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  1. [ ._. ] As I stood outside of my parents house, its overall appearance reminding me of a past I so easily watched slip by, I realized the luxuries of living alone. They hadn't done much for me, except of course protect me from the truth which had led me toward my naivety. It was cruel, that night, when those monsters we call humans left a distinct mark on the house, my parents and me. I'd never felt so alone considering the way they'd cherished my very being, as if I were a treasure no one else could look at let alone touch, but that night it was all proved wrong. My parents were wrong, they lead me on, but as a result they fell to their death beds by the very monsters they had left me with. It was painful, it was red, it was an action that had me realize no one else could be as horrid as a human being. Especially when you're young, they exert most if not all of their power, their strength on you as if you mean nothing but a mere body, a mere flesh created to use and abuse without any meaning. I was surprised they didn't kill me after they were finished with me. I was expecting an axe to my neck and maybe a little more agony to add to the pain they'd caused me, but they left me as if I were not worth it. As if I were an experiment that had failed. After looking at the house, I realized the luxuries of living on my own. One of them being strength. That house was one of my destinations before of course returning to the man I was to work under. The watch of a great commander, who himself was an artifact of extreme experience. Many of the villagers could not keep their mouths closed with the excessive amount of gossip their lips spurred due to his inability, but they all knew deep down they would be the product of failure had their right arm been torn off by one of the all powerful titans. Their existence made every aspect of life a challenge. Too bad my parents hadn't informed me of those either. The life I live now and may excel in in the future might've been what they were so eager to protect me from. Inching toward my place of work; head quarters of the trainees working for the better future for humanity, I noticed I hadn't kept myself updated on what my instructors had taught me. I was quite confident though that after a small synopsis I could have all that information locked up and ready to use. Slowly, I reached up and ran a finger through my thick black hair and sighed, knowing the aching feeling of wanting to be the same as everyone else. Knowing the way I had looked for 17 years was not normal. Was it possible that this was why everyone was so interested in me? At last, I'd reached head quarters. A place of sanity in a world filled to the brim without hope and disarray. As I looked up at the large doors, I thought of the world behind me and the world beyond the mountains. The questions in my head ceased to stop as I found myself again wishing I could expedition further away from this village, this secluded place that feels more empty than full. I just know, something is missing, something was always missing.
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    My porn is for everyone to see. It's these precious little things that deserve a special folder. js
  3. Wstfgl Draws Stuff

    Whatever, I'm keeping these....
  4. Wstfgl Draws Stuff

    I hate you.
  5. Shelmii → Michelle?

    Hey I like crazy people like you. You're crazy and it's super cool. Again, I like crazy people. ... ._.
  6. Shelmii → Michelle?

    Haha! Hey! Yeah I agree as well, I guess since it's just difficult for me to keep up with these things, it's just not down my alleyway. But I'm seriously lenient on anything. Haha, rules are always just made up anyway so there can be rules for the imagination too~ all I can roleplay though is shape shifting and probably the earth bending and such. lol AH! Thank you~ I really feel a little dim knowing I haven't gotten everything by now. I'm a pretty fast learner, but I guess I'm just making mistakes and learning from it. For my other forum I had to lean HTML coding in order to get pictures where they needed to be. e.e" Look out for? As in be afraid of? Ahaha, that's okay, I'll stick to plotting for now because it's essentially what I came here for. lol I do though. Thanks for all the info dear! I appreciate it~
  7. Shelmii → Michelle?

    haha, the beautiful :) nice to meet you your highness. /bows
  8. Shelmii → Michelle?

    I'm Mishal, pronounced Michelle. but yes, I remember you.. Now ;; And you're Sean?
  9. Shelmii → Michelle?

    Hi I'm Shelmii and I'm everyone's peasant..
  10. Shelmii → Michelle?

    Yes please arrange it. /shot
  11. Shelmii → Michelle?

    I thought it might've been you :) I don't know who that is.. in fact let me just say I don't know who anyone is. ._. The king can totally have this body. Just as long is I get to still slaughter titans..
  12. Shelmii → Michelle?

    HAHA! Omfg... what if I wanna join the corps? Who is the king anyway? .-.
  13. Shelmii → Michelle?

    Hmm? Haha. I did use that,, Didn't I? ~ Maybe it does>< haha, it's just tiny on this post. Haha
  14. Shelmii → Michelle?

    haha, I met quite a few of these people on chat so I got used to it there~ I'm excited for this thanks for the warm welcome~
  15. Roleplaying Classifieds

    Username: Shelmii Name: Mishal Available Times: depends on everything, but I'm on almost all day since my device is with me anyway. GMT -6 I believe, if that means anything. Post Length: the length of a post doesn't irk me as much as a lack of effort does. I won't force you to respond to me with a longer than life post. I'd much rather have a short and decent post with clear indications that you cared or at least put in some effort than one that has a bunch of junk in it only to fill it up for length reasons. Just show me that you're into the roleplay and that should be enough. Post Frequency: again, everything depends on the situation, but I love to roleplay so I'll post as many times as I can weekly, daily even because I write fast, esp if I'm biased. e.e" RP Preferences: the question really is, what genres/roleplays do you hate? Because I can work with anything and what I can work with or am confident with I will essentially enjoy. There's often these parings I have in mind which I love plotting about and they don't have to be super romancy or at all, but they need to have some kind of a relationship with one another. Post apocalyptic, bloody, depressing and angsty, action, maybe battling type, ESPECIALLY ATTACK ON TITAN, smut based is fine with me, just not yaoi/yuri. Contact Details: just pm here for now is the best way, if you need any other mode of contact you can ask me via pm.
  16. Shelmii → Michelle?

    Haha, I tried with the signature thing. I'll just let them be. Ahaha!
  17. Shelmii → Michelle?

    No problem~ Even with the settings, you need to know all these things and especially if you're interacting with your setting, it's necessary to know about them and especially with me, I can't write something without having full or at least a little in depth knowledge about it as well as my own characters opinion toward it. .-. Hm.. that's interesting. Yeah, those type characters are good to work with :) lol. some people in my precious forum took in character things personal.. like they thought I hated them because my character was naturally mean or just cold...
  18. Shelmii → Michelle?

    Ah. Looks like I just switch the I and the y. that's alright, I'll protect you from that titan. Oh I see, yeah I like elves and such, but the thing for me is I can't seem to get the way dragons and other creatures as such to work, or at least it just takes up a lot of my time to figure it out, but I can still do it. The most roleplays I see are based around vampires and werewolves and zombies so I have those down pretty well. Yaoi gets a little irksome to write. There's only one ever paring I'd ever write, but idk if anyone would know of it. :P lol, I can do smut with everyone. sounds weird right? but it doesn't bother me if the other person wants to write and I am into it too.. I just don't know why it just doesn't bother me. e.e" awe, kissy-huggy-shit is super cute though. the part on foreplay is more fun to write then the getting into part. I hope it's not weird that we're talking about this. Romance needs to be like as messed up as possible for me to like it. /nods Yeah, exactly. It's a colaboration. People just need to have more confidence and provide feedback through their character so mine can be challenged, because then my character seems like it's all knowing and the other character is like.. the shadow or something.. /sobs/ haha, where else do u RP?
  19. Shelmii → Michelle?

    Ah, so then I'll just wait for deegee to respond then haha :o Thanks for all this info, I really appreciate you taking your time to help me out! :) I hope we can interact later on as well.
  20. Shelmii → Michelle?

    Oh I see;; so there's a roleplay month? nice~ Another question.. Which roleplay in the student roleplay forum should I choose?
  21. Shelmii → Michelle?

    Haha, I think when people leave or let go of roleplaying with someone because they're intimidated is sort of a compliment, but at the same time [since I've been the victim of people leaving me] it kinda makes me doubt my abilities to write. Some don't understand my writing and so they stop responding.. my use of adjectives is a little high on the scale so they freak out and want to mirror replies to me, but end up giving up or leaving. I just take it as.. I'm not alive to please everyone. haha! Thanks though, yeah definitely I will post somewhere and see what I can do as well :) I hope I'm good enough to meet standards. lol Btw, what's with the little pictures at the end? Are these like your signatures or something?
  22. Shelmii → Michelle?

    Hey ice nice to talk to you again! ; Yeah, you're pretty awesome. offering me popcorn when I most needed it ;) I see~ yeah I was so glad he liked attack on titan. I wonder if I can find someone like completely obsessed.. like me ;; Oh I love creating characters, interaction with others, a vivid alternative world experience and just roleplaying to sum it up, but yes of course I expect not being bored here. ^^
  23. Shelmii → Michelle?

    Alysin; Any I promise, I'm up for anything. Action, adventure, fantasy, realistic, mostly realistic because it's what I know right off the bat and wouldn't need to know rules before hand. :p it's mostly about what I don't like which is just too much lovey dovey stuff, smut, occasional is fine, just like that. I also am not into yaoi anymore, used to be crazy about it. Also one thing. Due to my experience, many of the people I responded to in the other forum gave me nothing to work with. It was basically me telling them a story and then responding with a mere blank look back. I really need effort from my fellow Rper to get me interested. As in it's not only my character doing all the thinking.. ya know what I mean?
  24. Shelmii → Michelle?

    Woah guys I just realized I'm a peasant here now.. sweet.
  25. Shelmii → Michelle?

    ah, yes I'm already friends with the titan who wants to eat me.. but it's okay cause I'm mikasa so he's already dead! haha and thanks for welcoming me, I look away for a sec and see this many resposes~ And "seanzilla" yes I'm pretty aweful, I just hope we can still get along! I'm into, any types of roleplays, although I get overwhelmed when have to roleplay mythical stuff because then I have to memorize all these names and such and powers and it's just... But it's possible if I'm interested! I love action based, really really angsty not perfect not Mary Sue stuff and most importantly attack on titan... e,e" if you guys have watched hell girl, those plots are similar what I tend to come up with. I'm trying to make my plots really traumatizing though...