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  1. The Birthday Thread!

    Happy Birthday Lady_Fate! I hope your day is equally as wonderful! Though, I'm never happy at the thought of getting older, but I still hope you enjoy it! ♥︎
  2. The Birthday Thread!

  3. I hope you get better! Drink lots of warm water and rest! We'll be patient :0
  4. I would like to play a mutant enemy. Someone who is against everyone else unless someone wants to join her. Playing an opposing character would be fun as I've never really done it before. Since you are creating larger groups & factions, maybe there could be two major large groups/governments and Roleplayers could choose which one they want their character to be in. One group could be "good" and the other "bad" or "rebellious" etc. My character would be a woman who murders to get money, food, ration cards etc and lives in the alley ways. If the mutants option is possible, I wanted her to have a special power that could allow her to get away with so many murders along with her skills. She's young and due to a scarring past is now a rebellious fighter. Human life means nothing to her aside from her own which she instinctly tries to keep alive. Death is her ultimate fear, but she will face it to attempt to evade it. She has a preferred weapon and her stealth is what keeps her a secret. I dunno what her weapon would be, but this is what I have so far. :-) I'll try to type up a character sheet later ! I hope you guys post your ideas as well!
  5. What's Uuuuuup

    I missed you more than everyone because I thought about your disappearance yesterday.
  6. Fairy Tales For Sophie

    Ava tapped the tip of her fingernail against the edge of the table while watching the dead wood chips fall into her lap. Their grey-brown color contrasted the white of her dress, one she'd managed to cut and sew from the cloth that rarely covered her the first day spent in the fisherman's cabin. She wondered why no one had come to take it from them. It had been days since anyone came to look for her even, but she wasn't expecting to be the first or even second priority of anyone she knew. Even Elizabeth was probably too distracted by a handsome guard to realize that her best friend would never come back. Truth was, Elizabeth was an acquaintance to pass time and to use for escape and once she learned how Ava had done it, eventually she would do it herself. The only down side was survival. Elizabeth could never survive alone and Ava only had because she had found Silas. Looking up from her lap the young woman's eyes glazed over the content atop the table. Each item sat in its spot, untouched and unused. She wondered if it would last if she decided to take it on her next journey. She was not going back for Elizabeth and besides Silas, she had no one she would care for. Though a faint memory in the back of her head that had pestered her for an eternity had proven itself to be true when someone had provided her of information of the whereabouts of another family member. A man she may not have even had the chance to call father. Just as Silas had spoken from behind her. Ava exhaled and turned her head, looking up at him with wide eyes. It seemed he was good at having her half startled, but even then she felt comforted by his presence. "I am just looking at what we have left in terms of supplies." She responded, her lips curving up into a minuscule smile. "Actually, Silas I need to share some information... and ask for your opinion, but I haven't been able to for too long now." Her fingers brushed her hair back behind her ear and a sigh of contemplation slipped through her mouth as she looked down at her lap and brushed the pieces of wood off of it. "Remember when I told you that I had no one? I might... think I know where my father is." She said as she looked back up at him, attempting to read his expression with fear of disapproval racing through her system.
  7. This guy called mystic is too shy to say it, but he wants to join.
  8. I was thinking If someone the equivalent of princess peach was randomly tossed in for some reason. .-. Alright :3 mutants would be cool :3 I like this idea. I was gonna do something similar, but never got the time to and it was gonna involve zombies. Anything post-apoc is okay with me ^^ And since you are making it way after what's left of humanity sort of regroups and survives, the elements/reason for apocalypse could alter what humans used to be? Since slip ups are so easy, mutants could be the next gen or something. Asdhdhdjdk, just throwing stuff out there.
  9. So you will keep this a secret from us until we create our characters so we can throw them cruelly into a post-apocalyptic setting regardless of their abilities to survive and then watch them attempt to survive becoming either corrupt or saint-like human beings (unless we can be mutants) from the disasters they will be forced to seek out and face on a daily basis for the rest of their meager lives?! nice. will you tell us about your character or put the description about it somewhere else later? c:
  10. /wants to blow your head off cause your a zombie/ I can get a character going, but what all do you have in mind so far in terms of winging the plot? o.o

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