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  1. Fairy Tales For Sophie

    Avalon continued to call for help with her own eyes closed as if refusing to stare into the eyes of the aggressors, but once she had she noticed the grip around her right arm and wrist had dispersed, it seemed, into thin air. Beyond the thick darkness she could see a figure moving about, disposing of the men's sinful intentions with quicker strikes than they could all handle. The one who was on her continued and refused to stop as this time he started to quicken his pace, tearing away at her clothing. Before she could push him aside, she flinched instead as a visible arm and hand holding a blade so easily ended the nightmare she was forced to endure. She stood in silence, astonished to find someone had surely helped her. As he observed her, she took in the contours of his face and the colors that accompanied them, essentially forming a copy of his appearance inside of her head. This was her chance. Just as the stranger pushed her aside, she crossed her arms across her chest, pulled the laces and loosened cloth together and took a hold of her hood and cloak while simultaneously running out toward the darkness. Deep breaths pulled in and out of her lungs as she took a spot to rest behind a cottage, only to peer out from the corner. An array of guards with torches had surrounded him and it seemed they were eager to arrest him. Ava felt a little disturbed and tainted severely by the uncivilized men who abused her so and she figured, even if they had been beaten, the guards should've taken them in instead. She wanted to rush out after him only to persuade the guards to release him. He'd done nothing wrong. He'd merely helped a young woman who should've been prepared for what was to come. Though, she knew they'd take her back to her place and she'd be punished twice as much as she'd just been. Her head ached and she wanted to end the thoughts from continuing and the temptation from occurring. This was her cue. He had sacrificed his freedom for hers. It only made sense that she move on and never ponder over the situation again. He would survive fine in a jail cell and she knew he'd be able to escape with the amount of strength he'd displayed earlier. Why would he need the help of a woman who couldn't defend herself when she should've been prepared for it? The moon and stars covered the sky as Ava silently sauntered home, her arms continued to bleed. The drops of blood slid down toward her hands and finger tips, eventually disappearing into the ground. She kept her head up, as she mapped out her way back toward home. Home didn't quite seem like home to her any longer. Especially since she'd lead herself to such a disaster, she might as well take her chances and hide out in the woods. Despite her thoughts telling her to do the opposite of what she thought was sane, Ava knew if she decided to run off now, she'd be more lost than she had ever been. With no food, water, supplies and now the ability to protect herself from thieves, animals and guards, the young woman would not survive a day out in the woods on her own. Just as she had managed to crawl through the hole in the back wall of the Manor and made her way toward the back door of the kitchen, she noticed a few guards and Margery speaking of something she wished she had never heard. "If she is found, she will be put to death. He will not tolerate this foolishness." One guard stated as he lead the other guard into the back door of the kitchen and disappeared. Margery on the other hand sobbed into a dirtied handkerchief as she pleaded to spare Ava. She screamed about her being a child and that life was a mere game to her. Ava had no real intentions. She was just bored and ran off for a little while. She'd done nothing she would not regret. There was no harm. Give her a second chance. Ava released silent breaths past her lips as the kitchen door closed and Margery had disappeared behind it. She stood behind a tree, hidden in the darkness. A few stray tears slipped through her eyes and slid down her red cheeks. There was no going back. If she so much as valued her life, she couldn't go back. They'd kill her and her life would be over before she could even think to travel the world. The world she believed she deserved to see. Along with that, the man that had saved her and given her the freedom to escape would eventually whither away as he could've run off and escaped without saving her life. If she walked into her death and refused to fight for the mere thought that she might not survive out there, she'd be doing him no good. The young blonde crawled back out of the wall and pulled her hood over he head. She wandered about, in search for a weapon as sharp as the one she'd seen before, in the hands of her savior. Ava learned fast, though she rarely ever portrayed what she learned as quick as she had learned it, but she knew that with enough practice, she'd do surprisingly well. After finally finding a long stake, she broke it in half and tossed the dull end away. No one seemed to be out at this time and since they'd probably seen all the guards running around, they might've been hidden inside. Ava rushed into the forest nearby, one she didn't quite know the name of and sat down leaning against a tree. There was something he had to do for him, she just had no idea what. Earlier, she'd been taken advantage of by a few men, all of which melted into a puddle of molasses when the stranger had arrived. She noticed that they held one desire, all of them and she knew what it was. Ava had gone through life being teased by the men working around her about her youth and envied by the elder women as well. She knew her youth was what people found alluring and constantly wanted a piece of. She was a victim of youth and beauty and if she couldn't use that to her advantage, she'd be running into another death trap. If she wanted to retrieve him from his current fate. "Breaking someone out of a place where the worlds most foul creatures lurk.. should be pretty easy." She mumbled to herself while stabbing the broken end of the stake into the dirt. She'd only have to daze them with her youth, stab them and release him. With no other choice and no other weapon in hand, this was all she had and when morning had come and night had fallen once again, she'd lead herself to the prison and release him. She needed his stealth and protection if she ever wanted to escape the town. He'd proved himself earlier and she would not tally in proving herself as well.
  2. Fairy Tales For Sophie

    Sophie laughed and wished Katie the happiest of birthdays once they were released outside for recess. This usually happened after lunch and during lunch they had the cup cakes and the soft drinks she had brought. "That blue icing was delicious! I hope you get tons of presents!" She exclaimed, jumping up and down with her best friend who seemed all too eager for the gifts she would receive. "I know, I just wish I could have a birthday party today, but I can't wait until Saturday!" Katie squealed, simultaneously leading the way toward the two swings that had finally emptied on the play ground. Sophie pouted a bit in response to her first words but quickly brightened back up as she realized that she'd gotten an invitation earlier to Katie's party. They quickly took the swings and sat on them only to immediately push off back and fourth. As they swung, they spoke of the barbecue they'd have and the pool in Katie's backyard. They laughed and joked about her older brother who they were planning on pranking and how they'd open up the presents inside while having ice cream and cake then watch a movie afterward. It seemed Sophie had for the moment forgotten about her sadness about her mother and perhaps if she continued living in a better reality, she'd be able to escape the sad thoughts altogether. She didn't necessarily wish she'd forget her mother as her mother was always in her heart, but she sure did need something else to occupy her mind. ----- Sitting in the corner of a dirtied kitchen, large enough to house at least 100 commoners and beggars outside, Avalon coughed. Dust invaded the air she needed to breathe which caused the others annoyance who slept soundly beside her. She wondered how they did it. Falling sleep on a mere three pieces of cloth over some hay or whatever seemed to be stuffed underneath their effortlessly made mattresses seemed like work on its own. They even shared their dreams every morning and never complained about a single itch, poke or any irritation they might've felt. If Ava could, she'd slap them across their dirtied faces and tell them all to wake up. Though all she could do was complain and ask why they all seemed to be so happy. "Because we've got to choose to be happy Ava. By the kings rule, you will always remain a maid, nothing more." The eldest of the maids, Margery, so proudly stated. The other women, older than Ava giggled and teased her for having nothing else to say. Margery was the maid who had searved the merchant and his family for the longest and she seemed to find it her place to keep the dark and dreary kitchen and their home clean. She had never tried to escape and would always advise against it. "Don't you ever feel like you could do better than this?" Ava asked, curiosity and evident anger all across her expression. "No and there is no good in trying, I can assure you that." She answered and quickly scurried away, her grey dress and a few maids following her as she carried the vegetables the chef needed from the garden. Ava took a deep breath birds chirping above her head as she squinted and attempted to stare the the sun. She wondered why the sun forced her eyes to close, but it was obvious she wondered too much. Avalon knew nothing about her past and she couldn't understand her present. The only part of her life she could think to have any control over was her future and if she hadn't yet started planning on how to escape, she was not going to have any productivity in her life. Everyone seemed to oppose her. They were all afraid and held fear in their hearts that if they left the premises, they wouldn't end happily. [ a few moments later ] "It's a good day, cover me. I've got to buy some wheat for the bread. It might rain tomorrow!" Ava exclaimed while keeping her voice down. "Please, cover me. I will do half of your days work.. and you know I'd never offer for such a thing!" She added, looking to the side, hoping no one would overhear her plan to leave for the day. Often times, she would escape for a few only to sketch out the land in her mind just in case if she needed a cover from danger or the search team for the night and she believed one of her best friend would be more than happy to support her. "I'm not so delighted about you leaving..." Ava's friend responded, furrowing her brows as she continued to worry about Ava. "I'll be back soon!" Ava grinned while leaving, letting her long blonde braid fall to her back as she slid a dark brown hood over her head and tied it right under her chin and pulled on a cape of a similar color but different tone to cover up her clothing. This way, she'd catch little attention and look like a mere homeless beggar or someone of unimportance. Her grey toned dress would attract all types of attention and the people would shun the merchant who expected all of his maids to remain in their proper places. After sneaking out of the back, rolling through a small hole in the back wall, Ava proceeded to take mental notes of her surroundings. The homes, shops and cottages around her were unidentifiable unless she look up which would force her hood to fall so remaining cautious was also necessary. Instead she'd learned to identify them by the people that wandered in and out. The ones who wore cleaner, shinier and heavier clothing were obviously of a higher level and those that lacked these appreances usually were of a lower level. This helped because the ones of the lower level were less likely to turn her in, which meant they would help her if she were to find a place to lodge for the night. .. Time had gone by faster than she had expected and for some odd reason she felt she might've gotten too far from home. It wasn't helping at all that she had a few suspicious eyes on her; men around prostitute hotels and taverns. She hadn't yet expected that they knew she was a mere helpless maid with no weaponry to defend herself underneath the long cloak that, according to her knowledge of it, kept her dress covered pretty well. Unfortunately though, a few of them had already noticed the dull grey. Avalon ran, just as fast as her feet could carry her, but it wasn't until she fell that she realized how her uncomfortable shoes had failed her. Back home she would work days and nights, running around the Manor without any pain and did not expect escaping on foot would be a problem. The men, dragging her in between a few random cottages seemed to be a problem. Once she'd started to escape, the group of men had already caught up and were mere seconds away from taking a hold of her, but once she'd fallen, they tore off her cloak and pushed her hood back before pining her up against the wood of the cottage behind her. Ava gasped and struggled, knowing her life would not end in the hands of a few useless thugs. It was either God punishing her for recklessly leaving her home or he was giving her a glimpse of what she is to expect if she did decide to live on her own. The world was cruel and she knew it, but this time, she refused to believe that this was punishment. "Release me immediately.. Or I will have your heads." She hissed, her brown eyes squinted and face covered in cold sweat. One man of the group chuckled and spat to his right. He lifted and hand and slapped her across her cheek, leaving a light pink imprint across the skin as she moaned in pain. She'd never been slapped by a man, she'd only ever felt a hand of a woman or a girl older than her strike her. This time, it seemed to hold five times that pain. "Have our heads? You don't look like the queen..." He responded, letting the foul breath from his lips infiltrate her already weak lungs, eventually making them weaker. "You might want to tell us why you're wandering around without your owner. If you don't.. Well it would make no difference now would it?" With another deep chuckle, the man speaking tore open her hood and tossed it aside and took a hold of her hair. Within moments he undid her braid and pulled her hair forward, pressing It against his cheek and nose as if he had never taken in the scent of a woman's locks before. Ava shuddered and struggled a bit more, but the man kept on. He tore at the laces on her dress and continued slapping her across her cheeks every time she begged and pleaded for her freedom. Her wrists started to bleed and her eyes blurred with tears, wondering if she still had the courage to call out for help. Death was waiting for her, her cheek swollen and red and her virgin body exposed to a complete stranger. He'd only managed to losen a few of the laces before she had started to scream. The other men, three more of them scraped the back of her arms against the wood, causing them to scratch and pierce her skin and the man busy with her dress continued to abuse her in attempt to cease her screams. "Somebody! I am hurting! Please.. Help me!" She continued as well, refusing to stop even as the men continued, finally making her arms bleed and her face completely numb. It was too dark out, too cold and it seemed no one would help her. They might've been asleep or they might've been too afraid, but this man had already scarred her. If anyone were to help, she would know that it was not a punishment.
  3. Fairy Tales For Sophie

    "Late again?" She mumbled, simultaneously stuffing her mouth with the eggs from the muffin and the sausage. For some unknown reason the muffin didn't look so good with the cheese, but she was confident her father wouldn't mind if she left food on her plate again. The pancakes and orange juice had disappeared when he was busy reassuring her of her lack of brains. Sophie preferred it more if he cooked up a IQ raising concoction. She wouldn't have to listen to his compliments, which she somewhat believed held a bit of emptiness. Just as empty as the one chair always looked at every meal. With another sigh, Sohpie grasped her teddy and hopped over toward her fathers side, only to reach up and plant a single kiss to his cheek. Often times, when she doubted anyone in her head, she couldn't help but display the fact that she still appreciated they tried. She gave him another one of her gummy smiles and nodded twice. "I'll make sure to impress you next time, okay?" She assured. "Oh and I'm going to wear the dress with the yellow sunflowers.. The one aunt gave me? It's Katie's birthday today and she's bringing cupcakes and pop." With that said and enough energy in her steps, she quickly skipped back up to her room. Once inside, she hurried into her closet and reached up to pull the dress from the rack. The hanger took a few tries to pull down, but in the end she managed to get it down plus another shirt and it's hanger. Usually, there was a small stool in her closet and she used it to retrieve clothing a bit easier, though there was no time to use it. She didn't want to miss her classmates birthday. It was one of the few happier moments she still had to keep her mind away from her current situation. Dressed and with her backpack on her back Sophie retreated back down stairs. She walked toward the door and slipped her shoes on. "Dad! I'm ready!" She exclaimed while trying to fit every toe into her white flats. "We can't be anymore late... Come on!" She added, reaching toward the front door to unlock it.
  4. School

    Asians are smart and beautiful and everything wonderful. Please don't be offended by these stereotypes! /sobs
  5. School

    Stop drawing wst. You're embarrassing me.... Those are your drawings aren't they? /curious
  6. Fairy Tales For Sophie

    Turning herself over, face pressed into the center of her exceptionally soft pillow, Sophie continued the deep inhalation of the thin fabric that had encased it for several years. Though she did have several, this specific one carried the unforgettable scent of her mothers hair. She knew nothing of the hair products she used and nor did she care for them. They would never carry such a scent, warm and comforting, on their own. This pillow emitted a soft peachy tint with large, animated pink flowers all across its surface. It was her all time favorite pillow case. Other young girls had a favorite toy or a favorite dress, but Sophie had a favorite pillow case, along with the sheets and blanket to match. It might've been because of those stories her father told her at night or the ones her mother shared as well. Sophie had noticed a little before her mother had passed that she couldn't speak to them anywhere else than in her cozy bedroom. The living room had a television, the other smaller rooms were rarely ever occupied, the kitchen kept a person either busy, over eating or both and her fathers office was a complete mess. Along with that, her mother found a sort of peacefulness in her room as well, according to what she'd said and she had always slept beside Sophie on the days she was snuggled up into her bed with her favorite sheets on the bed. That was why she could still feel her right beside her. Just as Sophie felt herself drift back into her dream, she flinched and lifted her head to the sound of the intercom. She had noticed it'd become quiite a bit louder than before or the fact that she spent her nights staring at her night light and the lack of sleep she had because of it could be the fault. Her thoughts consisted of parts of her life, her memories and the present mixed together. With someone missing daily, who she could only keep close in her dreams, it seemed harder to fall asleep. Depsite how tired she might've been, she slowly slid out of bed; her night gown that had bunched up and tangled itself with her blanket dropped back down to ankle length and as she sauntered lazily out of her bedroom she held one inanimate object, a small burgundy teddy near, against her chest. Small yawns slipped past her thin lips with squinted eyes as if she couldn't handle the lights in the hall. Just as slow as she was walking, she disappeared onto the bathroom, brushed her teeth, splashed her face with three handfuls of cold water and shivered slightly before finally making her way down into the kitchen. She didn't look up, but instead set her teddy bear onto the table. Suddenly, the thought came up that she'd forgotten to name her. While entwined in thought for the moment, Sophie turned her head, eyes wide open as the delectable fragrance of her fathers "getting there" cooking entered her nose only to alert her senses. "I'll name her ... Blue jiggly animal cake!" She exclaimed, her lips pulled up into a small yet bright smile. "Because the blue berries are blue, eggs are jiggly, sausage is an animal and pancake is a cake.. well.." She added. It seemed she was attempting to create a name as clever as she noticed her father had done in his stories. He had meaning behind the characters and why they did everything. Their names usually were parallel to who they were and their backgrounds. Though for the moment, it was a start, but she knew she was on the right track. She trusted her thoughts and attempts as she knew her teacher was the smartest man she'd ever met. "I think that was a little childish.." She finished off before dropping her eyes to the food on her plate, a small pout across her lips. "I wish I was as smart as you." A long and almost dramatic sigh slipped from her lips. It seemed she was expecting another array of compliments from her father. He was too gullible.
  7. School

  8. Fairy Tales For Sophie Discussion

    Name: Avalon ( often prefers Ava ) Meaning: Apple Age/Birthday: 19 - Birthdate TBA Appearance; - Hair color/length: White blonde, wavy and ends at her lower back. Usually braided back and wrapped into a bun. - Eye color: Brown eyes - Height: 5'5"(165cm) - Clothing style: Long grey, dirtied, stained and torn long grey dress and brown work boots. Carrying a bag slung over her shoulder. - Important body marks/scars: TBA - Skin color/Body Type: beige - in the middle Occupation: Former Scullery Maid - Escaped Background: Avalon knew nothing about her family and her whereabouts. She was told that she was an orphan from the moment of birth as her mother died and her father abandoned her. He later escaped to another kingdom to avoid getting caught. The family she lived with, the head of the household a rich merchant, refused to keep her as their own so they had her join the Scullery maids of the home. After being tossed around and ordered by older maids, harassed and humiliated by the children of the merchant, she grew older knowing this was not the life she wanted. Primary Objective: Find the kingdom her father escaped to. Find him, demand answers.
  9. My tiny people.

    Edit: Fairy tales for Sophie Name: Avalon ( often prefers Ava ) Meaning: Apple Age/Birthday: 19 - Birthdate TBA Appearance; - Hair color/length: White blonde, wavy and ends at her lower back. Usually braided back and wrapped into a bun. - Eye color: Brown eyes - Height: 5'5"(165cm) - Clothing style: Long grey, dirtied, stained and torn long grey dress, black, also ruined, stockings and brown work boots. - Important body marks/scars: TBA - Skin color/Body Type: beige Occupation: Former Scullery Maid - Escaped Background: Avalon knew nothing about her family and her whereabouts. She was told that she was an orphan from the moment of birth as her mother died and her father abandoned her. He later escaped to another kingdom to avoid getting caught. The family she lived with, the head of the household a rich merchant, refused to keep her as their own so they had her join the Scullery maids of the home. After being tossed around and ordered by older maids, harassed and humiliated by the children of the merchant, she grew older knowing this was not the life she wanted. Primary Objective: Find the kingdom her father escaped to. Find him, demand answers. Secondary Objective: TBA
  10. Roleplaying: A History

    Oh, maybe I should talk about my short short journey then. Maybe. Well, it all started off as fanfic. Asian fan fic to be precise. 2010... I think, I found some Asian bands online, Korean was the first and it was called DBSK. I thought the guys were hot so I continued searching. Then I found more and the Taylor swift /crap/ music I listened to all the time was never turned back on again. After this small obsession with Korean music, I found more. Eventually all leading up to anime and dramas and movies and everything. I started to join fandoms. Became an avid follower of every twitter account, tumblr, Facebook, YouTube, etc of every famous as sian human or character. Being a fandoms, fanfics happen. So I found this site, which was just slightly starting off at the time, called I started writing there, but unfortunately the first comment I ever received to a very cliche story I wrote was "that's not how you spell his name! How dare you insult my bias from that group!" Maybe a few not included mean words were thrown in there. I thought fanfiction writing might be the hardest thing on planet earth. That site, unfortunately is where I wrote my first sort-of-erotica thing which was making me blush all too much and I had written nothing yet. But seriously, that site is a headache now, but at the time It was totally challenging for me.. Later on it was on livejournal that I started writing fanfiction, but that place was so confusing and it was a pretty ugly site. I like pretty sites like this one. ^^ I started roleplaying on live journal too. But only after the very first roleplay I joined on This forced me to leave fanfiction writing for awhile. I joined as Huang Zitao from a Korean band.. Called Exo. He was my favorite. And this roleplay was not Alternate universe. Instead I was expected to act as that group member like I really was him. Then I continued joining roleplays on there and it caught on with the rest of the site. Eventually all the excessive profiles people made in order to make characters had the site running slow and for a week I didn't get to roleplay. That was the worst thing that could happen at the time. So they made a website called offers a variety of member created roleplays and a majority of them are geared toward yaoi or male homosexuality. This was something I LOVED LOVED LOVED. Now it's just meh. Loved this place back when all the gangsters weren't there and people made good roleplays. It's a very new site. Opened last year.. I think. These days, there are crack roleplays everywhere. And people are not welcoming. Some are, but a majority of them are younger kids so they seem to quarrel with one another. So for this sort of reason, I searched for more roleplays. And found this lovely place. ♥︎
  11. This is a thread for me right? /explodes/ :3 /raises hand/ me me me! I have many resources! Name: Shelmii/Mishal Languages know: English, Urdu, Punjabi, Traditional Arabic?, basic Chinese(Mandarin), a few Taiwanese Characters, and Korean(south). Languages learning: lol you're always learning a language even if you've grown up in it. One I am trying to learn at the time is the Japanese Katakana, Hiragana and Kanji. And I actually started learning the Chinese and Korean languages because I fantasized about living there and becoming a famous entertainer so I figured they'd be surprised that a girl who lives in the middle of the United States knew this stuff. ... Still kinda working on that. but I really appreciate learning about these and getting a few sentences down because I've made TONS of foreign friends. Materials: Pimsleur Pimsleur Pimsleur. It's the best for pronunciation, the sentences are hard to forget and now when I watch Korean or Chinese dramas/listen to music, those words it taught me sort of alert me. OH YOU KNOW THAT WORD! This might just work well for me though because a majority of the languages I currently "know" were learned verbally and through listening. I've had little experience with textbooks and note cards/computer ways of learning, but I feel that every resource (making sure it's official) put together really does the trick. If you are lacking on time, pimsleur should be the best option. Teachers on YouTube do well in making videos fun and teaching a bit of vocabulary/alphabets. Listening to the music of the language, reading lyrics, watching it's movies/dramas. My cousin learned how to better pronounce English words from watching American movies when he was young. He barely has an accent. Oh and once you know enough about the language, basics. The best resource is a native pen pal. I'm currently speaking to several Korean natives (through text/online exchange/skype) who have helped me so much! Language is best if you use it. And as for websites. I don't know them off the top of my head, but just ask if you're curious. just don't ever use Google Translate, unless you have a good understanding about the language already. Oh and I found pimsleur online for free... At least for Korean I did. My sister did tell me she found Japanese. Check your library. Searching for: language buddies. Someone who can explain to me about the Japanese alphabet. Someone who needs my help in language materials? :)
  12. Twitter

    Uh.. Maybe now I'll get more followers? Maybe. @MimnEmm
  13. My tiny people.

    [ reminder: will edit this ugliness later ] FULL NAME: Min Hyorin MEANING: none NICKNAME: Min or Hyo MEANING: none AGE APPEARANCE: 20 BIRTHDAY: 01/02/93 ASTROLOGICAL SIGN: Capricorn SPECIES: Human GENDER: Female ALLERGIES: irrelevant SEXUAL PREFERENCE: Heterosexual THEME SONG(S): none APPEARANCE; HAIR COLOR: Dark brown HAIR STYLE AND LENGTH: about waist length and wavy hair EYES COLOR: black EYESIGHT: 20/20 HEIGHT: 162cm WEIGHT: 45kg? OUTFIT/CLOTHING STYLE: Messy/dirty and torn clothes, mostly stuff she finds from thrift shops and shops lifts. ABNORMALITIES(TAIL): none DISTINGUISHING MARKS(SCARS,MOLES): excessive scarring due to the way she's handled by the people around her, discoloration on her body. SELF CARE(MAKE UP): Tends to prep herself up to the max if she is meeting someone important or worth her while. Shop lifts makeup products as well. FIRST IMPRESSION ON PEOPLE: Depends on the person. If she finds little to no interest in said person, she will refuse to act like she cares and if the person may benefit her in any way, she will attempt to have a great first impression. SKIN COLOR: Pale/Milky, slight almost nonexistent tan on her arms and other exposed areas. BODY TYPE/BUILD: slender, barely curvaceous, petite. DEFAULT EXPRESSION: a smug smile POSTURE: careless, but depending on situation. MEASUREMENTS(FEMALE ONLY): TBA PIERCINGS: four piercings on each ear, belly button piercing. DESCRIBE THEIR VOICE: at times, high pitched and annoying, sort of a whiny voice as if she is constantly begging for something. Majority of the time, she has a monotone voice that resonates no feeling whatsoever. Unless she really enjoys the presence of someone. The voice will change. RELATIONSHIPS; MOM: Disappeared - unknown HOW WELL DO THEY GET ALONG: N/A DAD: disappeared - unknown. Though she remembers him vaguely. Later on, as she is abandoned near a dumpster, an older homeless man finds her and raises her. He dies before she is properly grown. HOW WELL DO THEY GET ALONG: the homeless man is a mere memory as well. SIBLINGS: none HOW WELL DO THEY GET ALONG: N/A CHILDREN: none HOW WELL DO THEY GET ALONG: N/A OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS: a young man who took her in when she was on the streets dumpster diving, I'd like to consider him a family member who she eventually distances herself from later on. PAST LOVER(S): none CURRENT LOVER: the young man who had cared for her in the past. REACTION TO MEETING SOMEONE NEW: Curiosity, lack of curiosity. Depending on person meeting. ABILITY TO WORK WITH OTHERS: manageable, but highly unwanted HOW SOCIABLE(LONER,ETC): sociable, wild. Far from loner, but for all the wrong reasons. FRIENDS: none PETS: none LEAST FAVORITE TYPE OF PERSON: Lacking style, talent/skill, money and someone with a horrible first impression. PARENTAL TYPE(PROTECTIVE,ETC): Protective, truly caring (as in giving her shelter for a year or more and providing her all of what she desires), attractive, wealthy (and if not, caring seems to replace his aspect). AFFINITY WITH...: people she likes? Money. Most of the time. FAVORITE PEOPLE: Young man from the past. A few of her fellow dancers. LEAST FAVORITE PEOPLE: her boss ROMANCE; DO THEY TAKE INITIATIVE: not all the time. Ideally she always needs someone to help. HOW DO THEY ACT(SHY,ETC): clingy, extremely clingy. Not so shy, but confident. Sort of wild, partying and getting into trouble type. GENTLEMAN/LADYLIKE VS KLUTZY: klutzy. Though she can act ladylike if she wants something. GO SLOW VS JUMP INTO: jump into. PROTECTIVE: can be. ACT LIKE FRIENDS OR LOVERS: both? WHAT KIND OF PRESENTS DO THEY BUY: they expect the other side to be providing all of the presents. Will occasionally give away something of value to her in order to signify something deep. TYPE OF KISSER: deep and Passionate. DO THEY WANT KIDS: no. DO THEY WANT TO MARRY: not quite. MAKE GOOD OR BAD DECISIONS: bad majority of the time. ARE THEY ROMANTIC: yes. HOW ARE THEY IN BED: based on enough experience, pretty good. GET JEALOUS EASY: oh yes. WIFE/HUBBY BEATER: at times. Playfully though if not out of anger. Completely harmless. MARRY FOR MONEY: oh yes. FAVORITE POSITION: not dom. Whatever that's called. WHAT WOULD HAPPEN ON THEIR DREAM DATE: everything. OPINION ON SEX: is used to it. Just considers it a basic things on her to-do list. Not quite a surprise to her and not quite her motive. Though she knows to use it in order to get something.
  14. Vacation

    Does portable wifi exist? :3 I hope you enjoy the trip!
  15. Lazily, he took the last bite from the average tasting sub in between his dry finger tips. He pressed his middle and pointer finger onto his tongue and gave it a quick swipe to remove the crumbs. That was his dinner. Later he'd devour a large midnight smack considering how bored he often became right after the last of his co workers left for home. Everyone did tell him not to eat so much, but he couldn't help himself. The empty feeling had to be filled up somehow. Eating was temporary relief from the vacant feeling in his soul and it was definitely the easiest. His friends did call him out on being female like, eating away his feelings and loneliness, though he couldn't think of anything better to do. Often times, he feared he'd do something upon reflex and regret it. He could never tell his friends that. Driving down the road at 25 miles per hour, taking the sweet time he so responsibly begged for, the man closed his eyes and tried to enjoy the wind pressurizing itself over his face. Each inch of the skin on his face and neck and the stubble that spread about his jaw moved and was affected by the pressure. Too bad he had no window to keep his eyes from fluttering. It seemed how hard the wind pressed against his eyelids was too much. The man slowed down to 10 mph and gradually came to a stop at the side of the road. He rubbed his eyes with both hands, tugging and twisting them to warm them up and dropped his hands back onto his lap. Last time he let himself fall asleep at the wheel while driving, he'd hit a deer while it's child scampered away into the bushes. Oddly enough, he worried for the deer; Wondering if it'd be able to sleep safely at night without its mother or be capable of any self care. It was almost ironic that he'd kept his rifle in his back seat. His conscious so deliberately told him that the child was better off dead. It would live a dreadful life alone and would die alone in the end. It's parents were gone, it was too young to understand the cruelty of life and none would be there to inform it. Moments later, the man found the deer calf, legs trembling with fear, wondering where to go and put a bullet in its head. The blood was red and became darker as it spilt over it's hide and the dirt on the ground. And a sense of satisfaction overcame him. He looked down at his watch. "30 minutes until work.." He grumbled, the tone in his voice almost resembling that of an annoyed or frustrated child. Subtle darkness had now invaded the rest of the sky, once again covering the world like a blanket with everyone else fast asleep and him as an exception. While setting his gear to accelerate and turning on the head lights, he looked into his rear view mirror. Immediately, he pulled himself up and pressed his back onto his seat refusing to allow his eyes to blink let alone tear away from the faint figure appearing from behind. The blood rushed to his veins as his heart accelerated before his car could. A foot pressed lightly onto the brake, he sat in silence and unconsciously allowed his car to slowly tow forward. With gear on accelerate, he continued analyzing he figure though he cousins understand why it wasn't looking any different no matter how close it came. "This ghost will not take me for a fool... No human walks this lane at night." He hissed, again letting his wandering conscious lose itself to its ridiculous and unreasonable thoughts. Never did he believe in the paranormal world, but something was forcing him to think over wise. It might've been the mix of curiosity, fear and accidental actions striking him all at once in a way that he'd never experienced before. It had always been a broken down car, a few people on bikes or some sort of vehicle on his rode, but he'd never seen a person wandering around these areas, alone and without security of any kind. Just as he pressed his foot sharply onto the brake, shoved his gear onto P and opened up his his door. He slid his left leg out, long baggy overalls tucked into muddied rubber boots too big for his already large feet. With a few steps he gradually approached the figure, knowing all too well it was becoming dark quicker due to the lack of street lighting. Even with a few feet away, he could barely make out the gender of said being. Though the way the figure walked, he could only assume it was a female. And hopefully it was not a ghost.
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    Eddy Kim - Darling ♥︎
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  18. OPEN Tragic Romance?

    Oh... Do you think... Maybe someone else could slide in and .. Maybe? /explodes/ Maybe.
  19. Ghost in the System

    I probably won't be able to apply by then, but it's definitely a great idea. Just wanted to let you know. ^^
  20. Ghost in the System

    Gosh this is interesting. I don't think I could pull it off though ~
  21. Can you see this message? I wanted to try this out ★

  22. Hey guys, I have been really craving certain genres and plots recently and wanted to come back onto here in hopes of getting a chance to do that. I haven't been writing much which is also something I'd like to continue. And I need help with this place again, but feel like I could remember how. Then I became lazy and didn't want to go back in to figure everything out because I have an iPad and it's not so nice to me in terms of giving me the full advantage of what you guys have set up. I returned to the other roleplay place recently and wish I hadn't done it. Anyway, I'm back. Figuring the place out. And to the people I was roleplaying with. Would you like to continue? I've been a ball of stress lately, so this message seems lame. But whatever's cool I guess. ^^ Thanks so much.
  23. Coming back? ...

    My poor princesssssss noooooooooooooo!
  24. Coming back? ...

    I'm not... new to this place. And you're still my wife. Hey hey ~ How's it going? ^^
  25. Coming back? ...

    Have we spoken before? Either way, it's nice to meet you. Thanks so much for the welcome! I don't really have a preference majority of the time, but I've wanted to roleplay some real life mafia stuff. With weaponry, drugs... A bunch of really violent and angsty scenes, action scenes including car chases, maybe a setting in a big city. Kidnappings, human trafficking.. Drug trade. Something involving spies or a group of extremely talented people with guns? A villan or several in the mix. And apocalyptic too. HELLO HH!! It's something that comes with life, I always put it behind me the next day. Sounds awesome! I would love to~ ^.^ it's my turn to reply right? I'll definitely check it out! Thank you.