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  1. The Birthday Thread!

    Happy Birthday Lady_Fate! I hope your day is equally as wonderful! Though, I'm never happy at the thought of getting older, but I still hope you enjoy it! ♥︎
  2. The Birthday Thread!

  3. I hope you get better! Drink lots of warm water and rest! We'll be patient :0
  4. I would like to play a mutant enemy. Someone who is against everyone else unless someone wants to join her. Playing an opposing character would be fun as I've never really done it before. Since you are creating larger groups & factions, maybe there could be two major large groups/governments and Roleplayers could choose which one they want their character to be in. One group could be "good" and the other "bad" or "rebellious" etc. My character would be a woman who murders to get money, food, ration cards etc and lives in the alley ways. If the mutants option is possible, I wanted her to have a special power that could allow her to get away with so many murders along with her skills. She's young and due to a scarring past is now a rebellious fighter. Human life means nothing to her aside from her own which she instinctly tries to keep alive. Death is her ultimate fear, but she will face it to attempt to evade it. She has a preferred weapon and her stealth is what keeps her a secret. I dunno what her weapon would be, but this is what I have so far. :-) I'll try to type up a character sheet later ! I hope you guys post your ideas as well!
  5. What's Uuuuuup

    I missed you more than everyone because I thought about your disappearance yesterday.
  6. Fairy Tales For Sophie

    Ava tapped the tip of her fingernail against the edge of the table while watching the dead wood chips fall into her lap. Their grey-brown color contrasted the white of her dress, one she'd managed to cut and sew from the cloth that rarely covered her the first day spent in the fisherman's cabin. She wondered why no one had come to take it from them. It had been days since anyone came to look for her even, but she wasn't expecting to be the first or even second priority of anyone she knew. Even Elizabeth was probably too distracted by a handsome guard to realize that her best friend would never come back. Truth was, Elizabeth was an acquaintance to pass time and to use for escape and once she learned how Ava had done it, eventually she would do it herself. The only down side was survival. Elizabeth could never survive alone and Ava only had because she had found Silas. Looking up from her lap the young woman's eyes glazed over the content atop the table. Each item sat in its spot, untouched and unused. She wondered if it would last if she decided to take it on her next journey. She was not going back for Elizabeth and besides Silas, she had no one she would care for. Though a faint memory in the back of her head that had pestered her for an eternity had proven itself to be true when someone had provided her of information of the whereabouts of another family member. A man she may not have even had the chance to call father. Just as Silas had spoken from behind her. Ava exhaled and turned her head, looking up at him with wide eyes. It seemed he was good at having her half startled, but even then she felt comforted by his presence. "I am just looking at what we have left in terms of supplies." She responded, her lips curving up into a minuscule smile. "Actually, Silas I need to share some information... and ask for your opinion, but I haven't been able to for too long now." Her fingers brushed her hair back behind her ear and a sigh of contemplation slipped through her mouth as she looked down at her lap and brushed the pieces of wood off of it. "Remember when I told you that I had no one? I might... think I know where my father is." She said as she looked back up at him, attempting to read his expression with fear of disapproval racing through her system.
  7. This guy called mystic is too shy to say it, but he wants to join.
  8. I was thinking If someone the equivalent of princess peach was randomly tossed in for some reason. .-. Alright :3 mutants would be cool :3 I like this idea. I was gonna do something similar, but never got the time to and it was gonna involve zombies. Anything post-apoc is okay with me ^^ And since you are making it way after what's left of humanity sort of regroups and survives, the elements/reason for apocalypse could alter what humans used to be? Since slip ups are so easy, mutants could be the next gen or something. Asdhdhdjdk, just throwing stuff out there.
  9. So you will keep this a secret from us until we create our characters so we can throw them cruelly into a post-apocalyptic setting regardless of their abilities to survive and then watch them attempt to survive becoming either corrupt or saint-like human beings (unless we can be mutants) from the disasters they will be forced to seek out and face on a daily basis for the rest of their meager lives?! nice. will you tell us about your character or put the description about it somewhere else later? c:
  10. /wants to blow your head off cause your a zombie/ I can get a character going, but what all do you have in mind so far in terms of winging the plot? o.o

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    3. Zombie
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      Also, fret not deary, I'm still going to do this RP. Just need to gather the free time to start it. ;p


    Haha! I see, whatever you wanna do \o/

    "We" as in I'll get multiple first kisses?! \o/

    I just found this. I've never had a first kiss \o/ so boring.
  16. Halloween

    I'm gonna do the makeup of millions of my friends and their siblings and my siblings.. And I don't think I'm getting paid for it. BUT THE CHANCE TO TURN EVERYONE INTO A ZOMBIE IS TOTALLY WORTH IT!! liquid latex & fake blood ♥︎
  17. How much for a sword? [R]

    The stars seemed brighter the previous night. It seemed they dimmed as time moved on due to the chaotic behavior of the people of her village and the thieves. Saena wouldn't mind calling them attackers. Those who take what is not theirs would truly be attacking the heart of the harvest and the people it was meant for. Knowing her talent in thievery, she wouldn't dare compare her ways to those who took without a desperate need. They would be weak and meager, begging for food instead of taking it so cleverly. They were strong and greedy. They were attackers. Braiding her long charcoal waves back, Saena gripped onto the edge of the roof she had been laying on for the past hour or so and gracefully slipped off of the edge. Her grip remained strong as she looked down and expected a relatively painful fall. Candle lights, in the part of the village in which she found herself wandering about, hadn't been used. Therefore, she was concealed for as long as she kept an effort in trying to remain in concealment. She took a deep breath and released her fingers from the rigid edge and dropped down within no time onto the dirt infested ground. The hard surface caused her legs to lose their balance for just a moment before they carried her into an alley way where she dropped herself next to a wooden wall of another cabana. Quickly, the woman tore her leather boots off, ones she took from a sleeping vagabond in the woods, and felt their soles to check for a hole. It seemed something had tore into the weak undersurface of her boots and punctured her heel. Leaning up against the relatively flat surface behind her, Saena pressed her hand onto her heel only to realize the long yet somewhat thin piece of glass has lodged into the thick skin of her heel. Biting her lower lip, the woman took a hold of the splinter and pulled it out, feeling a quickening in her breath as she tore it from her skin. A few smaller shards pierced her skin though she had no time to fiddle with removing every minuscule piece. Saena grasped into the lower portion of her thin tunic, which she'd taken from the vagabond as well, and tore it off only to wrap her bloodied heel in case she'd encounter an animal carrying screw worms. Her life was difficult at best and she was intending to make it easier on herself. It would be a shame if she died of a parasite after having slaughtered men twice her size and hoards of them with a mere stiletto and her swiftness to aid her. Taking the boots, The young woman sauntered out of the alley and took a seat where the moon provided some generosity and the stars some light. She punched the boot from the inside to check the strength of the boot and slipped them back on. It was advisable that she keep off of higher than life roofs if she was ever to prevent another shard or splinter to foot encounter. Even if the raven haired fighter was strong or held quite a bit of stealth, she was still vulnerable to pain. Especially if it were something piercing her body without warning. [ several hours later] Daylight had chased the navy blue sky onto another hemisphere and so the rest of the world had awaken. Saena heard a hoard of shouting going about far from where she had fallen into deep sleep. She gripped onto her hip, noticing her weapon was still intact and looked around. No one had quite occupied this part of the village therefore she was surprisingly lucky to have not encountered any other thieves who may have wanted what she'd stolen. Though before she could release a sigh of relief, she groaned and pulled herself up from the ground and quickly hurried toward the crowd. She scurried into another alley and crouched down, too keep herself concealed. Saena silently listened as the villagers spoke. Their voices sore from excessive shouting. They were discussing the loss of what the attackers had taken and it seemed a few were willing to call fighters in order to keep their village safe. She scoffed and closed her eyes, slipping away to take her into the nearby woods. She climbed a tree to the top and sat atop a branch before pulling her weapon from the belt around her waist. She poked the bark and laughed to herself, knowing the ridiculous situation, but also keeping in mind that herself alone was not enough to track down and kill those who cause harm to her village. Even though she'd be willing to take up a heroic yet highly unrealistic act, she wouldn't mind watching the towns people wallow in their death due to the fact this cursed village had removed her from her parents. Despite her anger, she'd found sanctuary in the village thus she would be just as bad as those who harm for their unnecessary-to-be-replenished needs and that was not what she expected of herself.
  18. [ this is describing "he/him" and was thinking of not naming him.. It seems more suitable in a way. Tell me what you think about that :] He stood there, his fingers gripping lightly onto the cart handle bar. The skin on his sweaty palms burned. It seemed he was constantly holding onto some object, whether it would be in a form of comfort or protection or a mere habit, there was never any hesitation while doing so. The leather covering on the steering wheel of his rusty pick up truck, the stair railing in his place of residence and of course, the construction work he was forced to entwine in daily were all possible necessities to hold onto. Along with this obsession, he found himself trailing off often as well. Staring at the sky as it changed colors, watching a happy couple kissing in the corner of the grocery store, even watching the children leaving school with smiles across their lips kept him entwined, not only in his work, but his thoughts about life. At a young age, his father had divorced his mother. He was forced to live alone, without a man to lead him and raise him. His mother wasn't any different. She was constantly complaining about life without her husband, but who doesn't complain? These were not one of his concerns. All he wanted was a family of his own, but just as any other young man with a job lacking free time, he was forced to suffice to his lonesome life style. At least the liveliness of his neighborhood grocery store was keeping him occupied. At least this way he'd be able to dwell in the life he had always wished for. Continuing on, hands still stinging with sweat, moving a cart toward his rusty pick up, the young man started toward loading his shopping bags. The usual consisted of these bags; milk, bread, eggs, honey, and a tub of pecan ice cream. Afterward, he slowly sauntered toward the drivers seat and buckled up. His lips parted to sigh, a hand running through his hair as he checked his reflection in the rear view mirror. The hot summer days attracted all types of tiny creatures. Most seemed to enjoy leaving their excretions on his vehicle. It seemed he wasn't even allowed to look at himself without seeing blurred images. As if his life had always been missing so much yet at the same time he had so much. If only they were tangible; physically tangible. [] Later [] "No sir. I have to change my schedule. Something important came up. I can't explain though.. sorry sir. I'll be a few hours late for my shift on the weekdays. I'll work extra hours during the weekend. Please sir...!" It seemed he had this issue so many times. Ultimately, his boss was a hard headed old geezer. His expression tamed anyone that laid eyes on him. His employees wondered how his wife had managed to survive for so long. Others wondered if she was even human. No one had seen her. He had never seen her. Who would marry his boss?Who would want to spend the rest of their precious lives with someone so demeaning and so hideous? He probably took her hostage. She could be locked up for all anyone knew. Shouldn't someone report him? Driving his pick up toward work, after the certain phone call, he stopped near a cliff. Not far from his work place far enough to enjoy the evening sunset. The sun was teasing his eyes with a dim yellow fading behind the ocean just before it with a subtle hint of orange gradually morphing into a crimson red, yet not as bright, and finally dispersing over the rest of the sky into a light blue and in the end, navy. Colors seemed to relieve him of his stressful life. Despite his short schedule his vicious thoughts intervened. The judgment he shot at himself, telling himself he was never good enough stressed him out. If only the sun set was around often. If only it didn't disappear during the winter. If only he could feel relieved for eternity.
  19. How much for a sword?

    No rating preferance. Name: Saena Mattens Race: Human Gender: Female Appearance: A young woman with a slender figure (almost too slender due to malnutrition and excessive scavenging). A long body length, dirtied grey and brown cloak falls over her shoukders with a hood (non-detachable). Underneath she wears stolen cloth from tunics of boys and men to dresses of the rich and poor. After she's worn it out, she looks for a new one. Shoes and other trinkets she may have on hand have all been stolen. Her skin is pale, but not perfect as its been scratched at by the earth and it's inhabitants. The sun has darkened her feet and the high points of her face causing tiny freckles to form. Her eyes are ocean blue, almost too blue to be natural and her hair, usually unseen and tucked in her hood, is a charcoal and endless black as it reaches down to the backs of her knees. Weaponry, in order to defend herself, comsists of a small stiletto which has so far been helpful in the situations shes encountered. Her stealth and swift legs keep her away from encountering fights face to face. She carries a small woven rucksack for her "belongings". Background: Saena grew up in a town far from the one she lives in currently. She knew nothing about it considering her age and knew nothing, as well, about the reason her parents had taken her to a new town. This time, they had settled down well enough, though something had gone wrong. Saena's father had gone out to the market to set up his medicine and herbs on a stand he'd purchased just as he'd done in their previous home. Unforunately, someone had found that the medicine had been poisonous after they'd taken it and accused the father of witchcraft. Though, no one believed them until someone else had found a defect as well. After a few months, Saena, still tucked into bed had found thaf her parents had never returned. Something had happened to them and ever since then she'd been on the lookout. She'd survived for years and she considered herself lucky and only for a single reason. Her ultimate goal was survival so she could find the answers she was looking for. Personality: Saena doesnt speak to anyone. She keeps everything to herself considering the fact that life has always been about survial to her. If she were to save another person/creature from an impending doom, she would have found them quite valuable. Otherwise, if she isnt helping her cause in any way, then it is of no concern to her. She is also reaching the age of 21, but knows very little about months and years and any other type of knowlegde includinf reading and writing. Speaking might not be something she does often, but she can understand the languages of the people/creatures and can respond fluently. Home: lives on the streets and in the wooded areas in between towns. Usually found in high up places, for example: trees, roofs, near windows, on top of crates etc.
  20. How much for a sword?

    Would you have space for another character?
  21. Wstfgl Draws Stuff

    WOW I AM SO AMAZED! /dies yes, she is a very great gril ... Can't top that.
  22. I like this idea too! Add another point! :D
  23. Wstfgl Draws Stuff

    LOVE !
  24. dumb shit noia made

    Oh my, how come I don't know you? I mean, EVERYONE should know about this! Wow!!!!! WOW!! ♥︎♡♥︎♡♥︎♡♥︎♡♥︎♡♥︎♡♥︎♡♥︎♡♥︎
  25. How much for a sword?

    Are you taking about a single town in that description or are there two of them? I could do a villager if you'd still want someone to play that part :) Could you tells us about what you might be thinking for your own character? And do you have any character template in mind specifically? I tend to like having strict rules to roleplay so it's easier to comply to what your imagination is forming up, but if it's no problem to you then that's alright as well. :)