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    Okay let me try. This is fun c:
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    Again. Lame.
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    I knew it! You draw a thing every time you write a reply! HA!
  4. Fairy Tales For Sophie

    Ava took in his words once again and this time she kept them in until she really needed them. It was a part of her many didn't seem to like. The keeping of secrets and the hiding of thoughts. She might've spoken out on a majority of her thoughts to Silas, but it was because within two days, he'd become as close to her as Elizabeth was. It wasn't an everyday thing, having a random man save her when most of them would toss it aside and escape. The men taking a hold of her; there was a chance she'd escape, but nevertheless Silas came to the rescue. Ava was released and she felt utterly grateful yet she had no intention to return and save him from where he might've died if she hadn't. Along with that, when she'd fallen into the pits Silas had a horse and his freedom and he'd only just met Ava. She was sure he could've played the one-to-one card and had left her then, but he returned. There was something different about the situation and quite unique. It might've been pity for such a weak woman as herself or maybe that weakness gave Silas some type of closure or completion to his masculinity. Whatever the reason would've been, Ava kept silent up until she really could prove her point. She didn't want to seem ungrateful all in a whim. After all, he'd done enough for her to go along and keep confusion to a low. Ava looked at him, a smile tugging and gradually creating a curve up into her wounded cheek as he turned his attention elsewhere. The questions he'd just asked pushed her away from her previous thoughts. The least she could do was remain grateful for the man and keep her focus for the future. She was still afraid he'd lose his interest and move on if she blindly tripped into another pit full of dead corpses. "I think both. I want you around and I need you around. I've wanted to escape. An entire lifetime wasted on thinking I could make it alone out here... But I'd never gone beyond the entrance of these woods. You've taken good care of me... A complete stranger." She responded, keeping a gentle smile upon her lips. "I trust you won't be thinking ill thoughts of me anytime soon or ever.. But like every woman I've ever met I might be just as foolish thinking like this." She added, scooting toward Silas just a bit before moving her back to him. She gathered her hair and moved it away from her back, giving him full access and view to the wound across the rest of its unharmed surface. "When do you think it'll heal? It still hurts more than my ankles and my wrists.." She murmured, straightening out her back before feeling herself quiver in the pain it had suddenly caused.
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    It's okay, we can still be friends. C:
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    Nope he's lame.
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    Aww you remembered... /hides/
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    But I don't see what he did there! O:
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    That's what I'm wondering.... Maybe I forgot or I might've started watching this other lame anime wst told me about XD
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    Reading the rules for something new can be a ton of fun... Truthfully, that is exactly what I did. Read the rules maybe more than three times B/ You're intro wasn't boring! I'm getting a very cheerful and very pleasant vibe from you :) have a ton of fun here on Surreality!
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    Ugh I like Free!... Then I didn't watch it anymore. D:
  12. Hiya buddeh? Whatcha been DOIN? XD

  13. Fairy Tales For Sophie

    Elizabeth constantly reminded Avalon to never feel as though life was over. When the young woman was convinced she could never leave the confines of the Manor kitchen and in her current situation where her feet refused to carry her any further than where she'd fallen, it seemed only someone insane would think there was any need to keep going. Though, when Silas had reached down to lift her up, she could not help but feel his strength and aid was invigorating. It would be too soon for her to make assumptions, but he might've felt the same with her. With a quick reaction to Silas's action, Ava gripped onto his shoulders and widened her eyes yet still keeping her gaze down. She silently observed his jaw and neck, eventually trailing her eyesight down to his collarbones and pads of his chest, covered in painful scars. With eyes looking back up, the woman felt him release his grip on her as he set her down onto her feet. The horse stood centimeters away from her and she grasped it's mane tightly with the other hand slowly making it's way toward its broad neck only to stroke it gently. It seemed calm despite the way she'd been forced to handle it. Ava had seen plenty horses, but only in a shed or out in the markets pulling large wagons and carts. Near a river, grazing on grass and moving about to its hearts desire; she'd never seen a horse entwined in wilderness as it should. Once Silas had returned and proceeded to carry Ava without a warning, she gasped and caught herself in a subtle giggle even she couldn't hold back. Her arms had naturally found their way around the nape of his neck and shoulders and her eyes caught his hazel orbs for a moment before trailing off onto the wildness yet calmness of the river. As he set her atop the sheet, she cautiously gazed over the glistening surface. The suns rays generously reflected over the blanket of blue causing it to sparkle prettier than the queens jewels. She watched his step, his movements as he walked toward her, shading her from the suns beautiful yet harsh rays. She smiled to herself, feeling his presence once again, but this time beside her. After he'd set the canteen beside her, Ava looked at it and then looked back up at his face. His expression appeared peaceful and extremely handsome. Reaching forward to grasp the sheet near her feet, Ava pulled it up over her legs and gathered it up to her breasts. It still seemed too soon to feel comfortable completely exposed too her savior. Even twice saved by a man many young women would consider their knight in shining armor, the blonde couldn't help but keep her modesty intact for a little while longer. Just enough to where he's proved a little more of himself. As he'd leaned a little closer, Ava smiled and moved back a bit. Her eyes locked into his, processing whatever words he'd spoken and shrugged a little. He was tempting, but at the same time she wondered why only then and not before. It might've been that she'd only seen him when their surroundings had been dark and life had been on edge rather than calm as the two were at the moment. Though, Ava could've sworn the beating in her chest had risen and she'd have lied if she hadn't figured out why. Almost mesmerized by his stature. Every movement making him seem twice as alluring. Is this why Margery informed her to keep away from these magical creatures? Turning her head to the other side and gathering up her long blonde strands to the shoulder closest to Silas, Ava's fingers took a hold of an inch of a section of hair before proceeding to braid it midway down. She focused on the movements of her fingers and then took a quick look at the canteen. "I don't have much to say or add.. Just a few questions. Although, I'm sure once the time arrives.. my questions might be answered anyway. Especially about the part where I have some catching up to do." She laughed softly, finishing off one braid before moving into the next. "But I'm sure when you teach me how to use the blade I won't be needing your help any longer. In fact.. I might even save your life twice more.. Eventually making it a record of three-to-two?" She added, biting her lower lip as if trying to keep herself fully composed. "Ahem.. I'm sure the reason behind you saving me several times again had little to do with how accessible the task had been. It might be that you want or... need me around." She finished, moving into the third braid, before feeling a quick yet strong breeze tickle her skin and caused the unraveling of one of her minuscule braids. With a frustrated huff, Ava left her braids to become undone as the breeze continued. "What will we eat? I assume fish?" She asked, pointing out toward the river, parts of it rushing, others slowing down and a few as calm and still as could be. "Unless you're just going to hunt down a bear because it's an accessible task?" Pressing her finger tips to her lips, she looked into his hazel eyes for a moment, wishing to keep her laughter back for as much as she could. She wouldn't allow him to catch her so happy as she was supposed to be in intense pain, but if he'd managed to keep her attention from the previous night, he would surely deserve more than just some laughter from a woman of an extremely low status.
  14. Fairy Tales For Sophie

    Ava felt she needed to panic, maybe flail her arms and escape like Margery would. If the chef or any of the other men working amongst the maids teased them, she would instruct them to look the other way and walk off and if they went as far as reaching toward or touching, they'd have learned to make a scene so they would not think to bother them again. It would be best that she proceed to doing just what Margery had taught; especially when Silas had leaned forward and slid his arms over her back and under her legs, but she remained calm. Staying as still as she possibly could, Ava refused to move her gaze from him. It wasn't a stranger, she'd seen his face on countless occasions and she knew that he could've done away with her at either of those times, but he'd only saved her and protected her. Margery no doubt would attack and then rush off to her cauldron cleaning, but Ava wanted to stay. She felt safe around him. Adjusting herself over the table, but still keeping covered, the blonde bent her knees in and set her feet atop the table, watching Silas's eyes closely as he motioned over toward the dress in the corner of the room. Ava turned her head and looked at it for a split second and gasped before turning to him again. Her eyes scanned his movements and all he seemed to be doing was checking over the contents of some kit he'd pulled out of the bag he'd snatched from the guard. She looked back at the blood across her feet and hands and arched her back as pain overcame it's surface. She could faintly remember the bone that had scraped her dress and if it had gone any deeper than it had, she could've definitely caught some type of infection. Just as the canteen was ushered toward her, she took a hold of it quickly though she couldn't help but feel a bit ashamed to have grasped it so quickly. She hadn't had water and as dry as her lips and throat had been, she couldn't help but swallow every last drop to aid to her condition. Though after looking back at Silas and the larger and deeper scars across his body, she couldn't help but feel bad for having left none for him. Ava set the canteen onto the table and curiously watched him again. If she'd have been a prostitute or another type of woman, she'd not feel the shame. In fact she imagined being quite seductive as she'd once seen one on her escapes to observe her town. The woman was practically nude and she had no shame or modesty left in her actions. Ava had no intention to become so sly and deceiving as those women. Though she was atop the surface of a table receiving medical care from a man who seemed all too unrealistically calm. Maybe he knew she wouldn't turn into those women. Maybe that was why he kept his composure and didn't reach without permission or finding it a necessity. Just as the Aloe had touched her disturbed skin, she caught a sigh of relief. Once before she'd cut the skin on the bottom of her toe on an uncleaned pile of broken glass while running in an unauthorized game of tag. The maids caught her and inspected her injury before taking a bottle of gin and spilling it's contents over her cut. It was safe to say she had the entire hoard of workers and maids surrounded around her with the screams of pain her lips had emitted. Before she could move out of memory lane, Silas had already finished up her legs and had his eyes her arms. Ava parted her lips to exhale and glared at him through glossy eyes, wishing he'd look away, but she'd almost forgotten about the blood across her forearms. The humming hadn't taken much of her attention until he'd moved on from the lower portion of her body to up top. Even his gaze seemed to quicken the beating in her chest. Anyone would deem this moment as something an innocent maiden as herself couldn't quite handle. Despite whether or not Silas's intention was to aid her in fixing up her wounds; Ava was still unintentionally trembling under her skin. The blonde allowed a hand to move toward Silas as he wrapped up the wound. She lowered her gaze for a little while, noticing his closeness. He wouldn't hurt her and he wouldn't throw her away as he had done with her bloodied dress. He'd have done it by now. "Why hadn't you left? I'm curious to know.." She muttered just as he'd moved on from her cheek to her back. Taking her hands off of her chest, Ava gathered up her long blonde stands and moved them over her chest, giving him access to the irritable pain along her back. She sat as still as she could, but squirmed often as she felt his hand wipe the wet cloth over the cut. After he'd finished, she merely closed her eyes and smiled, feeling the coolness of the aloe subside the sting. "Better... But a little guilty." She whispered, picking her legs up off of the table only to allow them to dangle over the edge. Ava looked down and looked over the wounds on her legs and arms, her hair covering her as best it could. "You needed it more than I did." She mumbled, turning her head to the left before finding a small window. A branch from a short tree pressed up against the pane, scratching it lightly as the wind blew against it. With only a few yards of grass in between, a large river stretched out over the earth. Everything seemed so alive and she'd only seen it with a piece of glass in between. She wanted to feel and experience it. The river. She'd only heard from various stories overheard, but it was so much greater than she had expected. "Silas.. The river?" She gasped, pointing at it before sliding off of the table only to land onto her weakened feet. Ava, once again, had forgotten what he'd just done for her and decided to wander off toward the window, but clearly she hadn't made it far. The blonde had already stumbled backwards the second she'd dropped her feet onto the ground and panted softly as she caught herself against the table again. With a frown, she slowly sat down onto the wood flooring and scoffed. "Of course. Now I must sit here.. Waiting for the day I get to propery walk again."
  15. Fairy Tales For Sophie

    Sophie had promised herself to listen to the entirety of what her father had prepared for her, but after the excitement of Katie's birthday and her first shower, the brunette was all too tired to keep her heavy eyelids up. -- Sophie noticed an odd look in her fathers eyes as he drove down the road toward school. His eyes seemed darker than they had before behind his glasses. She had always considered her father a nerd when he had those on. The kids who frequently were bullied and were smaller wore glasses. Sophie used to have a friend, or a boyfriend as her friend Katie put it, who once worked with her on a project for the Math portion of her class. He wore glasses, though he was better at making her laugh than he had been with figuring out multiplication problems. He broke his friendship with her after he'd been teased about being around a girl. Her father was smart, but it seemed he was just better at figuring out plots for stories than he was at figuring life out. Despite these observations, Sophie couldn't help but give him a million medals just for trying. If her mother had still been around, she wouldn't have noticed her fathers potential. --- Nightmares rarely ever took a hold of Ava's mind. It seemed since life was as easy as she had experienced it before truly escaping the confines of her previous secure home. She didn't feel the need to worry about or fear any part of it. Dreams, or one in particular haunted her constantly and now she was living it. Though it did turn out a bit messier and gruesome than she'd expected. She couldn't see the blood and neither could she visually make out what the situation appeared as, but based on the rest of her senses, it shook her enough for her to remember it for the rest of her life. It may not haunt her as much later, but she surely felt the pain in her current state which was the only one she knew. Whatever Silas had done with her, it wouldn't have mattered as she probably wouldn't have returned from her deep slumber. Little did she know that if he had done away with her and left her again to fend for herself, she would have awoken in enough time to at least struggle if she had enough strength. After what had happened to her, the blonde woman could only muster up nothing and would be the same for several days ahead. Ava gripped onto the sheet set over her body and clenched her teeth as she imagined falling into the trap again, this time to a hoard of living bloodied bodies grabbing and tearing away at her. She whimpered softly, gathering up the sheet in between her fingers as she strained her body. The bodies continued to grasp at her, the skin on their backs caked with foul smells and disturbing textures ones she made up in her conscious. The woman gasped and turned on the cot to one side, her back to Silas tugging the sheet with her. She flinched and wrapped her arms around her body, pulling her knees up to her chest. "Silas.." She murmured, the only name on her lips as the nightmare continued in her mind. Right after, Ava gasped out loud and sat up, her eyes scanning the area cautiously, keeping her guard on for any stranger who would've left her there. She turned around slowly, her long and wavy blonde strands spread about her shoulders and her back, sensing someone behind her. "Who--" with an abrupt stop, a disturbed Avalon noticed who sat at the other end of the room. Her furrowed brows and frown tugged upward into a large grin. She turned around, relatively unaware of the lack of clothing on her bare and recently cleaned body and pulled herself away from where she awoke from. Stumbling a few times as she neared him, the young woman dropped to her hands and knees and proceeded crawling toward him as quick as she could. Her hands, set on his knees, grasped the thick fabric covering them right before they lunged forward and dug into the nape of his neck. Desperately holding onto him, she pulled herself onto his lap and pressed her bare body against him. The sheets shrouding her near dead body remaining on the cot. "You haven't left me! you haven't gone.." She stuttered, pulling herself yet closer to the seemingly tried man. Ava hadn't yet noticed that she had no clothing (though she did feel a chill) and it seemed she had none left due to the fact that she'd left her second dress in the pits where she had fallen the previous night. Despite these thoughts, she was glad he hadn't left her behind. She would have still been stuck and due to her situation the blonde might've died from infection or her emotions. If she'd never met Silas, if he hadn't saved her and if she'd left him to whither away at the prison she'd have fallen into the pits and would never ha Ava lifted her head from his chest and smiled in relief, setting her hand onto his jaw for a moment before spotting several cuts across her skin. The red liquid seeped out slowly from its tiny exits and irritated her milky skin giving it a pink tint as it slid down to her wrist. With that, the woman observed her hands before feeling the sting of a few larger cuts across her feet, legs, ankles and of course the scratch along her back. With eyes watering slightly, she looked down and realized the reality of the situation. Her eyes widened as her arms crossed across her exposed breasts, abdomen and legs pressed close together to hide herself as best she could. If she hadn't been so eager to thank Silas and had been a bit more conscious, she wouldn't have been seated atop his lap with him half naked as well. It hadn't bothered her before, seeing a naked man, but with her in a similar situation, she couldn't help but turn just as red as the blood emitting from her body. "Where is my dress?" She asked silently, reaching over to press her palm against his eyes.
  16. ...and it made me frown

    Hope it's nothing serious. I know now that dreams/nightmares are usually about the things you were most panicked about during your day. Because I had some weird nightmares about it. It had a sexy Asian guy in it which might be what I panic about sometimes.... B/ Adult things = money? XD
  17. ...and it made me frown

    It's a tiny round bump on the left side of my nose, it has no bruise and it's more on cartilage than bone. You can't see it's kess you look up close. I'm probably just panicking, but I seriously don't know why it's there. ;(
  18. ...and it made me frown

    When you think you have symptoms to a serious illness and you look it up and worry yourself before even talking to a doctor. /dies/ ;(
  19. Fairy Tales For Sophie

    With the bottom hem of her dress dripping with the blood of bodies even their souls couldn't familiarize, Ava dug into the dirt wall until large and deep enough indentation to fit her hands were created. She had noticed he'd left in search for the horse and if he'd do what she'd expected, he would have been long gone. It would do him no good to retreat and cause his body any more strain. She'd just have to find him later on and follow him just as a burden would. Ava had never done work back where she'd come from. It wasn't her desire to occupy herself wiping down every table and every floor of the Manor. The large cauldron used to cook food for the Merchant and his family didn't need her specific help to be stirred every second. Margery wasn't her mentor to the errands she had to run and nor was she her mother. Her best intentions were for herself, not for Ava. She knew now how she hadn't done much simply because she refused to. Her friends and the rest of the people around her took responsibility for what she never complete or even started for that matter. It was a shame she had to fall into a pit of dead wrong doers to figure out the burden of her idiocy. Silas would leave and she would have to fend for herself anyway. That was how her story would end. After digging a few more indentations into the surface, she turned around and stepped toward the back of the pit, it's seemingly rectangular shape giving her a bit more space than she'd expected. With hands crusted and fresh with foreign blood, Ava gripped onto a random body and tugged it toward the ladder she'd created for herself. She dropped the body next to the wall, keeping herself in close proximity to where she imagined was her ladder. Walking toward the back again, she pat the ground with her tiny palms and hoisted up another body, straining to carry the dead meat due to lack of strength back toward the other body and with much ado, managed to stack it onto the other one. Inhaling a deep breath, the blonde set her hands against the dirt wall and felt along the surface. Once she'd found the ladder, she'd realized the bodies were a bit too far from where she'd dug the holes. With a deep sigh, wiping the sweat from her forehead, Ava accidentally hurried toward the bodies to slide them toward her and while doing so, she'd slipped again and fell upon her front. The blood on a body underneath her, rotting away and producing a horrendous smell covered her in blood from her jaw, neck, and chest and the rest of her grey dress. Shuddering, she gathered herself back up and stumbled back, her lower lip quivering as if she had already given up. She opened her eyes and tried to see, but she couldn't. The tears in her eyes continued. If she were to put it truthfully, she'd never been more afraid in her life. Covered in blood, tore up dress and trapped, she was food for all types of danger out where she was. She had no weapons and all encouragement had left her thoughts. Maybe that was what lack of hope did to a person. Though just as she'd made her surrender official, she heard Silas calling out for her name. He had a rope, and the sound of the horse was suddenly evident. With eyes wide, hands quivering in relief and astonishment, the blonde frantically waved her arms in front of her, patting against the dirt surface only to find the rope. She wrapped it tightly around her right hand and gripped her left hand around above it. Just as they'd started to pull upward, Ava used the surface of the pit to her advantage and slowly allowed her legs to climb it. The closer she had gotten to top, the less she had to take in the putrid smell. A shaky smile tugged at the corner of her lips as she gripped onto the edge of the pit and pulled herself up, her body rolling onto the grass before she lay there, staring up at the tops of the trees. Her chest rose and dropped quickly as she inhaled the sweet scent of the forest and the blades of grass beside her. A spark of hope had her smiling, knowing he'd come back for her. Avalon turned her head toward the horse, seeing only a slight silhouette of Silas seated upon it. Her eyes fluttered as she released another breath before feeling her eyelids drop, the heaviness of them shutting out all light she had seen. Unconciousness had taken her, drawing her toward a thin slumber in the relief that someone had returned for her. It hadn't been long. The time spam was short since she'd dropped into the pits, but never had she fallen into a grave of so many dead people. The fact that she'd survived the drop was remarkable and even more the fact that Silas hadn't left her alone gave her something to look forward to. Though for now, she had fainted. Lying still, but breathing. Her dress a mess. Torn from the bottom hem, her back and covered in blood. Despite her condition, Ava had her hope back.
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    Oh... Okay! Because Daryl cannot die. Ever. Actually, he can, but not yet :3
  21. Mystic's Lack of Creative Talent

    Did you just spoil something for me? Cause I thought Daryl wasn't in the comics! Also I didn't read the comic.. So I'm relying heavily on the show which October seems too far away..... THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
  22. Countdown until October 12th starts NOW.

  23. Mystic's Lack of Creative Talent

    How about Daryl or rick or Michonne or beth. One of them please!
  24. Mystic's Lack of Creative Talent

    That game though. This is so very exciting. c: Wanna make me a "The Walking Dead" one?
  25. Celebration Thread

    EAT IT ALL. I ate chips ahoy and oreos today. Its been awhile...