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  1. Fairy Tales For Sophie

    Ava hadn't yet noticed the thick darkness of the forest in which they had already entered. The most she could make out was the torch. Aside from that, she felt the darkness out by the town was no different than the one surrounding the two of them. Once the wolves had started to cry out, Ava stumbled a few steps toward Silas as if she knew he'd be capable of handling them. Though she knew as well that he was not ready to take on another living creature until morning at the least so expecting him to successfully ward off or fight was clearly asking too much. She was smaller and less experienced, but if she had his blade, an attempt was possible. "Can we stay the night in here? The animals will kill us at night.. Won't they?" She asked, unconciously trying to find the features of his face through the blanket of darkness covering whatever she laid eyes on. "I can't quite see you--" With an abrupt stopping of her words, Ava fell to her front after tripping over a large root from one of the trees. Clearly she hadn't seen it due to her inability to see past half a foot of her face. Though she still had the ability to feel what she had fallen into. With an outstretched hand, Ava frantically pressed her palm around. She felt the bark on the tree, though she had noticed a lack of leaves or dirt underneath her as she'd fallen, but instead she felt a softer surface. With a hand pressed down against what she figured was a softer pile of mud or grass seemed to have flesh. With a hand traveling yet further, Ava noticed the conturs of a face, a chin, lips, a nose. And without any more investigation, the blonde gathered herself and started to panic once again. She looked up and around and saw that Silas had disappeared yet she knew nothing of where she'd dropped. The guard that Silas had caught earlier had just returned from his catch. He'd been ordered to check the bandits and wanderers they had caught deep within the pits they'd dug around in the forest. Several of them seemed to fall deep and if any man unknowingly wandered into the trap, they'd fall and break their legs or they'd fall unconscious. Later a guard would climb down with a rope and kill them off before leaving them as food for the animals of the forest. The only reason Ava hadn't been severely injured was because her fall had been cusioned by the dead men underneath her. Every step she took, Ava realized she had been trapped with thick dirt walls surrounding her. She could see nothing, feel nothing and hear nothing. Still panicked and a little disturbed, the blonde pounded her fist against what she thought was a dirt wall and called out for help without thinking twice about the consequences. "Silas! Silas where are you... I've lost you! There are dead men everywhere! What is going on!?" She jumped, scratching her nails against the dirt. The dead man underneath her had started to break under her boot, eventually to the point his blood covered it. "Silas!" She screamed, kicking away the wet substance as it stained her dress and her pale calve. Ava hadn't had much experience with foreign liquids spewing from a dead man she couldn't see though the woman knew well how to call for help. Ava looked up, feeling yet an array of dead bodies underneath and every step she took and every jump she made, another one crunched and cracked underneath her. If she had stopped, her boots, dress and legs wouldn't have been so red with blood and sounds of cracking skulls and bones wouldn't have aroused her fear any more than it already had. And she gave little thought to the fact that Silas was unwell, knew the whereabouts of her horse and was set to leave. He didn't quite need her and if anything, Ava was just a burden. She knew she was from the start. Her parents wouldn't have left her in the dumps if she hadn't. "Silas?" She murmured, looking up as if searching for him. "The horse.. It should be nearby. Take it!" She exclaimed, stepping to her right only to feel another bone crush underneath her boot. Taking yet another jump upward, Ava slipped on a bloodied body and fell backward and tore a hole into her dress in her back. Her arms had caught her before she had nearly impaled herself onto the bone that had tore into it. She slowly pulled herself back to a wobbly stance, her emotions playing tricks on her as sweat mixed in with tears stinging her cheeks all over again. This was not how she expected death would take her over. Not in another place so walled up, trapping her again only a few steps away from her previous home. She'd have to pull herself up somehow.
  2. Fairy Tales For Sophie

    Ava hadn't yet noticed the thick darkness of the forest in which they had already entered. The most she could make out was the torch. Aside from that, she felt the darkness out by the town was no different than the one surrounding the two of them. Once the wolves had started to cry out, Ava stumbled a few steps toward Silas as if she knew he'd be capable of handling them. Though she knew as well that he was not ready to take on another living creature until morning at the least so expecting him to successfully ward off or fight was clearly asking too much. She was smaller and less experienced, but if she had his blade, an attempt was possible. "Can we stay the night in here? The animals will kill us at night.. Won't they?" She asked, unconciously trying to find the features of his face through the blanket of darkness covering whatever she laid eyes on. "I can't quite see you--" With an abrupt stopping of her words, Ava fell to her front after tripping over a large root from one of the trees. Clearly she hadn't seen it due to her inability to see past half a foot of her face. Though she still had the ability to feel what she had fallen into. With an outstretched hand, Ava frantically pressed her palm around. She felt the bark on the tree, though she had noticed a lack of leaves or dirt underneath her as she'd fallen, but instead she felt a
  3. Mystic's Lack of Creative Talent

    I thought that was official before Spider-Man. He's the best though. Best friends forever! XD
  4. Shelmii - The Draws Worthy Of Being In Here

    Can't let that stop you. Never.
  5. Taohun by Shelmii on deviantART Huang Zi ninja by Shelmii on deviantART The rest are chillin' in my Scraps. Those are my potential husbands.. by the way.
  6. Shelmii - The Draws Worthy Of Being In Here

    Haha. Wst. You're a banana. No ones self-deprecating Haha c: Thanks so much for the compliment though :) You've got great skills. My patience is horrible tho. It's cause this is all I know how to do. c: Try to tell people you're majoring in Art/Music/Theater and then tell me what response you get. The worst. It really puts a person down. The two responses I hate. "Oh.. At least you'll be happy" and "You should try to do something that brings food on the table" Aside from that. This is what I wanna do in life. Haha.. Ha Thanks! I did music too, except I sang all four years. I sort of had a love for art since elementary school. YouTube can also be your best friend! XD
  7. Mystic's Lack of Creative Talent

    Spider-Man is the only hero.. Hah ha ha... /explodes/
  8. Mystic's Lack of Creative Talent

    You're welcome ! And that's the spirit !!
  9. Mystic's Lack of Creative Talent

    Stealing it. Done. XD Oh no. Everyone knows art is subjective. Highly subjective. Which is why I think you made some sweet signatures! And not being able to crayon inside the lines could totally be bigger than Leo da Vinci. lol
  10. Mystic's Lack of Creative Talent

    SPIDER-MAN!!! ♡ can I keep it? What are you talking about? You're lying. B/
  11. Do you know Hey Say Jump! ?

    1. HerculeHastings


      Oh I've heard the name! But I haven't heard their songs I think. Are they good?

    2. shelmii


      They are good, except you can't quite see their video in a good enough quality. They are starting to look and sound more like Kpop though, :)

  12. Shelmii - The Draws Worthy Of Being In Here

    Some more drawings I managed to find pictures of. These are from my last year of high school. c: Enjoy while I brag. Smaller sketchbook drawings. A drawing for an orphan. Large, poster size drawings. Charcoal, Water color/pen, Acrylic, and oil pastels. I don't even know the dimensions of this one. But it's huge. Oil paint.

    Like this? Oh and thanks c: You're super hot too ;-) /shot/

    Thanks! And you look gorgeous in that dress! :D I can't seem to figure out how you guys upload the picture without attaching it? This is me. Taking a million selfies like a loner. Hi.
  15. Fairy Tales For Sophie

    Ava followed him in silence. She wondered if she could help. Maybe stand beside him and allow him some support, but before she could figure out how to ask, she pursed her lips and continued on with the silence. It might've been the assumptions that she somehow brought up in her head before any real proof of them. All she really wanted was to return to where they were and maybe spend a single night just to see if Elizabeth would return. She could've stolen the merchants suit and a few kitchen knives would've done fine in weaponry, but they'd already gone far enough to turn back. It'd waste too much time. As she continued, still entwined in serious thought, she felt a hand against her andomen and looked up. The single torch from afar approached them and it seemed Silas had just suggested robbing him. Ava knew stealing was alright especially since he had nothing, but hadn't he muttered earlier about them donating? The guard surely wouldn't have a second suit and armor for him to give away and especially to a prison escapee. Dropping herself onto the grass, laying flat on her belly, Ava observed the scene which was obviously a bit more calming when he was taking careful steps. Once he'd tripped and dropped onto the ground, she gasped, stood back up and hesitated about how reliable he was. Was he trying to kill himself? If she were in a situation where she'd been "punished" or tortured with all types of methods for hours without an end, she'd be grateful for just the robe and move on to heal before walking into another death trap. Despite her assumptions, the blonde gripped onto the dress, pressing it against her chest as she took a single step down the hill. She flinched as she noticed him move up and with a loud thud, the guard dropped. The sound almost made it seem like he snapped his neck, but even in previous endeavors, he'd only killed a single man and it was when he was in defense mode. Ava stumbled down the hill, wide eyed and again astonished. She hadn't yet realized what was to arise later in the escape or expedition. Though whatever it may become of, she'd still find it surprising beyond her mind set. Instead, she bit her tongue due to the many questions she had and followed him closely, looking back occasionally at the seemingly dead guard. "The horse is in there.." She mumbled, pointing at the approaching forest. With a turn of her head, Ava looked at him and then at the new clothes on his back. "What was that? Back there? You were lucky he was foolish enough to not reach for his weapon. I even pity humans as careless as him." She added, noticing Silas's stature. He was limping and with what she'd seen all over his body, she knew the clothing must've been irritating him. Stepping a bit closer, yet still with hesitation, Ava gently set her arm across his back and allowed for him to lean on her. With her open hand, she reached over her left shoulder and pulled his right arm onto her shoulders. She'd already endured carrying him before, but with him awake and holding a bit of his own strength, she could better assist him. After all, she hadn't done much since they'd left and he'd already managed to purposefully trip down a hill and engaged in putting a man down. "You should know that I saved you from that prison.. It doesn't mean you should be walking into your death the minute you get out." She whispered, looking down at the grass as she opted to focusing on supporting him. The forest seemed only a few large steps away and Avalon suddenly felt a rush of excitement slip down her spine. It was dark out, she was away from her previous life and it seemed she could do whatever she wanted. Maybe after watching Silas she would learn a few tricks to using a blade and possibly her own strength and wouldn't need him any longer. With a subtle frown tugging at the corner of her lips, Ava silenced her thoughts for a moment just to focus on keeping the person who'd given her longer to live than she was expecting standing straight. Her selfishness, despite whatever she'd tried, remained. It was only until later she'd find out about it. "I told you. You wouldn't be useful to me dead." She finished, entering the forest as carefully as she could, still keeping close to Silas.
  16. [ just realized how many errors I made in that post.. B/ ] She started to turn around and threatened him before he could explain himself. She screamed and struggled as he took a hold of her body and held it close. Her voice muffled as he pressed his dirtied and calloused palm against trembling lips. He knew nothing of his actions being as wrong as they were. All he could process was how easily she had judged him without any thought. The man knew he wasn't someone who would hurt another human being for pleasure. Every action he took had a reason behind it and if someone believed otherwise, they'd have to feel a power unknown even to himself. She was vulnerable, but she acted like she could accuse him of such a thing. He'd never hurt her. All he wanted to do was help. - "I won't hurt you. I won't. I won't. Won't. I won't hurt ... You. You! I won't!" He stuttered, walking back and fourth in a large room, filled with nothing but wooden crates and a single wrecking machine. He looked down at her face, tears steaming down her cheeks and groaned. He wanted her to be happy. She'd have died out there, with the other maniacs and wild animals on the trail. She'd have died, she'd have been eaten. Why was she still so afraid? After ten minutes of ongoing pacing, he stopped and dropped to the floor. His palm sat flat against the concrete floor and his fingernails scratched at it in pure frustration. After he'd grasped her wrist, pulled her into his arms and gripped onto her and tossed her into the back of his truck. He lost his will to struggle any longer with her thin arms and managed to snap the dominant one. Once she'd started to scream, his fist did not tally as it had driven into the side of her skull before she'd passed out. She lay semi-unconscious in a crate, pulled to the center of the room. He'd already broken open a few holes in the thick wood to allow her the mercy of air. He couldn't see her. He couldn't watch her before she would awaken, but he would surely be able to hear her. With a broken forearm and a pounding in her skull, she wouldn't be able to leave. She would have to be a super human and no one was a super human. "What should I do? You left me no choice.. I hurt you? I hurt ... You? How?" He hissed, kicking the crate in anger as he started to pace back and fourth again.
  17. Nik's Niche


    I ... Uh. Turned myself into a zombie.. Last Halloween. B/

    YOU ARE SO GOOD AT THIS. I really want to try this now. XD and you are so very pretty c:
  20. Fairy Tales For Sophie

    Ava took a hold of her grey dress and rushed over toward a thick vine. Dresses seemed to have their own problems, pulling off laces and then sliding them off. It didn't quite help that she had no underwear as Elizabeth had taken it inside earlier. If she was to bring anything back, she'd only find it essential in the morning, not when several guards kept watch. Just as she'd reached down to grasp her grey dress, she pressed it up against her chest and sighed. If he wanted to leave now, he would die or he'd just break even more and Ava was in no healthy phaycial situation herself to carry him along a dark forest. If a group of bandits or maybe even worse, a group of wolves attacked them, she'd have nothing to defend the two with. She had left her stake back there, which would maybe kill one, but the other attackers would not hesitate to leave them for dead. Ava walked out, tightening up the last lace and noticed that he'd stood up again. She looked down and then back toward the kitchen door. Knowing she hadn't yet said a proper goodbye to Elizabeth. The thought almost brought tears to her eyes, but being emotional in their current situation might not pledge for the best. It wasn't everyday that she escape with the only person who seemed to care. Considering the man in her memories, that had left her with not a clue about who she was. Ava was a nobody as she herself had no clue from which parents she was born and from where she was found. All she'd been told was she was an orphan; mother unknown and father in a town several kingdoms away. Shaking her head slightly, Ava pointed toward the only exit underneath the wall. A hole with a few bricks removed. "I still don't think you'd survive out there like this... I've got people searching for myself as well." She sighed, picking up her robe from the ground and setting it onto his shoulders before tying it up around his chest. She looked up at his bruised face again. "Wear this, it's cold and you'd be of no use to me sick .. or dead." She added, holding onto her other dress before walking back out and taking her stance behind him. "Go on. Silas. Where will you retrieve these clothes and weapons?" She asked. "Anyway.. I've a horse in the forest." She added, looking down at the leaves under her feet.
  21. Fairy Tales For Sophie

    Sophie alerted herself after her fathers continuous usage of compliments. Though she knew very well how she'd brag about taking the first shower on her own, she just needed to retain her "coolness" so he'd see she was all grown up and needed no more help. She was still a child like any other, wishing her dad would stop with the cheesy nicknames and move on, but after noticing the slight glossy look in his eyes she noticed that he still hadn't left her response about Mom behind. She cuddled up beside him and sighed, getting ready for the story despite what he might've been feeling. If he still had the ability to write her these wonderful stories, she knew that was still the biggest sign of hope that he hadn't yet given up. -- Avalon panicked as he'd started to move and was almost astonished that he'd managed to stand up. He was in a condition no regular man would even think taking his next breath was worth it yet his intention was to go back and get his gear. They could've tried to set him up, use the gear as bait knowing he'd come back to retrieve it. Ava pressed her palm to her temple as she realized she had forgotten the most essential part of the man that she'd so valiantly ( or not ) saved. She'd almost set aside the fact that he'd been naked and kept her eyes away from what did not need to be seen. The burns and bruises seemed to catch her attention and the obvious condition he was sporting did leave her with a hoard of questions. But he was running off and she wouldn't be able to catch him. Though once he'd fallen on his chest, she realized he wasn't going anywhere. The blonde maid stood up and situated herself once again beside him. She reached over him and pulled up her robe. With it being the only item of clothing other than her dress, she covered him with it and momentarily looked behind her in case he'd caught any extra attention before gazing back into his eyes. "I'm nobody, a nobody you'll have to get used to.." She mumbled, looking over his fresh cuts and the blood over them. She did the most basic thing, reached over and tore off a piece of her grey dress, which she was not yet wearing and dabbed the bleeding spot on his forehead. "I almost want to kill him for doing this to a human being... Oh and I've got a name. Call me Ava." She whispered, leaning over to set a single kiss to his cheek. "I'm thankful for you. Saving me selflessly. No one dares entwine themselves into such a heroic deed." She added, her face heating up as she spoke. The last time she'd spoken to a man so up close and personal was never. The conversation either involved work or she was being teased and played with foul words she knew the same people barking them would never say to a woman of higher class. She looked down at her dress and mumbled incoherent words before realizing that the dirt was staining it and causing it to tear. It was the nicest dress she'd owned in years and would never want to further damage it. "I've.. got to change. Don't you dare sneak a peak." She coughed, pressing her hand delicately to his cheek only to push it towards the wall.
  22. Fairy Tales For Sophie

    Sophie closed her eyes and buried her face into her fathers shoulder. Thoughts of her mother started to flashback just as the topic was brought up. At times, she felt bad for him. She knew he was in pain just as much as her and after seeing those pictures of the two happily in love, she wondered if he felt a pain sting a little extra than she had. They had spent practically their entire lives together before she could even meet up to the amount of years spent with her own mother. Once he'd set her down and explained, Sophie nodded and returned a smile. She had managed to remember due to the fact that she'd been counting the years her parents loved one another, that it was all like a fairy tale. A princess and a prince who believed in a happily ever after, but who was to say they still couldn't be happy? After all, a person could choose happiness over sadness. Her mothers death was just an occupation of negative thoughts when it could be a home to positivity. After she'd showered, she stepped out and wrapped the towel around her. Never again would she turn the large knob to the letter H or turn it too far toward the letter C. She knew what they stood for, she just didn't understand that it would be so intense. Making her way into her room, the brunette, with wet hair hurried into her closet. She pulled her pajamas on and excitedly hopped out of her room only to land onto her bed. "Story time dad.. Whatcha doin'? She asked, curiously looking for what he was up to from across the room. "I bet you didn't notice how fast I got done.." She laughed, pulling the covers over her legs and setting her brunette teddy onto her lap.
  23. Fairy Tales For Sophie

    Sophie coughed and laughed all together, a few screams echoed through as she sincerely disliked being tickled anywhere. At least he was happy. Her father did seem to watch too Many of those hope lacking and overwhelming News channels. She enjoyed seeing him a little bright as well even though his eyes seemed tried due to his excessive story writing. One of her wishes consisted of a typewriter that would create his story for him instead of spending hours in thought of how to portray a message as clearly and creatively as he so generously did. Just as he set his daughter onto the seat and spoke of the story, she started to devour the food faster than her esophagus could handle. Still simultaneously laughing at his previous usage of words. She knew he held an interest in traditional story settings, something in the centuries before now. How those people survived without Netflix was totally out of this universe to Sophie. "Lady Sophie? You must be the general.. Wanting to rage war against me!" She exclaimed playfully, letting a small giggle slip her lips. Somehow, she'd survived the spaghetti pushing through her esophagus and the intense laughter as she continued on. "I challenge you.. just beware.. My knights will defeat all of yours!" She finished, throwing her arm in the air with a fork covered In scared and a few strands of spaghetti. "Oh and I don't .. Want to take a bath. I wanna try the shower." With a soft frown she looked at her father, her eyes wide open as if pleading. "Katie says she takes a shower now, but her helps her.." She mumbled the last part, moving her fork around on the empty bowl, aside from three strands of spaghetti.
  24. Fairy Tales For Sophie

    Sophie yawned as she sat on her carpet and unzipped her backpack. She pulled out her folder and opened it up only to retrieve the invitation. Katie had been her friend for a year and a half and the two seemed inseparable. Once, when Sophie was blamed for knocking over another classmates block tower and Katie knew she wouldn't do something so unruly, she gathered witnesses and proved her innocence. There was something about Katie and her excessive kindness and Sophie seemed all to grateful for someone she could tell her secrets to and share lunch with. Tearing open the envelope, the curious young woman opened up the card. Inside, consisted of all that the two spoke about during recess and lunch. It was princess themed and every girl invited was to dress up as a princess that she favorited. In the end, it would be an array of snacks, movies, a pool party, cake and a ton of older brother pranking. Sophie sighed and set the invitation on her mini dressing table. She poked the card with a smile and silently made her way back down before Peter could call her through the intercom. Silently, following the mouth watering scent, the young brunette snuck up on her father only to scare him as he watched his pointless shows, as she put it. She hated the news. It seemed every moment of every second something negative and something painful was occurring. The events in the world seemed to be more doomsday related and with no hope whatsoever. Even the apocalypse movies had people who had hope, but the News was just horror, massacre, genocide, and destruction everywhere. About the apocalypse movies. Sophie could never admit to her father that she'd watched a random episode of The Walking Dead on Katie's Netflix while sleeping over. He'd surely throw her a lecture bomb if not more. "HEY!" Sophie shouted, her voice sharp and loud in Peters ear as she sat on the counter in the center of the kitchen behind him. "Gotcha.." She laughed, sticking her tongue out playfully at him.
  25. Fairy Tales For Sophie

    Avalon tossed the stake aside, still contemplating whether or not she'd break him out of the prison. Thoughts severed her brain so much that she wished she'd died earlier. If he hadn't saved her, if he had just left her to be, she'd have gone back to where she came from in the first place. With a long night of nightmares and agonizing thoughts about how he was being punished left yet more contemplation. She didn't want to feel responsible for someone else's choice. If he was going through this situation it wasn't something a woman of young age and no experience whatsoever should be fit to handle anyway After awake and still wishing she hadn't lasted the night, Ava pulled herself up from the ground. She touched her cheek and realized her face had lost a bit of the swelling and momentarily checked her forearms. A few small pieces of wood remained inside her skin and the blood had dried up. Despite the stopping of the blood, she still felt a stinging pain every time she moved them or they touched the thick fabric of her brown hood. She silently made her way back to the Manor. She slid down under the wall and wondered what would happen if she'd decided to go inside, the death trap would take a little while to activate, would it not? Just as she had rolled through the entire wall, she noticed a figure not far from where she was. It was one of the maids, worriedly walking back and fourth with a small basket in her hands consisting of what appeared like dirty laundry. Ava gradually snuck in and walked toward the tree she'd hidden behind when she was listening to what Margery and the Manor guards had to say. She took a look at the concerned face of the maid and gasped, so loud that the maid turned toward her direction and spotted her. "Ava!" The maid exclaimed, whispering as loud as she could without anyone hearing. The blonde maid on the other hand scurried off before she could be spotted any more, but the maid chasing her had already tackled her onto the ground. Ava struggled underneath her, pursing her lips so she wouldn't scream and was eventually turned over by the one following her. "Elizabeth?" She asked, taking a good look at her best friends face. "Elizabeth don't turn me in... I'm begging you!" She pleaded, furrowing her brows in anxiousness. "Sush.. I'll do no such thing." She whispered, pulling herself off of Ava and quickly ushering her up. Elizabeth turned around and picked up the basket in her hands before instructing her worried friend. "I wanted to try. I could not last night because the guards had kept watch.. Ava, you cannot be here. You've got to leave and I won't let you come back... I brought you something Ava.. But you've got to Leave." She said, running a hand over the dirty tunics and bloomers only to push them aside. Ava looked down, curious and silent as she noticed the dress underneath. It seemed as though her best friend had stolen from the merchants daughter herself. Elizabeth was the sneaky type. She knew how to lie and how to steal, which was why she had successfully covered for Ava for years every time she wanted to escape. This time, it was Avas fault as she did not return before sunset. "A red and gold dress, one of the merchants daughters.. She did not find it so lovely anymore, I thought I'd take it and give it to you. It's not so astonishing... But--" Ava quickly wrapped her arms around Elizabeth's neck, pulling her close and wishing she would never need to let go. "Thank you Elizabeth.. Thank you." -- After several hours of story telling and an immense amount of hugs and tears, Ava pulled off her grey dress and slowly slid on the red dress. Elizabeth shook her head and ordered her to leave just as the blonde maid had started to fold her grey dress and set it onto the ground near the hole. "I can't. I've got to save that man. I need him if I were to ever survive out there and I must repay the debt... God knows what punishment he's forced to endure.." Ava mumbled, expanding her chest for a deep sigh to emit from her lips. "Fine. I'll keep all attention and eyes away from here. Return before nightfall." She responded and walked off before disappearing behind the kitchen door. Ava slipped her brown cloak on and slowly walked through the town, but appearing panic stricken. She looked around and panted softly, setting her trembling hand on the shoulders of random people who seemed to glance at her with a worried look upon their faces. With the town mapped out, Ava expected the more gentle of all people to quickly respond to her. The cottage on the corner, with the old man seated near a small shop. He seemed qualified. And the woman with the happy child, her husband who would work hard for an entire day only to provide for her and her son also seemed as though he would help. Despite all of these qualifications, Ava took in a deep breath and started to wail and cry. Her dress glistened just as clear as her tears that streamed endlessly down her bruised cheeks. She lifted her arms and displayed the cuts, splinters and dry blood crusted all across their pale surface. Her lips quivers and her body trembled as she asked for help. "The guards the prison, they've taken my brother! We were causing some mischief.. Nothing too serious and they came for me! They beat my brother and they used me as they would a mere animal! Somebody help!" She cried. It seemed at this point all Ava was good at was screaming for help, but surely it worked before and it was bound to work again. Along with that, the lords Daughter had a brother and though no one knew what they looked like, They could tell by her clothing that she was of a higher level. "Let us go and teach them a lesson!" A few of the men roared after listening to Ava's helpless screeches. They immediately grasped their sickles and torches as if they had the intention to burn down the prison without a second thought. Ava followed, artificial yet somewhat real tears streamed down her face. Once they'd arrived to the prison, she exclaimed. "Break down the door! They will never open!" The men kicked the door down and rushed inside, beating the guards mercilessly and tying them up. They roped their arms and legs and tossed them into a cell before handing Ava the keys. Just as Ava started to unlock the door, one of the men, still tied up, but conscious spoke. "I've recognized your face... Await your death dear.. It will be coming soon." He hissed before another man pushed his fist into his temple and his jaw right before he'd fallen unconscious. Ava turned around and offered a gentle smile, eyes still blurred by her tears. "Thank you.. I promise to repay you in the future for what you have done.. Leave my brother and I." She murmured, keeping her innocence intact as the men rubbed their napes and walked out. They left with a hoard of encouragement and wishes which left Ava in a twist. She wanted to give the good people of the town hope and something they could all value, but knowing that her path was of lying and deceit and that she was a mere maid was something she may not be able to live with. Once she'd returned to reality, Ava slowly made her way with extreme cautiousness toward the man that had saved her earlier. He lay there, bloodied and and mangled, sweat pouring from his body and a lack of clothing on his back. She identified scars and burns from excessive beating or some sort of fire torture. Her fingertips touched his skin and it seemed to tremble underneath even though it felt as thick as leather. She sat there, wondering what she'd do with him, but realized that the guards were sure to have horses. She'd seen them, several horses in the back. Some pulled along a prison wagon, which would be essential for the man to stay concealed in. Ava removed the rope from his wrists and slid her arm underneath his lower back to pull him up toward her. After catching him as he fell toward her, she slowly stood up and pulled him up with her with hands still wrapped tightly around his abdomen. Her fingers jumped as she felt the burns on his back which eventually had her stumbling backwards. Though, just as she was about to fall, the wall behind her had caught her and she had retained her grip on him. Despite the quick save, Ava noticed that he'd unintentionally hit his head against hers, causing her a sudden stinging pain before turning her head to the side only to allow his head to fall onto her shoulder. With a deep breath, the young blonde backed up slowly, unable to contain his feet as she dragged him along, heavily pressed onto her as if she were a board or a bed. She wouldn't blame him and if he were to blame her for not having enough strength, she would probably want to end his life. Therefore, she wouldn't find it necessary to repay his debt any longer. Now he owed her one. Finally after setting him atop the prison wagon and tying his wrists with the ropes again, Ava mounted the horse and made her way back to the courtyard. Dismounting and pulling the man off of the wagon, she called for Elizabeth only to have her assistance in carrying him in past the walls. Elizabeth had prepared a bed of leaves underneath him. Ava on the other hand, out of fear of getting caught, disposed of the wagon and rode the horse to the forest, where she'd been earlier. She tied it to the tree and walked back, noticing that the sun had already disappeared. By the time she'd arrived, Elizabeth was expected inside and had already left. Ava swallowed her fear for the millionth time and kept watch, peering behind the tree in case someone would spot them. She scratched her head and wandered back and fourth, wishing Elizabeth would return, but she had not returned and if she'd gotten into trouble, she may as well turn the two of them in. Ava had only asked for escape, she'd only asked to leave and for her selfishness and a reason she could tell no one about, she'd caused so many people trouble. Margery, Elizabeth, the man lying unconscious behind her, the good towns people and of course one of the men at the prison. She wondered if he was tracking her now. She wondered if he had already found her and was waiting to strike. Panic and fear rose back up and traveled freely through her veins, but a sudden shuffling behind her had caused her quick beating heart to speed up. Within a second, Ava kneeled down beside him and set her hand across his mouth as lightly as she could to avoid any excess straining from him, she looked at his face, widened her eyes and set her pointer finger to her lips, as if telling him to quiet down. "I'm Avalon.. You were the one who saved me." She whispered, again observing the bloodied marks across his face and the burns. Slowly, she removed her hand from his mouth and joined it with the other on her lap and smiled as much as she could due to the pain in her cheek as well. "I was unaware.. Would they harm you more if I hadn't taken you away from there? This seemed a crime near close to treason. You had only killed a man and for a good ... reason." She murmured, curiously running a finger over the bump on his forehead, a bit of it still bleeding out. "... Can you hear me?" She asked, staring down at his face in pure curiosity. Almost feeling as if she'd done a victory relieving this man of any more pain. Though even so, she knew it wouldn't last very long. The guards would scour the land for any clues and if Elizabeth were to be found with Ava, she couldn't live knowing her friend had died for the good of a girl who needed and took the help anyone provided her for her own good. The moon shone bright up above and the stars seemed calm. The blonde maid had figured out what she was entitled to do and had accomplished it. Her thoughts were in her head, but reality was around her. For now, it seemed he was the reality and if she were to back out and return to the seclusions of her mind again, she might lose an opportunity long time in the making.