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  1. Zombie Apocalypse Weapon of Choice

    A FREAKING KATANA. like Michonne. And if I find a bag of guns laying around... I'd take it along.
  2. How much for a sword?

    Ooooo, I like medieval RP's. Hope you get some more info in soon!
  3. Psychedelic Space Lounge

    I need to finish playing that... Harvest moon has been keeping me occupied..

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Pretty.
  5. Mystic's Lack of Creative Talent

  6. Mystic's Lack of Creative Talent

  7. Fairy Tales For Sophie

    Sophie all but blew her hair out of her face as she rushed past the hoard of students and classmates make their way to the front entrance. She dismissed everyone as they disappeared behind her with a thought of a single victory in mind. Katie had left for a dentist appointment earlier otherwise she would not have been walking alone. Teachers, helpers and staff stood around the front entrance as always and like always they gathered eager and unruly from leaving their sight. The brunette, a grin across her lips, chewed on excitedly due to the present she had in mind for her best friend quickly pointed out her dad and his car. The teachers merely nodded to her, a brighter grin across their stern expressions as they allowed her to join him. With a skip in her step and seemingly unaffected by the chilly wind about her, Sophie waved at her father. She grasped the jacket from his hands and tugged at the coat sleeve wrapped loosely around his forearm. "Hey, dad? You okay? Let's go." She asked, before proceeding to enter through the back door of the large vehicle. Once inside, tiny hands buckled the seat belt into place before starting to fiddle with one another. A large doll house or possibly the newest edition of Katie's doll collection ran through her mind. Maybe even her favorite movie or movies could be a possibility. Sophie coughed into her hand, feeling a very slight soreness within her throat. Her eyes darted out onto the scenery though her mind kept intertwined into what the party might consist of. Katie had been bragging all morning and if she hadn't left, Sophie would've created a time machine to move time faster that the pace it seemed to go. "So dad. I don't really know what to get Katie, but we need to get it today okay? Will you be able to go today? The party starts tomorrow morning and It's in the extremely big backyard she has. Even bigger than ours. She had a swimming pool and she has movies and she has all these things that are fun. Oh and, her brother is sooo annoying, but we'll prank him so hard he'll melt! Then, when she sees that my present is the best one she got, it'll be awesome. Oooo, I cannot wait to eat cake and endless bowls of ice cream!" She squealed, swinging her legs back and fourth as best she could. "Wait, aren't we going home right now?" She asked, noticing that they've gone an opposite direction.
  8. Mystic's Lack of Creative Talent

  9. Mystic's Lack of Creative Talent

  10. [ 59 ] DAYS until The Walking Dead Season 5 ★

  11. Fairy Tales For Sophie

    Ava had transformed into a ball of moans. His hands slipping as it struggled to grasp at her body. She wondered if she had tried to touch herself as he'd have been touching her, she'd have burned the skin right off her fingers. Despite the fact that Silas had flattened more than half of his lower regions and abdomen against her, his heat hadn't melted her off entirely. It was more of her heart that seemed to thump at times opposite and at times the same as his own. He was moving, living, breathing and as long as he had this godly strength yet with infernal thoughts to conquer the lady underneath him, she'd gladly give the entirety of what she had away to him. Silas was stronger, appeared stronger yet carried a gentle heart as he hadn't used the advantage he had to advance in humiliating the woman. Instead, he'd done it in a gentlemanly manner. Ava had only once experienced rushed sexual tension from her to-be-but-killed rapist. Silas hadn't taken her by force, Ava needed him. She caught herself pondering over him and how different he'd look the next morning. The two of them had become a sticky mess and just Silas had stopped the blonde fluttered her half lidded lust filled eyes and directed them into his. She could feel the thick beating of his heart in his chest, the padded muscle pressing up against her breasts. Ava, slightly shaky hands reached up and slowly wiped off a few of the beads of sweat along his brow before proceeding to memorize the angled contours of his face. It hadn't taken him long to push away and pull out, though Ava lay there unable to move due to the thought she might feel an intense pain as she'd felt earlier. Ava reached out her hand and took a hold of his. Silence seemed to surround them, though when pulled her up and supported her without a second thought of himself, It spoke more than a mere word or even a paragraph would. She was eager for him. The chill from the open windows had started to attach to her every inch of her moistened skin. Curious eyes gazed up at him. Now that it seemed like they had finished, Ava wondered if he was satisfied or if he felt disappointed. How would she ever figure it out? Silas hadn't taken another breath of rest before he took a hold of her and proceeded to carry her off her feet. Her arms found him, her eyes gazing deep into his as she pressed her forehead against his. Her lips took in his breath, tasted it on her taste buds, but her eyes never left his. She gasped and she quivered and she squirmed under his grip to a lower portion of her back. The warmth had her wishing they could attach and feed each other away from the cold air forcing through to send shivers through their bodies. Ava only wanted Silas to be the cause of those shivers and there was no doubt he was. Ava's lips trembled, yet she was automatically aware of his next pair of actions. He'd reentered and she'd found herself pushing down onto his engorged length. Earlier she could've sworn she'd seen the tip of it glisten though she hadn't come to terms with what it might've been. Despite her thoughts, which seemed to disappear just as Silas had led her back into an untamed intoxication, the blonde generously bounced on him. At this point she was sure she'd scratched away some of the skin along his back. Though if he complained, she would need to remember to blame him. Eyes locked into the other, glossy orbs merging as though the two knew what the other wanted. Silas had growled her name, the sound of it never getting old. Ava could feel her walls giving him no space to breathe as she tugged him along as if it wanted him to empty out into her. An array of soft and sharp moans and the frantic pleasure coated panting and groaning squeezed out through what seemed like the last hint of saliva that had once coated her throat. "Silas.." She purred in response. Ava felt a shudder from him and before she could being to properly make out what had happened, a sound of pure relief had managed to slip past her lips. He'd already wrapped his arms around her and stopped, though a large smile bearing teeth brightened her expression. A hot fluid unlike any other had been released into her and she hadn't known much about it with the exception of it feeling as though she'd just been injected with ecstasy. Though as she sat in his arms, she could feel it churning in with her own fluids before it dripped and slid out of her onto the inner portion of her thighs. After relishing and bathing in what he'd given her, the woman turned her attention back to Silas. The beating in her chest hadn't yet ceased, but she refused to feel exhausted. Her mind couldn't quite control that portion of her physique thus eventually she nuzzled her nose into his cheek and kissed him there repeatedly before pulling back to catch her breath. The natural heat radiated from his arms around her. "Silas.. You're tired.." She whispered, setting her head onto his shoulder only to relax herself as well.
  12. Fairy Tales For Sophie

    Cast into oblivion and keeping entwined into it, the sounds from Ava's throat due to the unaccustomed pleasure building up stated nothing less about her meekness. As much as it made her seem weak and urging for more, at the same time she enjoyed the dominance. When others moved her about and forced her into doing a chore she didn't quite want to do it was never a good experience, but even as Silas moved his taunting pair of lips away, the ones that had controlled her reactions so easily, The blonde looked at him pleadingly wondering why he'd stopped. Her mind had obviously been clouded and her body was giving her nothing to work with as well. Silas must've been completed, yet he was becoming more naked than he had already been. Ava gasped as she looked into his eyes, making sure not to trail her eyes down, but she had and before she could realize the change in when she'd seen him nude earlier she blinked a few times nervously and focused on trying to catch her breath. Somewhat frustrated and wishing he'd continue with what he'd done before, Ava whined as he pulled her up again, letting her hands rest over his shoulders. The minimal space between them comforted her, though at the same time she hadn't yet expected she'd feel him as close as he'd gotten. Naturally her body froze again, unknowing what she was to do next. His gaze seemed intense, several times more than it had before and it was that that had her wondering if what would happen next would be infinite. A part of the night she may remember for nights to come, but not in a bad light, but a good one. Little had Silas know or maybe he had known all along that Ava was giving herself to him. From that night on if he'd leave her or refuse to speak to her again it would have her permanently subdued. Though it wouldn't help thinking out priorities and needs while submerged more than entirely into Silas and the heat that came with. Her legs slid upward and down against his side slowly, starting to learn and pick up what felt good. Fingers messaged his shoulders, the lean muscle underneath pushing up against the soft pads of her fingers and her palms. She inhaled him simultaneously taking note of his scent though she wished she were not so consumed so she could think properly. While engaging in observation of Silas, Ava gripped onto his shoulders as he gripped his roughly textured fingers onto her waist. Just as she figured a blast of immense and undeniable pleasure would take over all over again, things had started to pain. A frown planted itself across her plump lips and her brows furrowed as she worried he'd have done it wrong. Maybe his intention was to hurt her, though he hadn't done it before so there seemed little to no logic in trying to arouse her to her point, but stopping only to leave her in pain. Ava whimpered again and panted uncontrollably to keep her from screaming out too much. Whether Silas knew she was feeling an uncomfortable stretch in a part of her that had never been tampered with, she had no intention of worrying him. Keeping her complaints to a low would work just until he'd finished. With the muscle in her legs loosing some control in keeping still around his waist, Ava struggled to keep herself composed, but later on it had taken a toll on her. Her eyes squeezed shut and fingers tugged helplessly at the already injured skin on his shoulders. Eventually, Silas had made it in and had stopped. She felt him, an unusual pulsating against her walls. The blonde focused on his expression, glistening hazel eyes, tall nose and a marvelous pair of lips as he leaned over her. Her grip tightened and her back fell flat against the table again. It seemed she'd forgotten about the pain in her back and the rest of the wounds had all become nonexistent. She looked up at him, locking her legs once again around his waist. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head almost immediately as he pulled himself out and reentered. Ava responded with a silent breath, throat now parched due to excessive air flowing in and out of it. She held him, tore into him as he repeated these last steps gradually increasing his speed. Ava thought he might've tore into her and made her bleed considering the sting she felt, yet as he continued without a stop, the woman groaned at times aside from the ongoing moans her dry throat so easily created. Her body moved along with his, perspiration traveling not only down her temples and her neck, but all over her slick body. The sun had long set and the moon had graciously illuminated the room with its white light along with the stars that aided it. Ava could feel the pain starting to peel away from what she thought was an unending era of painful thrusts. Her moans lead on to sound as though she could feel pleasure yet little had she known the pain was her pleasure. Silas had already pressed up against her on the table, and had begun to play other parts of her body. Her blonde hair, tangled and spread about sticking to her body, primarily her back. She could feel another pain though it only lasted for a bit before she had once again drowned herself into each of his thrusts. Her fingernails dipped into his back unconsciously and she cooed his name as he groaned into her ear. She could hear the two of them, their slippery skin pressing up and colliding. Everything he'd done through the night had started with a mere kiss and many would tell them they'd rushed or she hadn't even married him, but Ava knew that after that night she was not leaving him. He'd have to tear her away from him with a force unlike anyone had ever managed to consider existed. He'd taken her and therefore would deal with her for as long as she lived.
  13. [ 60 ] DAYS until The Walking Dead Season 5 ★

  14. erm... hai?

    I'll help you build a snowman. If you don't let me. I'll force you to let me help you build a snowman. B/
  15. erm... hai?

    ≠⊠☃ ≠⊠☃ ≠⊠☃ Allow me to be the Leo Da Vinci for your snowman. ≠⊠☃ ≠⊠☃ ≠⊠☃
  16. erm... hai?

    Well. it's just this one question that's been bothering me... Really wanna ask it. So. When it's winter. HH. Do you wanna build a snowman? I shall PM you my real questions but later.
  17. Fairy Tales For Sophie

    Ava tired her head to one side as she heard his voice simply saying her name. Why had it melted her so? Was it his voice or the way he looked back up into her eyes. The unfamiliar foreign feeling continued to surge through her and simultaneously so many questions floursed her mind, yet the feeling had overcome without having to think twice about it. At that moment, it had only been physical and nothing more and nothing less. It seemed Silas had drove her to her limit according to arousal, but little had she known, it had only begun. The blonde felt his palm against the tender, untouched and severely sensitive left breast. Lips trailing to her right breast, before she could take in the fact that he'd touched her there, forced her to arch her back up into his mouth quite a bit more. Her curiosity had taken ahold of her as she looked down at him, his face pressed into her chest. If she'd not been intoxicated, he'd have appeared fearsome yet something changed and had her falling deeper and deeper. With blonde strands around her forehead and in her face and an array of thick breaths, soft gasps, and several stray moans pushing through her wet lips as his hands pinching and teasing her moved from one side to another, Ava felt the already seeping spot in between her legs release generously over the sheets underneath her. She could feel it slide down and drip, though why it disturbed her so confused her. It might've been similar to addiction to a drug. The closer he was the more relief she felt. He'd taken up not a single ounce of his ability, since he seemed to display an endless amount of energy when he'd locked his fingers underneath her legs. She was pushed back onto her back and caught herself looking up at the dark ceiling. A quick chill caught the wetness slick around her smooth folds and confusion hit her all at once; especially when she'd started to feel the warmth radiating from his face as it gradually closed the space in between her heated core himself. Her eyes flickered shut before opening up as wide as they could in shock and all kinds of sensations all at once and it had only been his fingers that had touched her. Ava trying to steady her frantic breath and attemting to find something to grip onto, tangled her fingers into the sheet underneath her. She whimpered slightly, letting slip his name countless times as he ran his tongue over her sensitivity. Her teeth grazed her bottom lip and the spot just below and further below her belly button tingled as though it had had enough. Her chest dropped and rose again and again with haste feeling his tongue delve deep and the warmth in his breath stir in where she seemed to have found held too much sensitivity for it to be considered natural. Silas must've bewitched the surface of his tongue or his entire face with something that had her needing him so powerfully. Whatever he'd done, he had gotten himself stuck in something she'd never allow him freedom from; including herself. The blonde, with sweat already beading up at her forehead, nubs hard and protruding from her pink breasts and a hoard of intoxicating ecstasy surging through her virgin body, lay there thinking this must've been as far as it had gotten. The air around her lips seemed to run out though it still kept her breathing, but his tongue, restless as it was, had already invaded another portion of her she never knew would ever be tampered with. A loud, almost surreal moan threw itself out and another, this time it stuttered his name. Shakes and uncontrolled, her body moved down onto his tongue as it poked and teased her once more. This action itself had her heating and releasing yet more of her so invigorating juices. Her toes curled in and her finger nails scratched at the surface of the table. "Silas! Silas.." She shouted, whining slightly afterward as the tongue played her more than it had already done so. Her body squirmed and quivered all over again, this time forcing her into a impatient sort of state. Essentially she wanted him to continue. Smooth thighs rubbed up against his cheeks momentarily as she kept him in between her legs, urging for more. Ava pushed herself onto his his face, buried in between her legs, figuring this must've been the end. He wouldn't have had any new motive and he couldn't have pleasured her anymore. This was surely where it would all end. Little had she known, the man had yet to pleasure himself as well.
  18. [ 61 ] DAYS until The Walking Dead Season 5 ★

  19. erm... hai?

    Hi! I'm Shelmii but you can totally call me Mishal or Miss Mishal ( as Mystic puts it ) but we are super glad you joined us! If you ever want to chat just send me a PM or talk to me elsewhere if you might be interested. Otherwise, I'm not very good with questions since I have many myself so talking to the Scholars and Ice here would do you best c: Have fun here making roleplays and making friends and stalking roleplays too or whatever you like to do. JUST KNOW A LONELY PERSON LIKE ME LOVES FRIENDS. O.O so don't be afraid to bother me all the time. Seriously. XD
  20. Fairy Tales For Sophie

    The silence wasn't fitting, at least for Ava. It might've been a bit foolish to speak of an empty jar right after the first kiss she'd ever had, but it might've also calmed her down. Though, she could tell by his expression that he might not have worried so much about her words and if she were thinking correctly, he might've felt a little indifference for the empty jar. As a subtle pout pushed out her bottom lip, Silas had already stood up from his spot and had leaned down to carry her away. Ava didn't wish to overtax his muscle over time due to the fact she was a stumbling mess, but he seemed strong enough to carry a petite woman covered by only a thin sheet. Once again, with hands holding into his shoulders for support, Ava busied herself with random thoughts about where he might sleep and if she would stay up all night and watch him; she wouldn't keep watch because she lacked trust, she'd only want to see his face and body to remember the strong contours. Though just as Silas had set her atop the table again, this time with her legs dangling off of the edge, Ava looked up at his face to curiously gaze into his eyes. The color seemed a bit intense and the size of his pupils had changed all too fast. Ava figured he'd leave her there again and instruct her to stay as he figured out a few more tips and tricks to make her feel better, but he had only moved in closer. It hadn't taken long, his hands set on her knees as they quickly parted them without ado. Her sheet, still clenched tightly by her fists had been taken away in haste. Ava gasped once, reaching for it for a milisecond before Silas had set his hand under her chin. She looked up into his eyes, her chest rising and falling quickly as deep breaths kept her occupied from a sudden speeding up of her heart. It seemed she could almost feel the pounding against the inside and could hear it all too clearly in her ears before and after he'd pressed his lips against hers again. The taste, still delectable, so much so it seemed a little bad for her health. Although, just like before she wanted to allow him to move in as he pleased simply because she worried to ruin it. His lips pressed along hers stronger than they had before and with more eagerness to delve deeper in past her pink tinted plump lips. Though she was not expecting a tongue to invade her own, but without much thought Ava enveloped onto the sensation; her body still trusting him to an entirety she'd never trusted anyone else. No one else had saved her twice from what she feared most. Ava shuddered into his lips and against his tongue, quivering slightly as she felt his fingers not as gentle and not as concentrated as before, but rough along her thighs. Losing herself to him, the intoxication taking over with every touch, every kiss and the closeness as his body pressed up against her own; the blonde set her hand along his abdomen, palm and the pads of her thin fingers pressed into the muscle. Though the bend in her arm remained flexible if he were to move any closer later on. Long after, While intwined in the taste and foreign feel of his lips; Ava almost leaned closer her now salivating lips urging for more, but his next set of actions had her heating up from inside out. With every breath speeding yet never entering the air eventually leading her to pant as she felt him press yet closer to her; the blonde took all weight off of her arm which she had set behind her and reached upward in an attempt to find his shoulder, but instead brushed her fingertips along his biceps before taking a firm grip to them. Silas had pulled his lips from hers and she immediately followed him in an attempt to find them again, but fluttered her eyes open for a mere moment. Ava had surely heated up from the core, her body cramping as though she needed his closeness and she needed his touch. She'd have lied if spot further down in between her spread thighs hadn't begun to salivate as well. Though she blamed it on him. She'd never felt arousal and he'd seemingly took her into it. Stroking his upper arm slowly, Ava gazed at him, gradually closing the minuscule of space left in between the two. Her legs comfortably brushing up along his trousers. The next set of actions clearly caught her by surprise, yet at the same time she feared he'd devour her if he had been so quick. The blonde panted out again, her lips parting and occasionally trembling as his thick lips found their way down her neck. Her fingernails dipped into his bicep, tugging and scratching at it softly as his mouth paved her tender body in kisses each one causing her skin to tingle. The smoldering tongue burned along her skin much more heated than she'd expected and the way his lips continued to suck the life out of her. Ava had never escaped to a more enticing world before. The sounds his mouth emitted vibrated into her skin, causing her in turn to occasionally moan out as well, soft yet still evident. Ava furrowed her brows, a subtle smile across her lips as the hand she'd set along his abdomen trailed up around him to his back. She pressed yet closer, her legs coiling around his as he stood there before her. His hands still teasing, sliding upward and locking just under her waist; the woman whimpered out softly. His hands had gotten closer and a little too close, but the closer he'd gotten the more Ava felt he needed to come in again. The heat from all around his broader body leaning over her covered her as would a blanket and she didn't mind that the sheet had been tossed aside. It wasn't until his lips reached her collarbone that she could feel his breath sliding about over other sensitive parts of her. The heat from his lips, the pleasurable feel of the stubble on his cheeks and the ticklish facial hair rubbed along her smooth skin. The squeezing and gripping and the faint pink trail his lips had left down her neck. It all had been the effects of a deeper arousal compared to one she'd never felt in her life. "Silas.." She whispered, the shaky hand slipped from around his back and stroked his jaw and his cheek gently. Her chest rose faster than it had fallen as his lips continued on her collarbone. The hand slid upward, played with his ear for a bit before tangling into his hair. She didn't feel she needed to say his name, though she wanted to hear his voice before he continued. Arousal had occupied him and it was unusually attractive. This might've been the reason Margery instructed her to stear clear of men, though at the same time Ava knew it was under her own desire to give herself away. He was surely worth it.
  21. Fairy Tales For Sophie

    Ava wondered if the scars across his skin held any pain. She wondered if he screamed, if he called out for help or if he truly wished for death when he'd been struck with whatever those cruel men used to torture him. If she were a daughter of a king or if she had any real power, it would've been the end for his tormentors. He would've been a free man and wouldn't need to live in fear any longer than he had. She was a woman of lower status. She knew nothing about her parents. She was innocent, but adventurous and was willing to take any risk on hand. No one had saved her. Margery informed her to keep within the walls of the manor. Elizabeth doubted her. Ava's non-existent parents deemed her unworthy of their love and as far as she knew, Silas had been the only one to free her countless times. He'd helped her and without a thought for himself, he did. Despite the mystery in him and in his actions, Ava too had felt what he had. The lust hadn't tallied too long in catching her and as a result it only allowed her a moment catch her breath as Silas had taken a hold of her hand. The warmth in his fingertips had left enough on Ava's sensitive skin to remind her of how inviting it was, yet the overall rough texture mixed in was new. She'd only felt his fiery, freshly burned and bloodied skin, but she'd never had the urge to feel it again. The grip around her fingers had her craving otherwise. Ava's body reacted, more so to her having experienced nothing near what she'd only heard in love stories. It might've been the warmth or it might've been the softening of his expression or maybe she thought she had to give him something in return for the many times he'd risked everything for her. Confused and intensely heated by his actions, Ava tossed her thoughts aside and gazed back into his hazel orbs, her own brown ones half lidded as she felt his hand set across her cheek. The moment shook and it trembled, but she proceeded in hopes she'd feel something more. As If the way he touched her had not yet done the trick; his kiss nonetheless would. She responded almost shaky, too shaky to the point her face might've fallen apart. Despite her excuses to pull away and run off in fear as would excruciatingly shy women in love stories would, Ava leaned her cheek into his hand and pressed her lips back, tenderly, but surely. She herself leaned forward as well, her free hand crawling along the sheet toward him, but failing to reach him as she didn't have any intention to ruin the moment. Her fingers attempted to grip the spaces in between his and lips drew in the heated and surprisingly delectable taste from his. Never had she thought another's mouth would feel so fitting along her own. Once he'd pulled away, Ava panted along with him, noticing she'd lost quite a bit of her breath earlier than he had. Though she was all too entwined to notice the loss of breath. She looked down and inhaled his breath before he'd pulled back. Her hand slid out of his and gathered the sheet over her once again. The other hand gripped the sheet underneath her, but she'd refused to connect with him through her eyes. It seemed a bit too strong and if she had, something else was bound to happen. Although, after he'd spoken she looked up slightly and remained in silence. A small ant crawling over the sheet caught her attention momentarily, yet the attention was all on him. His touch and his kiss, the heroic actions the tolerance. Silas seemed perfect; almost too perfect. Ava took the empty jar behind her and set it in between them. She reached up near her ear and gathered her hair behind her ear before stuttering out what she'd intended to say earlier. "I ate it all.. Though I'd never learned to make.. Peach cobbler or.. Whatever this was." She paused for a moment before speaking up again. "We should go inside... Possibly try to make some more? Um.. I've never kissed anyone before." She coughed, looking at him wide eyed as she'd realized what she'd said. "That rhymed.. Uh.. Should I have saved some?" She mumbled, pointing to the empty jar once again. "I feel a bit more guilty."
  22. He coughed a few times, shoving his fist angrily into the wooden door of his boss's office. Blood spilled across the wooden floor, yet they seemed to dissolve into it's tiny crevices. The brown color darkened though and it caused him to panic just a little bit. Lighting had never been a top priority of his boss and if he could, he'd shoot the cheap swinging lamp light atop his head until it burst into a million tiny pieces. He wished one would strike him in his skull and onto the back of his neck or an open wire, disturbed and dangerous, catch the salt in the beads of sweat along his face and body just to fry him from inside out. She didn't deserve to die and he was sure she didn't want to lose so much blood. Though all the dragging of dead bodies, the frantic muffling of screams and the thousands of methods to silence those screams had caused too much blood to spill. And it seemed his sanity drowned in it as well. It wasn't the blood over her body and it wasn't the fact that she appeared so beautiful under the flickering florescent lights. Her arm had broken and her body seemed weak, but it wasn't her vulnerability he found so alluring. It was the fact that she'd in the most challenging of ways. She fought and she kept her good fist and both legs swinging as though she wanted to escape; as though she she really could. She was struggling and she had confidence. This was the most excitement he'd had in so long. [ Several years ago ] "Help! Someone help!" He coughed, leaving his home as quick as he could as it smoked up from inside out. In the next moment, his mother arrived, wearing her fake jewelry and her dirty clothes. She hadn't returned home for several weeks, but the day he decided to burn the trailer house down coincidently she received a phone call from his high school that he hadn't been attending school. He glared at her as police sirens screamed and firebricks roared. They blasted water onto the house which had a blazing fire rapidly catching onto the rest of the homes. Though, throughout the mess, he glared daggers into her skull as she frantically screamed and cried. He noticed her hand, still holding a bottle of cheep beer she usually bought from nearby gas stations. It was his chance. The police had been occupied and the fire trucks as well. He took a hold of his mothers hand and dragged her aside as she cursed at him, spat at him and left a bruise across his bare shoulder. He'd been a strong man and had never lacked strength. It was never a part of himself he'd ever find or would find any concern in. Thus, it took him little to no time to grasp the bottle from her fingers only to end her horrendous screeches for life. No one had found her body until later and neither had he found it difficult to kill her off and escape. She didn't struggle. She was too stupid to struggle to stupid to realize how much he hated her. Despite his actions, the man grew old to crave family love. Though whenever he found someone. Someone who refused to listen and refused to stay. They wouldn't need to live. They couldn't understand, but they would never need to live. -- "You made me do this.. You. You should've just followed me. You shouldn't have--" he started a cry deeper than he'd expect and louder than his thick voice could carry. The lump in his throat covered in an inch of stubble remained lodged in his throat. His hands frantically searched his drawers of his Boss, wishing to find a scrubbing brush or a sponge. He wasn't an idiot. He knew the law. This never happened.
  23. [ 62 ] DAYS until The Walking Dead Season 5 ★

  24. Fairy Tales For Sophie

    Ava sat still as she could and glared down at her hands, fingers outstretched over the surface of the white sheet covering her. She could feel him pulling in closer, his eyes on her back, but she had unconsciously pushed aside the fact that the laceration might've been unpleasant to constantly have to look at. She had almost pulled away in order to retreat from her embarrassment, but he'd already touched it. The touch itself might've caused her body to squirm. And since he hadn't touched her injured back with a stronger force it might've only been the touch. "A scar? Don't think It'd look ghastly over my skin..?" She whined, dropping her head in shame as she realized he'd already gone. The blonde puckered out her lips and sighed before dropping her legs out in front of her. She pulled the sheet upward and looked at her toes, wiggling them slightly to keep her occupied if the thriving nature around her hadn't. It might've been that she had so much to look forward to, yet the pain and the confusion around her hadn't quite subsided. It still seemed to linger about. The pain on her body and the confusion of what the future held. Of course, she couldn't leave behind these feelings. Some sort of affection she had for Silas. It had to have been his kindness, sincerity and strength. So much that he'd eased into her trust without trying. Or was he? Ava turned around abruptly to the tap on her shoulder. She slowly took a hold of the jar and looked inside. Surely he wasn't offering her food without having any himself. Despite, Ava lifted the jar to her lips and overwhelmed by the intense fragrance of the fruit, she found herself devouring it as quick as she could. It had been a few days and she wasn't used to an entire two days of nothing to eat. In the end, she'd be lying if she hadn't swallowed all of the contents of the jar. Pressing a thumb to her chin only to pick up a few stray drops of the peachy juice, Ava felt a pair of hands all too close to her for her to notice. She froze and turned her head just a bit to notice a concentrated Silas busied on continuing repairing her wound. Ava couldn't move, she only straightened herself out; unknowingly feeling her cheeks burn up. "Yes. It's a little tight, but it's alright.." She murmured under her breath, turning around to flash a smile she thought would make up for the shakiness in her voice. It wasn't at all fair how he moved about without a care and she was the one hiding amongst his actions. The least she could do was show some appreciation as well. Half of the cloth rolled around her could've been used later or used for him. Ava turned around to face him, her hand reaching forward to touch the scar across his shoulders and the discoloration of skin around it. She paused for a second and locked her eyes into his. "How do you feel? I had forgotten to ask..." She whispered, unconsciously trailing her fingers up to his collarbone and then to his neck; seemingly stuck in her own world.
  25. Free!dom

    Sorry HH! I've accidentally caused the derailment of this thread.. I shall proceed with watching Free! once again ~