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  1. Gender Swap Month!

    New person has a name. e.e" and as said before ,"ape", has his reasons despite him being your arch nemesis from however many centuries ago. Language is too beautiful a word to be used in this.The sounds of sin are usually deemed to doom anyone no matter who they come from. I hope you two become better friends than humanity in the near future.
  2. What are you listening to?

    STILL JAMMIN. This. This. This.
  3. Gender Swap Month!

    The axe might've been ground against for a good reason. I can't quite see the validity in the use of "uuuh." being for those reasons. It sounds and looks like mere laziness to me. I apologize if I'm not male enough to realize it.
  4. Gender Swap Month!

    Gender wars?
  5. What are you listening to?

  6. What are you listening to?

    Sexual innuendos galore: viewer discretion advised
  7. What are you listening to?

    Are you talking to me? e.e" Also this one:
  8. What are you listening to?

    So everyone should watch and listen to this.
  9. Wstfgl Draws Stuff

    I'm willing to take what you've got. Only, of course, if it doesn't occupy too much of your time.
  10. Wstfgl Draws Stuff

    Could you draw a Mikatao for me? ☻ If you by any chance take requests for no reason at all..
  11. G First Day Discussion

    [ I'll start typing my intro to the character~ ]
  12. Gender Swap Month!

    [ I shall! ] /pinches your cheek/ I swear.. You're too cute. Be careful.. With your hair.. I don't want you to get split ends. e.e
  13. G First Day Discussion

    ;P [ just FYI I'm a male for the sake of genderbent month.. lol ] Alright. So I've already read everything up until recent and now I'll just continue reading up and I most likely won't have any more questions. Haha, I'm annoying because I have so many questions, but it's alright :) Thanks! Haha! Of course he is. I imagine him being afraid of my character... e.e" Okay that works for me: - How about I introduce her through my first post. She could be in one of the vans, just waiting for culver and for lack of current reasons, calls him master wanting him to order her around. One reason, although, could be about his control over her mind? Anyway, she could just be in her own world. Maybe culver told her that max and kress are both plotting against her and her master. Then she just waits until she's called out to handle the situation. Until then I'll have her waiting underground or in a van until she's needed... OR MAYBE THAT GIRL THAT KRESS CONTINUES TO SEE OUTSIDE COULD BE HER! Woah... Unless she was thinking of her being someone else.. We could ask skie about that~ I still want my character to kidnap kress & max tho.. lol
  14. Gender Swap Month!

    [ I can't change my name until March 23! ]
  15. Gender Swap Month!

    All I'm getting from this is he's a wimp.. Too chicken to face me on his own and getting a little girl to fight me.. e.e"
  16. Gender Swap Month!

    /lowers head because is unable to edit my words & add gifs - iPad/ How cute.. You mustn't know mikatao. Tsk.tsk. You and your master don't stand a chance. I can fly using gear you can only dream of.. Who is this master "death" anyway and where can I find the bastard?
  17. Gender Swap Month!

    Death? Mikatao can challenge anyone.. Death or not. He's invincible! [ I will once its march 1st or... I'll do it now... Just because. ]
  18. Gender Swap Month!

    So... My name will be Mikatao.. THIS. IS. AWESOME!
  19. It's RP Weekend!

    I feel like I've joined this place too late...
  20. January Roleplay Month!

    Sweet! Thanks for letting me know ^^
  21. January Roleplay Month!

    Are you guys gonna do this again?
  22. G First Day Discussion

    ... She was sort of dropping her own brother to eat dirt while expertly trying to wake him for school.. Wasn't she? XD I missed at least three characters then.. Jake, Jenny and Val; now, If I must reassure, I know who they are. So while max is unconscious, where are they headed? Or.. I could just read on and figure it out! Sorry, so many questions.. haha. Thank you so much for your time~ Yes, that seems true. Okay then! Sounds like a plan! I like this plot, I really do! I personally like to play characters who seem to make a big difference in a plot. At times, being a character who doesn't develop and remains flat throughout is boring for me and based on my flowery writing (filled to the brim with fluff) I end up writing a full developed angsty character anyway. I really feel like the crazy host student who's on the antagonists side would work perfectly. I wanted to make her sort of insane and mean, calm yet sometimes crazy. Possibly just as strong as kit, but without the bulk. She could be some creepy mastermind with a mind of her own who could seem like she has no weaknesses, but in turn her weakness is defined by the shit anyone gives about her? Her past could revolve around how she was neglected and tossed away which essentially made her a better candidate for culver's plan, along with her responding to his perceptions altering illusions; she could've been perfect. She's not like Tony? Tony is just some regular guy that works for culver, no? But I'll incorporate this character only if she's not to ruin your plans. Simply because we both don't fully know the after affects of what the scientists do to students in the programme or it's possible only I don't know, but whatever works for you, please let me know. If you need more information, I will certainly construct a small template about her for you :) thanks again!
  23. G First Day Discussion

    Ahhh, that clears so much up. I haven't yet read all your posts up until the most recent, but with this summary, I'll eventually have everything down, if nowhere else, on the back of my hand. This plot is interesting. And I meant Kit! Haha, Catherine, max's manly sis? lol Was Ray who she was forcing answers out of when Katy asked max to give himself to culver? I assumed you would have it planned out, but if not that's awesome as well! More surprises eh? And perception altering.. device or world? I have this sudden need to play a character that may have been one of culver's first and best catch. Maybe he'd raided other schools elsewhere in attempt to find candidates for his program and I'm what he's been able to mold. Some crazy student that is clearly on his side, seemingly invincible, but at the same time still human. Maybe while you're busy following Katy's plan with being captured by the villain, culver had his own plans. My character could be incorporated through surprise, as in while Katy attempts to find you on Culver, she ends up running into a trap [with or without kress if she's going to go in along with her] where he in turn kidnaps her and wants to kill her! but refrains.. For reasons unknown.. But, while that's happening, max is under heavy surveillance with my character elsewhere. BUT. I must ask.. How does Katy intend to track culver down after max turns himself in? Does she place a tracking device on max because if so, this plot won't work considering Katy would just end up to where culver sent you...
  24. Wstfgl Draws Stuff

    I prefer the more proportionally correct ones... and of course Tri's Three-Star Hot Blooded Shounen Regalia. You did good, you did very good :)
  25. Wstfgl Draws Stuff

    Third to what? I see too many to count.