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  1. Roses and Thorns

    <<Hallo all! This is an RP between Trinity and me- a retelling of Sleeping Beauty, urban fantasy style :D>> Dawning light. The scent of roses. Through the terrace window - a baby’s room. The room, delicately adorned with pink ribbons and gamboling ponies, wafted with the delicate smell of newborn skin mixed with slight rose perfume. In the center of the room, a mother, Charlotte, rocking her sleeping child, Rose. Charlotte gazed at her newborn’s face, a scrapbook perched in her lap. The glossy pages held the memories of the eight miscarriages she had faced before Rose. She and Henry and wanted a baby of their own flesh and blood since they had gotten married. They had settled on a secluded estate with wings of empty rooms that they wanted to fill with screaming children. They had acres of land prepared for games and horseback riding. They had gardens filled with roses and fountains, ready for hide and seek and tea parties. At the age of 45, Charlotte had been ready to give up on her dreams. She was ready to turn her castle estate into an orphanage. She was tired of the quiet. But then- she had gotten pregnant with Rose. Her rainbow baby. With each of her previous pregnancies, Charlotte had chosen a godmother for her baby before the end of the first trimester. She had chosen someone different for every child. She wanted, no, needed someone new. Someone who hadn’t yet experienced her sorrow. Henry, busy with his father’s multi-billion dollar company just couldn’t always be there. With Rose, Charlotte had kept quiet. She wanted to embrace this pregnancy as her doctor had said this was going to be the last round of IVF that he would try. Charlotte smoothed her hands over each glossy page depicting the ultrasound of a baby lost until she finally got to Rose. The ultrasounds were then interspersed with baby bump pictures. She stopped at pictures of her baby shower. Somewhere around the second trimester, she had decided within herself that she would invite all her babies’ previous godmothers to be Rose’s godmother. She had excitedly sent an invitation to all of them for her baby shower and a tiny shoe box. In it was a small ultrasound card and a quote, “Will you be my godmother?†At the bridal shower, they had presented her with an adorable diaper cake spelling the word “YES!†All of them that is, but one. Snapping the scrapbook closed, Charlotte shook her head. There was no use to think of that woman on such a happy day. This was the day that Rose was going to be blessed by her godmothers. Rose only had seven godmothers, no need to think of the eighth that was supposed to have stood by her side. The scrapbook slipped out of her lap as Charlotte got up to dress Rose in her beautiful white christening gown. A stray envelope slipped out of the scrapbook. A never- sent shower invitation…
  2. OPEN Ascent Discussion

    Oooo cool! Yea that's really helpful!!!!
  3. No More Heroes: It's Kill or be Killed

    awwww man. I CAN'T READ :(
  4. No More Heroes: It's Kill or be Killed

    woah woah you killed him? NO WAY Your description says otherwise. Celine is so confused right now
  5. No More Heroes: It's Kill or be Killed

    OH MAN. I FEEL SO UNDER POWERED!!!!!! MEBBE I MAKE MY SWORD MORE AWESUM. Also- DAD!!!!!!!!! *elated squeal*
  6. waht is thiz craziness!!!!
  7. Coup

    LOL I have a horrible time keeping track of cards... so the only reason I played it is b/c Trinity gave that lovely run down of who has what XDDDDD
  8. Coup

    Hmmm.. okay- given the previous information. I'm going to assassinate Trinity :D
  9. Coup

    I will use foreign aid too XD GLLLL
  10. No More Heroes: It's Kill or be Killed

    Name: Celine Larson Age: 19 Occupation: Plot specialist/samurai (can this count?) Background: Someone killed her father when she was extremely young and a Japanese samurai took her in to train her to get back at her father's killers. She was taught hand to hand combat, sword skills and awesome ability to think a few steps ahead Appearance: Strawberry blonde hair, piercing blue/green eyes. She's got some disguises that she uses. Combat Specialty(s): Amazing sword skills, some also superior gunmanship as she went undercover once to assassinate a high level army officer. Current Rank & Notable Kills: ???
  11. Roses and Thorns

    Charlotte strained against her husband’s grip when seven women, some of whom she had met through internet support groups and pilates class appeared seemingly by magic. This can’t be happening. Is this the ritual that Chloe was talking about? Were these friends of mine just farces created by her? She watched as each of them held her precious daughter and blessed Rose with gifts. This is so stupid, none of these gifts come close to the more important things in life like feminism, self- confidence, and keeping your legs shut, Charlotte snorted to herself. Charlotte even found herself smiling when Amanda gaffed by talking about her old pop star days. She was relieved to see that the women that she had loved and shared such laughter with weren’t just empty shells that were filled with lies. Amanda had been a pop star, for about five minutes. She had a one hit wonder when she was 14 and then never was able to produce a hit song again. She was always making Youtube videos with songs from her younger days and never quite understood why she couldn’t find any subscribers. Charlotte had watched some of these videos to provide helpful commentary when she was pregnant with her sixth baby. Not only did the videos feature songs from about three decades ago, they were also blessed with poor lighting and even worse sound quality. Charlotte watched as Rose passed from Amanda to Ariel. Ariel was the youngest of Rose’s seven godmothers. Charlotte had met Ariel in a pilates class and her young spirit was infectious. She had helped Charlotte relive things with fresh eyes, “just like a baby.†“Freedom†Charlotte started. Her eyes peeled from Ariel’s warm embrace to the face of someone she had wanted to strip out of her life forever- Rose’s 8th godmother- Adele. Out of all the women she had chosen to be her children’s godmother, Adele had been her favorite. She had met Adele at her doctor’s office. Adele had also tried multiple rounds of failed IVFs. With Adele, there was never any pressure to be optimistic. The women she had chosen before all already had children, were pregnant, or were too young to consider having children. They gave advice, encouragement, and suggestions for happiness. Charlotte didn’t want that anymore and Adele seemed to understand. Charlotte had thought, that of all the women that she had confided in, Adele would be the one to stay. Charlotte had slowly shied away from all her other friendships after she had a miscarriage, she was embarrassed, ashamed, and afraid. She saw in her friends’ eyes the admonishments for not following their advice, for not being happy. Adele, she would be different. Charlotte had been wrong. As soon as the miscarriage happened, Adele stopped calling, emailing, or texting. It was like she had fallen off the face of the earth. Yet- here she was. Or was she? Charlotte slowly began the register what this… Adeline was saying. Did she just say that she wanted to BUY Rose? Her DAUGHTER? This couldn’t be happening. She had started out the day thinking that her this was her daughter’s christening day- but instead it was this stupid ritual! This was ALL Chloe’s fault. “Chloe- fix this RIGHT NOW,†Charlotte’s gaze was piercing as her low growl reached across the small clearing. Chloe calmly floated in front of Adeline, unperturbed by the bodyguards and men that accompanied Adeline. “Why hello Maleficent, lovely of you to join the party. You should know better than to make idle threats. You know you have no physical powers in this space without my blessing. What’s the purpose of such a large entourage and this stupidity about lawyers? Is this what your life as an outcast has been like? Your power has dwindled so much without a coven that you’re leaning on these other methods now?†Slowly, a peach mist was gathering behind Chloe, bright lights dotting the mist ominously. “Begone Maleficent… or else.â€
  12. No More Heroes: It's Kill or be Killed

    Q.Q can't find- where is the sheet located? *feels stupid*
  13. Coup

    Sorry guys- had to keep looking at the sheet. I use foreign aid *feels so lame- playing it safe ahahahaha*
  14. No More Heroes: It's Kill or be Killed

    I'm sorry if I missed this but... is there a chara sheet you want us to fill?
  15. Coup

    Can I ask a question? Can you ever get more influence? And what happens if I get 0 coins? (like if everyone steals coins from me- does it even matter?)
  16. Coup

    I'll use Foreign Aid this turn
  17. I need a cookie!

    Hulloooo all! I just realized I never made an intro post. I am a kitty who loves cookies- especially juicy, delicious ones. Right now... I'm craving a chocolate chip cookie that is shaped like a fish covered in a pound of chocolate chips. I want the center to be delicately soft and warm with a slight crisp on the edge of the cookie. What about ya'll? Hmmm as far as RP goes. I love any and all RP- I'd say my great love is fantasy. I love characterization and finding out the "why" behind a character's goals. I can tangle myself in asking "why" questions though XD I also love great big worlds and exploring new things~ NICE TA MEET YA'LL- I'd give you a cookie from my personal stash... but you know that I've eaten them already. ^ ~
  18. Coup

    Ohhh- hmm mebbe it's different for us because there's no set order ahahahahaha OH WELLLLLZZZZ
  19. Coup

    I haz contessa :D
  20. Coup

  21. Coup

    I'm going to block assassination and steal from D-chan :D
  22. I need a cookie!

    HAHAHAHAHAHA <3 I don't mind being popular. This is for you Ali :D
  23. Coup

    ah- makes more sense. COOL. Thanks :)
  24. OPEN Ascent Discussion

    Hey- so I saw your other post. I just feel like I don't have that much to work with in terms of molding my character's story line. Can you tell me more about the traps on the first floor? What should my character be aware of. Where do things lead? What are the monsters on this floor?
  25. I need a cookie!