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  1. I want to compliment someone. Because I want to make someone everyone happy. ♥︎ Pain, I love your My little pony designs. They are so intricate, detailed and fantastic. The usage of color, tones, shading and the creativity in the whole project itself is just absolutely clever and magnificent. It makes a basic stencil of a well known character so much more interesting. I haven't really spoken to you before, but you are so sexy and so beautiful as I get more cliche with my compliment, I'd like you to know that you should never stop doing what you love. I will be looking forward to seeing more of your great work!
  2. I tried Eel for the first time ever in my life and duck too, but it tastes like chicken so no surprise there. But Eel. Oh gosh, I am so glad I choose the Chinese Menu in a Chinese restaurant. The American menu was weak sauce compared to that. I feel so accomplished and a super hero. Now I must try frog legs and live the octopus in Korea as it sticks to my esophagus. Just wanted to everyone to share about their weird foods tasting experience including dishes you've eaten and ones you would never want to try based on appearance, smell or texture. I know there are people of all types of ethnicities on here so tell us about the foods from your country or a country you've been to. I bet all of you have tried some crazy things, but no matter what I feel ridiculously magnificent after my accomplishment. Make fun of me, I dare you.
  3. Incursion [OPEN Mini-RP]

    After relieving herself of the brat she was to carry about her pained shoulders, Ella took in a generous dose of a ball of dust, air and pieces of floating rubble into her lungs. Coughing into her hand, she ran quite a ways away from the the source of the chaos and ran across the street from what was smoother pavement underneath her feet. As she walked toward the battle, sounds from several sources crowded the air making It twice as hard to see and breathe. Sol was most likely alright, but she needed to make sure. -- Sol waited for his answer, keeping himself contained in observance of this chaotic creature. He himself, considering his larger than life appearance hadn't quite done much in terms of destruction, but this fiend had, under it's use of thick and protective fog, turned the premises on its toes. "No words?" He asked, growling slightly at the sense of more monsters of his physique to infiltrate the already unseeable surroundings. His wings expanded as he attempted to keep them away, swinging a tail that if hit was highly lethal due to the strength of the impact. He kept his focus on the one he'd tried to deal with before the minions arrived and noticed his choice of weaponry. Sol roared and lifted a hind foot to move backward while simultaneously breathing out an airy breath of fire toward the enemy. His silver eyes glistened just as bright through the murky fog. The scales along his thick skin provided protection as would a shield to a valiant knight. Sol was determined to end this conundrum if he were ever to return to Ella.
  4. Mystic's Lack of Creative Talent

    Oi! How many times shall I change my sig... Hmmmm mmmmm mmmmwllscmdmskkwlws,ms
  5. So it is for rich people? Adhere to the almighty CENTURY EGG. Eaten with porridge. /said in a Dothraki man voice
  6. What's century egg? Did I miss something? It might be one of those foreign foods fancy rich people eat. :P
  7. I remember one of my friends from Beijing thought American fast food was weird (gross) because it was so greasy. She was familiar with it, but it was extremely hard to eat and was the only thing they served on our campus aside from salads which are 10 dollars and are not so filling. Geo duck, I didn't know that existed in this world.
  8. That was it, Unagi! That was the eel I ate. It's skin was chewy and extremely buttery though. It was so good. :) And I ate them with chop sticks so that makes me a super pro. You're making me salivate and I ate so much today! LOL! I ate tiny piece of a worm that was apparently dipped in a powder that was supposed to make it taste like meaty, but I remember it tasting like tacos. Though it doesn't count cause you're so much cooler than me!! I WANT EAST ASIA TO TAKE ME AWAY.
  9. Incursion [OPEN Mini-RP]

    Ella turned her head momentarily as she collected the events occurring simultaneously around her. She heard an offer she could not refuse and approached the sound with careful footsteps, avoiding and stepping over the golf ball and soft ball sized crumbs of the home Sol had probably destroyed. A hand ushered her stiff brother toward a man who seemed all to eager to allow them refuge from the unidentifiable happenings not far from them. If the fog hadn't been so persistent on leaving humans blind, Ella was sure she'd be able to support her defenseless Sol amidst the battle. A battle with only sounds and smell to create imagery. "Hanz, go in this house. I'll be right out here, I gotta get Sol okay?" She spoke as loud as she could over the prominent occasional roar of her magnificent Knight. Ella looked at the man and nodded a few times as if thankful for his generous offer. She then peered over at the abrupt hissing from nearby and realized it had been another knight seemingly protecting him. -- [ Knight Sol POV ] "Did you hurt Ella?" He growled, clamping his massive talons onto the nearly demolished pavement underneath him after he'd pulled the monster onto the field of battle. "You didn't touch her did you?!" He added, shifting his weight forward, letting his wings slice through the thick grey surrounding them. For a moment he figured the monster couldn't speak, nonetheless he was prepared and ready to attack either verbally or physically if he found it necessary. Ella meant everything to him and if she were to be be badly tampered with, there would be no mercy and plenty of pain involved.
  10. Mystic's Lack of Creative Talent

  11. Incursion [OPEN Mini-RP]

    Ella cursed underneath her breath, stumbling backwards quite a bit due to the near painful impact. She hadn't yet noticed that the source of the deviant pair of green lights had then followed her. Sol was no where to be found, but she knew only once way to gain his adamant attention. It was only after his transformation would he be able to keep in touch without having a random weed in between pavement and concrete cracks to become his entertainment and his priority. Despite listening to the voices in her head telling her to escape without her fur ball, Ella heard an uncomfortable sound making way toward her, Hanz and whoever else seemed to be around. She had no time. Turning her head for a mere second only to notice an abnormal and juxtaposed object pushing aside the thick fog as though it were nothing, the panicked young woman tossed her brother behind her, opened her mouth and extracted the sharpest and most terrifying scream her parched throat could suffice. It traveled and yet she refused to stop, trying desperately to hear the ground rumbling roar of a new Sol. Before she could screech out anymore, Ella noticed a thick "boom" as several tiny pieces of rubble stumbled and tumbled into her feet. Sol must've transformed. A large talon found it's way through the dense fog and latched itself around the monster, pulling it back into the fog.
  12. Incursion [OPEN Mini-RP]

    [ oh! I see. Okey thanks! I figured since the summoner is summoning, they should be the only ones being pestered. I gotcha. Yea that's it! Thanks again :] Ella's eyes squinted as she noticed the thick fog everyone seemed so afraid of roll in. She gripped her brothers hand, unable to see him and neither the squirming blue ball in her arms. All she could seem to make out were two sharp orbs floating amidst nothing but a grey abyss. "Hanz stop moving or something really bad is gonna happen." She whispered sharply, backing up unconsciously before feeling the little indentations and rigid crevices of a brick wall behind her. Startled from the slight impact, she dropped the blue ball of fur into what it seemed an endless pit of fog. Without releasing her grip on her brothers hand, she rushed toward the green lights, this time not so consumed by them she whispered out the name she had given her lost companion. "Sol! Sol... Please be around here." She worried, attempting to not feel the eerie presence closing the space in between them.
  13. My tiny people.

    Incursion [ Mini-RP ] Summoner: Ella wells Age: 17 Appearance: Overall background: Ella has a brother named Hanz. Hanz doesn't find anything pleasing and Ella does her best to care for him due to the fact he's the only real family she has left. They live with their step mother who has recently passed out in a coma. Ella must bring her medicine from the pharmacy across the street from her home to keep her alive. She works at a nearby green house planting various seeds and caring for them. Often times, her brother insists on going into town where she takes her "Knight" with her due to his excitement as well. Her mind is constantly occupied with thoughts as she wonders how she'd become a summoner. And why a creature the size of an small kitten? Personality: Silent type. Pretty reckless in terms of protecting her abrasive little brother and her unmoving step mother. She will let nothing and one get in the way. Often times refuses to make friends due to her lack of care for others and can be found not as appealing as her appearance. -- Knight: Sol Appearance (after transformation): Description: Ella's summoned knight. Not quite the most fearsome, but if angered will grow a thousand unmerciful times bigger than it's normal state. If Ella is anger or irritated (which usually is never due to her indifference for anything and everything) it will transform as well. It or HE transforms into a fire breathing dragon with razor sharp talons, thick scaly armor and immeasurable strength. If the knight has died in either form, it's body will emit a fume killing anyone within at least twenty feet of it apart from its summoner. It's color changes into a orange red after it's transformed. And it talks only after becoming a dragon.
  14. *DO NOT READ IF YOU CARE ABOUT SPOILERS & HAVE NOT READ SNK MANGA* Attack on titan. I was watching those episodes and we all know what happens. Titans come in, freaking colossal titan, Bertolt and armored titan, Reiner decide to break through walls with strength no other regular titan could even dream of attaining. While engaging in these actions, these good boys decide to first shower innocent and happy people with chunks of the wall the size of their heads, probably no unintentionally, but all to reach their objective. These chunks then eventually fall and I don't know, smash every old lady who was just carelessly left behind by her care taker, land on houses only to crush those inside [ hence Erens mother and her tragic death ]. Then eventually titans come in and you know the deal. But as I watched various people die throughout the episodes, I had this sudden urge to write about their lives. I know very well, the story was about eren primarily, nut eventually it fans out to everyone else's story which to me can only mean one thing. Life as we know it, no matter where one lives or where one decides to go affects everyone. You could say, yes they are only affecting those around them, but let me tell you something. When you knock down a domino, yeah it is affecting the domino right after it, which eventually affects the next one and henceforth, no? Yes, but it was all because of the first domino. If it hadn't been knocked down, the result would've been that all would be standing. This was when I realized what my world lit teacher [ a devout follower of the Greek Gods ] said once. "Eve blamed the snake, Adam blamed her but what happened was both were faulty. If something of harm happens to you and has affected you, then you must blame yourself because it's bound to be your fault." My point being, that every little character, every little [ huge and deformed ] titan and every little thing is to be accounted for. Everything is their doing, their fault. So as a result, I wanted to take a few of those characters who have been hit by chunks of the oh so sturdy wall Maria and take the girl who was running off alone before being titan handled and create my own characters from them. They play a big part. All I can say is I'm excited. May everywhere you look, you see a story. [ TO BE CONTINUED ]
  15. Incursion [OPEN Mini-RP]

    [ I'm gonna try one of your roleplays. BUT I don't have a character that I want to use as a knight, can I make one up right now? Of course I can. Your rules say so. Okay. What is a NPC? And can people who are not summoners see these knights? :] Waiting for her brother to finish up his business behind a bush, Ella tangled her finger into her unbrushed average length ash brown hair. She could see the minuscule tail of the furry fiend she voluntarily dragged around digging up nothing but dirt. It's elongated blue and fluffy tail almost made it seem as though it were not what it was when angered. Once her brother had returned, his nose crinkled in disgust, he planted a foot against the backside of the tiny blue creature causing It to whimper and stop it's eternal digging, it's pupils starting to dilate. Ella groaned and took a hold of her little brothers collar and tossed him aside. She rushed toward the creature and picked it up. Her hands stroked it's undeniably soft fur and almost immediately it returned to its "normal state". "Hanz, you know what happens to him when you kick him. Next time I'll get him get you." She stated, looking at his scrunched face in annoyance. Taking a hold of his hand and keeping the overly excited fluff ball in the crook of her elbow, she walked down the sidewalk with her eyes down. Hanz struggled behind her, his stubby legs keeping him lagging behind as opposed to her longer ones. "I can't see anything. This place sucks." He hissed, scratching at her hands as if he wanted to escape. Ella ignored him and kept her eyes on the crumbled concrete underneath her feet.
  16. Hi, me llamo Phreshaer.

    Oh my god wst. That tone in your words... It seems all calm and all informative and ... Nice. Oh my god wst.
  17. Hi, me llamo Phreshaer.

    I suggest you put all your time here. It's all worth it! Hey! I'm Shelmii or Mishal. Nice to see ya here~ You should tell us a little about yourself. :)
  18. Ahoy!

    I KNEW IT.
  19. Ahoy!

    What in the actual heck is going on in that gif? T
  20. Ahoy!

    You see that scary guy up there the one threatening to eat you? Yeah, steer clear of him. Or just beat him to a pulp, but invite me over to watch ;)
  21. Fairy Tales For Sophie

    Sophie looked at him, a confusion expression tugging her grin into a small frown. Nonetheless, after forgetting the lack of enthusiasm, the brunette took her mind back to the previous happy place. He was taking her at the exact time she thought he wouldn't. Usually he had work to ponder over and other gloomy instances of his life. She couldn't blame him, no one could. He was just as hurt as she, but if she were to think of anything invoking memories of her mother, the birthday party on the next day would be just as dreary as the grey cloud the memories brought. Sophie was young enough to release thoughts about someone she'd cry endlessly for days just for a moment. Katie's party would be the ultimate escape and there was nothing that would ruin it. -- With a skip still evident in her tiny steps, Sophie flew past her slower than life father. She listened to him and stopped before remembering she couldn't lose him again. The brunette had feared the outcomes of many mistakes she'd made in her life. One of them included losing her dad in a large store. Even If she could have the cashiers call or announce his name over the speakers, she still couldn't bear the possibility that he might've forgotten her behind. She hadn't yet memorized their address. Which was something she should've done as Katie sure had. Sliding her hand into his, she swung it lightly as she eyed the plastic figures carefuly. Though nothing had caught her eye yet, she knew what brand of doll Katie had ounces of. She was glad the store had an American Girl Doll collection. Katie had Saige and she wanted another doll, but the minimum cost ran to about one hundred and eighty dollars. Sophie analyzed the dolls carefully and noticed the newst doll. Grace Thomas sat in silence behind the glass container. Her honey beige skin glowing along with the white dress with a pattern of cherries spotted all across its surface. Her white strap flats covered her feet well and the white gloves across her hands had done the same. A white hat sat atop her glistening strawberry golden locks as her dazzling smile caught Sophie with her mouth agape in astonishment. Katie would surely give her all her attention for the rest of her life If she had received the doll and her entire outfit. Pointing eagerly at the polished newest edition of the dolls, Sophie checked asked her father to check the price. A new doll of such quality surely wouldn't be worth a mere minimal or lowest price. This one was clearly over two hundred; maybe two hundred and eighty dollars. But of course the clothes were not to be included. The hat and shoes each would cost a whole thirty five dollars, the dress another hundred and the gloves twenty. Sophie looked up at her father pleadingly, her hands clamped together as if she could somehow make herself seem more innocent than she was to get what she wanted. "Please dad.. She'll love this one!" She whined, tugging at his coat again.
  22. Ahoy!

    Chips Ahoy! I'm Shelmii or Mishal! Looks like I snuck up at the right time. I LOVE CUTE STUFF. too bad I missed those free kittens that people all around have been advertising so eagerly. And you've come to the right place! This place is an RP HAVEN. Just keep away from fresh meat eating meanies and talk to people as annoyingly nice as me!! Sci-Fi fantasy is amazing! Ask me any questions or ask the scholars or the official cool people here. If I don't have your answer, I know someone else surely will! Looking forward to having you join in with our obnoxiously amazing group on here. You will surely fit in ♥︎
  23. I took the virginity of your profile feed.

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      Damn it. There are ones and zeroes hemorraghing everywhere.

  24. "The world we know is gone, but keeping our humanity? That's a choice" -Dale

  25. Zombie Apocalypse Weapon of Choice

    Wow, that was information overload. Thanks for the dosage. I honestly just read the title. Not, the rules so I am so sorry that my comment made no sense. :)