered - or not? Maybe she wanted to use her old username instead? But her new username was so much cooler. At least in some ways. It's pretty hard to be badass if you're limited by your tree-ness, but honestly, who wouldn't say that the Trees of Valinor were pretty much the most awesome incarnation possible fir (ahaha) any kind of non-sentient tree? It would be cool to get some powers based on a super-shiny silver tree made by the power of the Valar, but it wasn't really her, you know? Ah. A flash of insight later: Forum Username: Meldream Telperion Who says she can't have two names? That's right, no one, because this is her role-play anyway. Bam. The next few fields were exceedingly easy. Age: 21 Gender: Female Race: Human. Or shiny silver tree? But really, human. Appearance: Black hair, short (chin-length). Brown eyes. Glasses, except when wearing contacts. Height of 5'6". Fit, but by no means athletic. Generally neutral expression. The least flavorful description of any being she had ever written. But, whatever, writing a description of oneself with great attention to detail and with the use of such literary items as metaphor and simile seemed...well, rather unnecessary and somewhat narcissistic. Only a little bit, though. And this negative connotation might have been acquired, so she supposed, from reading all sorts of Mary-Sue authors (Suethors) describing their own tragically beautiful self-inserts in such loving detail. And yet, wasn't there something to be said about finding that perfect simile, to be able to see in one's mind's eye that ideal item with which one would compare one's character's physical attributes? No matter, said her inner narrator (of which she was generally unaware). We can worry about that in future posts. Let us move on. Though it did not appear on the list of recommended fields for a character sheet, and it might be considered part of appearance anyway, she still desired to elaborate upon Amanda's (her character, not herself) outfit under another heading. It might be subject to change, after all. As to her requirements for this outfit, she wanted something versatile, comfortable, useful, and also awesome. That's kind of a bit much. She wouldn't mind sacrificing awesome for comfort or utility. She definitely wanted a lot of pockets. And maybe a cloak. Also with pockets. She was very attached to the idea of pockets. Maybe she could just give herself extra-dimensional storage powers instead? But that was such a utility skill, and since it was level 0 it wouldn't even be versatile enough to have combat functionality. She didn't want to waste one of her level 0 skills on utility. How would she ever level up? Fine. Outfit: Khaki cargo pants with lots of pockets. Black tank top. Dark green jacket with lots of pockets. Indigo hiking boots. Green hooded cloak with (you guessed it) lots of pockets. Maybe later she could level up and get an extra-dimensional storage pocket. Heck, maybe later she could level up and get a better outfit. This one kind of stank of boring, but she wasn't writing to impress anyone. She just wanted pockets. She ignored the personality field, since it was optional, (and isn't strange to describe your own personality in a role-playing character sheet?) and paused to think about her custom classes and whether or not she could at all manage a suitable aggregate flavor. Honestly, she didn't really have a very cohesive notion. It certainly wouldn't be thematically unified. But, well, that was what it meant to be just another person on the planet. Or such was her philosophical hand-waving. Class: Tropemaster (Main), Loresnax (Secondary), Treeshifter (Tertiary; subtype Shiny) She worked out a fairly simple level progression for her classes, then bent a few minutes of her time to thinking about skills. It happened to involve a great deal of time surfing TVTropes. Skills: - Starting Skill 1: Can't Look Away [main active] Ensnares one opponent, as if they can't...stop...clicking...links. - Starting Skill 2: I Can Sleep Anywhere [secondary passive] Except maybe on spikes or while on fire. - Starting Skill 3: Turn into a Shiny Silver Tree [tertiary dumb] What it says on the tin. - Level 1: Work in progress... Phew. That should be enough for now. Not that it wasn't totally exciting, but she could take things slowly. No rush. She particularly enjoyed the Loresnax secondary class, a nod to her purported real-world ability to fall asleep even during a loud party. She honestly couldn't tell you what use it had or would have, nor did she think anyone would get the in-joke, but it sort of jibed with one of her usernames anyway. Meldream, eh? Eh? Yes, she felt mightily pleased with this most excellent character sheet, and, after rereading it twice, hit the submit button. Or in the case of these new forums, the post button. And then she vanished. In front of multiple eyewitnesses who worked with her in their shared office space. And people wondered. And some went to therapy for it.
  3. R Surreal*RPG: Team Pantsu Parade

    Meldream felt distinctly...ignored. Overlooked? Also very low-tech. The sinking feeling - that probably preceded her actually slowly sinking into the bottomless depths of what she knew quite intimately, from having swallowed a generous amount, to be some kind of salt water - did not dissipate as she flailed around rather helplessly. Not that she couldn't swim, of course. But seeing how the ceiling itself had turned into water (how that even worked, she wasn't sure, but there had been some mention of hackers - and hackers were responsible, after all, for everything that went wrong in any multiplayer game, and this was probably like a multiplayer game, right?), well, there probably wasn't any point in trying to swim to the nonexistent surface. Still, survival instincts (wrongheaded though they may be) often came to the fore in life-or-death situations. Meldream rather wished she had instincts that were more useful, though. She kept swimming upwards, before getting rather unceremoniously buffeted to one side by the appearance of a rather large appendage, potentially cephalopodic in nature. The impact made her lose her grip on her now clearly outclassed 4d, but she still made a desperate grab to get it back anyway. After all, she'd earned that! Thankfully, her fingers did manage to close around something roughly tetrahedronal in shape. Unfortunately, that impact and the desperate grab that followed also managed to make her loosen her grip on at least half a lungful of air, the bubble of which floated lazily toward her feet. Hmm. That doesn't seem right, she thought through increasing dizziness. ...Ah. The realization came slowly, but she got there in the end. Upside-down. Tentacle must have turned me around. She was feeling the need to breathe rather desperately at this point. Lungs are not meant to be kept still, and find that not being allowed to move leads to increased attempts toward movement of any kind, be it inhalation or exhalation. And both, at this juncture, would probably be fatal. Better calm down and think, she told herself. This is usually the point where the underpowered hero figures out some kind of clever plan, or has brought along an item that might be helpful if used in a creative fashion. Overpowered heroes, on the other hand, usually get some kind of deus ex machina effect. Um... Well, this was sort of interesting to think about, but she didn't know what kind of hero she was, and she was not at all confident in her ability to summon any kind of machina, let alone a godly one. Maybe if she emptied out her pockets? Honestly, she didn't have a whole lot. If she managed to get out of this, she definitely would need to get more. Just more, in general. You really can't have enough things in your pockets. There was her PGI, surprisingly still working even in the aquatic environment. There was her black-striped maybe-magic staff. There was her packets of gum - one packet already opened, and the other... Would it actually help? It couldn't be worse than drowning, right? She wished she could Google it, though considering this was a mystical and magical variant of the mundane, the search results wouldn't be very indicative. With a shrug, she tugged the packet open and popped in a pellet. Here goes nothing! If she had to give it a flavor, she would have to call it...tree. And silver. And glowy? She could feel her torso elongating as her arms reached up (or down?), while her toes seemed to extend and separate. In a few moments, she lost her vision and hearing, though some kind of flavor sense remained. Then a different kind of sense blossomed into being, sort of like seeing, but a lot sketchier and somehow more pervasive in its awareness. Now she knew everything that went on around in her, at least to a certain extent. She felt herself drifting slowly in one direction, either sinking or floating, probably. She knew the positions of both of her party members in their suits that were much better equipped to handle combat in multiple environments. She also knew the entire shape and size of the giant Kraken. Oh yeah, and she also felt zero need to breathe. Which was great, in terms of not dying immediately to drowning. Not so great, she mused, tracking the movement of various tentacles, in terms of fighting a Kraken, though. As a tree, she emanated a bright silver light. That was about the extent of her ability to contribute to any kind of conflict. The light was very bright and piercing, revealing the vast bulk of the Kraken, and the vaster bulk of water that held little else.
  4. OPEN Surreal*RPG - reboot!

    Wst. Wst why. --- edit: i hope you're happy
  5. R Surreal*RPG: Team Pantsu Parade

    Meldream shivered, drawing her cloak closer about her. The wind whipped her hair around her face, and she spat out a few strands that found their way into her gaping mouth. Gross. She turned away from the burning silver tree and followed quickly behind her two (apparently) new party members. It was almost unfortunate she was a girl, since it meant she would probably fulfill the role of the Chick in the party, whatever it would turn out to be. Actually, she was already pretty used to this happening in "real life," since she had more male friends than female. A testament to her hobbies, perhaps. Or merely evidence that she lived in Seattle. Moving on. Their small group hurried through the growing dark, occasionally illuminated in flashes of lightning. Kind of like that flickering effect you got in lightswitch raves, that made it look like you were all part of a flip book or a poorly animated cartoon. (You know what I mean, right? I'm sure there's a word for it.) Something (instinct, perhaps, born of a desire to not get struck by lightning?) made her hunch down into a crouch as they moved forward, braving the weather in the hope that they would reach their destination soon. Though unless one counted "an hour" as a time length worthy of the descriptor "soon," they would not, in fact, reach anything "soon." After what seemed like miles (which it would be, if it took an hour of walking to traverse the distance), with the storm showing no sign of stopping (and possibly a few hints of getting worse), they reached a line, much like the line that divided the forest she'd come from and the field they now walked on, and it cut through anything in its path without mercy or even polite discussion. Though Meldream wondered some about her companions - somehow they seemed familiar, and yet she knew she had never met them before - the thunder of storm and howling of wind did not quite work out as background noises conducive to conversation. Would the line cut off the storm, she wondered. It was not hard to tell that they had reached the border of their current area. For one thing, the grass disappeared, replaced by what might have been ceramic white tiling? It was hard to tell in the darkness, considering the field itself had no light source save the tree that was still on fire. Though this new area seemed mostly bare, a tall rectangular doorway of a sort stood in the middle, looking very fake and useless without any walls around it. The more she looked at the doorway, the less real she felt, as if - it was a hard thing to describe, but - as if she were merely the figment of someone else's imagination? She shook her head and gave herself a pinch. Definitely solid, though perhaps not real in some other sense. Something in her thoughts shied away from examining the sensation, and instead she cleared her throat and said something. It got blown away by the wind and the thunder, so she tried again. Of course, just then all noise died down, and she was left to shout (very loudly) into the silence, "WHERE DO YOU THINK IT LEADS?" Then she looked kind of embarrassed and apologetic.
  6. OPEN Surreal*RPG - reboot!

    Okay, Pantsu people. I am totally here and totally working on a post. As long as nothing distracts me, we should be good. We'll see. I don't even know where we're going. edit: I did it I made post. It short. I think door to OOC forums maybe? Do not know.
  7. OPEN Surreal*RPG - reboot!

    On the note of pinched villains/characters, I might need to do some reading up on other RP threads, since this is the only RP I'm really following right now. Unless others decide to submit a villain in the same sort of template as dear, lovely Trinity has done. I feel like Introduce Yourself is closer to OOC forums? As it stands, uh, not sure where we want to (narratively, anyway, not our characters) want to end up next. Somewhere where we can get our next encounter, I guess.
  8. OPEN Surreal*RPG - reboot!

    Yes, I have heard that plot is useful. We could take a closer look at some hackers, who will probably be our midbie challenges. Lowbie challenges might be like their hack-controlled RP character pawns? We should probably pick our next setting past the Board Index (which I imagine to be basically a huge transport hub kind of thing, grand central station or the like), if we even make it there. We would have to trek through several other threads to make it to the Board Index, if the portals are down. But having some villainous focus would help, I think.
  9. OPEN Surreal*RPG - reboot!

    It's no problem, people are busy (me included, but I am EV training pokemon, not doing anything legit).
  10. The Gaming I.D. Exchange

    3DS: 2249-5446-6579 (I'm adding people here.)
  11. Gender Swap Month!

    Telperion is a unisex name. Since it's a tree.
  12. If there's a "What Are You Listening To" thread there was probably a "What Are You Reading" thread at one point, but then it got old. So I'd like to know -- what are you reading? I've just finished this incredible original web serial thing called Worm. It's awesome. I had it recommended to me thus: the just-completed story Worm, which is roughly 1.75 million words in 30 volumes. The characters in Worm use their powers so intelligently I didn’t even notice until something like the 10th volume that the alleged geniuses were behaving like actual geniuses and that the flying bricks who would be the primary protagonists and villains of lesser tales were properly playing second fiddle to characters with cognitive, informational, or probability-based powers. There are stories which are better than Worm, and stories which were written faster than Worm, but I don’t know of any epic which was ever written faster and better than Worm. (Coincidentally, I got this recommendation from an author's note by the author of Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, which I would also recommend, but maybe not to everyone, though that isn't complete.)
  13. TABOO YOU Part 2

    We could have a reverse sort of taboo, more like getting people to guess words in a cooperative sense. Like catchphrase? Or the Taboo game.
  14. OPEN Surreal*RPG - reboot!

    Awesome! Everything discussed has any stamp of approval from me that is needed. Hopefully this won't result in me waking up naked in the desert with a bag full of stolen cash.
  15. What Are You Reading?

    Ooh! I recall reading the Temeraire series! Fun read, all around. And I love Brandon Sanderson's stuff. I've only read his Mistborn trilogy, but I'm excited about all his other stuff. I tried reading through Wheel of Time to get to his book, but, eh. It grated on me after a while. I've just started on The Lies of Locke Lamora, and am currently enjoying the way it is written, although that might be because I'm listening to it in audiobook format? Listening to something being read aloud really makes you appreciate how it was put together.
  16. TABOO YOU Part 2

    Hm, okay, I will check that out too. But yeah, just started my journey in X! Already given in to temptation to look up what each pokemon can do so I can plan my team. >.>
  17. OPEN Surreal*RPG - reboot!

    Many tanks. @Wstfgl:
  18. OPEN Surreal*RPG - reboot!

    Oh god, I can't even read my own discussion threads. Sorry about that. (Mostly @Noia) I think a split would be fine. It would be especially cool if we could arrange for an intersect at some point, or if some characters weave in and out of the two threads. But for now we can split. I'm not sure who to ask, or if any mod (like Timey?) will do. Are we just going to call it Team A and Team B? We could try coming up with more awesome names.
  19. TABOO YOU Part 2

    Hm! I have played one Fire Emblem game...Shadow Dragon, I think. It was pretty fun.
  20. TABOO YOU Part 2

    I've only just (finally!) ordered a 3DS and Pokemon X to play on it. I'm excite! I could use some recommendations for other 3DS games to play.
  21. OPEN Surreal*RPG - reboot!

    Sure thing, that works. Maybe before you work on your post, you should discuss with Sol and Noia and Alisyn (maybe?) about who will be where in what group? I think Sol is going to ignore Noia and go elsewhere? Team A is Wstie, Timey, and myself. I'm not sure where Ali will pop up. Noia and Sol have been in the same room together, but haven't interacted much. I think that's all that has been going on. Team A is currently just mopping up a tutorial fight of sorts (I'm catching up on my levels).
  22. R Surreal*RPG: Team Pantsu Parade

    Meldream gingerly cleared out her eardrums in the wake of TriOctium's attacks. Even standing hundreds of feet away she could feel the music echo in her bones. Seriously, the discrepancy in their levels of awesome didn't seem fair. Yeah, and how does he even get away with that flapping cape stuff... Frankly, if she got to their level and wasn't as cool, she might just defect or something. The Dark Side usually had some pretty cool character concepts, right? Unless evil made her ugly. Okay, maybe she wouldn't switch sides. She'd still resent them. A lot. A stray grayscale sparkle sound effect hit her in the cheek, and she turned just in time to witness the end stages of a magical girl transformation. She muttered several obscenities under her breath before breaking into a sprint in the opposite direction. She wasn't going anywhere near that until she knew what she was dealing with. One hand made its way to her packet of gum, and she realized with reluctant clarity that she would have to practice, hard, to get to the point where she could summon on demand the hypnotic effect that was currently her only defense. Unless she tried being a tree. But surely that was just dumb. She summarily dismissed the thought. Though the Fridge Logic would probably occur to her eventually, this location was, incidentally, one of the few places she could have activated her treeshifting power and have it be not entirely useless. The name of the thread location was "I'm a Tree!" after all. However, since such a concept has already been explained, it will not be used in this scene, nor will it feature prominently in any other scene in the near future. Thankfully, Meldream was not aware of this fact (a sure sign of a mostly stable fourth wall), and continued retrieving a pellet of gum from her gum pack, popping it into her mouth. Now that she had apparently activated her power, she did her best to think about it, and think about how she was reacting and how she was feeling. She didn't particularly like relying on a crutch like this, but she'd seen how well she'd done without it. She looked up, then, and realized she had forgotten something very important: magical girls could fly. So there the petite little devil-thing floated, her outfit complete with an unnaturally short skirt (that never, ever compromised her decency), multiple miscellaneous pieces of jewelry that probably would have fit into her color scheme if they hadn't been grey, and some sort of wand decorated with angelic wings. She could be wrong, but it also looked like her breasts had gotten a little bigger. Springier, even. Oh yeah, and she was a little taller, too. Yup, definitely the whole schtick. Of course, one look in Meldream's eyes and the magical girl was significantly impaired, but Meldream rather suspected that even a good thwack with Nim would not quite manage the takedown. It was sort of disconcerting (and really more than a little disturbing), thinking of the best way to deal lethal damage to someone shaped like a human. She could tell herself all she liked that it wasn't a real person, and that it was all part of some kind of game in a virtual world. Not real. But that didn't mean it didn't look, sound, and feel a lot like murder. However, the more she saw of this magical girl, the more anime she looked. Besides, another part of her reasoned, that catgirl definitely isn't a real thing, and no human girl could have a waist that small with boobs that big. Plus, boobs aren't that bouncy. Maybe Meldream would eventually have to face down a human opponent. She recalled TriOctium's mention of hackers, and that probably meant they were real people. ("When I logged in, I was attacked, and my original powers disabled, by a mysterious hacker who announced his intent to conquer Surreality.") Still, she was a real person, and things were kind of trying to kill her. The magical girl remained quiescent, with Meldream unwilling to move her eyes away, but a flash of movement to her left alerted her to her second opponent, the catgirl. She realized her mistake as soon as she turned her head, but surprisingly the magical girl remained in her thrall. Huh. As luck would have it, she met the catgirl's eyes while said catgirl was in middle of pouncing on her. The catgirl jumped, their eyes met, and all the catgirl's muscles stiffened as she fell to the ground in a graceless heap. However, she jumped up in a quick recovery, though she froze again once Meldream looked at her. Okay. So now we know that any sort of damage breaks them out of it, but they'll stay in it even while I'm not making eye contact, though who knows how long that'll last. It was a useful thing, knowing at least in part how one's abilities worked. Did maintaining eye contact constantly reset the timer on their hypnotism? She could only assume that willpower factored in somehow, and that stronger-willed opponents wouldn't be so easily caught. Good thing these guys are so weak-willed, then. But, uh, how exactly am I supposed to kill them? I don't have anything sharp. And I'm not strong enough to hit them into the atmosphere or anything like that. Bludgeoning them to death seems like it would be pretty gory. Then her eyes fell on the magical girl's magical-angel wand. Hmm. Putting Nim aside for a moment, she plucked it out of the inhumanly-proportioned girl's hands and blinked as it regained its color. Of course, it was pink. Okay, so how does this go? She waved the pink eyesore around and winced as it left trails of glitter and magical song in its wake. Did she have to channel some sort of emotion with this thing, or what? She did her best to get angry and raised an eyebrow as started to turn black. Was that a good thing? Obviously, in the context of the genre, it was pretty bad. But in terms of her being able to use was probably for the best. Most magical girls had love powers that ran on purity of heart shit anyway. She definitely wouldn't be able to channel any of that. She shuddered at the thought. As if in response to her disgust, the wand started to flicker and turn a little purple. Oh, great, purple and black. With a shake of her head, she returned her thoughts to her present problem of getting rid of these two zombies. Maybe if she did a pose? Feeling like a complete idiot, she struck some hopefully-graceful girl poses, raising the wand up over her head, then worked to gather up her negative emotions. Hate, fear, anger; it all went in, and considering how the sky seemed to darken for a moment, it seemed to be working. Then she whipped the wand around in a circle before brandishing it at them. The words fell out of her mouth without any input from her, probably the downside to using empathic weaponry. "Black Magic Attack: Foul Corruption!" she called out. A storm of dark cloud and miasma hurled itself out of the wand tip, surging forward to surround the two girls as a deafening blast rocked the ground, and forced Meldream to her knees. Black lightning smote the skies and a thick doom hung in the air. It began to clear in a few moments, leaving two blackened starburst-shapes in the ground where her enemies had once stood. Carefully, and with no small amount of respect, Meldream placed the blackened wand on the ground, where it immediately crumbled to dust. Well okay then. Now she stooped down to pick up her trusty staff-bludgeon, and yelped as a black spark leaped from her fingertips and traveled down the staff, stripping bark as it went. It left lines of black, burned into the wood in a spiraling motion, while bark on the rest of staff continued to fall off to reveal clean white wood beneath. Meldream was left holding a long rod of wood that looked kind of like a candy cane, except without the hook, and with black instead of red coloring. Well, now she didn't have to clean it up. With the vanquishing of both her monsters, she felt another vibration from her PGI. Congratulations, you have gained a new level! Level: 2 You have the following status ailments: long-ass hiatus (zero recall of prior incarnations) You have the following temporary effects: black magic aura (17 seconds remaining) You have acquired the following skills: [+] 1d4 [?] As she put her PGI away, she felt another item in her pocket, where none before had existed. Pulling it out, she opened her hand to find a regular-sized d4. Aww, fuck yes!
  23. OPEN Surreal*RPG - reboot!

    Ah, I get it. Okay, I guess we can go with that. Edit: Wait a minute. I just realized that the point is kind of moot if I just keep rolling until I kill something. Or at least hit something. I'll stop using the dice roll system for now. I'm going to try for a different implementation of randomness, i.e. dice as my actual weapon.
  24. OPEN Surreal*RPG - reboot!

    ?? I was just having them die to minor actions, so rolling a 4 (for which I'm writing my next post) will technically kill them both, but I was gonna kill one per post so you guys could kill yours. Unless you're already done with yours?
  25. OPEN Surreal*RPG - reboot!

    Oh yeah, that makes sense. I'm not sure how that would factor into general flavor of the RP thread, but if I ever get to level 20 it's going to be insane.