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  1. Seducing A Student

    Dyiashia rolled herself out of bed yawning tiredly. She rubbed her eyes looking at her clock, she hated getting up at 5:30 for school. She though waking up so early should be a crime. Of course she got up anyway and dragged herself to the bathroom to take a shower. When she got out the shower she was wide awake and she bounced over to her closet looking for something to wear. She finally decided on a pair of black jeans and a red Black Veil Brides tee-shirt. She left her black hair to flow down her back in waves and added some black mascara and eyeliner to make her bright green eyes pop. She was a petite, curvaceous 18 year old that stood at 5'1. She was pretty smart and usually tied her best but she had moment when she was lazy. She was very random and sometimes even asked inappropriate questions, but for the most part she was an alright young adult. She drove herself to Starbucks and bought herself a caramel latte. She bit on her bottom lip nervously as she entered the class and sighed in relief when no one was inside yet. She sat in the front drinking her latte as she read a book. There teacher had recently retired and they were supposed to get a new teacher today. She knew most of the kids wouldn't show up, but she wasn't about to let their actions affect her. She soon got engrossed in her book forgetting she was waiting on the new teacher. (You are the teacher! Your object here is to seduce my character of course sex while is not the main plot here there will be sex. If you have any fetishes/kinks you want in here message me and we can definitely add them, or if you want to add something do let me know and I’m sure we can :) )
  2. Looking To Role-Play

    Yes I said incest themes. It is something I enjoy rping, if you don't like it alright, I won't make you rp it or like it. But do not come here and bash my interests
  3. Looking To Role-Play

    Ah oh well, it's fine here.
  4. Looking To Role-Play

    I was actually just hoping to get lucky and find some to rp with. Thanks for letting me know i'll definitely talk to one of the scholars
  5. Looking To Role-Play

    That's good then, it would of made me upset to have to stop an rp.
  6. Looking To Role-Play

    i know about the count i find it funny since my last rp went to 26 pages. I'm actually quite laid back and will rp anything. Some of my favorites are incest, fantasy type themes as well as school and doctor based themes.
  7. Looking To Role-Play

    I'm new to this site not to role-playing. I would like anyone who is interested in seeing what i can do, to respond here or pm me. I would prefer to hash out an role-play especially since i did come from houseeros and do want it to be classified as NC-17.