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    Post-Apocalyptic shopping mall
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    Language. Jewelry. Makeup. Cosmetics. Art. Art preparations. Art in everything. Everything in Art. Writing. Writing poems. Reading. And more..

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    Action, angst, romance (when I'm in the mood), violence, just overall meaningful roleplays that don't cloud my mind with a perfect world.
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    I reply when I can, posts are faster when I'm interested. I love long posts, short ones are good when I'm lazy.
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    Fairy Tales for Sophie

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Hey, I'm Mishal. Nice to meet you if you haven't yet met me. There are a few things that might be interesting about me, but I don't think "about me's" are supposed to be interesting at all. Unless, you find interest. Right?

Well anyway, let me just tell you how to pronounce my name because I've been called a variety of things I don't want to be due to the mispronunciation of it. I vaguely remember being teased about it in sixth grade because a substitute supposedly called me "Missile". Who even does that? Just pronounce my name "Michelle" it would make everyone's life easier.

Now I'll just ramble on about my self self. Where I do the hobbies and the kind of lame person I am. I like Art. Fine Art. Creative, Visual and in writing. Jewelry making, ceramics, print making, the whole nine yards. I really like to get my hands involved if you know what I mean.. /explodes/ Then again, creative writing is definitely a must. I have to do creative writing and creative poem writing other wise I wouldn't entirely be me now would I?

As for friends, I'm kind to everyone. I will add you, accept you, love you and am always forgiving and hope that you will be to me as well. I've had unnecessary problems with people while roleplaying and I just want to say that it's not nice to be ganged up on by your minions, I'd rather be talking to the person who had an issue with me. This only applies to people who don't like me for stupid reasons and pick at my bones for it. Not people who have a valid argument that is worth my mind usage and my time. I hope to get along with everyone and keep BS to a low. Which is something I will try my best with as well. I promise, this isn't a warning and I hope it doesn't look like I have a sign around my neck that reads "Be afraid of me". Its an "About me" .And I have no issues what so ever with people on this site. You guys are awesome! ♥︎